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7 feb 2019






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Charlie Scene
Charlie Scene Hace 4 horas
If I ever acted like these kids my mom would go BALLISTIC on me
Ritzy Q
Ritzy Q Hace 5 horas
Omg that service dog video was shot in newmarkets upper canada mall I live right next to it
Gunnar oyster
Gunnar oyster Hace 10 horas
There are programs in Africa where people pay to kill dangerous animals that are too dominant. That also funds farms and people to protect people and animals.
George Krashos
George Krashos Hace 11 horas
Mini does storytelling so well
Error Glitch
Error Glitch Hace 17 horas
I’m so tired but I want to watch all his videos
Archie Mason
Archie Mason Hace 19 horas
2:22 what it feels like to chew 5 gum
Kaden Kauffman
Kaden Kauffman Hace 19 horas
If you want to see some really annoying white privileged is America watch r/EnititeledParents
Zachary Prem
Zachary Prem Hace 19 horas
What if it’s legal hunting?
Sarie is so cute I screamed.
Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens Hace 19 horas
It’s so relaxing listening to these I wish mini streamed this type of stuff
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Hace 20 horas
How did this get monetised
Sondre Breivik
Sondre Breivik Hace 21 un hora
I fall asleep to this
GodHDPLayzHD Hace un día
Maybe I should start cussing to relief stress
RoboBear 913
RoboBear 913 Hace un día
Common sense is more like rare sense now
I am Sansable
I am Sansable Hace un día
Holy freak, im mad wtf
Blake theJag
Blake theJag Hace un día
7:56 is anyone feeling sorry for dem headphones lately? I just wondering.
RedWolf25 Gaming
RedWolf25 Gaming Hace un día
Also, what has society come to
shibe jitsu
shibe jitsu Hace un día
MattMan Studios
MattMan Studios Hace 2 días
Dude that game story.... Wow I'm speechless.
GamingExpert958 Hace 2 días
Mini Ladd: 5:36 Hunters: But I like hunting :(
The Gamers Pledge Edward
i love mini's gesture xD
Rachael Park
Rachael Park Hace 2 días
Poodle McNoodle... I DoNT NeED YoUr EnTiTLed PARent CAbDoOdLE
definit fly
definit fly Hace 2 días
Wow u can read
SleepyRBLX Hace 3 días
0:00 -0:09 im dying 😂
Levi Ellis
Levi Ellis Hace 3 días
I ghily doubt these parents discipline any of theses kids
Scittle Skits
Scittle Skits Hace 3 días
I love how entitled parents don’t get their kids anything but they think their kids can do whatever they want and take stuff from whoever they want
Lucky Tatom
Lucky Tatom Hace 4 días
He my favorite ESvid and he's really funny
Marttin Roos
Marttin Roos Hace 4 días
at 3:09 he says sammie
Spamboi01 0
Spamboi01 0 Hace 4 días
im so pissed 6:24
Benjamin Burd
Benjamin Burd Hace 4 días
7:58 perfect voice
Aljuri A
Aljuri A Hace 5 días
First 10 seconds and I'm ConFuSeD
yeah randoms
yeah randoms Hace 5 días
Alvaro H
Alvaro H Hace 5 días
Incoming "may i talk to your manager"
metal dragon45
metal dragon45 Hace 5 días
Why does saries dad look like wildcat and jigglypanda combined
Ginga Ninja0308
Ginga Ninja0308 Hace 5 días
best you tuber
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez Hace 5 días
Aaaaaaaaaand this vid got demonetized
Stay puft Vlogs
Stay puft Vlogs Hace 6 días
His em voice sounds like best in class’s mom voice
First Name Last Name
That last one was amazing
Brotato Chiip
Brotato Chiip Hace 7 días
It’s legal to record someone without consent it’s just frowned upon
James Stanley
James Stanley Hace 7 días
As entertaining as this is, all these Reddit stories are reeeeeeeally hard to believe. It feels like they're all 90% exaggerated.
WOLF PUNCH Hace 7 días
Way to funny loved it
No one
No one Hace 8 días
20:39 it's batman
Lovely Confusion
Lovely Confusion Hace 8 días
Love this(:
asia asia
asia asia Hace 8 días
If you try to take my game I will get pissed real quick and start snatching wigs
CrAzY Canadian
CrAzY Canadian Hace 8 días
Are you vegan?
Generalzhup The great
These people make me angry
The unicorn Queen
The unicorn Queen Hace 9 días
*steriotypical pubesent teen voice with voice cracks and all that good stuff* HiPiTy HoPiTy My ChILd DeSeRvEs YoUr PrOpErTy
Nettikiusaaja Hace 9 días
I love dogs
[REDACTED] Hace 10 días
A 6" blade never loses reception
Loganto Gaming
Loganto Gaming Hace 10 días
what about hunting?
