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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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18 mar 2019






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Herman Wilhelm
Herman Wilhelm Hace un hora
She is a lovely woman. Bet Mr. Starr got his kicks, in his imagination!
Matthew Harris-Levesque
Alvin Simon Theodore. He could definitely pull that one off. Just put youtube settings to 1.5X for the proof positive.
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox Hace 7 horas
SooooOOOOoo Dick-structive - Monica Lewinsky. . Oh and the power of sucking a powerful mans dick. Makes Monica Lewinsky, still relative in 2019
llarry2769 Hace 7 horas
A lesson for anyone going through that unfair moment in life. A Lewinsky Lesson in an Oliver Overture. Love it !
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen Hace 9 horas
"...If the sound thud grew a face." Priceless.
Bobbie Housand
Bobbie Housand Hace 10 horas
She also had an affair with her former married high school teacher and bragged about it so her credibility was questioned. Check the net.
Flying Chef
Flying Chef Hace 13 horas
I just adore her (Monica)! That's a Wonder Woman. Bill should have had to endure commensurately the same results - it took two, and one was in a much bigger power position (intimidating - it's the dang pressie). I don't think his fees for his appearances are commensurate with Ms. Wonder Woman Lewinsky's! THAT is a shame, a public shame!
Forbidden Crystal Internet
omfg, that interview was worse than watching Piers Morgan. Way to softball her, although what can you expect she's the anti-bullying mascot. But she then goes on to endorse some vague mob-rule system of determining and shaming individuals we 'mostly' agree are objectionable. "Oh yeah public shaming is awful and it needs to stop but we DO need some sort of mechanism to...y'know...broadcast a widely held opinion about a particular person, by scrutinizing their lives and judging their past decisions. uuuuhhhh well, not just anyone I mean just politically affiliated people...UUHHHH, I mean elected officials, specifically, of course. Just NOT ME!. Other people."
diaz9rox Hace 16 horas
monica lewinsky for president???
Adama Koroma
Adama Koroma Hace 17 horas
Live it to fox to fuck things up for everyone 😏. They need experienced reporters not these ass kissing clowns.
Brett Carter
Brett Carter Hace 18 horas
Wow Monica Lewinsky has really surprised me recently. I admit I've made some jokes at her expense but anyone who could survive and endure the bullshit she did is surely a stronger person than me.
demonte Thompson
demonte Thompson Hace 20 horas
Ok so the president of the united states at that time was married, she also could have stayed out the spot light and she is not fighting for peace she is fight to be able to do a awful thing and not be judge for it or be responsible for her part. not once has she came out an apollogize for sexaul activities with a man she knew was married. I do agree that the internet doesnt let anything go but she still should know it was partially self inflicted and there is always a consequence . I have yet to see this type of segment done for people who are put in jail, lynched , and/or died by the hands of the government . she got off easy for helping to disrupt our executive branch of government.
TeamJella Hace 20 horas
In addition to what you said, she claims it was a secist attack (around 21:10). She slept with a married man, both parties were guilty, she's just a dumb slut that did something stupid and refused to own up to it.
Team VLCN Hace 21 un hora
I love John Oliver's interviews. He never looks for someone just because they're famous or controversial, but he talks to people who matter in regards to the rest of his pieces.
Team VLCN Hace 21 un hora
What does she mean by "allowed to talk to my friends."?
TheDubstepAddict Hace 21 un hora
I wonder how many of the people sitting in the audience or in front of their screens rn used to slutshame and laugh at her back in the day... i wasnt alive back then, but many of you must have been.
Midnite Matinee
Midnite Matinee Hace 22 horas
Honestly props to Family Guy and South Park back in the day for putting the spotlight on Bill Clinton instead of Monica Lewinsky. I don't know if they did it on purpose or not but those shows' audiences were like 12-16 year olds and exposing them to the other side of the scandal really must have left an impression on a lot of kids. I know I was one of them. I seriously grew up not even knowing what Monica looked like and didn't even learn her name until I heard the famous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" quote from Clinton.
