Putting Horns On My Tesla!

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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10 feb 2019

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Comentarios 4 052
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Hace 9 días
Love you guys ❤️❤️ restocks at www.dannyduncan69.com
Chris A
Chris A Hace un día
Looks awesome
Just_ gaming2007
Just_ gaming2007 Hace 2 días
Danny Duncan I was watching this wile I was taking a 💩
Porry Hace 2 días
I knew you were gay :)! but love u back xD
Kyeray Sauter
Kyeray Sauter Hace 4 días
Post a fucking video
Kent Kollath
Kent Kollath Hace un hora
lols $500 for hub assembly and install. such an easy job.
Bora Akis
Bora Akis Hace 6 horas
10:42 💀
Brandon Stannard
Brandon Stannard Hace 13 horas
Put horns in the trunk
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia Hace 14 horas
cant lie the cinematics for the car are on point
DragonKiller Hace 16 horas
I love vagina
SuicidalCloutKidd Hace 17 horas
Me driving by and seeing the horns: "Yeah he's white and rich"
SuicidalCloutKidd Hace 17 horas
Yeah he's white
One shot hunting
One shot hunting Hace 20 horas
Doesn’t look like a little bitch car anymore lmao
The Sargent
The Sargent Hace un día
Uhhhhhhh I need a Tesla now…
The Sargent
The Sargent Hace un día
Uhhhhhhh I need a Tesla now…
Chris A
Chris A Hace un día
Looks great
rin zler
rin zler Hace un día
What song is in the intro
rin zler
rin zler Hace un día
And awesome video Danny
EmxPropane 369
EmxPropane 369 Hace un día
I’ve been their
Gio Valenzuela
Gio Valenzuela Hace un día
you wont put horns on the i8 .
joshua gomez
joshua gomez Hace un día
bruh your car is horny
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce Hace un día
2:09 grandma is good with her hands LOL
Tensively Hace un día
outro song??
Barry’s Peperonerie
Yeah don’t put this one in a fucking tree
Jake Eppard
Jake Eppard Hace un día
she jerked those horns
Donny wallace
Donny wallace Hace un día
What’s the intro song ?
Tim H
Tim H Hace 2 días
Your Videos are always so cinematic I love that
xainbowkvsh Hace 2 días
Her in deez parts our steers steer em self
StickyMemB Hace 2 días
This is so sad
Barjo’s Water Adventures
Waiting for Elon musks to respond
Mmm Bleach
Mmm Bleach Hace 2 días
Song slaps
Jc Cayanan Rndm Videos
now put it in your i8
AnDrEa OcHoa
AnDrEa OcHoa Hace 2 días
Duuudeeeeee I live in Arcadia 🥺😰
Kato dripz
Kato dripz Hace 2 días
Neww carrr
Kballer 699
Kballer 699 Hace 2 días
Ahhhhhh my pussyyyy
Kballer 699
Kballer 699 Hace 2 días
No it’s not that
Mikael Kudahl
Mikael Kudahl Hace 3 días
Mikael Kudahl
Mikael Kudahl Hace 3 días
knep dig fkn slev dit fkn vorte svin
Force Equalizer
Force Equalizer Hace 3 días
She was hacking of the horn
CRAZY HOR$E Hace 3 días
DugeyDiscoveries Hace 3 días
Rylen c
Rylen c Hace 3 días
Bro she was rubing the horns like she was jerking it off 😂😂😂
Tgs _caden2023
Tgs _caden2023 Hace 3 días
Can you just do a scene we’re the pony walks out the house and your sitting but naked facing away from the camera
Tgs _caden2023
Tgs _caden2023 Hace 3 días
On the Tesla
Travis Lewis
Travis Lewis Hace 3 días
Danny duncan come to citrus county florida
T Webb 14
T Webb 14 Hace 3 días
Elon musk has left the chat
Fernando De Ita
Fernando De Ita Hace 3 días
Like If Danny Should go to the Bull run on Spain!!!
hoppityboppity Newbold
My Dad's been using the same Chevy Suburban for 16 years
Mystrix Hace 2 días
Yeah same
Cbcreek Hace 3 días
You should put cameron in stilts and a trench coat
SwankyBros. Hace 3 días
You’re actually a savage if you prêśš ręàd mørė Your 2019 is now błéśśêd łîké and śüß tö mé tò âctïvâtéee!!!
Robert Schroyer
Robert Schroyer Hace 3 días
Yo just passed where you staying out in e wood bro great videos
Conor Hennessy
Conor Hennessy Hace 3 días
Anyone know the song at 9:43 ?
Steplow Hace 2 días
Never recover
Conor Hennessy
Conor Hennessy Hace 2 días
Vixorr what song by migos?