Lisa Negel
Lisa Negel Hace 10 días
Moooore, puweeeese Edited : xD
skulls 2
skulls 2 Hace 10 días
How bout you get off your high hores Missy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
am i relevant
am i relevant Hace 11 días
*Then i unhooked her* Me: OH SHIEET THEY MESSED UP NOW
Logan Burriss
Logan Burriss Hace 11 días
Lol 22:00
pigkilla8 /GD and other things
5:43-5:45 thats how my dad talks sometimes XD
ZHEE_ZHEE Hace 12 días
About to be stereotypical but im american and so is my 12 gague and if you hurt my dog you'll be part ametican if u get what im saying
Decoy. Hace 12 días
Can we talk about y Craig is using light mode on Reddit, THERE'S A SPECIAL PLACE HELL 4 U!
CryptoFiddle70 Hace 12 días
If this video gets 10 more dislikes, it'll be DEMONitized *Current dislikes 656
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie Hace 13 días
That last story my brother and my best friend watched together, my best friend, not my brother, said she needs some Barbara,(my grandmother)
Conner Bassett
Conner Bassett Hace 13 días
What about hunting
Aidan Stevens
Aidan Stevens Hace 13 días
I did not expect storytime with mini
Cringey Cameron
Cringey Cameron Hace 13 días
What about hunting
Chungas Chungas
Chungas Chungas Hace 13 días
17:12 rugby is amazing
Niccole Drinkwine
Niccole Drinkwine Hace 13 días
Wait what about hunting?
Mason Zirnheld
Mason Zirnheld Hace 14 días
Drizzy D
Drizzy D Hace 14 días
7:09 "You are recording without my consent!" "Absolutely" I'm dying!! lmfao
MrPenguinsCanada Hace 15 días
holy shit that story was long, but i loved it
Robert Morris
Robert Morris Hace 15 días
Kids these days are such brats.
joshua benesh
joshua benesh Hace 15 días
15:00 thats creepy
ShadeSlayer562 562
ShadeSlayer562 562 Hace 15 días
*L E A R N R E S P E C T*
Hunter Kulseth
Hunter Kulseth Hace 15 días
dat boi
dat boi Hace 15 días
were you sponserd by peta
Chris Hace 15 días
yo wanna come to kelly’s with us mate
Kyurem The frozen
Kyurem The frozen Hace 16 días
what happins if your hunting
TheMadGod346 Hace 16 días
7:58 that was beautiful mini
Salty McGinger
Salty McGinger Hace 17 días
Brayden Brinkman
Brayden Brinkman Hace 17 días
I love hunting tho
Lucasmulberg03 Hace 17 días
I wonder how people can think like this and behave like that in public without thinking about anything, it's just like they have their whole own world they live in.
boss Brown
boss Brown Hace 17 días
Not this sheet again
DaNk Ayden
DaNk Ayden Hace 17 días
Sibling issues with mom involved 15:53
Robsta05 Hace 17 días
It kinda occurred to me at around 3:10-3:14 he said Sami and not sarie
D1NAM1T3 TUB3R Hace 17 días
Staticmeteor776 ,
Staticmeteor776 , Hace 17 días
Why was I born in this era
JAHAMES 13 Hace 17 días
These comments 😂😂😂
MR. JAZBEARfilms Hace 18 días
12:54 DIO!!!
Fallingveil R.
Fallingveil R. Hace 18 días
Wow lol, you made my day mini
Billy Connolli
Billy Connolli Hace 18 días
KipperBomb2 Hace 18 días
12:54 ITS ME DIO!!!!!!
Troublemonkey Hace 18 días
It’s funny when people think they know their rights
Jordan D
Jordan D Hace 18 días
Dang mini thos headphones be dank
Kiefer Vardy
Kiefer Vardy Hace 18 días
Is mini Ladd crying!?
Ashton Friedrich
Ashton Friedrich Hace 18 días
tungly0524 btw pls dont hack me, OH YEAH YEAH
Hippity hoppity, my child deserves your *IPAD*
Super Brainz
Super Brainz Hace 16 días
Hippity Hoppity This Comment Ain’t Your Property
Robert Badilla
Robert Badilla Hace 18 días
What if we are hunters hmm
Ingrid Lopez
Ingrid Lopez Hace 18 días
You know killers started killing and hurting animals when they were kids. It's been proven that it's a trait that most killers had when they were kids. Hope those kids get help, and I stay away from them. I dont want to die.
Ninjaguy MC
Ninjaguy MC Hace 18 días
You thought it was bus driver one, but it was me, 12:54!
YOLOBOY 34455 Hace 18 días
mini sounds very american does anyone else hear it
Hotrest Hace 19 días
Saries owner looked like wildcat
Noah Hace 19 días
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