RubeeRoja Hace un día
I just have to say, this was an amazing episode, John and crew. Thank you so much. Such a great balance of getting the punchlines in and letting the issues be heard and your guest speak her mind so poignantly. Thank you.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco Hace un día
Is anyone else not able to watch any of the new videos?
Streuner von der blutigen Freiheit
What a charming person this woman is. Intelligent, funny and absolutely charming. Thanks for giving her credit, and her fight against bullying, too.
pvic Hace un día
hey im 22
Liglerian Hace un día
Yup, let’s just pull up all things we find horrible from 15 in he past. So 30 years from now, we’ll have people getting mad at the fact that we used emotes, instead of whatever they will use in the future....oh god, her initials backwards hahahhahhahahaha
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke Hace un día
Mahmoud Diab
Mahmoud Diab Hace un día
Thank you Oliver. Monica is such a sweetheart.
Knock Out
Knock Out Hace un día
Monica Lewinsky is amazing and hilarious. I have so much respect for her.
Samuel Robertson
Samuel Robertson Hace 2 días
Great interview. I'm glad the experience didn't destroy her. Hillary didn't have to leave Bill but she definitely should have helped and supported her. The fact she didn't speaks volumes about her character.
BlackEpyon Hace 2 días
Whether it's Monica Lewinski, or Stormy Daniels, I say, "who cares!?" We should not know, or care, what a man does in his private life, if he isn't hurting anybody.
The people who destroyed Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, are the same people who are ignoring all of the Trump scandals.
tomitstube Hace 2 días
the same shit for brains conservatives who were "morally outraged" by the clinton/lewinski affair defend donald trump. and most of them are evangelicals. which just goes to show you that religion and right wingers are complete hypocrites, and that religion has NOTHING to do with morality.
tomitstube Hace 2 días
jay leno deserved that, a right winger who literally made a living telling clinton/lewinski sex jokes. it was almost every night. and george w. bush getting selected by the supreme court didn't stop him, you thought well he'll stop with the clinton/lewinski jokes. nope, kept doing them until he retired. what a fucking hack.
Azrael2812 Hace 3 días
I had heard about Lewinski and some of the jokes like "oral office" but tbh, as a non-american, I couldn't even pretend to care. I felt like if anyone should have been held to a higher standard, it should be Clinton but it's not the type of story that I would be interested in anyways. However now, watching this interview, I'm starting to like and sympathise with her. She seems bright and friendly. I'm glad she managed to turn her experience into character strength instead of letting it destroy her.
Jake Hace 3 días
It's not really fair to call it slut shaming. Being slutty and being a homewrecker are two different things.
E S Hace 3 días
Public shaming like how everyone does to the president every single day
Nicholas Farrell
Nicholas Farrell Hace 2 días
@E S because I have no reason to justify my actions to you or anyone else.
E S Hace 2 días
Nicholas Farrell why did you put president in quotations? He is the president. Whether you like it or not.
Nicholas Farrell
Nicholas Farrell Hace 2 días
E S like how the "president" does to everyone every single day. Fixed it for ya, no need to thank me.
Edwin Davies
Edwin Davies Hace 3 días
The problem is that it isn't public shaming. It is public destruction. We aren't teaching people lessons in hopes they get better. We are deleting them from our brains. Sadly, one very important word no longer has any meaning: "redemption".
Jeremy Craft
Jeremy Craft Hace 3 días
She was beautiful then.. and now.
Paulo Craice
Paulo Craice Hace 3 días
I dont really care about school. The USA motto since the 2000...
Birol eroglu
Birol eroglu Hace 3 días
she was a spy of mossad . no one collects samples of there blow jobs. but she did. only for dna verification. so dont vaste your your pitty to her
Mehrdad Parthian
Mehrdad Parthian Hace 3 días
monica lewinsky has a very likeable personality to be honest... i've never saw her before and only knew her by the infamous coverage of the bill clinton scandal... but she clearly is a mature and powerful woman now , no matter what mistakes she made before... the most important of which was making out with the worst douche bag ever in the history of US !
