Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

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Learn more about Riot Games’ upcoming character-based, first-person tactical shooter for PC, codenamed ‘Project A.’ Project A is a precise, competitive FPS in which unique character abilities create opportunities for your gunplay to shine.


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15 oct 2019






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Tech Triangle
Tech Triangle Hace un hora
This game is a copy of valorent. Well people can't make anything original these days
Kayra Özdemir
Kayra Özdemir Hace 9 horas
o zamanlar proje a dediğiniz şuan en iyi fps oyunu
Thauriq Azfa Syiraz
Thauriq Azfa Syiraz Hace 14 horas
0:00-2:50 this part looks like Valorant
renzo gallegos
renzo gallegos Hace un día
Thanks Riot!!
OmenisLive Hace 2 días
Who think this game become everyone favourite 😍😍 valorant
Dallas Scandling
Dallas Scandling Hace 2 días
Game will die out before 2021
Pancake Hace 5 días
Riot: we are going to fix peekers advantage :D Valorant: haha wide peek go brrrrrrrrr
A3RGRON 26/ Hace 5 días
Can you guys make valorant avalable in macOS please?
Leven Peven
Leven Peven Hace 5 días
bruh they were already doing jett op meta
Pavme Hace 7 días
Who noticed the soverin sword at 2:11 on the pc on the far right?
kyBlik007 Hace 9 días
why u play jett? u should have 40 kills
Ninjapogi Hace 12 días
1 year ago? time flies so fast:(
Astra_vibez Hace 12 días
valorant with ray tracing
Viparrr Hace 10 días
ikr?? like why does this version look so beautiful
Cixinelle -
Cixinelle - Hace 15 días
people : *talks about how cool the game is me : *why do i feel like the music is so familiar? what's the song name?*
abelskaka ihml
abelskaka ihml Hace 16 días
That kill counter looks nice
K Henry
K Henry Hace 17 días
excal been awping with Jett lol. It's funny how all the nerds said she was useless in team comp now look at her.
IdieHard Hace 17 días
I kind of like the old design
Tristen Arctician
Tristen Arctician Hace 17 días
RVAscEnd Hace 18 días
this game sucks bc it’s broken pls fix it
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Hace 18 días
when are India servers are coming, we have crowds of people waiting for it.
cozc Hace 17 días
@Pankaj Kumar you got your middle east servers there LMAO
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Hace 17 días
@cozcfortnite sucks
cozc Hace 17 días
Go play fortnite
Sky1x Hace 19 días
Some game called valorant copied project a!
Syed Ali Ahmed
Syed Ali Ahmed Hace 20 días
Imagine a game cheating Valorant, CS:GO and Overwatch.
Azriel Rizqi Aulia A
Azriel Rizqi Aulia A Hace 21 un día
Is ot just me or this ver has better graphics
Jikito Hace 24 días
I just realize they flex the s at the end
home row
home row Hace 26 días
anyone else think that haven C site looks better here?
Roka/Turmoral Duke
Roka/Turmoral Duke Hace 26 días
Jesus. The first clip the dude had aimbot
froggy2555 Hace 26 días
at 2:11 theres a guy on the far right has the sovereign knife and looks like the prime vandal
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast Hace 27 días
I'm glad they changed the boxes and some lightings to blue
Pajar Harahap
Pajar Harahap Hace 28 días
That skull logo when you kill someone is ok. But the bar concept in this video is a WOW and they cut that shit ?????????????
mahiwagang siklista
mahiwagang siklista Hace 28 días
please fix the high ping in sea servers please
YellowMint Hace 28 días
I wish it actually looked like this..
Siinful Hace 29 días
Remove The Operator
MeX0NNN Hace 29 días
Misfits Karma
Misfits Karma Hace 29 días
Why is this recommended now
Watashi Official
Watashi Official Hace un día
Don't know but It's nostalgic af
Nameless Hace 29 días
1:23-1:41 : **laughs in South African 178 ping**
skeerj Hace un mes
love how they boast about netcode, hitreg, peakers advantage and anti-cheat in this trailer when it's all fucking awful
Aonaro Hace un mes
2:10 look at one of the monitors, they made Sovereign and Prime Collections in 2019 lmao
Johnlory Amparo
Johnlory Amparo Hace un mes
I like the old thing that pops up on your ui when u kill someone.
