PSG vs Montpellier | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/13/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

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Iftekhar Aqib
Iftekhar Aqib Hace un mes
Neymar+Messi combination is delightful to watch. They always seem to look for each other. Neymar has been criticized a lot for not performing but he is a man on a mission this season.
David Day
David Day Hace un mes
Carlos Vela + Gareth Bale 😉
Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy Hace un mes
@Justin ...?and r: I s " X I d is.
Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy Hace un mes
Iikme78 M
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes Hace un mes
@bian丁丁 it’s common sense kid
bian丁丁 Hace un mes
@Alfredo Reyes how do you know who his idol is???
Mumtaz Mannan
Mumtaz Mannan Hace un mes
Aside from the goals, ive never seen psg that defensively composed since tuchel.
Mario Hace un mes
Two shots on target - two goals. The only reason why they were "composed" in defense is because they were attacking the whole time.
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace un mes
To whomever reading this: wishing you the best rest of your day/night! Remember, what we think..... We Become
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
@Ryan Gillmore *Midfield
Philosophy_Bot Hace un mes
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "You shall not pass!" ~ Gandalf
Brandon Bello
Brandon Bello Hace un mes
Of course bro what do you think we got a healthy Sergio Ramos for a reason he’s a champion and knows how to bring up the competition for the team also teaching experience itself!!
Alex Espinal
Alex Espinal Hace un mes
Mbappe needs to pass the ball more often man🤦🏽‍♂️
Hulk Carranza
Hulk Carranza Hace un mes
@Sine Mbappe thinks just because he won the 2018 World Cup that he is better than Messi and Neymar. The potential is there but I don’t like nor do I see ANY chemistry between those three
Josie Joestar
Josie Joestar Hace un mes
He’s a striker, strikers are meant to have egos, the thing is his is being a bit much
yenkassa Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias Could care less about Mbappe and the French league but you are forgetting Mbappe is a WC winner, Messi and CR7 are not. Yes, individually, Mbappe is not at Messi level but if you are comparing trophies won with respective teams then WC trumps any trophy. Just stating the facts.
Uchenna Sunday
Uchenna Sunday Hace un mes
No, is not selfish. Stop hiding behind words.
hakndfkeus ozsffh
hakndfkeus ozsffh Hace un mes
Cuz hes always upfront it would be offside if he passes
Adan Vazquez
Adan Vazquez Hace un mes
I hope they show this class outside of the ligue 1 they’re a good team really good team it’s just injuries and small mistakes that hold them back :(
Omar Dabo
Omar Dabo Hace un mes
They're bunch of overpaid, overrated players. One of them throws up a tantrum on the counter attack because he doesn't get a pass on the break. That would never happen at a club like Bayern or Real Madrid.
Sami Samim
Sami Samim Hace un mes
and some selfish players like Mbappe and Hakimi
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Hace un mes
@dorian. they’ll still never win the champions league though😂😂
dorian. Hace un mes
@Rayquaza King we get it you don’t like psg but don’t act like this isn’t a great team😂
SHIBA Hace un mes
As Mbappe fan, i’m pretty upset with him tbh that he got so many chances to pass the ball to someone else but he just kept shooting in narrow area and wasted!
Blank Hace un mes
6:38 made me man wth was he doing
Tyree k.
Tyree k. Hace un mes
@DeLizzle yet Ney is now being the same person he was at Barc during the MSN period. Stop deflecting. Ney isn’t the problem.
DeLizzle Hace un mes
He’s literally the Neymar of last year
George Hace un mes
@Gerson Cruz this has to be a troll
Vxtus Hace un mes
Now he wants to sell neymar smh
Viktor Bilkic
Viktor Bilkic Hace un mes
Neymar-Messi duo is most definitely back, and as individuals Neymar is playing outstanding and Messi us also playing very well and the whole psg team is playing well now, huge improvement 👏
WorkInProgress Hace un mes
Nuno Mendes is really talented. Renato Sanches is a great signing, underrated player.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
@QuicKk Gaming I think he’s talking about Mendes, who was on loan last term.
QuicKk Gaming
QuicKk Gaming Hace un mes
@Moi A renato is a new signing he has never been in the PSG system
Moi A
Moi A Hace un mes
hes not a new signing he was always a psg player just out on loan
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
Yep, he's a baller.
Kongloshaa Hace un mes
Props to Montpellier goalie, 10shots on goal and he saved most of them so beautifully
J N Hace un mes
This the neymar we expect every game🔥🔥
GreenzLuck1900 Hace un mes
@Quad stop hating man, dang
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi Hace un mes
@Zico Tu... Yes, he does have poor distribution. Although he had great vision to start the counterattack for Italy vs Spain in the Euro semifinal leading to Chiesa's beautiful goal. Nevertheless, he needs to vastly improve his footwork and distribution. He's gotten a bit better but needs to improve more. However, as a shot stopper, Donnarumma is better than Navas. Navas is a very good GK. When it comes to penalty shootouts, for example, I go with Donnarumma.
