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Husband guesses female products! This is very interesting!!!


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ABOUT US: Hi guys! We are Josh & Abbie Herbert! You might know us from our viral TikTok videos. We are known as that TikTok couple that is always doing the latest trends. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.



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The Herberts
The Herberts Hace 10 meses
Hi babes! What video should we film next?
Animal Girl
Animal Girl Hace 3 meses
It’s funny how you call us baby your now pregnant
Brie Jackson
Brie Jackson Hace 4 meses
I luv yall sooooo much
Onakah Martin
Onakah Martin Hace 5 meses
Eleanor McCarty
Eleanor McCarty Hace 5 meses
Eleanor McCarty
Eleanor McCarty Hace 5 meses
More baby
Ghjsu Dhxhx
Ghjsu Dhxhx Hace 21 un día
I don’t know almost all of them and I’m a girl
Song Chaos
Song Chaos Hace un mes
The fact that josh said it was scalp tanner or moose for your hair is hilarious since the bottle said spray Tan. 😂😂😂 No offence Josh
Peyton Douglas
Peyton Douglas Hace 2 meses
When u guys said nipple peddles I died out laughing
Kathryn Costello
Kathryn Costello Hace 2 meses
I thought the silicone beauty blender was a breast implant😭😭😭
ella foster
ella foster Hace 2 meses
This made me feal insucure about my life
Brooklynn Domogalski
a fun one
Maria Sager
Maria Sager Hace 3 meses
Every single one josh thought you Peed on it
Kiera Lovell
Kiera Lovell Hace 3 meses
Taya Custodio
Taya Custodio Hace 3 meses
Who else is watching This while she’s like 9 months pregnant
Taya Custodio
Taya Custodio Hace 3 meses
Omg he was really trying
Julia Swigart
Julia Swigart Hace 3 meses
Jeffery Charles? how else calls him that
Nicole Morelli
Nicole Morelli Hace 3 meses
I have had an IUD it goes inside your uterus lol
Anna McDonnell
Anna McDonnell Hace 3 meses
Avery Nac
Avery Nac Hace 3 meses
Jeffery Charles
Heart Throb Hazza
Heart Throb Hazza Hace 4 meses
✨VaGinA ClaMps✨- Josh Herbert 2020
Dee Summers
Dee Summers Hace 4 meses
Josh every 15 mintues Abbie says she need something for the baby: "For me?"
Dee Summers
Dee Summers Hace 4 meses
"It's to like hold your kid on one side.." I died of laughter omfg i can't breathe, HOLD YOUR KID ON YOUR THIGH? BAHHAHAHA
Aja Ceremida
Aja Ceremida Hace 4 meses
Pi Seupsuk
Pi Seupsuk Hace 4 meses
Hello and I love you
Maggie Janzen
Maggie Janzen Hace 4 meses
Love you guys
Kenzie Gill
Kenzie Gill Hace 4 meses
shubhika Hace 4 meses
"pee poop period" - Josh Herbert 2020
rawr Hace 4 meses
polacy? dotarli?... siemka!!
Eliška Kubíková
Eliška Kubíková Hace 4 meses
U two so cute
Sasha Skyy
Sasha Skyy Hace 4 meses
Lmao nipple flowers!!! I can’t!!!!
Daria Bica
Daria Bica Hace 4 meses
Ur so cute together 🤎🤍🌺❤
MaKayla Johnson
MaKayla Johnson Hace 4 meses
Me to
Brie Jackson
Brie Jackson Hace 4 meses
Jeffrey Charles 😂😂
Momo Suther
Momo Suther Hace 4 meses
Love you guys how many crocks do you have
Ellery Deane
Ellery Deane Hace 4 meses
Let’s just talk about how beautiful Abbie’s makeup is
Hannah Dunlap
Hannah Dunlap Hace 5 meses
Me who didn’t even know what the period undies were
Krissy Kise
Krissy Kise Hace 5 meses
Hi! I love your videos.
Chloe Dickinson
Chloe Dickinson Hace 5 meses
Love this video❤️
Jorja Scanlon
Jorja Scanlon Hace 5 meses
Abby should try guess male products ! This is so good btw
Emma Askew
Emma Askew Hace 5 meses
“Jeffery Charles “😂
Kaylee Salvatore
Kaylee Salvatore Hace 5 meses
If I’m being honest I’m a girl and didn’t even know some of them😳
Hannah G
Hannah G Hace 5 meses
Omg I can’t believe he said Jeffery Charles 😂😂😂
Cynthia Salazar
Cynthia Salazar Hace 5 meses
Hi love you both
Ma_wel Ae67
Ma_wel Ae67 Hace 5 meses
Undie sticker
sethini weerasinghe
sethini weerasinghe Hace 5 meses
this was fun :)
ANNETTE BONSA Hace 5 meses
"Jeffery Charles"
Krissy Kise
Krissy Kise Hace 5 meses
Skyleah Berichon
Skyleah Berichon Hace 6 meses
I couldn't stop laughing after he said Jeffery Charles 🤣🤣🤣
Jazmin Thao
Jazmin Thao Hace 6 meses
He said:Idk vagina clamps 🗜 😝
Charlotte Hider
Charlotte Hider Hace 6 meses
JPSovereignStrikes Hace 6 meses
She’s so beautiful!