DityaRaWira Hace un mes
Look at that ragdoll damn 0:51
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Hace un mes
Gingerbread Hace un mes
Wow Valorant totally copied Project A.
Cold88 Hace un mes
Эх, скорее бы она вышла.
Fadhil CH
Fadhil CH Hace un mes
this is league of legends or valorant?
John Hace un mes
Its Crossfire X ?
Jan Helge Tollefsen
Bruh ngl I wish they kept the kill counter animations from this build, looks so clean and stylish
mallikarjun H
mallikarjun H Hace un mes
I like everyone was hating this before release and saying this will not CS's place,but now no one is not letting this game go
wolfshocker1 Hace un mes
1:20 Lmao this is funny, considering the fact that the game has this as an issue. One of the worst things ive seen in the game too
Un'aBLe Hace un mes
shame of you. nothing works like you speak on this video, trash company.
fortnice hi
fortnice hi Hace un mes
Valorant is trash
TheKevinNerd Hace un mes
Floriano Tavares
Floriano Tavares Hace un mes
2:13 the knife and the vandal skins from july
tay long
tay long Hace un mes
Yo remember this video? Peekers advantage is Fucking huge, you don’t have ping lock, and META is electronic mollies and shotguns
Kurudo Asgar
Kurudo Asgar Hace un mes
Where are the 60$ skins?
MattV Hace un mes
I can really tell the difference in that video from now
Joey Bones
Joey Bones Hace un mes
Project A is clearly a Valorant clone.
Hi Im Salty
Hi Im Salty Hace un mes
MVN saikarthik
MVN saikarthik Hace un mes
The graphics are way better than actual valorant wtf?
Coopsb Hace un mes
Where the crosshair
Whye Hace un mes
not looking for logic
MaFia Gaming
MaFia Gaming Hace un mes
Valorant 😂
R7D Hace un mes
1:20 fake bullets Pls fix it in egypt
Андрей Динк:-P
reboot Hace un mes
AT least beta worked better than full game XD, hit-reg, hitbox problem, ping, also cheaters, peekers advantage i could do 1:1 video and rip this trailer apart, but they only focus on new agents what you buy to unlock + super overpriced skins. Competitive? WELL battalion1944 was competitive skill based game where you pop head shots but not in this game. This game is for ppl who suck at FPS. 80% magic powers and 20% aim
chixiLaXa Hace un mes
Void Hace un mes
Why does this Haven look better than the one actually in game?
youtube is my library
Looks promising
Alex Hace un mes
why the fuck is this nostalgic already
Hüään Hace un mes
2:11 yoo, they already had those skins.
Kmart Rewards
Kmart Rewards Hace un mes
Why does this look better than the released version
ToxicLike Hace un mes
1:55 accent b main very nice
Kyber Hace un mes
2:12 hey it’s the sovereign knife and prime vandal
Phlashi Hace un mes
Am i the only doing my dougy with this beat :) lmao. Fire ass beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥
10Pi Hace un mes
I remember when I first saw this trailer. I was hyped as shit. Even more hyped when I finally got a key after leaving a stream on for days. Good times...
Ian Lawrence
Ian Lawrence Hace un mes
Ngl I like the old game contrast and aesthetic a lot better
Ian Bielefeldt
Ian Bielefeldt Hace un mes
Insane how you can see the Vandal from the Prime Pack and the Sword from that other bundle at 2:11
Gieal cmso
Gieal cmso Hace un mes
Project A >>>>> Valorant
Zelaya Matthew
Zelaya Matthew Hace un mes
The old kill logo looked clean why u change it
Marc Sharp
Marc Sharp Hace un mes
When I first saw this I was like meh ... but now that I actually played the game, I am sure this will be the next big one for Riot. Looking forward to season 2.
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 Hace un mes
I was hyped in this game since beta 2020 I got game, played and actually liked it
Volcanic Panic
Volcanic Panic Hace un mes
"High consequence gameplay" Enemy Raze after throwing a grenade, getting 2 kills, throwing another, spamming satchels, and then ult'ing to finish it off without even seeing anything: "seems legit"
jake plesser
jake plesser Hace un mes
whos here after act 2 is almost out
Why does this look like that game called Valorant
Pedro Alves de Amorim Neto
i think is because valorant is the name of a region of league of legend.