Zico Tu
Zico Tu Hace un mes
@Vittorio Luchi He has a deadly habit to pass the ball to PSG defenders when opponent strikers approach him. In this case, he just needs to clear the ball for a corner kick which he did not. I thin Navas is a better goalie.
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace un mes
To whomever reading this: wishing you the best rest of your day/night! Remember, what we think..... We Become
Quad Hace un mes
he still won't win the world cup LOL
Swisherodocus Hace un mes
Let’s hope this play translates to bigger games as well… and pls don’t let Mbappe take pens anymore 😭
Larsen William
Larsen William Hace un mes
That first half touch to Ramos, Hakimi, Messi, Neymar... though stopped, set a tone.
JayCFC Hace un mes
Love watching Neymar play like this, amazing🔥🔥
Alejandro Casarubias
Don’t get to excited it’s just because the World Cup, after that he’s going to his sister party in March- April
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez Hace un mes
Messi’s vision is truly something else
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
Another good performance! Galtier is doing well! But this is only Montpellier and much bigger tests await. Neymar and Messi playing very well, Mbappe gonna take 1 or 2 games to be back in full force. Happy for Renato debut goal!!! Vitinha played very well to again! Overall great match, defensively we were good but lapsed on those goals need to improve that.
SellingOptions Hace un mes
we're all good. Messi isn't playing for real at the moment.
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace un mes
To whomever reading this: wishing you the best rest of your day/night! Remember, what we think..... We Become
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias Mbappe assisted Messi the most last season. Everybody has games here they feel pissed and mad. Today he was pissed due to some personal issues.
ZT11 Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias good god mate spent all day writing this
Nehemiah Obongono
Nehemiah Obongono Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias bro your so weird 😂 before u wrote an essay to explain y Mbappe has an ego (mind u this a guy u haven’t even met and u spend much time writing essays on y u hate him) u misunderstood my comment. Obviously one player doesn’t guarantee the UCL but a player of his caliber will surely be the difference. Mbappe has proven last season (and seasons prior) that he is able to compete and score against the best of the best but Psgs defense let them down. If Mbappe stops performing and is taken out of the equation, psg has no chance reaching another UCL final. Mbappe brings flair, explosiveness and the finishing in the final third in big games that PSG needs. It’s not a coincidence Madrid has been after him.
pigmarty Hace un mes
Messi and Neymar is magic but Mbappé with them makes the group ineffective
J Villa
J Villa Hace un mes
It’s clear that Neymar’s motivated…hopefully he has the season of his career
x7Samuraix Hace un mes
MBappe goal was incredible, Neymar goals were amazing and Messi assists, out of this world. I want to see MBappe and Messi scoring more goals.
Benton Grant
Benton Grant Hace un mes
Lmao mbappe a bum he needs to sit down and let the real ballers do it
SirTwiz Hace un mes
Neymar has a completely different attitude this season and it really shows
Tyree k.
Tyree k. Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias no he’s playing with Messi. Remember MSN? Y’all act like Ney isn’t a team player or he’s just always a horrible guy. He has Messi by him now and they’re playing like their old selfs… if Mp catches on that it’s a team game he’ll make more goals.
Tony Huerta
Tony Huerta Hace un mes
Messi effect
Alejandro Casarubias
World Cup, that’s it after that he’s going to he’s usual form
legniak1 Hace un mes
I know most of us are waiting for the meltdown but PSG looking all business so far this season. If Neymar is pressing things are definitely changing
Tristin Drake
Tristin Drake Hace un mes
Neymar should’ve taken the first penalty
carol gruber
carol gruber Hace un mes
@Norman Williams A big difference between us is that I care. I have fallowed Neymar jr's. career since he was creating havoc (skillful havoc in Brasil). I like beautiful football and Brasil had 2 midfield players, out of the many, in Waldir Didi Pirera and Clodoaldo Tavares Santana who played Jogo Bonito, so most skilful Brasilian players do not strive to play midfield and that is what Neymar is not. Funny, when Ney played in Brasil and Barca he did not recieve those vile barbaric tackles he got in France. The thing with France, is the players over there has no talent so they revert to savage tackles to slow down tricky strikers. Remember players like Maldini,Zinetti, Schlinger & Schultz, to name a few, do not play in Ligue1. Neymar plays the "beautiful" game and Brasilian players like inside forward or wings. Ney was a left winger at santos and yes I am a fan of that way of playing the game. I do not consider it "juvenile" to be passionate about the skill play. I am not a fan of the "Germanic" (Die machinen) culture in European footdall. I guess therein lies the difference between you and I. The English used to refer to Brasil as "soccer mad Brasil" cause they just did not understand!
