PZ9 Got Me Kicked Out of Carter Sharer's House

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Today I get a mysterious call from someone that I don't know. Carter and Ryan both need to hear my side of the story about PZ9 and Project Zorgo. But Carter and Ryan have been so skeptical that I eventually pay the consequences. Watch to find out what happens!
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Comentarios 80
Shamany Alqubaisi
Shamany Alqubaisi Hace 55 minutos
Ryan what the heck u are launching at ur best friend 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Hamza Uzair
Hamza Uzair Hace 2 horas
Ryan made you get kicked out but it's a mistake
tahar jardini
tahar jardini Hace 2 horas
MYLA BLANCO Hace 3 horas
Jeffry Chandra Tjorawinata
Pz9 is melvin
Jeffry Chandra Tjorawinata
Pz9 is a loser
Franky Esteves Jr
Franky Esteves Jr Hace 12 horas
Stove is not pz9 prank
Corialus Hace 18 horas
daitona lewis
daitona lewis Hace 19 horas
Malve is pz9
Darnell Perry
Darnell Perry Hace 20 horas
I feel bad for stove
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson Hace 23 horas
Give me the iPad
Esther Doughty
Esther Doughty Hace un día
its totally liz or carter
Kassandra Ish Ladroma
Ryan is laughing
little bear the Singer
Melvin's PZ9 not stove
Justin Morphis
Justin Morphis Hace un día
Ryan is pz9
Ryan is Peezy nine because remember when he said see the stove he is the one who works for Peezy nine
Kristen Berning
Kristen Berning Hace un día
Annalia Robinson
Annalia Robinson Hace un día
Ryan should get kick out cause he didn't even listen to the whole story that stove and pz9 was talking about 😒😒😒
arsalaan2015 khalid
arsalaan2015 khalid Hace un día
Can I have a i pads
VaporJakarta Dimi
VaporJakarta Dimi Hace 2 días
Ryan he is not a project zorgo
Isra Osman
Isra Osman Hace 2 días
Isra Osman
Isra Osman Hace 2 días
It's probably a girl because there was blue ear rings
I feel bad for u
lea templonuevo
lea templonuevo Hace 2 días
Why Ryan is laughing and acting sispicious
Kori Ana
Kori Ana Hace 2 días
I’m sorry but I just wanna slap Ryan and carter if u agree make the like blue 👍
Kori Ana
Kori Ana Hace 2 días
Stove in the front of the vid when u was on the patio i think somebody was in that window they had a white shirt I think
Rachelle Ramos
Rachelle Ramos Hace 2 días
Ryan is pz9 he smiles
Kamal Abbasher
Kamal Abbasher Hace 2 días
Ryan is the PBC
Awatif Khouri
Awatif Khouri Hace 2 días
Chuck Maroney
Chuck Maroney Hace 2 días
I sub
Josie Mabry
Josie Mabry Hace 2 días
He sounds and looks like Melvin and he said vy and chad
Josie Mabry
Josie Mabry Hace 2 días
PZ9 is Melvin from spy Ninjas NOT YOU
Josie Mabry
Josie Mabry Hace 2 días
PZ9 is Melvin from spy Ninjas NOT YOU
Navleen Kaur Singh
Navleen Kaur Singh Hace 2 días
Stove is nog pz9 pz9 is Melvin
om zaw
om zaw Hace 2 días
stove is not pz9
Friender Men
Friender Men Hace 3 días
Hi stove
shalini Anoop
shalini Anoop Hace 3 días
William ThR
William ThR Hace 3 días
Ryan lying 🤥 Ryan is a evel
Vicenta Lozano
Vicenta Lozano Hace 3 días
Fác pz9
pla curran
pla curran Hace 3 días
you are not pz9 and his actual name is Melvin go check out chad wild clay he has prove
Sean Galbreath
Sean Galbreath Hace 3 días
Ryan is PZ9.
Peydon Bebe
Peydon Bebe Hace 3 días
Ryan why would u laugh
Chantelle Holt
Chantelle Holt Hace 3 días
I don’t know what Did the next week
Addy The Amazing
Addy The Amazing Hace 3 días
Ryan explain it Carter all wrong on purpose Ryan wanted you to get kicked out because of Ryan is working for pz9 just listen to me Ryan is he is working for pz9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Camille Gros
Camille Gros Hace 3 días
Melvin is PZ9 look the ninjas and go talk to them and go show them who is Melvin are should I say PZ9
Suretha Lawerdien
Suretha Lawerdien Hace 3 días
Sue-meeka ❤️ ❤️
Andhii Janelle Chloe Teresa
Ryan laugh when stove leave
4li_ 15
4li_ 15 Hace 4 días
I believe the stove but I don’t believe Ryan because his laugh was evil
Vikas Dhruv
Vikas Dhruv Hace 4 días
Hey have you spray painted Carters lambo?????.......and please say the truth please.......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟.......
Jaleshia Roberson
Jaleshia Roberson Hace 4 días
You’re not pz9 nine
Olivia Villarreal
Olivia Villarreal Hace 4 días
Pz9 is mevin
Thomas Arena
Thomas Arena Hace 4 días
This video makes me so mad
Thomas Arena
Thomas Arena Hace 4 días
Cater should watch this video
{ audios for edits }
you can’t trust Ryan he was laughing when you left!!!!
Rochelle Yost
Rochelle Yost Hace 4 días
ryan was laughing when you left
Mike Tamay
Mike Tamay Hace 4 días
PZ9's name is melvin
Kid dude Perfect
Kid dude Perfect Hace 4 días
Dude this is so cheesy pz9 is lizzy
Madison HOBBS
Madison HOBBS Hace 4 días
Ryan was spy on u
Yael Legaspi
Yael Legaspi Hace 4 días
Melvin at the spy ninja safe house
Dylan Austin Koopman
I don't think Stove is PZ9😐😐😐
jasmine smith
jasmine smith Hace 5 días
it's Melvin from Chad wild clay
Hayley Hall
Hayley Hall Hace 5 días
Rayan stove did not mean it
Annabelle Niocena
Annabelle Niocena Hace 5 días
Annabelle Niocena
Annabelle Niocena Hace 5 días
Annabelle Niocena
Annabelle Niocena Hace 5 días
Carter Nguyen
Carter Nguyen Hace 5 días
Rhiley Hottel
Rhiley Hottel Hace 5 días
Assata Rooks-Jordan
Assata Rooks-Jordan Hace 5 días
Stove Ryan is working with PZ9 watch the video over
Channing Threatt
Channing Threatt Hace 5 días
Dude chill out he is being framed
Tammy Smith-de Jesus
I no that guy he’s a spy ninja
Robinson Valdez
Robinson Valdez Hace 5 días
Ay Subscribe i ded oll
silvia michelitsch
silvia michelitsch Hace 5 días
Ryan ist pz9
Alice Alice
Alice Alice Hace 5 días
Try the car
Amanda van Onselen
Amanda van Onselen Hace 5 días
Rayn he was jour best friend😥
Kenny Bossier
Kenny Bossier Hace 5 días
Pz9 is Melvin
Gaming with ivonne
Gaming with ivonne Hace 5 días
Pz9 is a girl or someone that where's earnings it kinda looks like liz
Antonio Barroso
Antonio Barroso Hace 5 días
Cherita Gilbert
Cherita Gilbert Hace 5 días
i thought carter was better then that he didnt even let him explain u should not be friends ryan prob set you up or something dude he looked evil when u left.....
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