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This video was sponsored by National Pork Board. Visit pork.org/cooking to learn more.
With summer (hopefully?) right around the corner, backyards across the nation and the world are poised to get lost in a haze of blue smoke. Pulled pork can be a daunting task for a newcomer to the world of slow-and-low barbecue, but with some help from The National Pork Board, we'll make a pitmaster of you yet.
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16 may 2019






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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 9 meses
Grab your butts and get to smoking! Big thanks to North Carolina for doing their thing
NACHO MAN Hace un mes
next do pushed pork
Dan Jonsson
Dan Jonsson Hace 3 meses
A very easy way of shredding pulled pork is to simply put it in a kitchen aid with the paddle on low for a short time. It will get perfectly shredded in just the right size. Dont over do it though. :)
Mellow Marmot
Mellow Marmot Hace 3 meses
Hell yeah! Shout-out to all the boys and gals from the 910, NC represent!
Dayman69696969696 Hace 5 meses
South Carolina you fuckboy
Brody Raxter
Brody Raxter Hace 6 meses
West nc gang
Chris Hace 4 horas
I can tell you're up north by you lack of Mesquite and Oak. A small amount of mesquite goes a long way; too much makes the fire extremely hot.
Japhy Glyder
Japhy Glyder Hace 17 horas
yumekai1 Hace 20 horas
as a non native english speaker I feel so happy when I see native english speakers who can't pronounce worcestershire either I mean WHO INVENTED THIS WORD (the british, I know)
Denares Hace un día
2:03 say that again. I dare you. I double dare you.
Chris H
Chris H Hace un día
Thank you for not fucking this up.
Aw Snaps!
Aw Snaps! Hace un día
b u t t
Z-Two Hace 2 días
Tapatío Hot Sauce 👌
britney901 Hace 5 días
That looks so good. I can't wait for summer
MegaJorn123 Hace 5 días
i looked up this recipe to make it, but then i saw it takes 26 hours to cook :(
Johnny mc Lovn
Johnny mc Lovn Hace 6 días
I miss the old music!!
Kirito Kan
Kirito Kan Hace 10 días
disgusting , cant believe u eat an animal that eats it own shit , big yikes
Weird Guy
Weird Guy Hace 11 días
“Carolinian classic” *distant Virginian screaming*
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 12 días
Bruh all this is bland Ps: I’m Indian
ham hamham
ham hamham Hace 13 días
what is this way of cooking , waht is going with this world... fuking hell! waste of time and effort love u but stop it plz.
Shara Adams
Shara Adams Hace 14 días
Once I saw the vacuum seal ✌🏽
Will Lennane
Will Lennane Hace 15 días
You say tiny whisk at the start but I think that's a baby wangjangler?
Sam Woodley
Sam Woodley Hace 15 días
New rapper name: Flank Tha Butt
Blake Stevenson
Blake Stevenson Hace 16 días
Silly Babish thinking any homemade BBQ sauce can top Sweet Baby Ray's
Caryl Shane Cabahug
Caryl Shane Cabahug Hace 16 días
doesn't look basic
Misanthropia Obito
Misanthropia Obito Hace 17 días
Dont eat pork
Derry Beausang
Derry Beausang Hace 17 días
1:15 That NY accent came out hahahahaha *soooaacee*
keith ramsey
keith ramsey Hace 17 días
Use a Crock-Pot for those who don't have sous vide- Eastern Carolina kid
clark2cj Hace 19 días
Mama Luigi the lol Man
4:23 Thank me later. I SAID THANK ME LATER!!! WAAA!!!
Jacob Huggins
Jacob Huggins Hace 22 días
Can you sous vide it and smoke it for a shorter time?
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Hace 23 días
I used a Dutch oven, worked great
Michael A.
Michael A. Hace 25 días
Random User
Random User Hace un mes
Sugar spice and everything nice.
John Forrest
John Forrest Hace un mes
North Carolinian here, no matter what anyone tells you eastern NC bbq is 1000x times better than western (Lexington) NC bbq. All the best bbq joints in NC are in eastern NC, not western.