Natália Hace 29 días
@Ham Burger everybody gangsta on riot until Cypher says: "I know exactly where you are"
Ham Burger
Ham Burger Hace un mes
@Ace Hoàng Long don't you mean Cypher Cop
max musterman
max musterman Hace un mes
Yes this is the original, fucking riot games copied it
Ace Hoàng Long
Ace Hoàng Long Hace un mes
Riot copycat, i'm calling cyper cop
Eliot Anglese
Eliot Anglese Hace un mes
The maps were so much better looking back then
Valorant Companion
Valorant Companion Hace un mes
ALc4 /_1nE
ALc4 /_1nE Hace 19 días
@Gallium Gamer and dont worry my friend i will of course sub to u
ALc4 /_1nE
ALc4 /_1nE Hace 19 días
@Gallium Gamer my good friend when u become good to a person he or she would someday surely do the same to u or the good things would atleast happen to u i know i sound a bit weird but at least i could give it a try my good friend
Gallium Gamer
Gallium Gamer Hace 20 días
@ALc4 /_1nE great sub to useless toxic channels don't sub to actually good ones. Great job
ALc4 /_1nE
ALc4 /_1nE Hace 25 días
@Luca Meier and dont worry bro I subbed to your channel
ALc4 /_1nE
ALc4 /_1nE Hace 25 días
@Luca Meier i was once like you a very toxic dude...but when i stopped being toxic and became good to people people started loving me bro. You dont need to be toxic to be cool and look you already have 9 subscribers and yes incase if you are wondering I am an Iron 3 bro u got to stop being toxic...this is not you :-)
F13NDS Hace un mes
i like the the old maps they were so much more green
Alec Z
Alec Z Hace un mes
1:55 is acent.
Pepsiman Hace un mes
this game blows
Glide Hace un mes
Trailer feels better than actual Valorant tbh
PepegaPlays Hace un mes
I remember getting really hyped about this announcement, I was not around for when cs 1.6, or source came out, I was not on pc when CSGO came out, so it feels good that i can play a competitive shooter like this from beta
Jepi122 Hace un mes
Ok but now can u update the game frequently?
LolCabbage 24
LolCabbage 24 Hace un mes
1 second cheat activate, A U T O B A N
Sh0Ck !
Sh0Ck ! Hace un mes
I think this will be a good game, im guessing the game will be called Valorant
W1zardas Hace un mes
yeah seems like a pretty good game cant wait for it to come out so hyped!
jam Hace un mes
I kind of like the way the old haven looked more than the current look of haven
Suspence Hace un mes
Ccrriizzppyy Ccrriizzppyy
Early development looked better than what it looks like today.
David De la Flor
David De la Flor Hace un mes
Ccrriizzppyy Ccrriizzppyy it looks the same to me
Opsi0nx Hace un mes
Ofc it does
Jxy Hace un mes
Awkward moment when you realise peakers advantage is still big in Valorant
chixiLaXa Hace un mes
@HanNguyen it is
HanNguyen Hace un mes
It isnt as big as csgo
phobia Hace un mes
Thank you Rito.
OliCrack Hace un mes
Yes, this is *the Valorante*
Linksforluck7 Hace un mes
High consequence gameplay of tac shooters And they show a video of a sage res
tobimdd Hace un mes
their game sucks and they put ads on all ESvid videos when they can't fix the connection error, idiots group
ItsClashin Hace un mes
I really remember watching this months ago lol
Cold88 Hace un mes
Ода, настольгия, уже. Люблю Валорант.
Isukui Hace un mes
2:11 lol you can see the sword knife that i dont know the name to, also the vandal skin
Isukui Hace 28 días
@JaiNinja Gaming Yes thats it thanks
JaiNinja Gaming
JaiNinja Gaming Hace 28 días
The sovereign knife I think is what u are thinking of, and the prime vandal skin
Night Warrior
Night Warrior Hace un mes
Yo guys, this kinda looks like Valorant
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Hace 12 horas
Ok chill with the subreddits
RoGGeR Hace un día
@Ace Hoàng Long logo XD
oh god please no
oh god please no Hace 6 días
Eye Tatcher r/iamveryrandom
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Hace 11 días
@Heat www.reddit.com/r/ihavereddit
Heat Hace 11 días
Night Warrior r/ihavereddit
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