Dan Bouchard
Dan Bouchard Hace 3 días
She should have just swallowed and Clinton should have bought her a new dress.Nothing compared to the Kennedy's and Marylin Monroe.All girls monica lewinsky, treat them right or you will be bobbit!!
winona hollingsworth
She so stunning , not to focus on her vanity
mildheadwound Hace 3 días
She blew a married man, took down the president of the United States, and saved his spooge for blackmail purposes. She is no hero.
Remy N.
Remy N. Hace 4 días
How did the media even catch wind of the aunt who was suing her nephew? I would have sued them back for lost wages. If her insurance didn't cover her injuries and the parents were fine with her using the home owners insurance to cover the rest so why the hell was this a problem to begin with, that is what home owners insurance is there for. This is when I lose respect for the media, learn the story before putting someone, especially a private citizen on blast. SMH. As for Monica I did feel that she got the worst of it and Bill got off very lightly, but even someone with half a brain would know how dangerous a position she got herself into, I mean the POTUS. If anything her story is now the ultimate cautionary tale to people who can find themselves in similar situations and for them to ask themselves, is this really worth it? Decisions have consequences, are you prepared for the fallout if the worst should happen???? Monica was railroaded, but I am truly surprised she survived this. She is forever stuck with this image but she is making it work, I have to hand it to her, she is strong.
Dillon Keller
Dillon Keller Hace 4 días
"they care more about filling time than saying things that are true" pretty much every 24/7 news channel
Bryant Standifer
Bryant Standifer Hace 4 días
Is it me, or is Monica Lewinski a pretty lady?
Sandra Hanneman
Sandra Hanneman Hace 4 días
Go Monica! You’re beautiful and an inspiration! Thank you.
Little Helper
Little Helper Hace 4 días
Olover with the romanian spy Lewinski as ä proof the shaming should stop. At least we know what side he took.
Luis B
Luis B Hace 5 días
Grammar Jew
Grammar Jew Hace 5 días
Tucker looks like a face was badly CGI'd onto a thumb with some dog hair stuck under the nail.
Haley Gilmour
Haley Gilmour Hace 5 días
The 22 year olds that don't openly acknowledge that they're some degree of idiot, probably don't watch your show
Marq Hill
Marq Hill Hace 5 días
What the fuck is going on. Literally every fucking news video I watch is fucking redirecting me to fucking John Oliver. Jesus fucking Christ ESvid get your shit together.
Michael Orwig
Michael Orwig Hace 5 días
Never thought she was this amazing, smart, beautiful person. I love you, Monica. Sorry for the jokes....I WAS 10.
Riley Moore
Riley Moore Hace 5 días
balance the hors d'oeuvres plate on the wine glass John, duh
Chrome Hace 5 días
I forgot about this. Gents are yall fuckin retarded? She sucked some dick and the response was to shame her? I woulda been out there defending hard if I wasn't like 10-ish back then. Last I checked, head is awesome and she deserves an award for most high powered bj of the last millenium.
Jeremy Colli
Jeremy Colli Hace 5 días
Monica Lewinsky is a really lovely woman. That interview was so nice.
Alexzandro Rivera
Alexzandro Rivera Hace 5 días
Also, about Monica Lewinsky, public shaming was not even on the radar after 1 week. She was publicly executed with more than just public shaming. Capitalism had a big row, and maybe Hilary.
Alexzandro Rivera
Alexzandro Rivera Hace 5 días
Completely disagree with the notation that good can spawn out of public shaming. Public shaming is based off opinions that we choose to be facts, where facts have substance from scientists and the public involvement. Public shaming is just bullying because you cannot get your way, and anything that involves bullying is wrong no matter how right you are in that issue. Darkness in Ignorance is lit by education and should not be delivered with shaming others. It is done by helping others to accept a fact through tolerance. When someone changes their view through there prerogative and willingness, it's meaningful and long lasting. Public shaming is childish and the results are temporary.
