Pucca Episode 2

Ștefan Prohnițchi
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14 jul 2009






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William Jones
William Jones Hace 6 días
2:18 kissy face
Kaitlyn Hace 11 días
Garu is my type of man
Overtime Worker
Overtime Worker Hace 16 días
I remember watching this show as a kid. I enjoyed it, but I never knew what Channel they aired it in. I still don’t know.
Postman Pat Fan Jacob
Postman Pat Fan Jacob Hace 17 días
Garu Poster 1:08
Nehita Ehiametalor
Nehita Ehiametalor Hace 17 días
Who else is on a nostalgia kick
John Doe
John Doe Hace 23 días
Of course abyo would be bruce lee and i love that the blue and pink guys wore devo hats
Dead Shine
Dead Shine Hace un mes
Garu and Pucca look very alike
Carmina Espeleta
Carmina Espeleta Hace un mes
She is my favorite Chinese girl ♥️💕😍
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
Carmina Espeleta it’s not an anime though.
rg resres
rg resres Hace un mes
They say its korean
Jade Ann Villegas
Jade Ann Villegas Hace un mes
Garu's scream, tho🤣🤣🤣
Tulla :3 agama
Tulla :3 agama Hace un mes
When she made that outfit she might put holes on the costume and she opened her eyes
raisa choi
raisa choi Hace 2 meses
When i was younger i remember that i used to want to look like pucca, with these hairstyle
Meiii Unnie
Meiii Unnie Hace 2 meses
I miss watching this🥺
Kennys girlfriend basin Rosa
Kennys girlfriend basin Rosa
Thanks for lyrics occi
little miss bow
little miss bow Hace 2 meses
does anyone remember the show with the sisters that were a band. one had pink hair and the other had purple hair
John Doe
John Doe Hace 22 días
little miss bow your welcome
little miss bow
little miss bow Hace 22 días
@John Doe thanks
John Doe
John Doe Hace 23 días
little miss bow hihi puffy amiyumi and they werent sisters
The unsmart Gamer
The unsmart Gamer Hace 2 meses
Younger me to pucca:You are the enemy of the people Me now to pucca : you are still the enemy of the people
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
The unsmart Gamer true including ring ring (the blue hair girl)
momstv Hace 2 meses
pucca taught me a valuable lesson: NEVER CHASE A BITCH
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
momstv wtf? and also is that moe-tato from cuphead!?
Hope Papernacky
Hope Papernacky Hace 2 meses
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
Hope Papernacky Garu is Flowey confirmed
MysteryMechanix Hace 2 meses
Gotta stay W O K E
comiOnion 2nd
comiOnion 2nd Hace 2 meses
Everyone has a crush on garu Me has a crush on pucca (some lesbian shish)
İrada Bozkurt
İrada Bozkurt Hace 2 meses
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
İrada Bozkurt it is confirmed that garu is Flowey from undertale
razzle.n.fazzle .animations
I didn’t realize how frikin hilarious this was until now
Grace Nemet
Grace Nemet Hace 3 meses
pucca's costume is garu?!
Grace Nemet
Grace Nemet Hace 3 meses
* laughs * ahhh, those ninjas are dumb!
Amabel Barlow
Amabel Barlow Hace 3 meses
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Hace 28 días
Amabel Barlow TRIGGERED
Netflix Man
Netflix Man Hace 3 meses
Santa’s Claws
Grant Prysock
Grant Prysock Hace 3 meses
Kimi Rhikes
Kimi Rhikes Hace 4 meses
when Tobe kidnapped Pucca (In Garu's costume) Garu was shocked
uwu robin
uwu robin Hace 4 meses
I’m pretty sure Garu likes Pucca back. He’s just shy. And annoyed of the clinginess. They’d be such a great couple!!
Donut Legacy
Donut Legacy Hace 4 meses
I feel so bad for Garu It's like kiss rape 😅
orchestra99 Hace 4 meses
Still remember the day Jetix became DisneyXD, aka the death of my childhood
Crystal Hace 27 días
I remember when Fox Kids became Jetix. I feel old.
Barbarian Beanie
Barbarian Beanie Hace 4 meses
My childhood bro 😭😭❤️
Gloria Villatoro
Gloria Villatoro Hace 4 meses
I have always loved Pucca 💖
Maariyah Shamsi
Maariyah Shamsi Hace 4 meses
She took the whole wearing your boyfriend's clothes to a whole new level
Rj Peoples
Rj Peoples Hace 4 meses
7:09 That is the cutest moment I ever seen
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace 5 meses
Pucca no means no!
CreatureCanyon Hace 5 meses
Puca is depression and I’m Garu
God_of_Kelp Hace 5 meses
back then i felt bad for my nigga garu, but know that im older i feel even worse for him...
Matthias Walter
Matthias Walter Hace 6 meses
Pucca has the strength of the Hulk, why?!
John Doe
John Doe Hace 23 días
Matthias Walter its a theory that she gets stronger everytime she steals a kiss from geru
Chris Will
Chris Will Hace 6 meses
Immacoleen Francisco
Omy god. I feel young again!
Νίκος Παναγάκος
Pucca disguise as Garu 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😆😆😆😆
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