Problem Child Z06 Gets Faster Every Day! Will it Go 9s?

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Yeah, you read that right... ANOTHER new personal best and the air just keeps on getting better!
The car is as follows
2006 Corvette Z06
AI Heads
RPM B3 cam
Long Tubes/full exhaust
Tuned by Race Proven Motorsports
McLeod RXT Clutch
MGW Short throw shifter
Weld RT-S drag setup with 17x11 out back and 18x4 up front
26" tall Hoosier drag radial
Driver mod now (LOL)
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25 oct 2016






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Comentarios 63
GM Tuning
GM Tuning Hace 10 meses
How much milling did those heads get and the resulting compression ratio? Great launches
NiftyFiftyFour Hace un año
bro you beat tf out of this thing i LOVE IT
The Ghost
The Ghost Hace 2 años
The enthusiasm is hilarious!! XD Good stuff man.
MartinAv_ Official
MartinAv_ Official Hace 3 años
Powershift (; it'll help
Carol Bennett
Carol Bennett Hace 3 años
that car is a fucking piece a straight ass shit put a 302 in it and you'll get in the 9s
Mastermind Hace 2 años
Carol Bennett how about you go buy a car you virgin loser fuck.
BIG MIKE Hace 3 años
that's great he was so excited lol. good pass
feff Hace 3 años
congrats! impressive for sure.
Paulo Golino
Paulo Golino Hace 3 años
If you power shift/flat foot shift you will be in the 9's no problem. I shaved .3 in my NA Camaro. Nice Job.
NSCA12 Hace 3 años
And so the bug bites.... DEEP!!! CONGRATULATIONS that's awesome. Thank you for sharing it with us all. 9.9× on motor? Anxiously we await.
dsmz06 Hace 3 años
Came along way congrats. Finally got a new motor to in mine need the time to get to atco soon
FNTony 496
FNTony 496 Hace 3 años
Sweet, my fav youtuber!!!
Chris Rodgers
Chris Rodgers Hace 3 años
might go faster and be more bad ass if you actually power shift the car
DC LSX Factory
DC LSX Factory Hace 3 años
Got enough MPH for 9's, just need to get those 60's down to a 1.3x
Daniel Brealey
Daniel Brealey Hace 3 años
Well done BK. Good runs
P A Pete
P A Pete Hace 3 años
Good for you giving that warning. I watch your videos with my kids around some times and last thing I want them to hear is lots of F bombs. Thanks and subscribed.
NiftyFiftyFour Hace un año
cant shelter them forever
Alexis Chavez
Alexis Chavez Hace 3 años
That's awesome man!
HEKTIC458 Hace 3 años
Thats crazy! This thing is a rocket
venomws6 Hace 3 años
Fuck yeaaaaaah Modafuckaaaaa Hahahah Congrats man. Slap Nitrous Outlet 150shot and lets mid 9s :D
serturbo Hace 3 años
Put the elf in it for 9's. Weight reduction, yo.
jt rich
jt rich Hace 3 años
Props bro!!
LuvC5s Hace 3 años
That's awesome! Congrats man. Are you running slicks or DR's??
Nathan Cutler
Nathan Cutler Hace 3 años
my bets on 9's by this time next year
TRUE WORDS Hace 3 años
I'm pretty sure he's motivated enough to get it done long before then.
Christopher Morales
Christopher Morales Hace 3 años
Badass, great driving
menamebepinchy Hace 3 años
Dude, your shifting has gotten a lot better since I've seen your first video with this car. Keep up the good work, love the car.
Steven Watson
Steven Watson Hace 3 años
Dude a 10.23 full weight street car is pretty legit. I'd be happy with that cause when you start pushing into the 9's things start to break....
NiftyFiftyFour Hace un año
weight reduction
Miclo Hace 3 años
Solid run brah!
David Fischer
David Fischer Hace 3 años
Awesome to see this man. Happy for you.
animals in the wild
animals in the wild Hace 3 años
awesome runs!! hope to see 9's soon.
jason Last
jason Last Hace 3 años
9's soon :-) Great driving Klieb!
Mr. Mix
Mr. Mix Hace 3 años
Might get a 9 at an atco rental
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson Hace 3 años
you make me want a c6 z06:)
gamebred26 Hace 3 años
what clutch you run in that thing?