E Boogie
E Boogie Hace 5 días
I never understood why they used to get on her about her looks. I would of smashed that in a heartbeat.
Mike Gurney
Mike Gurney Hace 5 días
I have always thought that the Monica Lewinsky was really not a thing and was overtly covered, Ken Starr and his henchmen/women was a shit storm of assholes. I felt she was used and abused, there should be more civilized conduct. She was 22 years of age, said enough. I was 22 and I know said enough.
cheapershot Hace 5 días
Yeah, you don't have to lie to me John. I'm dumb as shit. But it'll definitely get better all at once when i turn 23. Probably
K Laffoon
K Laffoon Hace 5 días
Monica is gorgeous!
Nerd Alert
Nerd Alert Hace 6 días
Says the guy who makes a living publicly shaming people.
Niall Hace 6 días
Monica Lewinsky: A whore fond of married men semen. Undying everlasting SHHHHAAMMEE on her and her family
Niall Hace 6 días
"Nobody has ever asked Bill Clinton to change his name " what a dumb thing to say.
Jerry K
Jerry K Hace 6 días
"I'm in the party of family values.. I'm gonna have to pay for your abortion, and for your silence., I can't put my wife, kids, party through this, just because you are hotter than my wife"
Kenngon podcast
Kenngon podcast Hace 6 días
Like your other hbo late night comedian Bill Mar
142vids Hace 6 días
Jay Leno suspiciously looks a lot like Monica Lewinsky. What's your secret bro? What you hiding? Is that why he's joking so much about her? Cover up the truth with bad jokes?
Cheryl Fontaine
Cheryl Fontaine Hace 6 días
Massive worldwide hypocrisy was my impression at the time, and it still is....
Jackie Roberts
Jackie Roberts Hace 6 días
MicrosoftCPU3 Hace 6 días
John Oliver has an IQ of 10 compared to a Tucker No joking, but hey funny funny jokes haha “comedy show” fuck you
Giornoandjosuke Jojofan.
It felt so good to watch John Oliver bash on Jay Leno. He's such an intolerable jackass.
KK Foto
KK Foto Hace 6 días
12:55 Nailed it
Jimmi Andersen
Jimmi Andersen Hace 6 días
Don't suck a married man's dick :-)
Joan Smith
Joan Smith Hace 6 días
Makes you wonder: is it weird that I've known of the scandal but haven't heard the name Monica Lewinsky before? Or is that kind of a good thing?
puckerings Hace 6 días
A Fox News host talking about the "great American outrage machine" is just too precious. Fox News IS the great American outrage machine.
Arno Noack
Arno Noack Hace 6 días
Way to let bill clinton completely off the hook for being a habitual sexual predator.
fuzzeek78 Hace 7 días
Public shaming: The go to pastime of the liberal left
franklin pickle
franklin pickle Hace 7 días
She kept the dress what a dirty b***h!
franklin pickle
franklin pickle Hace 7 días
That doc sucker should still be made fun of. She blew a married man and no his wife personally. Women like that should be publicly shamed for the remainder of their life
Lauren O
Lauren O Hace 6 días
Hans-Georg Eßer
Hans-Georg Eßer Hace 7 días
Great interview, thank you!
Adrieanna Pringle
Adrieanna Pringle Hace 7 días
I do not feel bad for Monica in the slightest. If you do not want to be publicly shamed, maybe don't f-ck a married president...If they weren't outed, she would probably still be Clinton's mistress and minus the remorse so spare me... I'm just saying.
Justin Suerken
Justin Suerken Hace 7 días
Here's the thing i think your video misses. If public shaming is used for good, who dictates whats good and bad? The reason Monica Lewinsky had it so bad, is because it was bipartisan and global. In retrospect, yes it was horrible, but if you would've taken a poll when it happened, I'm sure most of the public would've deemed it and "acceptable" use of public shaming.
