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When it comes to all things culinary, Test Kitchen chef Molly Baz has attempted many complicated and rarefied cooking techniques, but she's never tried pancake art. Join her as she tries to master the instagramable medium that is pancake art through a series of 7 challenges.
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Pro Chef Tries Pancake Art for the First Time | Bon Appétit

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15 may 2019

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz Hace un mes
WELCOME TO MY NEW SHOW! In which I am utterly blindsided, given lots of presents, and taken on a suuuuper silly scavenger hunt of a journey. Ya really can't ask for much more than that folks! FIRST UP: Pancake Art! Do yourself a favor and stick around until the very end...I promise it won't disappoint.
Martin Segard
Martin Segard Hace 17 horas
Please tell me that by new show you mean that this will happen regularly. The concept is so fun. Just the idea of coming in to work on day finding out that you are doing this crazy scavenger hunt instead of work is great!
Savannah Hace 5 días
Molly Baz “without a c” there is no c in “breakfast” its just missjng an a.......smart move molly😂😂
Julian Esparza
Julian Esparza Hace 11 días
This was a great video molly 😊
Michael Wade
Michael Wade Hace 27 días
If someone eats the Bradcake, do they gain his powers?
Megan Evans
Megan Evans Hace 46 minutos
"breakfast without a c"........
spacetime Hace 4 horas
She'd make a great porn actress.
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez Hace 14 horas
I think it looks pretty good! Obvioisly not an exact replica but really close! My first time would be big blobs that were supposed to be something but are no longer anything other than blobs lmao! Great job!
Ray Lacsina
Ray Lacsina Hace un día
I love this new series
John Bainbridge
John Bainbridge Hace un día
Pancake me like one of your French Toasts.
Oduunich Loftuer
Oduunich Loftuer Hace un día
I just love how happy and silly and cute Molly is. Can't wait for more! Also, should put the ugly weiner (from the end of video) on blast. Did Pancake Brad's eyes seem like they were stealing your soul? Cause that part was haunting, the rest was awesome!
wet Hace un día
22:15 looks like the godless jesus painting
LittleMikey Hace 2 días
Oh my god Mollie has a Dachshund. I love her so much! Dachshunds are my favourite dogs in the world ^__^
Budur Rashrash
Budur Rashrash Hace 2 días
4:17 molly: oh, brek.... without a c. me:????
Henk X
Henk X Hace 2 días
"without a C". Yeah, Molly without a C 🤣🤣🤣
Seth P
Seth P Hace 3 días
Brad's portrait kinda looked like van gogh
MUNSTR DUK Hace 3 días
Who's tuna?
Bianey Mares
Bianey Mares Hace 2 días
Molly's dog
Craig MacFayden
Craig MacFayden Hace 3 días
Is that a work onsie ?
Dalton Mitchel
Dalton Mitchel Hace 3 días
Why is this girl so attractive damn
Dott G
Dott G Hace 3 días
Didn't know that pancake bots were a thing 😮😮😮
McMaster1471 Hace 3 días
i honestly thought that that Brad pancake was Vincent van Gogh lol
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu Hace 4 días
I love the format of this video. The interview part makes it feel like a show. MAKE MORE MOLLY!
WKD Hace 4 días
C'mon people. If you have a white pan just put a projector above it for perfect linetracing of whatever design you desire!
Um I'm really hidden
now all we need is some claire confidence like this ( not saying she is doing a bad job or doing things wrong ) she is doing great but like I mean as in LUCK PURE LUCK like his vid well i guess not all experiments turn out perfect LETS PRAY AT THE GOURMET GODS THE TIDES WILL TURN AND CLAIRE WILL GET AN EASIER FOOD TO RECREATE
Alana Bennett
Alana Bennett Hace 5 días
"Who are you?" - Emily, speaking all our minds
ChocoGamin3 Hace 5 días
Ngl, i was horrified when Molly started talking about "Tuna Pancakes"
Sharun John Joseph
Sharun John Joseph Hace 5 días
Brad pancake looks like Van Gogh 😂
Mrs. B SLP
Mrs. B SLP Hace 5 días
Well ...34 years ago my husband and I spent Saturday morning watching PBS cooking shows, grocery shopping and recreating for a supper date. We stumbled onto BA because of your attempts to recreate processed American favorites. Typically we cross our legs and laugh... aging and babies does that for older married people. That aside but I’m a speech pathologist who uses a xanthan gum product. It may be that instead of gelatin or along with... you use xanthan gum to keep your starburst from becoming ‘Now and Laters’. Give it a try off camera...then let me know if it works 😂🤣
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key Hace 5 días
23:41 *that my friends, is the look of someone scarred for life.*
Jessaca Redd in a state of Namaste soaps
Hey it’s b💜💜💜💜 Brad!!!