Angelo F
Angelo F Hace 3 años
nice driving Kleib! looks like that MGW makes a world of difference
James Trapp
James Trapp Hace 3 años
I'm confused as to why you don't have more subs. I wear my Big Klieb sweatshirt everyday and have my decals up too. As great as your videos are, it seems like you should be way higher in subs. Everybody knows who Big K is! I even have the black vette to go with damn it!
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Hace 3 años
Am I the only one who saw the cock on the driver side window?
Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook Hace 3 años
Time for an MSD intake, and MSD 2 step then you're in the 9s no doubt!
Husspower enthusiast
@Christopher Cook nice. 580 whp is nice for stock intake. Thats like 660+ crank na
Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook Hace 3 años
71sc502 stock
Husspower enthusiast
@BigKleib34 what intake is on it now?
Chase Ponder
Chase Ponder Hace 3 años
BigKleib34 Hunnad shot nawz... cheapest way heh
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Coming soon ;)
rob baxter
rob baxter Hace 3 años
nice work man! What's the changes sine you were running 10.40s? Just weather? Once again, good work
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Pretty much. I think it was more getting the launch down than weather. It took me a minute to figure out how to efficiently get it out of the hole.
Charles Loveday
Charles Loveday Hace 3 años
Hell yeah...look back a month or so& see that I predicted this. Congratulations....Big Kleib 34 hit the 10.23-damn!! 9's r definitely n the future!!
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo Hace 3 años
your a savage
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
I try!!
JMR World
JMR World Hace 3 años
Next! MSD Air Force Intake or Fast 102
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Coming soon :)
Jehad Faleh
Jehad Faleh Hace 3 años
bro sweet driving
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Lsxfan Hace 3 años
Sweet.. stock axles? What take off technique?
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Stock axles. Think I'm going to do a video on how I launch it since I've been getting that question a lot.
Rhett Castillo
Rhett Castillo Hace 3 años
Im sure the D.A had a lot to do with that et/mph.
5LEEPER Hace 3 años
1.47 60ft good shit. that is on a hoosier A6?
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Not sure of the model, latest drag radial that they've released.
Dim Hace 3 años
Why dont you try powershifting and removing some weight?
TheNightRunner Hace 3 años
outro song?
faisal amin
faisal amin Hace 3 años
time for msd airforce intake
faisal amin
faisal amin Hace 3 años
:D Man your enthusiasm and determination really got me thinking about drag racing my car My stock cats are gone and i im not having free time to install some mods but hopefully soon I'll go for headers xpipe intake and tune for starter and probably start drag racing
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Coming soon
G Hace 3 años
That launch tho ! What tires ?
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Hoosier 26" drag radial
Tong Yang
Tong Yang Hace 3 años
damn it sounds good!
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
flynncbr Hace 3 años
far from 9s. you need more power or at less a 1.400 60 foot or better to get 9s.
Rayonn Wrice
Rayonn Wrice Hace 3 años
with a baby 75 shot its in the 9s
Rayonn Wrice
Rayonn Wrice Hace 3 años
BigKleib34 be nice if you could
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Should be able to make it without nitrous I hope.
BlasMaritza De La Garza
what changes did u do ? any retune ? cars moving id say 10 flat 9.9 before another mod up
BlasMaritza De La Garza
+BigKleib34 thats bad ass car is moving ...
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Still about the same.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Hace 3 años
nice runs
Javier Padron
Javier Padron Hace 3 años
ScatPackShaker6.4 Hace 3 años
Congrats!! car is moving
Donnie Kane
Donnie Kane Hace 3 años
BigKleib34 I'm coming for you kid! Lol
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Thanks!! Working on it.
Steve elco
Steve elco Hace 3 años
Row them gears . Nice
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey Hace 3 años
My wagon can still take it lol.
Dramaa FL
Dramaa FL Hace 3 años
Drove that bitch. Good work!
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Thanks buddy!
Chase Ponder
Chase Ponder Hace 3 años
Chip Carper
Chip Carper Hace 3 años
Put another intake on that brute and get it in the 9's in any air!
Will Herb TheRealWill816
Chip Carper more air & fuel.
Chip Carper
Chip Carper Hace 3 años
You have definitely got that car dialed in!
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Hell yeah! Thanks.
Ruben soriano
Ruben soriano Hace 3 años
Gabe Clarke
Gabe Clarke Hace 3 años
Nice video
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