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On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan examines the ongoing protests and fight for democracy happening in Sudan. Months after the country’s dictator Omar al-Bashir was ousted in a coup by the Sudanese military, a deadly power struggle has emerged between forces led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemeti) and protesters calling for civilian rule, increased women’s rights, and an end to the brutal militias that have ravaged the African nation. Hasan contemplates what is next for the country in turmoil, and sits down with Sudanese national and protestor Marine Alneel to discuss the ongoing conflict and if democracy can survive in Sudan.
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9 jun 2019






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Comentarios 2 432
Salma Tarek
Salma Tarek Hace 3 días
What he said about egypt is totally right :'D people use us as a bad example now 😂
i-RMQ1 Hace 5 días
I swear i knew hes gonna bring saudi arabia in the problem😂 he hates us 😂
Ananthakrishnan Satheeshan
why are u not doing an episode on kashmir
Trenece Robertson
Trenece Robertson Hace 8 días
Bring back the orchestra!
Syd Ney
Syd Ney Hace 8 días
15:20 YEEEEESH 😬
saamz Hace 8 días
I know am too late to comment but still just so you know hasan, the news reporter in between and marene mentioned UAE as well along with Saudi Arabia, Not just Saudi Arabia alone and the word "Arabs" does not consist of only Saudi Arabia. Anyways, Prayers for Sudan and Yet another great Ep. 🙌🏼👌🏻
Incendie Hace 19 días
I don't care what Tan says, I love those Jazzy Pants
Isabel Abdallah
Isabel Abdallah Hace 21 un día
Mr.Bloxy Hace 21 un día
I spent 2 days looking for this guy...so happy i found him
Pushpakshk Hace 23 días
Why EU doesn't realize that instead of giving money to fuckers like Hemedti they should abandon him/sue him in international court for his crimes, and make Sudan peaceful and then prosperous. If african nations are prosperous why Africans would want to migrate? Stop supporting dictators if you - Europe and US don't want migrants!!!!!! - IT'S THAT SIMPLE.
RAMIN HAMZA Hace 23 días
hy do man do a show about ethiopia
ali marade
ali marade Hace 27 días
Lol you got to admit Bashir is thick 😂savage
Aluet Deng
Aluet Deng Hace 28 días
As a person of SOUTH Sudan I am glad we are independent from Sudan, but I am sad that we left them behind. God help Sudan
jack meoff
jack meoff Hace 28 días
nax iratae
nax iratae Hace 29 días
If u could make an episode like this on Kashmir just so people will come to know about what is happening there
Alankar khare
Alankar khare Hace un mes
Out of G4 nations (India, Brazil, Germany & Japan) which are pushing for permanent membership in the UNSC, i am 100% sure that India would have definitely condemned such brutality in Sudan against it's own people. Infact, a strong resolution against would have been passed by now in UNSC to stop such a dictatorial regime. God bless Sudanese people, May God give you strength to fight against this. Gandhian principle of Non-violence and peaceful civil disobedience (Satyagraha) will break their backs one day. Never lose hope!
oZ_tube Hace un mes
Anyone from Egypt here
MuSiC bY yOu
MuSiC bY yOu Hace un mes
Sudan also stupidly sold hithru line which the plains passes from
Muhammad Hamza Mir
Muhammad Hamza Mir Hace un mes
saisrivarsha malladi
It happened nearly 4 months ago but can we get an update on these protests, I did see that there has been some kind of agreement between the military and civilians for a transition to the democracy, was it effective?
Sujatha K
Sujatha K Hace un mes
Civil gov MitilA Women's
Heba Elhouni
Heba Elhouni Hace un mes
Can you do an episode about Libya please 😍👍 its a major chaos here 😅🤣💔
Chloe Pearl
Chloe Pearl Hace un mes
My prayers to the Sudanese, hoping that there are liberated from the long time oppression. Thanks Hasan for the great job. May Allah bless you and keep you safe.
Meziane le ll
Meziane le ll Hace un mes
Like, if you too, want an episode about what's happening in Algeria !!
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Hace un mes
goddess mayumi
goddess mayumi Hace un mes
Thank you for making politics an interesting thing for me 🥰💓
Rakibul hasan
Rakibul hasan Hace un mes
Sudaness ELLEN
lukassnakeman Hace un mes
dictatorships will always thrive in regions where the majority of people are farmers. just how it is. just look at history. monarchy systems in europe fell apart as tech advanced and less people had to farm their own food. when you grow your own food youre very easy to oppress. "nice crops you got there. be a shame if you didnt support your dictator and they all burned down"
Sierra L
Sierra L Hace un mes
Indians say ammi too?? Cool! 🇱🇰
محمود لين
محمود لين Hace un mes
Thanks very much for ducomntry
Muneeb Tanoli
Muneeb Tanoli Hace un mes
Indian occupied Kashmir is also under lockdown and curfew from last seven weeks, I know you've talked about it but there should be a whole show about it so that people come to know the reality of what's the mess going on there. #FreeKashmir #LongLiveResistance!
lilly angel
lilly angel Hace un mes
Can v have a follow up on Sudan.
nishant kumar
nishant kumar Hace 2 meses
hassan don't go to Sudanese embassy...
sCube05 Hace 2 meses
Wait so these retards want the US to help. Before people were up in arms asking for the US to get out of the middle East. Jeez man Americans can't make up their damn mind. I say stay out Texas is pumping enough oil for the dam country!
