QF | MS | LEE Zii Jia (MAS) vs. SHI Yu Qi (CHN) [7] | BWF 2020 

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9 ene 2020






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Diabetus Maximus
Diabetus Maximus Hace 3 años
Lee Zii Jia...super athlete, big future! Well done!
Alexandre Hace 3 años
Waw what an end ! Lee ZJ really took his chance with the backhand smash and the last defense ! He shows great motivation on court that's super ! Keep it up :D
snow fish
snow fish Hace 2 años
u can see zii jia is getting better comparing this match to all england 2021, also hope shiyuqi get back on track too
Thinker Hace 2 meses
What about compared now? Garbage
CoDeNaMe CM Hace 2 años
Came back to watch this after LZJ Won All England, big difference now looks way better physically, his net shot looks more crisp and the offense game got sharper.
matrixbug Hace 3 años
a very close match. With a little bit of luck and support from the fan. Congratulation to Lee ZJ. Shi Yuqi is recovering well. I would like to see a rematch in near future.
NGstore Hace 3 años
1:11:25 LZJ signature backhand smash. Love that.
LEE CHIAU WEE Hace 2 años
I like both of them! Yuqi was injured not long ago but play well too ! Congrats to both of them!
Hell on earth
Hell on earth Hace 11 meses
Skills vs Power👍 i really enjoyed it. Love to see the two play so well & so close & tight game
Imanuddeen Marzukee
Imanuddeen Marzukee Hace 3 años
Hope zii jia can reduce his unforced errors in future 🙏
alice ningkan
alice ningkan Hace 2 años
He needs a room of improvement. He can be world number one if he works hard for it
Mohamed Mubarak
Mohamed Mubarak Hace 3 años
Fire powers!!! 29:06 29:34 32:25 33:43 36:05 49:12 58:28 01:11:19
Ahlai Tan
Ahlai Tan Hace un año
LZJ start out unconventional, movement awkward, timid and shy, but inwardly very determined and strong , humble approach !.
derga agung
derga agung Hace 3 años
good job Lee Zii Jia....semoga juara....from Indonesia
Yusril Hasan
Yusril Hasan Hace un año
Kalau masih seumur Ama lindan pasti seru kan . Biar pun atllet indo di tunggal putra ga bisa bersinar
yana Hace 2 años
4:57 6:51 9:42 18:32 22:03 25:29 26:55 28:55 29:24 32:10 32:58 33:34 35:54 40:35 42:55 43:19 47:30 48:03 49:03 52:53 56:01 57:13 1:00:29 1:01:18 1:04:07 1:05:16 1:06:30 1:09:24 1:10:16 1:11:07
Abu Alfath Travel
Abu Alfath Travel Hace 2 años
Amazing backhand smash zii jia, you are my favorite badminton player
nura A.H.
nura A.H. Hace 2 años
That backhand smash from lzj crazyyyy
YouTuber Culun
YouTuber Culun Hace 3 años
2020 and still missing Lee Chong Wei 😬
jamal_36 faidz
jamal_36 faidz Hace 2 años
LZJ combination of LCW (control) n Chen Long (power) Perfecto !
AXER CFARENA Hace 2 años
nice one man. i would say hes more like the combination of gintings reach and axelsens speed
James Brick
James Brick Hace 2 años
And also as tall as Axelsen or Chen Long
I'm Not Englishie
I'm Not Englishie Hace 2 años
And also taufik hidayat back hand
Adam Michael
Adam Michael Hace 2 años
Idk who Lzj untill he won all england n suddently all his videos appear on my youtube....wow his journey back then not bad too....new legend are born this year
i Hace 2 años
but he gave up easily during olympic...
fairyshine Hace 2 años
@i He didn't gave up. He did great, plus he was injured in that game :)
i Hace 2 años
@fairyshine he gave way on the 3rd set its obvious when ask in an interview if the injury serious he said it was minor...
Wong Bao Vun
Wong Bao Vun Hace 2 años
@i yup we know that he lost to Chen Long during olympic. But this is his first olympic and Chen Long is not an easy opponent. Plus he feels so stressed...
