Protesters March Across NYC Following Decision in Breonna Taylor's Killing by Cops | NBC New York

NBC New York
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Demonstrators packed a New York City plaza Wednesday night to protest a Kentucky grand jury’s decision not to indict any police officers for the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

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23 sep 2020






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ogKUSHMAN kush
ogKUSHMAN kush Hace 26 minutos
Making me a BLM.🥪✌🏼🥓🥬
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Hace 31 un minuto
It feels like 1991 again.
Edward mac
Edward mac Hace 33 minutos
Her boyfriends fault 100%...be pissed at him.....but firing into a home blindly from outside is bullshit...this isnt the old west...but again...cops only shot after being shot at.
Jygo Gaming
Jygo Gaming Hace 33 minutos
USA is a third world country Trump 2020
D* Strong
D* Strong Hace 34 minutos
How many fires and looting has to happen before a riot becomes "somewhat violent?" I'm sure the people shot during these peaceful demonstrations are feeling the love.
JP Hace 39 minutos
Her boyfriend shooting at police without confirming
tigerfist1126 Hace 39 minutos
The bullets were meant for Breonna Taylor Boyfriend not her . The Boyfriend move out of the way and the Bullets hit Breonna Taylor instead . Killing Breonna Taylor .
Mr. Waste
Mr. Waste Hace 45 minutos
This is bull shit the cops did the right thing, someone is shooting at you. You not going to shot back?
Pedro Oliveros
Pedro Oliveros Hace 46 minutos
This is the reason i seldom watch the news.
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Hace 52 minutos
N Hace 59 minutos
The amount of dislikes on this video is shocking and disgusting. We must stand with our Americans in fighting for justice and equal rights. Goes to show how profoundly ignorant GOP members are, truly scary.
Person People
Person People Hace 59 minutos
Totally a shame, those 3 policeman 👮‍♂️ should have been arrested and charged for murder of ms.taylor death.if this was a white woman 👩‍🦳 they most likely would have been charged, Totally 100% sad,GOD bless ms.taylor family 👪 my prayers 🙏 goes to her boyfriend also, he must going a lot seeing his 💘 being killed by cops and dying in his arms, rest in peace ✌ ms.taylor. To all the protesters, please be safe and do NO harm.
a j
a j Hace un hora
funny that lemurs behave better in the wild
Michael Powers
Michael Powers Hace un hora
Current rioting is not about “systemic racism.” The recent targeting and destruction of statues is simply a prelude to destroying America’s system of government. The statues are simply symbols. The real targets are the Constitution and the fundamental principles underlying the founding.
winter32842 Hace un hora
Here my take and I try to be neutral, fair and objective. Breonna Taylor's death is tragedy and it should not happen. However, I agree with grand jury for not charging the police officers (they had proper no-knock search warrant and they had the right to fire back after being shot by her boyfriend). Her boyfriend had the right to fire back under "stand your ground law" if he thought someone was breaking in. Here is fault in the system that needs to be changed: no-knock warrant and stand your ground are contradictory and should not allowed at the same time. Second, I stand for legalizing drugs (also prostitution and other crimes that hurts no one and is between consenting adults). Drug related crimes should not warrant extreme measure such as no-knock warrant. In my opinion, the biggest fault in the system is someone should not lose their life due to suspicion of drug-related crime with no knock warrant.
Sargon Chlimon
Sargon Chlimon Hace un hora
Fake news
G Solorio
G Solorio Hace un hora
Oh great here we go again
slowmopoke Hace un hora
The MSM is the enemy of the people
Duchess Hace un hora
Didn't she have a dead body in her trunk?
nemo bush
nemo bush Hace un hora
Why don't they protest her ignorant drug dealing criminal boyfriend that got her killed? .. ignorance
Lone Maus
Lone Maus Hace un hora
Lol it’s gonna be funny when trump wins again
Charlie c
Charlie c Hace un hora
Mostly peaceful 😂😂😂😂😂 these people are insane
White Warrior
White Warrior Hace un hora
Democrapper leadership at its best !! This is what America 🇺🇸 would look like if creepy Joe won election!! Democrappers agenda is New world order!! Communism!!!
Jbibl The Baddest Bibl
When will people understand that we are fighting for justice
MooseT Hace un hora
The officers were cleared. Justice has been served. Thank God for our police.