Norman Williams
Norman Williams Hace un mes
@carol gruber I don't want anything from him because quite frankly I don't care. The difference between you and I is Fandom.. I am a student and observer of the game you are a fan. The simple fact is Neymar Da Silva Santos is the most gifted player since Ronaldinho. His natural abilities far exceed Cristiano Ronaldo, he has a more dynamic range of abilities than Lionel Messi. He never became quite the force he could have been mainly because of a meddling, overbearing father who advised him poorly. He has also suffered from terrible coaching decisions in how he is utilized, shunting him out onto the left wing was good for Barcelona but not so much for him because he became more of a dribbler then the game controlling playmaker he should have been. Most of the injuries he suffered are from being kicked while attempting to fake out opponents from a standing start. Players like Ronaldinho and Maradona can get away with it because of their lower body strength and having legs like tree trunks, he not so much.Good coaching would have eliminated that. He should be in the middle of the pitch, dictating play, his long range passing is second to none, but you fans don't care about that all you want to see is dribbles and goals. So now in this game of verbal 🎾 that you so angrily started, I've returned serve venemously, it's your turn.
carol gruber
carol gruber Hace un mes
@Norman Williams He is one of the 3 best footballer right now,,, He is the 2nd leading goal scorer of all times FOR BRASIL,, HE is the 3rd highest paid player right now,,,,And you want more from him. I hope in your life you live up to the standards you demand of Neymar.
Norman Williams
Norman Williams Hace un mes
@carol gruber pretty much, you cater to the whims of any maturing teenager over their authority figures and it never ends well. The same is true for Neymar incidentally, when Santos fired his coach because he benched him, it was the beginning of sorrows, I think he's a good guy overall but he'll never be the force in the game he could/should have been.
carol gruber
carol gruber Hace un mes
@Norman Williams That is the reason?
theazizs Hace un mes
that goalkeeper still had the game of his life shame it was an L
Where’s Alex
Where’s Alex Hace un mes
Messi is feared by teams … he didn’t score but he made the other team focus and him and he made the assist … that team will win champions league 100% this year
Divine Ebitu
Divine Ebitu Hace un mes
Neymar thought he was untouchable until PSG were open to the idea of selling him. My man was having none of it. GG by him.
AGD Hace un mes
Love watching psg, miss seeing di Maria on the pitch w/ those front 3.
Jesvvs 11
Jesvvs 11 Hace un mes
Man only if mbappe could link with Neymar’s and Messi give and go they’d win it all this year
Chimuchunga Hace un mes
@Ofo Nipa yeah bro its a shame to call this football. Mbappe would be benched in a mourinho or pep’s team.
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace un mes
To whomever reading this: wishing you the best rest of your day/night! Remember, what we think..... We Become
Ofo Nipa
Ofo Nipa Hace un mes
@Chimuchunga Yea. Was obvious. Even when he scored he didn’t want them to touch him and that doesn’t help the team spirit. If he didn’t want to be there he shouldn’t have stayed
Chimuchunga Hace un mes
@Ofo Nipa thats what i was thinking watching him play, even when neymar scored he didn’t seem impressed or celebrated with the team. He has got much to learn honestly, and if he wants to be a selfish player he will never reach messi or ronaldo’s prime and not even get close to their records
Ofo Nipa
Ofo Nipa Hace un mes
@John Pedraza yea but maybe he would have humbled himself there. I don’t think he respect psg or the players he is playing with. He actually thinks he is better than Messi and Neymar in their prime
Jose D
Jose D Hace un mes
I love this Messi and Neymar duo. Reminds me of their Barcelona times
Nathan Pipper
Nathan Pipper Hace un mes
Dear reader we have all sinned and the punishment for sin is hell but Jesus the son of God died for our sins and took the punishment we deserve upon himself so that if we repent of our sins and except him as our savior we can be saved from going to hell and spend eternity with our God in heaven.
Oooferz_ll Hace un mes
Mbappe is the problem for PSG, Yes, he did carry them last season, yes he is a good player, but he’s not a team player and kills PSG energy, they were doing good without him, I hope this changes before champions league
4Manuel7 Hace un mes
Well said, you can compare their first game to this one and the synergy the team has is completely different when hes on the pitch. The dude is selfish so many opportunities to pass the ball for a goal just to kick the ball and waste an opportunity
Larsen William
Larsen William Hace un mes
Neymar's header was a great play but... Hakimi has to play better... bc that deflection could've gone the other way.
Father Karl
Father Karl Hace un mes
@bruno r 🤓🤓🤓
bruno r
bruno r Hace un mes
You know nothing about football lmao
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas Hace un mes
Can’t believe they’re letting Navas go!!! 🤬🤬 Donnarumma will make so many errors in UCL… mark my words. Letting Keylor go will be a huge mistake.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
Donnarumma is a good gk just has bad footwork that’s all.
rhythm451 Hace un mes
6:37 ...why did he stop the run? ... could have ended up with a goal had he continued that run🤦
Im_dark_skinned_nd ugly_shit
S. C.
S. C. Hace un mes
Mbappe is not a team player. He always plays for himself.