The Byzantinian
The Byzantinian Hace 2 meses
The Sudanese are a great hope for democracy as the US and Europe descend into ruin. Love from the USA.🇸🇩🇺🇸
cornelia street
cornelia street Hace 2 meses
"that's a full taylor swift ago" hdfhffgdsssksskdffdghi
ahmed salman
ahmed salman Hace 2 meses
Thank you hassan , we made it 🇸🇩✊🏾
Ahmed Farah
Ahmed Farah Hace 2 meses
I didn't know you #hasanminhaj until yesterday when i watched Travor Noah the daily show and the amazing part when you did show up on his show. I was interesting to look after more videos that you might've been in and now i suprisingly found this charming video about my country revolution. Great coverage. Thank you so much. I am your fan from now on! 😍
Zaid Siddiqui
Zaid Siddiqui Hace 2 meses
Love for Sudan from 🇵🇰
MARK MAHAN Hace 2 meses
If only the US and Western nation's citizens could be as courageous as the people of Sudan. Or even just more involved and aware of the crimes done unto us falsely by our governments.
A G Hace 2 meses
Update! Sudan is now officially a democracy: new civilian Prime Minister who formed a new impressive government including, but not limited to, former World Bank economist as Minister of Finance, a woman Foreign Minister and a Harvard Law graduate as the Minister of Justice. They did that!
MSaqibAli Hace 2 meses
Hi Hasan, You are a blast. Kindly do your show on Pakistan and India relations. Thanks in advance
Ian Hiltz
Ian Hiltz Hace 2 meses
It’s Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo all over again
Rosa Nour
Rosa Nour Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much 🌹
Chuck More
Chuck More Hace 2 meses
I am Sudanese I leave in California since 2003 thank you so much we make it
Nikolay Grigoryev
Nikolay Grigoryev Hace 2 meses
10:00 being a war criminal is not a "low bar" most people in the US government would fail...
pcarebear1 Hace 2 meses
Keep staying strong Sudan! Love and support from your Central American paisanos🙌. Hope you achieve the democratic dream soon.🙏
Mohamed Morfi
Mohamed Morfi Hace 2 meses
As an algerian and African, i wish the best for sudan, may allah help you all, remember we're all with you
Muhammad Zubair ALi
Muhammad Zubair ALi Hace 2 meses
Could you shed some light on genocide going on Kashmir by modi gov...
Judy LMB
Judy LMB Hace 2 meses
I think I love you.
vorniceanu ionut
vorniceanu ionut Hace 2 meses
May God help the Sudanese people and punish the murderers!
MyricalLyrical Hace 2 meses
Sudan is one of the 5
Shoaib zubair
Shoaib zubair Hace 2 meses
haýyyyy. that's not janja it's (ganja*) OKey
Philodox Xiph
Philodox Xiph Hace 2 meses
That women was gorgeous 😍
RaZoR Hace un mes
Which women
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Hace 2 meses
13:24 - Steve Martin.
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Hace 2 meses
So many people around the world are seeking democracy like it's the best thing in the world. We have gerrymandering, Presidents that lie and spread conspiracy theories, and more. The US isn't an example to look to. The US is also historically imperialistic. Some of the countries in Europe are better examples of good governments.
prototyped 1
prototyped 1 Hace 2 meses
meanwhile south of the border: hat based genocide
Baby Diary
Baby Diary Hace 2 meses
Well done Hassan
samson mulenga
samson mulenga Hace 2 meses
@hassan. I really like your show, and the fact that you speak against the act of oppression of the voice of the masses.
Grace Hall
Grace Hall Hace 2 meses
Seems like many EU leaders are faux Polish, Brit, Dutch, Czech etc. Rather, like the US, they're German in part or whole, and have ties and agendas to continuing their world invasion. Likely to avenge their own or under the false perception of being smart. Guess after years of bringing Indians into Germany and even visiting India, Africa and Middle East to gain scientific knowledge, these smart allicks buy into their "discoveries" and false intellect. No one teaches them properly even after they hoarded into the USA to make up the largest population. They play down to ensure discrimination against blacks inventing many household products as slaves making their lives easier (e.g. washing machine, iron, mop, broom, sewing machine) and then advanced like everyone else too (i.e. escalators, computers, cars). This cultish supremacy attitude, and lies to lynch, has everything to do with whose name is actually on their deeds to German-American fake land holdings. That's right. Germans came to the US and took the good land, and were caught, by UK immigrants, so they offered up Black and Native lands to the UK immigrants during Trump's grandparent's time. This is why it's still on their minds. Illegal is illegal no matter w=if it doesn't impact you.
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