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom Hace 2 años
@Wong Bao Vun Correct. And I think well knew dat he also knew dat he cannot make such mistakes losing away many points in a row. I think dat's why it kinda looked like he gave up the 3rd set. I think he knew as well that he's not gonna get the slightest of chance to come back against such an Elite player , the previous Olympics's gold medallist. Bit unlucky for him to meet such a player in the early phase of knockout stages. If he were to meet other than Axelsen and Chen Long , there's always a chance for him to at least make it to semi. Yes , everyone does mistakes. But what separates the quality of Elite and non Elite players are the amount of mistakes they made. Hence why eventho Zii Jia won the All England , he couldn't make it to the further stages.
cneo Hace 2 años
damn what a legendary game
David Wushuang Zhao
David Wushuang Zhao Hace 3 años
1:12:51 Holy jeez, look at that drift!
Jim Yang
Jim Yang Hace 3 años
How did he do that? That's straight fire smoking good.
ambiguous Hace 2 años
I remember playing against a noob and they hit the shuttle in a way that it kept changing direction, it literally did a barrel roll and it was so crazy I still remember it.
drrrk sam
drrrk sam Hace 2 años
Shi Yuqi often/always gets himself in trouble by playing a straight slice drop at around-the-head court.
Vicyong 9099
Vicyong 9099 Hace 2 años
wow,,,what a backhand smash,,,3rd sets,,point 19
VIPShaunPro Fortnite
To be more specific is 1:11:27
doods20 fer
doods20 fer Hace 3 años
LZJ is the new LCW of Malaysia, congrats
Nga Linh
Nga Linh Hace 3 años
Shi Yuqi ❤️. You played so well but could not win . Dont be sad pls . It’s ok 👌. Be stronger and do better for the next tournaments pls 💪💪💪
Lan HUONG Pham
Lan HUONG Pham Hace 3 años
I stand for LZJ
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
@anonymous yo Did I ask
the Ayie Channel
the Ayie Channel Hace 2 años
1:11:26 backhandsmash paduu Lee zii jia👍👍👍
Shan DK
Shan DK Hace 2 años
Lzj... has the courage n fighting spirit heads up to him
Happy Hace 3 años
A legend is born today
phanbin thinker 💭
Congrats LZJ!!! WE LOVE U
Sara wawa
Sara wawa Hace 2 años
Aq dtg sini lepas LZJ beat momota kat SF sudirman cup. Wow nmpk jauh beza dho dia mmg banyak improved dri ni
NANI ROSLAN Hace un año
Betul.. terboek captain LZJ
simp Hace un año
Betul kan
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Shi yu qi selalu mendpt mata , bila lie zie jhia melambongkan bulu tangkis tinggi di sudut kiri atau berlakang , membolihkan shi yu Qi membuat jumping smash ke garis tepi li zie dan terus mengutip mata . Jdi mengape li zie terus mengulangnye , sedangkan dia terus tetseksa dan tertairap utk mengambil nye .
Yan Hace 3 años
Shi Yuqi has trouble playing tall opponents: CL, Axelsen and Lee Zii Jia
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
He is struggling recently as well.
Lou 1985 Ong
Lou 1985 Ong Hace 2 años
injury bro. IHe has similar style to Lee chong wei slow but steady. Lee zii jia is more similar to axelsen and Cl.
Aiman Hace 2 años
a jump backhand smash?? wowwwww power lee z j
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Nasihat aku kpda li zie , supaya bersikap tenang , jangan gopoh , tepat hantar , smish hendak lah ketempat yng sukar di ambil , jangan pres tenaga, bijak mencari kelemahan lawan , dan terlalu cepat hendak menang ketika mata sedang mendahului serta berhati2 utk tidak membuat kesilapan .
