Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

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Learn more about Riot Games’ upcoming character-based, first-person tactical shooter for PC, codenamed ‘Project A.’ Project A is a precise, competitive FPS in which unique character abilities create opportunities for your gunplay to shine.


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16 oct 2019






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2KEN 7
2KEN 7 Hace un día
Counter verwatch siege.
Pasha Hix
Pasha Hix Hace un día
Молодцы, лайк
Noah Timmer
Noah Timmer Hace un día
So nobody is going to talk about how the person playing has god-like aim with 100% headshot without a cross-hair.
Rjss Hace un día
fuck csgo, renovate!
Skoll Memes
Skoll Memes Hace un día
jaX Hace un día
Paladins Overwatch: Siege Offensive
El cara de trapo
El cara de trapo Hace un día
That anti cheat is tempting to test haha
Krusty Musty Boiz Music
this looks surprisingly bad
TheKoris68 Hace 2 días
Paladins: Global Offensive
liki Hace 2 días
kad?r can
kad?r can Hace 2 días
unreal engine 4 Game
kaze Hace 2 días
when does it come out?
fakie_nollie Hace 2 días
looks stupid asf
muha Hace 2 días
This shit is being called the CS GO killer?
Czarny Hace 2 días
Ale loszka.
Szymon Bednarczyk
Szymon Bednarczyk Hace 2 días
This is overwach
Sanya Ustich
Sanya Ustich Hace 2 días
David Ilic
David Ilic Hace 2 días
Aahahaghaga anti cheat 🤣 my bois started making wallhack for your shit
Mile WorldOfTanks
Mile WorldOfTanks Hace un día
@David Ilic imam,dodaj me Mile_xD#4544
David Ilic
David Ilic Hace un día
Mile WorldOfTanks ako bude novo Anticheat ništa od čita a ako ne biće na mpgh forumu Alo podlacu ti link ako se setim imaš discord?
Mile WorldOfTanks
Mile WorldOfTanks Hace un día
@David Ilic jel ste napravili, moze link kad budete napravili?znam za taj novi anticheat ,zbog toga sam ti i reko da je skoro pa nemoguce
David Ilic
David Ilic Hace un día
Mile WorldOfTanks buraz već smo krenuli da pravimo wh za ovaj kurac mada me brine sad zbog Lola zbog novog anticheata u kernelu ako to bude i ovde džaba smo krečili
Mile WorldOfTanks
Mile WorldOfTanks Hace un día
Imaju najbolji anticheat,gl with that :D
Remizovschi Pavel
Remizovschi Pavel Hace 2 días
Besides those knives, the abilities looked incredibly underwhelming. I mean. A smoke wall and a smoke sphere ? A frost wall ?
Ville Hace 2 días
Just like League, you won't implement proper VOIP which leads to more toxic community and griefers can't be kicked. Won't be touching this wannabe competitive shooter
M1ke Hace 2 días
Salamander Hace 2 días
will it be free?
Mile WorldOfTanks
Mile WorldOfTanks Hace 2 días
HBL: Дорога в FPl-С
еще один OverWatch
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin Hace 2 días
It looks like CSGO and Overwatch had a baby. But, one thing that looks concerning is how long spells take to cast vs how quick you can kill someone. Why would I cast a 3 second spell instead of one-shotting someone with twitch shooting? Maybe it's too early to tell? Maybe I'm tired?
Underated_ Username
Underated_ Username Hace 2 días
When we thought CSGO was unrealistic...
Alex2k Hace 2 días
CSGOTeam Fortress
Dro fi
Dro fi Hace 2 días
When you mix out: CS GO Call of Duty Disney Team Fortres Destiny Over Watch Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 you get this AMAZING shity game.... Riot has always been Riot, nothing New to expect. Always weird moves they make... AND MAKE NEW SKIN FOR VEL'KOZ!!!!!
Amir Hoseyn Mohamadi Sadeg
Such a sexy game
Erik El Noob
Erik El Noob Hace 3 días
CsGoWatch Magic Edition
HIT Hace 3 días
company: how to waste money? company: make another boring shooter for no reason
charleskimbac Hace 3 días
it's literally gonna die on launch lmao
Ebbemonster Hace 3 días
These days everything seems to be character based. I hope the trend will die out soon.
Fero Guava Suriyatanuwijaya
I don't think so man, people love this kind of games
DESERT CAT Hace 3 días
eeeee boy, i see Russian word. It's a shame because the game will give out small FPS on weak PCs due to anti-cheat it will be great if the characters of the game will be from different countries and will speak interesting phrases you will be my favorite company if you add a console similar to counter strike and you will update it I hate games like overwatch due to the large number of effects please make a very simple design weapon and ability panels
YOUR ASMR Hace 3 días
Finally someone is doing it right
AresVoltage Z
AresVoltage Z Hace 3 días
For ps4?
더빛남 Hace 3 días
HealPot 420
HealPot 420 Hace 3 días
some1 know realize date .... like a DOWNLOAD LINK
kisliy sanya
kisliy sanya Hace 3 días
Blacksquad: Fortres Paladins
swey Hace 3 días
Gun and magic, press F to reload mana
benizzz Hace 3 días
its 2020 and games are becoming more cartooni.. this looks like team fortress csgo and overwatch
Kai Edits
Kai Edits Hace 3 días
Riot Games' Rainbow Six Strike: Global Overwatch
Spooder Hace 3 días
I hope this is my new shit cause these games be getting dry
Escurridizo Panero
Escurridizo Panero Hace 3 días
estaria bacan que metieran a kai´sai, todos los perosnajes en ese juego se ven op, falta uno que viene con aimbot predeterminado
sangam mahawar
sangam mahawar Hace 3 días
to recreate cs. it will take more than some veteran devs
Kind Pain
Kind Pain Hace 3 días
Call of Apex Legens pubg Siege Offensiv
PolarBear Hace 4 días
Did I just see a character with a mercy revive and a mei wall in her kit? Yeah I will most certainly not be playing this game lol. I’m glad they showed more development than cinematic bs but you can see through every word she’s saying when you’ve seen as many of these as we have...
Meow Meowsson
Meow Meowsson Hace 4 días
This will never compare to CS:GO. Looks more like fortnite combined with overwatch. Has the same cartoonish graphic to it.
cs zenn
cs zenn Hace 4 días
Oversiege:counter six
HaDes APEX Hace 4 días
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lixo de game
Alchemix Hace 4 días
I love the abilities so much. And the art style. I hope it comes to console
Iconic_Storm Hace 4 días
This seems like a game I might actually invest my time in
Emir The
Emir The Hace 4 días
Shell Fire the same
Paolo mjy
Paolo mjy Hace 4 días
nope lol
nope lol Hace 4 días
Enough with these unskilled casual trash fps games, its mindblowingly borring and done way too many times. Try to create something new and interesting riot..
Antiwario Hace 4 días
Это что ж получается,боёвку из трейлеров овервотч сделают реальными?!
Güray Külçe
Güray Külçe Hace 4 días
Paladins + TFT2 + Overwatch + CS:GO
Faux Fox
Faux Fox Hace 4 días
Milf Kreygasm
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Hace 4 días
I like the way you talk lady.
PατricҜ Hace 4 días
it has precise gamplay 0:27
AndrewGamingGR Hace 4 días
cancer game disgusting get all cance
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