Savannah Grace
Savannah Grace Hace un mes
Hey in western North Carolina we have a lot of mayo-based slaws. Same as the sour slaws, just add mayo and some sugar. It’s my favorite along with bbq slaw/red slaw
Sean Wellman
Sean Wellman Hace un mes
Yo, babish! I’d really love to see what you can do with plant based meats like impossible and beyond! It could make a really cool basics!!
Jan Golec
Jan Golec Hace un mes
My question is, why only in American cooking there is so much sugar in absolutely every product or dish?
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Hace un mes
I'm hungry...
TheGoldenHorncall Hace un mes
So is it 60-90 minutes or 18-24 hours?
Nichole Fernandes
Nichole Fernandes Hace un mes
TheGoldenHorncall 60-90 minutes in the oven for the bark.18-24 hours total, with the sous vide. 😊
Alec Scronz
Alec Scronz Hace un mes
Пойду дошик приготовлю... Tnx man. Great job and pleasant video
Boaz Sardjoe
Boaz Sardjoe Hace un mes
I substituted the friend with a smoker for family member with a smoker and even though the pork tasted wonderfully the family member flavour was way too strong and the questions about when I'm finally going to settle down myself really ruined the pork, wouldn't recommend it.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 12 días
Jessica Freeman r/woooosh
Jessica Freeman
Jessica Freeman Hace un mes
this is weirdly specific are you okay
T. O.
T. O. Hace un mes
Real pulled pork needs NO BBQ SAUCE. That usually means your pork has no flavor and you've zero clue how to properly smoke Q.
honey suckel
honey suckel Hace un mes
It's only 3 syllables wh (the w in what) stir (say stir fast) sure. All at once
Cass Cooking
Cass Cooking Hace un mes
Skip to 4:40. You're welcome.
NACHO MAN Hace un mes
pulled pork implise the existence of push pork
Dead Man
Dead Man Hace un mes
Using a rub on a Pork Shoulder to flavour it is pointless. Better off just salting it, searing it and then wrap it in foil and put it in the oven. Make a sauce to dredge and toss it in after you shred it, that will add good moisture back into the pork, it also gives you a chance to properly season all the pork with salt.. this will bring out the natural flavour. I've covered Pork Shoulder with dry rub before and it did next to fuck all..
DarthSailorMoon Hace un mes
WTF is this? This is not even close to Carolina style...
Darkar 530
Darkar 530 Hace un mes
Basic my balls!
Michael Suigussaar
Michael Suigussaar Hace 2 meses
This is the way.
Brett Ellison
Brett Ellison Hace 2 meses
I have one question... Tapatio is your FAVORITE hot sauce? Sure it's good, but FAVORITE? nooo wayyy
Mydas Knight
Mydas Knight Hace 2 meses
The dark brown crust on the butt.... 🤔hmmm
sled necks
sled necks Hace 2 meses
Don’t you have to let the meat rest for an hour or 2 before shredding?
RadicalErin Hace 2 meses
I strongly prefer pulled from a pressure cooker, and with some plant friends while its in there.
Adam Oliphant
Adam Oliphant Hace 2 meses
Does that make sausage "pushed pork"?
EdEddnEddyonline1 Hace 2 meses
Should of got some pulled pork when I was in Myrtle Beach over Thansgiving but maybe next time
Devin Williams
Devin Williams Hace 2 meses
Keep your fucking mayo away from my coleslaw
Dylan G
Dylan G Hace 2 meses
Babish! You forgot us down here in South Carolina with the best bbq sauce, mustard based sauce! (Didn't keep my mouth from watering this whole video though loll)
Eli German
Eli German Hace 2 meses
If you dont have a sous vide machine, use a crock pot and about a quarter cup of water and cook for about 8 hours and check every half hour or so to make sure theres still water
Eric Ellis
Eric Ellis Hace 2 meses
The company I used to work for created the grater blades for the grater type you used while grating the onion...I love seeing them in use!!
Mediocre Boi
Mediocre Boi Hace 2 meses
Secret about NC BBQ, the pork on the east is better but the sauce on the west is better.
Sammael Hace 2 meses
Butts with Babish.
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Hace 2 meses
noneCS '
noneCS ' Hace 2 meses
what is that watch?
Matt Gates
Matt Gates Hace 2 meses
Fellow western North Carolinians?
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