Cecilia Rolow
Cecilia Rolow Hace 5 días
Molly is by far my favorite - what is her tattoo?!
carolbuzelim Hace 6 días
Molly was enjoying so much 😍 i had so much fun just watching it
Dat Person
Dat Person Hace 6 días
I feel bad for the pancake artist for being asked to be made a portrait of the blonde girl and then being told that it's not that good even though he probably didn't want to do it :(
ChopAndBrew Hace 6 días
05:54 - BA, got a link to those crispy chicken thighs that start in a cold pan?
ChopAndBrew Hace 6 días
03:41 - "Am I at work or leaving my dream right now?" Yes.
InvisibleHedgehog Hace 6 días
The uneven cooking on that burner/plate thing is bugging the hell out of me with those darker lines
Kendall B
Kendall B Hace 8 días
“Oh brekfeast... brek but without the c” 😂 I love this
Kaylee Kessel
Kaylee Kessel Hace 5 días
I was wondering if someone else caught that 😂
didsw Hace 8 días
this vid is lowkey so funny tho like the difference between mid thirties dad brek and like late twenties emily and molly...i love it
didsw Hace 8 días
lmao molly is like the coolest ba person ever and also my fav chef in general but that guy should have roasted her for the tuna pancake
K H Hace 8 días
You kidding me with this Brek guy? Molly nailed it better than 45 out of 50 people with the first Tuna try.
Denise Solorzano
Denise Solorzano Hace 8 días
I love the format of this video. The interview part makes it feel like a show. MAKE MORE MOLLY!
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar Hace 8 días
Rule 1 in art if you have to say what it is you’ve failed. Conversely this doesn’t apply to LEGO art when one uses traditional LEGO pieces.
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar Hace 8 días
I’m curious about Molly’s Cesar Salad because it’s so easy to fail in making with that dish.
jill p
jill p Hace 9 días
this is the cutest video i've ever watched
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey Hace 9 días
LOVED the mystery challenge - treasure hunt aspect of this show! More please:)
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey Hace 9 días
...but are they edible? I mean - do they taste good cooking slow... dry & dense?
Amirtha Krish
Amirtha Krish Hace 10 días
Then strip down They are not paying me enough Lol
Keverley Charles
Keverley Charles Hace 10 días
"I'm tryna bite into a fat pancake mix not some stringy bits in my mouth" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 killed me!
Jackson Fortune
Jackson Fortune Hace 11 días
Bon Appetit is doing such a fantastic job at producing content that isnt the normal drudge fo vlogs and political commentary! Keep it going!
Connor Hace 11 días
She's so upbeat and happy. This is hard to get used to after only watching Claire's gourmet snack food vids.
2sweeetTV Hace 11 días
LOL Brad's portrait looks like Vincent Van Gogh
Fabrice Münger
Fabrice Münger Hace 11 días
Rockell Sandria
Rockell Sandria Hace 11 días
BA should look at the pie crust art out there !
KaraDawn Ruzic
KaraDawn Ruzic Hace 12 días
the best thing to do for any writing in art is to do it upside down. It makes so your brain doesn't see it as words and instead as a picture. Its how people forge signatures as well
Isabella Palvin
Isabella Palvin Hace 12 días
She’s SO CUTE her reaction and energy is adorable
Lillian Crossley
Lillian Crossley Hace 12 días
brads portrait looked more like van gogh's self portrait
Luiz Ricardo
Luiz Ricardo Hace 14 días
"Who are you?"
jaeho park
jaeho park Hace 14 días
what is the pancake art in the terms of art history?
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram Hace 14 días
Pancakes most easy to cook . I have seen those robots mechanic. I used work country kitchen. Make pancakes every day goes with strawberry 🍓 whipping cream
reeeeee Hace 15 días
Omg Molly is just a bundle of joy!!! Love herrrr
gvstradamvs Hace 15 días
dogshit graf writer
GG Girl
GG Girl Hace 15 días
I'm a normal artsy girl, I see Van Gogh, I click immediately
Tomboy. tv
Tomboy. tv Hace 16 días
Now I want pancakes lol
A K Hace 16 días
It's like a teenage girl geeking out lol
Aaron Zinman
Aaron Zinman Hace 16 días
Interesting to me how BA has found this great formula of reality tv meets cooking show, with consequence-less challenges and self-effacing yet talented personalities... all perfectly suited to ESvid. Genius!