Legendary China man
Legendary China man Hace 2 años
last few rallies got me moving
Azie Zam
Azie Zam Hace un año
Tgk LZJ teringat LCW ada iras2 cara permainannya.xpi LZJ lebih garang lagi nampaknya👍
min Hace un año
56:50 dulu Hendrawan senyum2 eh coach Zii Jia. Skrg pakai mask tak nampak expression muka dah 🙂🙂😅 1:03:13 1:08:56 1:09:40 I’ve been laughing at the coaches reaction but aren’t we all like that too. 🤣 CUTE 1:11:22 this one tooo 1:13:52 THISSSSS ✨✨✨🙌🏼🙌🏼 56:58 comel Hendrawan panggil Jia 😭🥺
simp Hace un año
Eka Denny m
Eka Denny m Hace 3 años
Only Momota can stop Lee Zii Jia in olympic 2020
Ellyana Hace 2 años
u sureeee?
Ain Hanani
Ain Hanani Hace 2 años
@Ellyana this replied almost choked me 🤣 hahaha
m3c43 Hace 2 años
we need another Asian hero.
Zhe Kang Chai
Zhe Kang Chai Hace 2 años
Lee zii jia all england champion 2021!!
Hosia Jaman
Hosia Jaman Hace 2 años
Y@Yong Yuk Lan on the best of the room y you are you doing y you are not y u you tuyy
Wong Bao Vun
Wong Bao Vun Hace 2 años
At the last point he gets, how cute he was :))))
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Sabaz li zie jhia , tetap menyokong kamu . Shi yu qi , lebih baik permainaya di piala sudirman . Kesilap li zhi jhia krna menghantar bulu tangkis , walau pun di belakang , krna ini lah senjata beliau membuat jamping smash di gari tepi gelangang atau di sudut belakang kiri dan kanan .
Unknown Hace 2 años
李梓嘉 马来西亚羽坛新生代羽球王🇲🇾👍🏻
Ahlai Tan
Ahlai Tan Hace un año
He finally came out of his nut shell after he lost his first game !.
Mary Disi
Mary Disi Hace un año
Good jobLZI
Baby Shark
Baby Shark Hace 2 años
Permainan yang semakin baik
jinlun lau
jinlun lau Hace un año
Nor Aini
Nor Aini Hace 11 meses
juara lee zil jia denmak open 2022🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🏅🏆
Chi Lik Ooi
Chi Lik Ooi Hace un año
Frost Raider
Frost Raider Hace un año
1:11:26 backhand smash 🔥🔥🔥🦾
Ahihi Hace 11 meses
Shi yu qi is so handsome. I love hin ❤
Khaidzir Mahmood
Khaidzir Mahmood Hace 3 años
Dato lcw boleh tersenyum,LZJ adalah penggantinya
Aco 276
Aco 276 Hace 2 años
Absolutely yes
Ahlai Tan
Ahlai Tan Hace un año
Pengganti LCW sudah ada ,tetapi Pengganti LZJ belum tahu ada tak di zaman ini !. Dia akan jauh lebih baik dari Lin Dan dan LCW !.
Ayit Remaong
Ayit Remaong Hace 3 años
Lzj ..new champion ..strong stamina...
Chen ching Lau
Chen ching Lau Hace 3 años
Lisa. E
Lisa. E Hace 2 años
YouTuber Culun
YouTuber Culun Hace 3 años
1:11:27 LZJ backhand smash
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan Hace 3 años
What a beast
Chua Kim Yuan
Chua Kim Yuan Hace 3 años
Not forgetting 13:37 ahahahaha
Kinsey Hace 3 años
Jim Yang
Jim Yang Hace 3 años
石宇奇: 我刚受伤碎步多,请不要让我躺枪
vitor lam
vitor lam Hace 2 años
我覺得石宇奇已經進步很多了 , 動作流暢了 , 但是明顯腳不自然 , 說不定還在痛 , 比賽間常往下看自己的腳
Amirul Fitri
Amirul Fitri Hace un año
I like backhand smash from Lee zj
Zhafriepi Jeff
Zhafriepi Jeff Hace un año
Kayak nya ..Lzj begitu cemerlng utk match ini..salam rumpun :)
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Hace 3 años
Hopefully Lee Zii Jia gonna beat Kento Momota at 6:00 PM tonight
Aljodomo Hace 3 años
how lucky can one be...