Spencer Beard
Spencer Beard Hace un hora
October 1st
Samuel Esparza
Samuel Esparza Hace un hora
First of all due to your fake ass news ..the police officers did nothing wrong...it was a drug raid ..at a drug house ..and we're shot upon and hit in the leg...and return fire and she was shot..don't try to confuse people..your fake ass news causes major confusion to these absent minded people rioters and protesters...answer me a question?? What in the hell we're they supposed to do?????WHAT????...how would you have done the raid...how????....when fired upon....WHAT????...complete bullshit..?when people start making martyrs of criminals and drug dealers and thugs you know we reach a new low......real low... ."what good is bad and whats bad is good" ....Get close to God people..he's are only hope....
White Warrior
White Warrior Hace un hora
Rioters are terrorists just destroying America 🇺🇸 blm and antifa are paid by democrappers to destroy American business and terrorize citizens!! Taylor's family recieved 12 million dollar settlement it's over!! Riots are ghetto!!! Rioters need to be arrested and charged with terroriziom!! Wake up America 🇺🇸!!!!! Democrappers are enemies of America 🇺🇸!!
๖ۣۜZippy Hace un hora
they had a no knock warrant but still knocked, the boyfriend started firing at the cops and they fired back. the boyfriend killed breonna
ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ !
Our real enemy isn’t each other it’s the elite
Sean brunty
Sean brunty Hace un hora
Divide and conquer, but trying explaining chess to someone who can't figure out checkers.
Maxilyn Capell
Maxilyn Capell Hace un hora
It wasn’t a decision was it? It was an incitement from a grand jury and now proceeds to trial...or what am I missing?
Callen Hurley
Callen Hurley Hace un hora
Y’all are protesting cleaning up the streets🤦‍♂️
Branden Hace un hora
Right mostly peaceful...foh
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Hace un hora
Hello, Humans. “Don’t confuse comfort with happiness.” - Dean Karnazes TERRANCE OUT
H R Hace un hora
As for the concept of collective guilt, I personally think that it is totally unjustified to hold one person responsible for the behaviour of another person or a collective of persons. Since the end of World War II I have not become weary of publicly arguing against the collective guilt concept.12 Sometimes, however, it takes a lot of didactic tricks to detach people from their superstitions. An American woman once confronted me with the reproach, "How can you still write some of your books in German, Adolf Hitler's language?" In response, I asked her if she had knives in her kitchen, and when she answered that she did, I acted dismayed and shocked, exclaiming, "How can you still use knives after so many killers have used them to stab and murder their victims?" She stopped objecting to my writing books in German. -Viktor Frankl
KindaGetRoasted 22
KindaGetRoasted 22 Hace un hora
Hahah the breonna Taylor's thing has gotten me cracking up. They were protesting in Louisville, and me and my dad were just laughing at how "breonna Taylor's was somehow killed because of her skin color". Oh and never forget the part where they say her ex boyfriend or who ever that guy is, is innocent. I'm laughing hard because of people getting mad over an accident that happened when someone fired first 😂were the cops supposed to let the guy kill them, or fire back risking her life? Protesters aren't protesting over all the cops getting killed 🤠
Andrew Huff
Andrew Huff Hace un hora
Trump 2020! MAGA! Don’t let the United States turn into a freakish shit hole.
MrXelium Hace un hora
Go home stupid fucks.
Adrian Salinas
Adrian Salinas Hace un hora
Justice for everyone!!! I’m protesting for peoples rights!!!! And also to get a ps5 for free!!
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Hace un hora
That was horrible. So much for justice in the US of A. First George Floyd, and now Breonna Taylor? The protesters was those who went conflict against the cops, and those for the Black Lives Matters. Should we demand justice? I don't want America to be divided. Not again.
Arpit Hace un hora
US is doomed
kd s
kd s Hace un hora
No Neck the Wonder Dummy.
In Canada they call you a right wing terrorist if you criticize the government. In America they call Terrorists protesters. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!
Andrew Huff
Andrew Huff Hace un hora
Protestors that loot and burn should be put down in the dirt where they belong. Criminals are criminals
brightyan07 Hace un hora
Black life matter more, hehehe
No Neck the Wonder Dummy.
Mostly peaceful my butt. Such liars. Millions in damages right across the board since this started, due to "mostly peaceful" protests. Business burned down, people beaten, killed, and lively hoods destroyed. MOATSLY PEACEFUL BY ARSE!! YOU FILTHY PRO CRIME LIARS!!
Hugh Honey
Hugh Honey Hace un hora
Y’all acting like she was executed in broad daylight. Her Ex-BF shot at them wounding a cop and they returned fire. It was a botched no knock raid were the Cops made mistake, she didn’t deserve to die but y’all wanna throw 3 guys in jail for life just because they made a mistake? And let me guess, because they’re white they racist huh? Smh
Pragmatist Hace un hora
The media is complicit in the radicalization of BLM. The world is backwards now and dems want to keep it that way. Criminals are worshipped now...