Charlie Hace 6 meses
Is that what you use to shave your mustache? That has me rolling
Brooke Hightower
Brooke Hightower Hace 6 meses
I love how he kept saying "for me" LOL 🤣❤
Sweet little Sylvanian Rabbits of Wren
Caledonia Burr
Caledonia Burr Hace 6 meses
"nipple flowers , nipple petals" AHHAHA
Madi Bucholtz
Madi Bucholtz Hace 6 meses
I love you guys and your content!! Makes me laugh❤️
Brooke Paul
Brooke Paul Hace 6 meses
Melissa Findlay
Melissa Findlay Hace 6 meses
Abigail Woller
Abigail Woller Hace 6 meses
Good job Josh! Gotta say I'm impressed haha ly guys!!❤️
Joshua Rodrigues
Joshua Rodrigues Hace 6 meses
Who be watching this when baby-hazel herbert is in the process✨
Mina Hace 6 meses
Never laughed so hard
Josh Mohr
Josh Mohr Hace 6 meses
he swearing black!
Ur local piece of toast
Whoever disliked the vid was laughing so hard they missed the like button
Gxbby Peachy
Gxbby Peachy Hace 6 meses
“NIPPLE FLOWERS” 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t-
Fabiola Hace 6 meses
Ok Iowa
King The bunny
King The bunny Hace 7 meses
Omg.. I so want to do this with my brother and boyfriend
Niki Ashtari
Niki Ashtari Hace 7 meses
Me a girl still not knowing half the stuff
Zara Day
Zara Day Hace 7 meses
🤣🤣🤣Josh just calling her out every time 🤣🤣LMAO Abbies laugh 😆
Delaney Collaro
Delaney Collaro Hace 7 meses
he rlly said Jeffrey Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eli Fogel
Eli Fogel Hace 7 meses
cansu eser
cansu eser Hace 7 meses
You are the best couple ever 💜 love you so much 😘
Anaitra Savadi
Anaitra Savadi Hace 7 meses
I'm OBSESSED with the intro. Like the wedding intro, yall are the cutest!!💞💞
Single Squad
Single Squad Hace 7 meses
omg she is actually so gorgeous
Jolie Hace 7 meses
“It’s a blend egg... a blend tool... it’s a blend sponge... beauty ball... BEAUTY BLENDER!” 🤣
rose peruach
rose peruach Hace 7 meses
i love your guys's videos
daniela &zoe channel
🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 i like your tiktok video
Lil J
Lil J Hace 7 meses
LOL The fact that he was way off on some of them!!!
Maya Daniel
Maya Daniel Hace 7 meses
Not gonna lie I didnt even know some of these 😂😂😂
Kirsten Sarmiento
Kirsten Sarmiento Hace 7 meses
it's the "nipple flowers" for me😂✌🏻 I LOVE YOU BOTH 💖
Pranay Fartyal
Pranay Fartyal Hace 7 meses
Great guy herbert anything he cant think of he says 'period'!!!
Onikia Brown
Onikia Brown Hace 7 meses
I love your smile Abby it is so cute and you and josh are so cute together❤️😍😊😘🥰
AKRITI MISHRA Hace 7 meses
Molly Thorner
Molly Thorner Hace 7 meses
No one: Absolutely no one: Josh: e-O-s
Randy Rivadeniera
Randy Rivadeniera Hace 7 meses
its the "Jeffrey charles" for me😂
Macy Barnes
Macy Barnes Hace 7 meses
I've watched this like 5 times now and I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣
Jaylee Vlogs
Jaylee Vlogs Hace 7 meses
P Giles
P Giles Hace 7 meses
The name of the yellow is called Bee
Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert Hace 7 meses
I can’t pore vacuum as Taking away milk 😂
LukyCashh Hace 8 meses
the smooth filter ;-;
LOL KHI0E Hace 8 meses
Every time she laughs it sounds like she’s on mute hahah😂😂 love u guys 💕💕
Neretia Fabricius
Neretia Fabricius Hace 8 meses
You guys are the best you tubers in the world
Kayana Dyjas
Kayana Dyjas Hace 8 meses
They do have those silicone clear things that go in your bra
Matteo Placido
Matteo Placido Hace 8 meses
Josh don’t look at the cement talking to Abby but do a prank on Josh that you lock the door and you fainted
Rori's Kitchen
Rori's Kitchen Hace 8 meses
in every video josh always says he grew up with 2 sisters
Rori's Kitchen
Rori's Kitchen Hace 8 meses
i think your next video should be swapping clothes for a week or doing each others house chores for the day
Ja'Niya Solomons
Ja'Niya Solomons Hace 8 meses
Ja'Niya Solomons
Ja'Niya Solomons Hace 8 meses
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Hace 8 meses
a prince working out push her in. The. pole. my name. is Kendall. smith
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Hace 8 meses
hi have a good day.
Ella Mcghee
Ella Mcghee Hace 8 meses
Ella Mcghee
Ella Mcghee Hace 8 meses
I saw you guys on it TikTok
H Pfnister
H Pfnister Hace 8 meses
At least he knew that pads and panty liners stuck to your underwear, and not your body! ive seen a couple where the guy thinks it sticks to your body! bahahahaha
rudra pratap
rudra pratap Hace 8 meses
You both are hilarious 💜👐
Kirsty Buxton
Kirsty Buxton Hace 8 meses
Josh is a James Charles sister
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