谢俊彦 Hace 3 años
Ahlai Tan
Ahlai Tan Hace un año
Where is the next Chinese Lin Dan or Chen Long after they have long retired ?. Wong Choon Han is a great motivator !.
Boushra Imrit
Boushra Imrit Hace 3 años
"HOW DID HE DO THAT? i simply don't know"... xD
MR Iq smash
MR Iq smash Hace 3 años
After injury shi yuqi looks very suffering in his footwork.. his recovery is not good
C. C.
C. C. Hace 3 años
His footwork was never good, which is why he got injured. No matter how good your racket skills are, they mean nothing without great footwork.
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
@C. C. I mean he's all England champion so he's clearly great, age 23.
C. C.
C. C. Hace 2 años
@Eddie Harrison great at everything except footwork, means not great.
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
@C. C. No because he's clearly faster than almost all the players. He has excellent recovery and form he just needs to perfect landing with the ball of his foot. Which is an issue lots of fast players have. His footwork is great. Or he wouldn't be an all england champion
C. C.
C. C. Hace 2 años
@Eddie Harrison His footwork is POOR, which is why he injured himself and why he has been losing for the last year.
once blink army
once blink army Hace 2 años
Sangat hebat
Arif P
Arif P Hace 3 años
If Shi Yu Qi lose, Kento Momota is safe
ah Lee
ah Lee Hace 3 años
Joke of the year.
TKK Hace 3 años
not really, yes kento wins LZJ . . . but you have to admit its a really GOOD GAME for both of them, very good experience for LZJ !!!!
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
@ah Lee Imagine not thinking Shi Yuqi is easily the second best player on the tour.
MSIA MADANI Hace 2 años
Keep it up..
HAPPY LIFE Hace 10 meses
25:29 worst serve by shiyuqi
Lan HUONG Pham
Lan HUONG Pham Hace 3 años
I hope LZJ will defeat Kento Momota in the semi final
caleb chan
caleb chan Hace 3 años
Im going for either victor or kento
Cyberpunk Hace 2 años
He just did
Goh Chiew Teng
Goh Chiew Teng Hace 2 años
Mao Hace 3 años
world no.14 beating world no. 8. Imagine
KM Hace 3 años
Thats not surprising
- style
- style Hace 3 años
He just beat the world no. 4 in the first round
KM Hace 3 años
@- style no surprise. He has potential
Hamidah Mohd Ariffin
Ranking is just a number.sometimes u beat player no 1 n the next one u loose to the player ranked below u.
Vic H
Vic H Hace 2 años
My type of serve 25:42
w.baoteng Hace 2 años
說真的底下看到一堆說李梓嘉還很嫩什麼的,也有一大堆說石宇其帶著傷比賽什麼的,說實話真的不該去看低任何一位選手,不管是李梓嘉還是石宇其,還有那些狂說石宇其因為受傷而輸掉比賽的人,欸說真的你以為他也想要受傷嗎?沒有對吧?或許他的傷真的影響了比賽,但不管是你,還是我都看得出他很努力在比賽,對吧?真的別一直說因為傷導致他輸了比賽吧。 最後,請尊重任何一位運動員:-)
Najmi Najimie
Najmi Najimie Hace 2 años
All England 2021 make me watch this
Danny Goh
Danny Goh Hace 2 años
Tok gagap
Tok gagap Hace 2 años
jack sparrow
jack sparrow Hace 2 años
me 2
Pian Jerangkung
Pian Jerangkung Hace 2 años
me too,dh hilang selera fingerstyle Alif Ba Ta
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Perbaiki ketepatan jangkaan bulu takis kegelangang lawan dan jangn bagi bulu tangkis tinggi kpda li su qi ,, krna itu lah senjata beliau utk mengutip mata .