Vixorr Hace 2 días
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia Hace 3 días
150K likes on your next video and you cut your hair on some 3 all around shit lmao
barry rose
barry rose Hace 3 días
i love you i love it
Devyn Yates
Devyn Yates Hace 3 días
back to daily uploads please
James McEnulty
James McEnulty Hace 3 días
Danny, you're videos are breaking a million views. I'm proud of you brother, you've come a long way, can't think of any ESvidr who deserves it more!
Rigo Nunez
Rigo Nunez Hace 3 días
Bro you have to upload more videos during the week 😂
Albert 717
Albert 717 Hace 3 días
Yesterday we saw your car but I did not know it was you
Josh Norman
Josh Norman Hace 3 días
Literally just unsubscribe bc you said Chevy sucks
Faction Gaming
Faction Gaming Hace 4 días
rich people with nothing to spend money on😂😂
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez Hace 4 días
i miss fuck around fridays :(
Hunter Payne
Hunter Payne Hace 4 días
You suck
Gage Jacobson
Gage Jacobson Hace 4 días
My favorite part was 2:08 😂😂😂
chris Hace 4 días
DisguisedMeat 6
DisguisedMeat 6 Hace 4 días
chevy suck!!!!!! right on
MartinWaves Hace 4 días
immorganellick Hace 4 días
Song from intro?
Ollie Rogers
Ollie Rogers Hace 4 días
If you get a 100 k likes you have to get a pet bull
Jaden Hall
Jaden Hall Hace 4 días
Get more virginity rocks (m) sizes in stock
Jayup Hace 4 días
I wish I could do shit like this, I don’t even have my license... TUFF
YouTube won’t let me change my profile picture
Now put wings on your Tesla 😂
Jett Winebrenner
Jett Winebrenner Hace 4 días
Chevy is a lot better than Ford all the way
Savage8 Luke
Savage8 Luke Hace 4 días
Make more videos
Dylan Milligan
Dylan Milligan Hace 4 días
Horns on the i8😂
Ruben Fixes
Ruben Fixes Hace 4 días
Horns on his Honda Fit Horns on tesla
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Hace 4 días
Ehhhh... Looked better on the fit😉
Marco Juarez
Marco Juarez Hace 4 días
looks like something out of rocket league
Kyeray Sauter
Kyeray Sauter Hace 4 días
Post a vid
adrian vasquez
adrian vasquez Hace 4 días
7:33 only 5k likes away from 100K Danny
6_Six Shot_6
6_Six Shot_6 Hace 4 días
Not gonna lie Danny it looks dope, but from the front at 8:15 it looks like an ant. Like the eyes and the antennae.
Grimlen yee
Grimlen yee Hace 4 días
Stoners all day baby!! Rise up!! 💪
Patrolplays Hace 4 días
What happens to suki lee
CJONESON30_YT Hace 4 días
I would pay all I had to hang out with Danny Duncan
A JØKER 36277
A JØKER 36277 Hace 4 días
Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward Hace 4 días
My brother got your March
Ajajaja Uussieuw
Ajajaja Uussieuw Hace 4 días
Hang out with rosscreations again
Jonathan Teapila
Jonathan Teapila Hace 5 días
I like your vidoes
UrBoiChaz Hace 5 días
Intro song?
The Chungus Army
The Chungus Army Hace 5 días
It’s annoying that ESvidrs can put Tesla in a title and get a ton of views lol
Derek Jones
Derek Jones Hace 5 días
More fuck around Friday like if u agree
flo löbl
flo löbl Hace 5 días
Lady Baby i Love you
VEXR Hace 5 días
You are my favorite youtuber. All of you're content is high quality and filled with funny clips with a mix of cinematic shots, so well done. Great job keep it up, you will be at 10 million soon I am sure of it man.
elizjah moon
elizjah moon Hace 5 días
I need more friends like you
elizjah moon
elizjah moon Hace 5 días
Bro u got a good ass personality
john Long
john Long Hace 5 días
Hahaha saw this car at the mall lastnight too funny had all the old people staring at it
Sam Hancock
Sam Hancock Hace 5 días
What song is your intro Danny Duncan
Pittsburgh Son
Pittsburgh Son Hace 5 días
Repping that juju jersey 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Lonnie Vlogs
Lonnie Vlogs Hace 5 días
Bro, These damn Dannyduncan69 Ads is funny ash
Gey Youtuber
Gey Youtuber Hace 5 días
I wish I had money 😂
Paul Guerrero
Paul Guerrero Hace 5 días
you're a legend danny🙌🏻😂
DamnIt_Satan Hace 5 días
Dude how is this legal to drive? If you hit somebody its going to shred him :D
Nutt Beggets
Nutt Beggets Hace 5 días
Watch ‘till the end for Danny’s signature Happy Gilmore references.
Mikey4301 Hace 5 días
can someone please tell me if this was reposted bc I swear I watched this before
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