Ivan Avalos
Ivan Avalos Hace un mes
Mbappe seems like he doesn't want to be there 😂
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 Hace un mes
This is the strongest paris side we’ve had by far such balance 🇫🇷🙌🏽ICIEST PARIS
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 Hace un mes
Lost to FRANKFURT a bundesliga side who can’t even hit 3rd place 😂😂
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 Hace un mes
@Jad Oklany stuck on titles from 2015 and past 😂😂gets embarrassed every year.. Liverpool, Roma, psg, Bayern. Y’all are no longer elite
Jad Oklany
Jad Oklany Hace un mes
​@Junoo 7 Oh no! I'd better cry into my club's 5 champions league trophies. If only you guys could do the same... maybe you can just cry into your coupe de france trophies instead
A W Fan
A W Fan Hace un mes
@Mahury it's not that PSG can't beat those teams, it's that it wouldn't be a surprise if they lost to those teams.
A W Fan
A W Fan Hace un mes
@Mahury Beating those teams once in recent years doesn't mean anything. More often than not, in the big games, PSG has lost. Lost 2 of the last 3 to Bayern, lost to City in 3 of the last 4 games, and of course Madrid has some sort of supernatural force to win any game against anyone.
Mr.Wiiick Hace un mes
Mbappe is so like Ronaldo man! I don’t think he is a good combo for Messi and Neymar :(
Tyree k.
Tyree k. Hace un mes
@Ravon Ayeomoni you know why it’s sad? Bc literally Cr7 fans are doing and saying the exact same thing. Get over it. If you’re a true fan you can acknowledge shit. He has an attitude problem. You should know that. That’s why they’re the same. This isn’t about Messi vs CR7… stop acting like it.
Ravon Ayeomoni
Ravon Ayeomoni Hace un mes
Here we go mann😪 how tf did ronaldo come into this y’all just sad man
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias Hace un mes
@Shayan Fawad In case you didn’t know, Mbappe is the main man and centre of attention at PSG. The play revolves around him and they’ve been doing so for the past 3 yrs. not saying that’s alright but that is the reality of the situation. Just like Messi at Barca and Ronaldo at Madrid
Shayan Fawad
Shayan Fawad Hace un mes
@Engrade Mafias No one is salty about him not getting on the score sheet. Its the fact that Mbappe is seemingly obsessed to be the main man and the centre of attention instead of looking to what benefits the team. He seriously has to keep his ego in check. During the game there was a play where one of the players from midfield decided to pass to Messi on the right rather than Mbappe on the left and Mbappe stopped his run and threw a hissy fit like a child.
Juan Sirri
Juan Sirri Hace un mes
Mbape needs to start passing the ball more. He wants to do the plays by himself
HGabriel Roseman
HGabriel Roseman Hace un mes
Kylian should take PK only when Ney and Messi are not playing.
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Hace un mes
To whomever reading this: wishing you the best rest of your day/night! Remember, what we think..... We Become
Moltentiger9 Hace un mes
even then, ramos is better at pens
Yes but ...no. Kylian will take penalties as many as he wanna as he is the main now in PSG.
John Pedraza
John Pedraza Hace un mes
Best Pk taker in the world gets the ball taken off him because the owner is sad he’s being out performed. This selfishness from mbappe will get them knocked out in the champions league😂
Elias Sossou
Elias Sossou Hace un mes
This club is owned by mbappe
Master Hace un mes
Messi and Neymar are world class together. Mbappe is too selfish
George Hace un mes
@Master based on the past two seassons mbappe has been their star player mbappe is their 2nd all time leading goalscorer stop this bullshit mbappe is still their best player attitude this blah blah blah neymar causes tantrums everone sleeps messi cant just walkin and become their pk taker neymar has every right but messi nahh ramos is even worse as he has been injured for a while its really between ney and mbappe but as usaul barcelona fans try to push out mbappe because of attitude
Master Hace un mes
@Engrade Mafias Am I lying? Everybody who knows football can tell that the connection between Messi and Neymar has been the best in Europe since the start of the season. Messi dosent need to be on the score sheet to do a top performance. And that's good from Mbappe but his attitude was really poor today. Since when you take penalty in front of Neymar, Messi and Ramos? He wants to be number one and it will cost PSG season...
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias Hace un mes
Lol you messi fans are just so salty he didn't get on the scoresheet. Why are you completely ignoring the fact Mbappe literally contributed to 2 out of 5 goals
RmNaNtCbScRrN Hace un mes
Loved this game, NEYMAR. Messi and Mbappe played on a different level. The whole PSG Squad actually.