Mingshi Wu
Mingshi Wu Hace un año
Long Phi
Long Phi Hace 3 años
Lee Chong Wei retired 5 or 6 months ago( I do not sure)
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Bermain dgn shi yu qi , jangn bgi bulu tangkis tinggi , ini membuat kamu kesusahan utk mengembalikan bulu tangkis , krna shi yu qi selalu mendpt mata , bila dia membuat jumping smash kesudut tepi kelangang . Dan aku perhatikan selalu nye zie jhia sukar mengembalikan nye .
Bá Trung Đinh
Bá Trung Đinh Hace 3 años
shi yu qi having a big trouble with his performance and mentality
C. C.
C. C. Hace 3 años
He is good, but his foot work has always been poor. Which is why he injured himself in the first place.
Yan Hace 3 años
@C. C. Agree, shiyuqi has to improve his footwork.
Hamidah Mohd Ariffin
Shi yuqi being cautious with his movement coz he just came back from injury during his last tournament.
Roger Hace 3 años
What happen to the Little Dragon Shi Yu Qi, He is different the way he play
khirul Aminur Khamis
Mixtube Miz he is reeling from an ankle injury he had sustained at indonesia open june last year. I hope he can recover his form in time. Because as of now he is one of the few players whom can give Momota a run for his money.
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison Hace 2 años
@khirul Aminur Khamis I think next year when we see the big return to badminton, he'll either be amazing and go back to no2 or he never will.
PapaSarto Hace 3 años
Wow! :D
Justice Hace 3 años
Shi Yuqi 就是输在气沛和体能。球艺一点都不输。
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson Hace 3 años
布尔科技 Hace 3 años
Qret Hace 2 años
gayren Hace 2 años
boyxu0816 Hace 3 años
Jim Yang
Jim Yang Hace 3 años
boyxu0816 Hace 3 años
@Jim Yang 我是覺得石宇奇現在的表現已經超出他受傷時的應有的克制了,這場比賽他蠻勉強的,可以的話先忍住別強求,李梓嘉現在在石宇奇沒發揮的時候這樣的表現實在不行,等石宇奇傷一好突破限制後,李梓家就再也沒機會打贏他了。
Yew CH
Yew CH Hace 3 años
boyxu0816 输就是输 没什么好说
w.baoteng Hace 2 años
Akbr Mrtn
Akbr Mrtn Hace 2 años
Your handsome SHI yuqi
Fivo Saeful
Fivo Saeful Hace 3 años
Serasa lagi nonton lindan vs Lee chong wei
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Maaf ,. Maksudku li zie selalu melambong bola tinggi utk di jumping smash olih shi yu qi .
Haw John
Haw John Hace 3 años
something wrong with the shiyuqi leg...
Hamidah Mohd Ariffin
Shi yuqi movement slightly slower.he just came back from injury.he has to be carefull
Andrew Hace 2 años
Oppo K
Oppo K Hace un año
Ape pun tahniah krna layak utk menganti Dato Li chong wei .
ikmal Hace 3 años
cerah mase depan die dlm badminton🙉
YouTuber Culun
YouTuber Culun Hace 3 años
Boleh jadi cerah tapi masih jauh dari Lee Chong Wei
W.M. ZULFIQAR Hace 2 años
ye boss..tpi klau ni kata pelapis lecongwei..ak stju..gaya mmg ada..s
Drunk Master
Drunk Master Hace 2 años
Tediaaaaa Kedah buleh...
Ainil Hawa
Ainil Hawa Hace 2 años
Sorry for asking..may i know why LZJ got point at minutes 25.30?
Norfatmawati Sharif
Norfatmawati Sharif Hace 2 años
Because syi y.q did service error
Ainil Hawa
Ainil Hawa Hace 2 años
@Norfatmawati Sharif thank you..i just noticed that the shuttle goes to wrong direction.
Zuhair Yassin
Zuhair Yassin Hace 3 años
lzg wrong footed most of the time
Skzace Hace 2 años
It looks like resemble of lee chong wei n lin dan
Lan Truong
Lan Truong Hace 3 años
bad recording, I cant hear the sound of rallies. Plz improve it. Thanks.
TKK Hace 3 años
lol, looks like is your sound system problem . . . whole game have no problem what so ever . . .
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