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This video was sponsored by National Pork Board. Visit pork.org/cooking to learn more.
With summer (hopefully?) right around the corner, backyards across the nation and the world are poised to get lost in a haze of blue smoke. Pulled pork can be a daunting task for a newcomer to the world of slow-and-low barbecue, but with some help from The National Pork Board, we'll make a pitmaster of you yet.
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16 may 2019

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 2 meses
Grab your butts and get to smoking! Big thanks to North Carolina for doing their thing
The Looinrims
The Looinrims Hace 9 días
You’re welcome
Rick Sanchez C137
Rick Sanchez C137 Hace 19 días
Binging with Babish TWO THUMBS UP for the tiny whisk tattoo... oh, and for the pork, which I hope to try when I can eat solid foods again...
Ian McCabe
Ian McCabe Hace 24 días
You’re welcome nc sucks tbh
Sand Castle
Sand Castle Hace 27 días
i almost forgot to watch you pulling pork today. I forgot to set the alarm
Christian Shepherd
Christian Shepherd Hace 10 horas
Is it bad that someone would more than likely break into Babish's home just to steal all the food and nothing else?
me needagee
me needagee Hace 11 horas
Let's get down to basics... to defeat THE HUNS
shivang patel
shivang patel Hace un día
2:24 you absolute psychopath
Van Narrow
Van Narrow Hace un día
Babish why didn't you pre-heat the bun 😭😭😭 The burger buns looks so raw
connor easley
connor easley Hace 3 días
Memphis barbecue is better
Pyrogun1839 Hace 3 días
If you watch it in .75 speed, Babish just sounds really drunk lol
Darin Neely
Darin Neely Hace 4 días
All u need for the perfect bbq sauce just mix some store bought bbq sauce, beer, and some garlic
way, truth, light* ffs...
ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ
ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ Hace 4 días
Thank you for not using the heretics honey bbq sauce.
The Creeper King
The Creeper King Hace 4 días
I legit have like 7 bottles of ketchup in my house Idk why I feel like this needed to be shared
Emily Caitlynn
Emily Caitlynn Hace 6 días
North Carolina hahahah my state 👌🏼🤘🏼
mW_Rulez Hace 6 días
Did anyone see the coleslaw on the left pork burger fall off?
mW_Rulez Hace 6 días
has 25 gallons of ketchup stored in the cellar Welp, gotta add everything...
Peng Fei Dong
Peng Fei Dong Hace 7 días
Making Carnitas at home? Meh.
Wheelspin Productions
So close, you did a North Carolina sauce, I want to see South Carolina style mustard and vinegar sauce. It is so very good, and for health nuts, there ain’t no sugar.
Mattias Engel
Mattias Engel Hace 7 días
"A few glugs of Wustistichistersause"
Luis Licona
Luis Licona Hace 7 días
Is the tiny the tiny whisk tattoo part of the recipe?
Peppa! Hace 8 días
Has anyone seen George? Mummy and daddy are asking
Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
4th time I watched this I'm gonna nail it this time 😂😂
Funkydmunky Hace 9 días
Your slaw looks and was shit on your otherwise great bun.
Nick Nurre
Nick Nurre Hace 12 días
I’ve been in Germany for about 6 weeks with zero barbecue. Seeing you pull that black hunk of meat out the oven and tearing it apart brought tears to my eyes
Reds Media
Reds Media Hace 12 días
Independence Day is coming up and I trust Babish to show me how to wow my family
Rose Taylor
Rose Taylor Hace 16 días
This was posted on my birthday (may 16th) and its one of my favorite dishes ever
James Wilson
James Wilson Hace 18 días
I shouldn’t be watching this whilst hungry at midnight. The fridge is calling me.
Tito Hace 18 días
From day one, I KNEW you were just some shill for the National Pork Board. Lining your coffers with pork money. SHAME ON YOU! XD
go to facebook now
go to facebook now Hace 18 días
cooking with babish 😐 *cooking with babushka 😎* like if you get it
JUAN FUENTES Hace 20 días
I really want that butt
Lord Joseph stalin
Lord Joseph stalin Hace 20 días
im from the carolinas (i moved to russia early in my life) but i know you didnt put that seasoning on right before dusting it with the season you mudt thoroughly bitch slap it for tenderization
Chris Ballew
Chris Ballew Hace 23 días
Wurstisture sauce
Richard Watson
Richard Watson Hace 23 días
Is there a way to utilize an oven and crock pot?
Matt Conway
Matt Conway Hace 24 días
I made this for my family and now they think I’m a bar-b-q god
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris Hace 24 días
If only you had made some hot slaw.
Francis Taylor
Francis Taylor Hace 26 días
*South Carolinians collectively sigh at the non-inclusion of mustard based sauce*
N0TABL 3 Hace 26 días
Babish:And with the national pork board I’m going to show you ... Vegans: Am I a joke to you?
Jack Naglieri
Jack Naglieri Hace 26 días
You need to let it rest. It should never be that steamy when you pull it, otherwise it immediately drys out and all that time basically goes to waste
Roland Bejarano
Roland Bejarano Hace 26 días
I use a pressure cooker for my butts
Spacialvekter Hace 26 días
5:37 That looks absolutely INSANE.
Othman Ilou
Othman Ilou Hace 27 días
You talk to much
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Hace 27 días
What would happen if you didnt use so much sugar? I’m not a fan of how sugary US food can be and vastly prefer salty over sweet. How terrible would the spice mix be without all that sugar? Is it only there to carmalize the outside?
Anita Rodriguez
Anita Rodriguez Hace 27 días
Basic? LOL!
Jakob Barbian
Jakob Barbian Hace 27 días
Jude Fletcher
Jude Fletcher Hace 27 días
That more liquid eastern north Carolina sauce is sometimes called dip, yes a dumb name but that's what its called
Ruzza Sheikh
Ruzza Sheikh Hace 28 días
I see you making two plates there at the end ;)
James Patton
James Patton Hace 28 días
Dude you are crushing it! I also just saw you on the Chef Show!
Mario Baldovino
Mario Baldovino Hace un mes
Hey what's the song of the intro?
Chris Kinne
Chris Kinne Hace un mes
Nice Job.
Savvy Gal
Savvy Gal Hace un mes
As a South Carolinian, I’m offended. Giving North Carolina credit for pulled pork when they chop it and don’t even pull it like on SC. Also no mustard bbq sauce!
Aidan Morris
Aidan Morris Hace un mes
You sure know how to handle butt.
Shap Anthony
Shap Anthony Hace un mes
I subscribed when I saw he uses Louisiana hot sauce
Shiori Nakamoto
Shiori Nakamoto Hace un mes
want a sticker
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