We Bo
We Bo Hace un hora
burn it all down n the po po too 🤣😂
photoshopknight Hace un hora
Breonna deserves justice. 💔
photoshopknight Hace un hora
@Drew R Putin deserved to make better choices in useful idiots like tRump.
Drew R
Drew R Hace un hora
Breonna deserved to make better choices in partners
Sean brunty
Sean brunty Hace 2 horas
Useful idiots and paid organisers to push a communists uprising to help steal an election and bring in complete tyranny. A classic Mao color revolution well funded by corporations, CCP, UN, George Soros (the real nazi), and a slew of other characters. Trump 2020.
Códing Android
Códing Android Hace 2 horas
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Subbing to everyone who subs to me.
"Fun Fact": Crows can hold grudges against specific individual people.
Josiah Knapp
Josiah Knapp Hace 2 horas
Wow, typical left they can’t take the truth so they throw a fit lol. What a bunch of babies
Todd Wyatt
Todd Wyatt Hace 2 horas
Biased liberal media reporting on bias liberal lunacy.
Kim H
Kim H Hace 2 horas
George Floyd case is next black America.
Sabrina Adams
Sabrina Adams Hace 2 horas
A drug dealer scared of a break in?
Todd Wyatt
Todd Wyatt Hace 2 horas
The media is too scared to call out homegrown terrorism. There is nothing peaceful about what these so called "protesters" are doing to America.
Jesus Covarrubias
Jesus Covarrubias Hace 59 minutos
Thats exactly what they do when domestic terrorist shot and kill dozens of innocent people .
Raymond Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez Hace un hora
slowmopoke This is in contradiction to the intuition that flow, and in particular superfluid flow with zero viscosity, is a property exclusive to the fluid state, e.g. superconducting electron and neutron fluids, gases with Bose-Einstein condensates, or unconventional liquids such as helium-4 or helium-3 at sufficiently low temperature.
...and cut
...and cut Hace un hora
Homegrown terrorism has been the rule of thumb for 'white supremacists' for well over a century. I don't believe BLM bombed any federal buildings or had massive shootouts with the FBI... Stay off of 'faux news' Sucker carlson is lying to you.
slowmopoke Hace un hora
A supersolid is a special quantum state of matter where particles form a rigid, spatially ordered structure, but also flow with zero viscosity. @Raymond Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez Hace un hora
No justice no peace
flo so hobo bro
flo so hobo bro Hace 2 horas
Ppl don’t want chaos so they just create more makes since
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Hace 2 horas
You can hardly see any black people in these protests....
Eddie Hace 2 horas
news stations are a joke now. call this what it is you morons. they are riots...
Sha Shanuka
Sha Shanuka Hace 2 horas
Just going to state some facts here: -Police had a warrant for Breanna Taylor -Police knocked but shouldn’t have since they had a No Knock warrant -Breanna’s boyfriend took the first shot which nearly killed the officer -Breanna has a warrant for her relationship with her ex-boyfriend (drug dealer) -the officer who killed Breanna was not the one who issued warrant. -they did not find any drugs in the house -Breanna’s boyfriend who was staying with her had no criminal activity and a license for his gun Well there are more facts but these are some that ppl keep getting wrong because of fake media.
Thomas Fontaine
Thomas Fontaine Hace 2 horas
The media thinks this is really great news
Dylan Gathings
Dylan Gathings Hace 2 horas
What would you do if you were shot at?
Princess Paintbrush
Princess Paintbrush Hace 2 horas
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Sai Anna vines
Sai Anna vines Hace 2 horas
2 days ago I heard that Americans were protesting for anti mask. Black people are raging against white and the white against black . I hope everything will be fine there 👍👍.
makingadifference Hace 2 horas
Why people March at night I don't know. They're waiting for an opportunity to riot. March until your feet bleed IDC. This is foolishness.
makingadifference Hace 2 horas
This is so stupid. HERE THEY GO WITH MOSTLY PEACEFUL AGAIN! They led off with the news that fires have been set. A grand jury made the decision. This "outrage" is not based on facts. You can't shoot at police and expect good things to happen 4 you. You got justice you just don't like the outcome. Justice was served. We can't have mob rule.
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Bernard Reeves
Bernard Reeves Hace 3 horas
Bro If the cops were shot at what do you think their going to do, not shoot?
R J Hace 3 horas
Some people were smoking weed during protest,I mean really burn loot murder ❓
Michael Hace 3 horas
“Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is the hand.” Matthew 3:2
TheDudeCallingYouOut Roger
One airplane with napalm solves this problem.