Alejandro Casarubias
Not mbappe he keeps playing for himself
OSSS Music
OSSS Music Hace un mes
Not mabppe tbh
cpw vuk
cpw vuk Hace un mes
10:30 Can someone explain me why that goal from Neymar didn't count? I don't see no offside, nor hand here.
Gil Fernando
Gil Fernando Hace un mes
I keep saying Mbappe does Not know how to take penalty kicks. Neymar should be the player to take penalty kicks for PSG, why? Because Neymar uses skills and Not force. He always puts the ball in one side and the goalkeeper on the other side! Also, Neymar is effortless when taking penalty kicks. You see him studying how to trick the goalkeeper ! Mbappe will never learn how to use skills but he will continue using Force when taking penalty kicks, and this match is the correct evidence. You saw Mbappe taking penalty kick. He was too fast, he didn't psychologically study the goalkeeper, so that the ball went to one side and the goalkeeper on the other side. Instead, the goalkeeper studied his mind and he got the ball! Neymar has been the best player to take penalty kicks because he uses intelligence before taking it! Messi, CR7 Benzema, Mpabbe etc.. all use force and Not intelligence! So, PSG really needs to indicate Neymar as their penalty kicks man!
Emoji Man
Emoji Man Hace un mes
I don’t know what you mean by smn not using “intelligence” 🙄Poor choice of words.
Except for the 2 goals it was a solid game for Paris. Just need to focus a bit more because the clean sheet was really feasible.
TyGuy Hace un mes
What is wrong with Mbappe’s attitude does he think he’s like a god or something
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias He wanted to ply because he is a professional, just cut him slack bro why do you hate him so much, he literally said Messi is the best player in the world!
LuckyGee Hace un mes
I wish Haaland was with Messi and Neymar instead, his attitude and skills mix together way better
Alejandro Casarubias
@Joseph Antony What personal issues? So don’t play, don’t get in the way and play until you feel ok. Literally this guys is just going to ruin PSG front if he keeps with this fk attitude
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
He was pissed because of personal issues not with the team.
Prince Ozy
Prince Ozy Hace un mes
@Ryu Ken he was playing with attitude
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez Hace un mes
No one is going to talk about that own goal, that guy could have just let it go, no way that was a mistake
Bayaz Hace un mes
What’s with Mbappe today? Guy looked bored/apathetic the whole game, even after scoring.
Javier G
Javier G Hace un mes
@CapitalT can’t forget benzema, that duo is very lethal when they play together in France
CapitalT Hace un mes
@Moi A True, but Messi and Ramos may retire soon. I'm not sure if Neymar will remain with PSG, and Mbappe pretty much has his whole career in front of him. Mbappe and Vinicius Jr. would make an awesome combo.
Moi A
Moi A Hace un mes
@CapitalT doubt it, he gets to play with the likes of neymar messi ramos, instead of lucas vasquez and dani ceballos 😂
CapitalT Hace un mes
regretting declining Real
Gabriel Chalesle
Gabriel Chalesle Hace un mes
There was a report that he had a personal issue but he still decided to play
Amy Bella
Amy Bella Hace un mes
3:30 I want to see hatters say again, oh he did not meant to do that flick to Neymar last match. He did the same thing again for himself. 6:45 Sometimes I do not understand players, there is Messi wide open drop back easy goal. Hakimi goes here selfishly. 10:30 Sublime pass to Neymar again.
MrRafamichoacan Hace un mes
Imagine if Mbappe ever passed
fahad Andrew Johns
fahad Andrew Johns Hace un mes
Mbappe looks mad the whole game I think he feels left out by Messi and Neymar, but again hakim acts as if Messi doesn’t exist
Enzzo Hace un mes
I’m a Messi Fan I and do think he’s the Goat but honestly is sad just watching him play like this😭
GoShwk Hace un mes
Very happy for Sanchez way to go buddy 👏👏👏👏
carol gruber
carol gruber Hace un mes
Well, Neymar was the man again. Vitinha is not in Renato's class. I tell you something, I am impressed by Ramos ( he look's like a man on a mission so far). Mendes is good but he tries to make one move too many and looses the ball a lot.