TheKatzenabbort Hace 16 días
Wow Emily, you are really unfriendly.
Amy Jespersen
Amy Jespersen Hace 18 días
Dying to know where Molly’s apron gift was from!
Andrew Fu
Andrew Fu Hace 18 días
that looked like vincent van gogh
that dang gabbie
that dang gabbie Hace 19 días
That uneven heating tho
Darling Hace 20 días
I love that you're having the time of your life and we get to tag along ☺️
Ariellabellaboo Hace 20 días
This series should be called "Blindsided" or "Pro Chef figures it out' or "Molly get a bunch of presents and has to learn something in 2 days"
Jake Musgrave
Jake Musgrave Hace 20 días
You are the second person I've ever heard use the word "scoshe."
Maria Portillo
Maria Portillo Hace 20 días
Look at Molly’s hand 4:51 ! Must’ve been a strong handshake lol
jared schmitz
jared schmitz Hace 22 días
I don't know who is assigning the video ideas to the person there or it is their idea but they are doing some absolute wonders in assigning the video type to the personality of the person.
Todd Long
Todd Long Hace 22 días
Omg the reaction at the end was freaking hilarious!!!
Caroline McCullers
Caroline McCullers Hace 22 días
This was so much fun to watch, Molly! I can't wait to see your next fun adventure. Other than giving old man names to dogs, Tuna has to be my favorite name for a dog :)
Böller :3
Böller :3 Hace 22 días
The brad-pancake reminds me of a self portrait of Van Gogh
Emily Lian
Emily Lian Hace 23 días
I was hoping she’d make a Claire pancake
That Can Don’t
That Can Don’t Hace 24 días
Hahaha Tap Swipe, almost swipe Hahaha
Jordan Castleton
Jordan Castleton Hace 24 días
Brad KILLS me🔪🔪 He’s perf
kyran loves demi
kyran loves demi Hace 24 días
Jamie Hace 24 días
0:52 hello and welcome to the yogscast
Shanique November
Shanique November Hace 25 días
Urghhh!! Molly's great
Tommy Kelly
Tommy Kelly Hace 25 días
I would have played something from Phish, instead of classical music, while making the rainbow pancakes.
Silvina Elena
Silvina Elena Hace 25 días
i'm sorry benny but Molly is going to be my wife from now on, i'm flying her to Argentina. Gaby can come to
Tom Godsey
Tom Godsey Hace 25 días
Poor camera work.
Alex W.
Alex W. Hace 25 días
Anyone else think Brad’s pancake looks like van Gogh’s self portrait?
Clive Chiam
Clive Chiam Hace 25 días
Hubert Louis
Hubert Louis Hace 26 días
Can I just say I love that they used "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" That's one of my all time favorites
iuv Hace 26 días
Who's Tuna again? I feel like they haven't stressed that enough :'D
alli b
alli b Hace 26 días
alli b
alli b Hace 26 días
can we just take a second to appreciate how cute she is
INX Hace 26 días
Can I become the janitor of your workplace, the atmosphere is so amazing unfortunately I do not have any cooking experience to flex so janitors best I got
KTea Bean
KTea Bean Hace 26 días
Little bit of Yogscast at 0:50 ?
freetalkn657 Hace 26 días
Jasmine A
Jasmine A Hace 26 días
i re-watched the non-monetary offer reaction in slow-motion and it's hilarious how Brad and Molly's reactions are so opposite of each other!!
Caro Jean
Caro Jean Hace 26 días
9:31 😂🤙🏻
Cadin Truesdale
Cadin Truesdale Hace 26 días
These are the biggest Tiffany’s boxes I’ve ever seen
Laced Hace 26 días
When i found out she was married.........😢😭
Danielle Hollis
Danielle Hollis Hace 26 días
Molly's Brad looks like Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait.
Marianne K
Marianne K Hace 24 días
I am glad I was not the only one who thought that
theredrobin Hace 26 días
I love Molly HAHAH one of my favourite BA people
dmeadville Hace 27 días
Aw man, the surprise DP at the end. That's harsh. The internet sucks sometimes! Luckily it also has this, and this was great!
Nick Bakker
Nick Bakker Hace 27 días
Pro Chef???? thats what you're going to go with? what next you're gonna call Claire a pastry chef..... that'll be the day
P Vong
P Vong Hace 27 días
Breks critique on the first pancake was more “artsy” than food related. Hm.
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