Plerp Plerp
Plerp Plerp Hace 7 días
Rumours are created by haters, spread by idiots and believed by fools.
DoubleIrish DutchSandwich
People used to joke around that Bill Clinton cheated with an intern when JFK cheated with Marilyn Monroe, but I think she is very pretty.
Kris Anticknap
Kris Anticknap Hace 7 días
Lewinsky did wrong, but Clinton did colossally wrong. However, I am neither's moral superior, nor is anyone else. If a crime is committed, a court of law should determine the punishment. Regular citizens? GUIDE, please. Let's not pretend that taking part in a pile-on isn't a self-indulgence: Going after easy targets and letting fly is a thrill for the nastiest people. People should not be shaming others. The task of executioner ought to be a very uncomfortable one, not pleasurable. We're all human and prone to failing. We can only hope that our moment of poor judgment doesn't become public knowledge.
Kris Anticknap
Kris Anticknap Hace 7 días
To clarify, Clinton should have faced actual punishment for that scandal, but no one seemed to want it badly enough because he was the "face" at that time. The scapegoat needed to be Lewinsky, because the scandal couldn't be denied and Clinton was not going to go down for it. This speaks to the danger of a powerful person being corrupt, regardless of whether or not he's your boy.
Dastardly Nixon
Dastardly Nixon Hace 7 días
I guarantee you had to mute the audience's laughter when you played the Leno clips. There's no way you would've risked it
Dik Nasty
Dik Nasty Hace 7 días
Remember that Simpsons bit where Homer is yelling "Be more funny!" at the t.v? Reminds me of Jay Leno.
Sarah Fong
Sarah Fong Hace 7 días
I think we should always humiliate and ruin at least one woman for every awful thing a man close to her does. Men are the best.
NikkiSprayberry Hace 7 días
Great interview!
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Hace 7 días
Bill has a lot to answer for
Oleg Hace 7 días
Typical drivel from the master of progressive gaslighting. Somehow Leno is the villain of this, not Bill who caused it by abusing his power and lying, or Hillary who supported his behavior and demonized all his female victims. It’s Oliver who spends hours bullying people.
Rebecca Brockway
Rebecca Brockway Hace 7 días
Her cup of integrity overflows. She is intelligent, gorgeous, candid, charming, funny, and wise. Bill Clinton didn't have her. Monica Lewinsky had him.
Walaa AL shamari
Walaa AL shamari Hace 7 días
Hello John We are Arabs and we love to watch your program. We understand your words but not all of them. We hope that your program on ESvid will be translated into Arabic.
Zzz Man
Zzz Man Hace 7 días
O J = John Oliver visits here every weekend
John Lucier
John Lucier Hace 7 días
is she single?
James Hoover
James Hoover Hace 7 días
Monica made a decision to do the thing she did nobody forced her to do it. Yet she complains of the reaction of the public. Every action has consequences. You can't blame the public reaction to what you did. Sorry no sympathy from me. if you can't do the time don't do the crime!
Fuck Google
Fuck Google Hace 7 días
I wish society would dog pile me ,in a public shaming. I need an excuse to play with someones blood.
Naturally Beautiful
Naturally Beautiful Hace 7 días
Bro we all did that shit just not with the president... all she did was give blow job lol
TheRealMrPink Hace 7 días
Ya public shaming can be fine when warranted but Tucker Carlson being shamed over that old sound bite was complete bullshit from the dipshit who dug it up This far left shaming bullshit is getting absurdly tired and not justified in any way for most of it. This ADpacolypse thing with the mega dipshit at VOX Carlos Maza is is even more proof how facist and Nazi like the far left has become.
jennifervan75 Hace 7 días
I never got why she was the one being slut shamed. Shouldn't it have been Clinton because he was the president and should've given a better example.
00Geeky00 00Goggles00
I'm 17. I'm definitely very stupid and impulsive and I will be for the next several years. I didn't even know what her name was before today and even then, who gives a fuck about her business? She's got her own life, let her get on with it. :-p
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