John Pedraza
John Pedraza Hace un mes
Mbappe should never be taking a penalty when he’s on a team with Neymar and messi
bobby smurda
bobby smurda Hace un mes
mbappe had so many chances to pass to messi or neymar but instead chose to be selfish and shoot from the tight angles
Tucson Maui
Tucson Maui Hace un mes
Damn! imagine Brazil having Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Vinicius Jr, Raphinha, Antony, Martinelli, Rodrygo and Richarlison as options on that front line! SCARY!! 🇧🇷🔥
Solo Dolo_MMA
Solo Dolo_MMA Hace un mes
They’re depth is crazy. And so is France! 🔥🤯
#7 Hace un mes
@Tucson Maui Ederson should not start over Allison
Tucson Maui
Tucson Maui Hace un mes
🇧🇷 My starting 11 for the WC 🇧🇷 Ederson (Manchester City) Emerson Royal (Tottenham) Militão (Real Madrid) Marquinhos (PSG) Alex Sandro (Juventus) Casemiro (Real Madrid) Fabinho (Liverpool) Neymar (PSG) Vini Jr (Real Madrid) Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) Raphinha (Barcelona) I think this selection would be a PROBLEM for any squad in the world!! Alternative 11: Alison (Liverpool) Danilo (Juventus) Magalhães (Arsenal) Thiago Silva (Chelsea) Renan Lodi (Atletico Madrid) Fred (Manchester United) Bruno Guimarães (Newcastle United) Antony (Ajax) Martinelli (Arsenal) Rodrygo (Real Madrid) Richarlison (Tottenham) The amount of world class players from the top teams in the world are just INSANE!!
R Wholemilkisgood
R Wholemilkisgood Hace un mes
@tsbm9 nah, he’s kind clumsy tbh
tsbm9 Hace un mes
you forgot Antony, he's the best Brazilian ball handler, better and quicker than Neymar.
Evil Warnings
Evil Warnings Hace un mes
Mbappe looks mad, probably because neymar is stealing the spotlight from him this season.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
Nope he was pissed from the start of the game, there’s something personal going on with him, even in training he’s acting very strangely. Which is weird coz just a month ago he was pretty happy.
Fanta Cisse
Fanta Cisse Hace un mes
I don’t think so maybe something else
Carlitos Santiago
Carlitos Santiago Hace un mes
i love neymar jr seeing him play at the level we all know he is capable and hungry sincerely makes my day better
F.A Hace un mes
i really want them to buy a defensive mid who is aggressive in mid to help messi so messi can focus on attacking mid instead
Celo B
Celo B Hace un mes
Neymar this season has been on fire
Shamul Haque
Shamul Haque Hace un mes
Something seemed off about Mbappe, looked unhappy for whatever reason
Andres Castro
Andres Castro Hace un mes
U didn’t show Mbappe’s BS attitude .
Ali Boombaye
Ali Boombaye Hace un mes
lol they didn't want the truth out, I thought France was all about freedom of speech. He had so many chances to pass but the diva in him refused
Alex Djampou
Alex Djampou Hace un mes
That diving header from Neymar was so funny 😂
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava Hace un mes
Great started for NEYMAR of season 👏 🇧🇷
Frank Franky
Frank Franky Hace un mes
5:09 Mbappe trying to play like Messi!!! I think he needs a lot of work to play like the GOAT...,
Angel Solis
Angel Solis Hace un mes
Mbappe will be the downfall of the messi neymar duo unnecessary ball hogging
Angel Solis
Angel Solis Hace un mes
@Norman Williams the highlights have been going insane with the trio drama at psg haven’t they? You’re right I am always right.
Alejandro Casarubias
@the divergent enjoy the 3 playing? Or just 2 playing ( Messi & Neymar) mbappe plays to himself and I’m really tarting to get tired of this dude
Francisco 9640
Francisco 9640 Hace un mes
@Joseph Antony How about when he got mad that he didn’t get the ball?
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
@Angel Solis Okay, but even Neymar does that at times, just cut Mbappe some slack it's his first game back from injury.
Angel Solis
Angel Solis Hace un mes
@Joseph Antony I said unnecessary ball hogging.
grape juice guap-papi
Neymar is going in this season. Need to see him on demon time this year. I hope this mbappe situation inspires the best ney in years. He knows its WC year too.
Chancing Productions
Mbappe looks unhappy. It seems as though he regrets his decision to stay at psg..
Ali Boombaye
Ali Boombaye Hace un mes
Don't feel sorry for that Diva, he's gonna be the reason they fall short this year
Sooner KJ
Sooner KJ Hace un mes
Nice complete PSG win. That Mbappe goal was beautiful!
The Caged Lion
The Caged Lion Hace un mes
@Alfredo Reyes all goals are results of luck! Hater are pain in the ass
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes Hace un mes
@God's Champion it was luck THOE because the defender bounced it back to him. He wouldn’t have scored that if the defense actually did there job and not pass it back to him lol.
God's Champion
God's Champion Hace un mes
@Eslazer no it wasn't. It was an acrobatic flick
Eslazer Hace un mes
How it was an own goal 😂😂😂
AIG Hace un mes
In. a team sport, attitude is very crucial and can help a player even improve, as well as his/her team. Mbappe needs to curb his behavior. He should not try to chance Messi and Neymar with every opportunity. He should respect his seniors no matter how good he is.