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb Hace 3 horas
Ha ha
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb Hace 2 horas
@Always Senpai thank you
Always Senpai
Always Senpai Hace 2 horas
At these point god just laughing at us
Th B
Th B Hace 3 horas
They still will be questioned by the almighty God about her death on judgment day.
lmFkingConfused Hace un hora
@Th B What???
Th B
Th B Hace un hora
@lmFkingConfused Trees don't have brains to feel things or to come up wit a taught.Also u got animals wit brains but not developed enough to think or make the difference between right and wrong. So trees don't feel nothing or can't think cuz they have no brains at all.
lmFkingConfused Hace un hora
@Th B Trees don't have a soul. They are classified alive because they have the characteristics of an alive thing. They grow and eat, but can't feel, or think. They aren't actually alive like us.
Th B
Th B Hace 2 horas
@lmFkingConfused The trees got a soul but dont have brains...Ur brains still gon be there even after u stop breathing...like DNA every man got his own unique soul.
lmFkingConfused Hace 2 horas
@Th B We don't have a soul. Were alive because of our consciousness. The brain allows the consciousness to work. When you die, your brain, along with you consciousness die as well. Your also made up of atoms or matter, not a make believe soul.
Aaron Hace 3 horas
Mostly peaceful? The night OJ killed his wife was mostly peaceful.
typheran1 Hace 3 horas
Do these people not know the facts of the case or are they just idiots
Evelyn Orellana
Evelyn Orellana Hace 3 horas
Justice for Breonna Taylor!
MooseT Hace un hora
No charges for the officers. Justice has been served. Thank God for our police.
travis03 Hace 3 horas
I wonder how many protests are needed to show a significant spike in COVID. Seems pretty contradictory from the fear mongering of a pandemic disease that's been passed in the last few months. I still don't know one person who's been infected and I'm in NYC
Concu Okal
Concu Okal Hace 3 horas
Covid will be here to stay longer ig :/
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Adil Alfa
Adil Alfa Hace 3 horas
Did they shot themselves by mistake? Friendly fire?
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Ernie Z
Ernie Z Hace 3 horas
Looters, rioters, and anarchists ..oh my. “Peaceful protests” my ass.
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Always Senpai
Always Senpai Hace 2 horas
1K Subs Without Any Videos? ?
1K Subs Without Any Videos?
Always Senpai Exactly ❕
Always Senpai
Always Senpai Hace 2 horas
What that gotta do wit dis?
Sami Star
Sami Star Hace 3 horas
gg nice aim
Hi Jack
Hi Jack Hace 3 horas
Judging from the dislikes I can say clearly who is gonna win this election
Vincent Tseng
Vincent Tseng Hace 3 horas
The police deserved to be hurt as they hurt the citizens
Always Senpai
Always Senpai Hace 2 horas
Don’t judge without knowing 2 side story plus even if the police Deserved the citizen doesn’t like you can see in the vid this women was trying to drive her children to school
Mog Ravenclaw
Mog Ravenclaw Hace 3 horas
I wish they would just tell the truth. This is all wrong. It is based on a lie. The mom already got 12 million. Like wtf? Nobody wanted her dead. It just happened because someone shot at the POLICE!
De Dub
De Dub Hace 3 horas
Kendogg 100
Kendogg 100 Hace 3 horas
Bruh... Her mans was a dboy and decided to get in a gun fight with the cops. The cops were not trying to kill her. They were trying to defend themselves after her mans opened fire and shot one of the officers. If you are an officer receiving fire and you see two people in a hall way are you not going to fire back? people out here looking for reasons to protest. This was not a george floyd case. Don't be stupid. You protesters are ruining our communities. Get the facts first and than make a decision to protest.
Kay Realist
Kay Realist Hace 3 horas
You will see more Breonna Taylors if you hang out with criminals.
A A Hace 3 horas
Glad too see covid is over!
Always Senpai
Always Senpai Hace 2 horas
COVID is just name for these idiots
T C Hace 3 horas
Rioters. You're looking at rioters.
Sharks Rose
Sharks Rose Hace 3 horas
Everyone in the comments suddenly got a degree on criminal justice whenever protest news comes up 😳
Evil Hater
Evil Hater Hace 3 horas
Вы ебанулись? Вы всерьёз считаете, что здесь есть повод для дискуссии? Куча народа занимается беспределом и при этом требует справедливости. Сначала громят всё вокруг, а потом жалуются, что к ним применяют оружие. Спрошу ещё раз, вы ебанулись?
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