Flowbe Hace un mes
Psg doing well so far hopefully they can keep it up
Abdom Hace un mes
if one of the the trio Messi, Neymar and Mbappe plays excellent and the other 2 normal/okay…. it’s a deadly team and sharp on positions
4Manuel7 Hace un mes
mbappe needs to go, there I said it
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan Hace un mes
Neymar seems to be very motivated to play this time around
Cuhky Hace un mes
fr hes back
allthatihave14 Hace un mes
This is the ideal progression for Messi instead of being the scorer his assist and decisive balls and able to break the line is perfect at his age, psg has many attackers with speed best to use them than to overwork himself yes scoring here and there is great but if psg want to win the champions league he needs to stand back and support more and lead the team with his masterclass view of the field
Krishna Chhetri
Krishna Chhetri Hace un mes
Very good comment
Isaac Haynes
Isaac Haynes Hace un mes
that messi assist>>
KalaDalin McFarlane
9:39 Ramos is so Aggressive!!
Samson Idoko
Samson Idoko Hace un mes
Neymar's penalties are the best.
Jose Conti
Jose Conti Hace un mes
If only Mbappe would pass the ball.... Messi is always free waiting for this pass back. He is just selfish. 4:22, he scores, but it is just luck. Neymar was alone. Messi was alone too. 6:45. again, he doesn't pass back to Messi who is alone.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Hace un mes
At 6:45 that was Hakimi who shot not Kylian
Kobe Emprr
Kobe Emprr Hace un mes
Stop crying he did the right thing
Insight 123
Insight 123 Hace un mes
he needs to learn how to shoot better too when he is being selfish
Savion Crawford
Savion Crawford Hace un mes
Wow I didn't even see those.... There is no excuse for taking shots there
Dart_Sam_ Hace un mes
i knew messi play false 9 and mbappe and ney up top is a perfect lineup
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton Hace un mes
Wish they would of gotten rid of Mppape and just have the Argentine and the Brazilian. The team is still under balance.the team need to play through Messi and Neymar should be a supporting player, Mppape is to selfish, they will fall short against better opposition.
Tunde Ballack
Tunde Ballack Hace un mes
@The Flight Yes there are midfielders that are number 10s, but please could you name me the forwards and wingers that are number 10s? A number 10 does not have to start through the middle like Messi, James at Everton, Coutinho, none are wingers, because starting wide does not make you a winger, like Ronaldo, Salah, Mbappe. Your role is defined by how you play, wingers beat players and deliver the ball into the box, either regular or inverted, sure the inverted ones can even go for goal, but when you have more in the box presence that out wide, you aren't a winger. A 10's role is to receive the ball from the more defensive minded midfielders, and then be the creative hub for the team. In modern football, players incorporate multiple roles, that's what you don't seem to understand, take one of the most creative players today or even ever, Kevin De Bruyne, he plays 2 roles at city, a box - to box midfielder and a number 10, the former started because David Silva used to occupy the 10, so to say Messi is not a midfielder is to not understand the roles Messi plays. He plays as a trequartista, and an Engache, in Barca he had more of a free role where he drifted between various midfield and attacking roles. While you can describe Messi as a forward, and a midfielder, he is not a striker, his average positions puts him too deep to be a striker. The closest he got to that was playing the false 9 role, which was still similar to an Engache, letting (Henry and Eto'o) & (Villa & Pedro) drift into the spaces he pulled defenders out of, majority of Messi's goals come with him making runs from deep, doing a 1 - 2 or just generally receiving a cut back from the edge of the area and driving inside the box for a shot. Forwards make runs into the box for chances, Messi does that a lot less often, you just have to watch his movement in games, does this mean he never gets in the box? of course not, almost all attacking midfielders get in the box, and at Barca, Messi probably got into the box a bit more than the average attacking midfielder because of his Trequartista role, just not as often as a traditional forward because he also had midfield roles.
@The Flight He is just Messi's fan)
The Flight
The Flight Hace un mes
@Michael Clayton Messi is the system? Bro, I watch Argentina man. This isn't true at all. You don't win a copa America against Brazil by being a one man team. I watched that final. They're a solid team. You have a Rodrigo de Paul that's everywhere. Midfielders who are well positioned to win the ball back. Excellent play on the wings and player combination. This isn't a one man team. Of course, if the team is playing well, the best player of that team will play even better. I don’t believe in the myth of the Godlike player. You said it yourself, Messi didn't win with Argentina before bc they didn't have a defense or a good goalkeeper and this and that. Well, what do you call that? Team. It's not just just defense and goalkeeper. The whole team has improved. Guardiola's Barca where Messi scored the most goals of his career didn't run everything through Messi. You had Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets running the midfield. Of course, Messi made the difference in the final third. But for a forward to perform, they need to have real support. There's no one man team.
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton Hace un mes
@The Flight I understand what you're saying but it's only been two games, I would wait until the real competition begin before we declare they are better team this compared to last season. As far as your Argentina analogy Messi is the the system homie go watch that Argentina vs Italy game back in June and you will see how everything went through Messi LoL plus Argentina has better players now especially on defense and a better goal keeper. Remember in the past there problem was defending they always had great attacking players but couldn't defend.
Alejandro Casarubias
@stick longevity ? You think PSG is really going in the good path because this selfish turtle stayed??? He’s almost like the second manager with his exorbitant contract and all this benefits remember dude a team is not made with one guy this can explain why Paris will never win a champions league if they keep thinking that selfish stars can make your team win
alsjad Hace un mes
Just going to say it right now, Neymar is the best player in the world
Lanre Famakinwa
Lanre Famakinwa Hace un mes
De bruyne?
alsjad Hace un mes
@Trxpifyz He hasn't played yet
Trxpifyz Hace un mes
stick Hace un mes
 nemuel Paiva
nemuel Paiva Hace un mes
Yes Sir
Bleakly Divine
Bleakly Divine Hace un mes
This could’ve been 10-0
PSG will suffer with Donaruma, small mistakes make you lose games
Addi Teacha
Addi Teacha Hace un mes
Flashback to Buffon
AD Hace un mes
score line looks nice but it was pens and deflections mostly. they are connecting better though.
Raymond Tran
Raymond Tran Hace un mes
Mbappe, come on, pass the ball man!
Adesh Brar
Adesh Brar Hace un mes
Messi x Neymar = Magic
Elderly Nahum
Elderly Nahum Hace un mes
Did neymar not score 3? Did I miss something?
Mario Hace un mes
Donnarumma had two shots on goal and both were converted to goals. The first one he left a live ball in the small box. The second one, he gave up his goal side. I am sorry but you do that in big games and you're done. I feel sorry for Navas. He deserves better.
Keefer Marr
Keefer Marr Hace un mes
Montpellier goalie played well
Zenon Hace un mes
Kimpembe and Mendes were sleeping in defense
bruno r
bruno r Hace un mes
@Zenon you don’t know footbal bud
Zenon Hace un mes
@bruno r His positionneing was too high on the 2nd goal. Overall he had a good game. BUT defensively it wasn't it
bruno r
bruno r Hace un mes
Kimpembe played great today you clearly dint watch the game
OSSS Music
OSSS Music Hace un mes
Mendes was too focus on going forward
V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E- Hace un mes
Say what u want about ney but i can see the passion coming back ↗
Nathan Pipper
Nathan Pipper Hace un mes
Dear reader we have all sinned and the punishment for sin is hell but Jesus the son of God died for our sins and took the punishment we deserve upon himself so that if we repent of our sins and except him as our savior we can be saved from going to hell and spend eternity with our God in heaven.
Mike Hace un mes
Why is Mbappe taking pens 🤦‍♂️
Yuki Alexander
Yuki Alexander Hace un mes
Let’s hope this play translates to bigger games as well… and pls don’t let Mbappe take pens anymore
Dami I
Dami I Hace un mes
i really hope mbappe doesn't play selfishly all season
 nemuel Paiva
nemuel Paiva Hace un mes
He likes when people depend on him
Dami I
Dami I Hace un mes
@Alejandro Casarubias yea idk what’s wrong with him. He could’ve left if he wanted to
Alejandro Casarubias
He is going like he was last season idk why he’s trying to accomplish Lose again in champions league? He cannot step aside and let Messi or Neymar take the penalty
Iamjacobrushlow Hace un mes
Neymar wants it this year
Alejandro Casarubias
This 2-3 months after World Cup that’s tus for him
SammyInnit J.
SammyInnit J. Hace un mes
The clip you came for mbappe 6:37
Kaldore Greymane
Kaldore Greymane Hace un mes
8:25 that night night 👌👌
ANDRS Hace un mes
Its clear that messi already knows mbappe wont pass so he just waits them out🤣🤷‍♂️
ANDRS Hace un mes
@Pseudo Ra Im so rooting for Argentina on the world cup!💪
ANDRS Hace un mes
@Pseudo Ra yep. People dont wanna see it but Mbappe is not as great as everyone thinks. His mentality will be the death of him. CR7 has been arrogant but not so blatant and he always cared and was mentor for his young teammates at Real, Mbappe only cares about shooting to goal
Pseudo Ra
Pseudo Ra Hace un mes
I know dude. Leo doesn’t care. He played way differently when Mbappe wasn’t there. Leo cares about Argentina only and I’m glad because that means he’s going to turn UP for the WC. Mbappe has this arrogant demeanor about him and it’s simply disgusting. CR7 become more selfish in his later years, but in his younger days (18-30) he was a team player. Mbappe won the World Cup and thinks he’s the best player ever.
Antonio Medina
Antonio Medina Hace un mes
Mbappe needs to pass the ball ._.
Bayern the best
Bayern the best Hace un mes
MBappe is the best manger and owner psg have ever had it his might win a ucl with him and their main striker mbapay
Menelith Hace un mes
Neymar is coming back. He’s reviving all of the numb skills that he has.
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