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13 mar 2019






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anxiety artist animations
This is just nuclear revenge deep fried. XD Edit: I smiled so wide when this got pinned and hearted, you have no idea what this means to me 😃 thank you! I love your videos so much!!! 😃😃😃
Keaton0801 Hace 6 meses
@The Drunken Dragon we even deep fry ice cream. I don't know how they do that without it melting but they do.
Some Cancerous Gamer
or deep fried supernova revenge
The Drunken Dragon
The Drunken Dragon Hace 6 meses
americans, deep frying everything..
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 6 meses
Haha awesome! Thanks so much for the kind words 😊💙
anxiety artist animations
@Salty Reddits omg senpai noticed me 😲
Sami Seppänen
Sami Seppänen Hace un mes
Nice video.
SH4D0WZ3R0 Hace un mes
where did you get the outro it's so retro I love it
María Carro
María Carro Hace un mes
Wow,salty,my friend,at 6:53 you said fried chicken but there said FRIEND chicken,just...to let you know...
BIGDAWG 91331 Hace 2 meses
7:27 he works at Popeyes?
BIGDAWG 91331 Hace 2 meses
Oh blaze pizza (first story) build your pizza place its good
Wes Prang
Wes Prang Hace 4 meses
Pizza: You only do that if you want them to never come back. And he wasn't that bad. Just insulting. Take the insults out, and it goes like this: C: "Excuse me, I'm next." E: "Sorry, sir. I'll start yours right away." C: "Can you use fresh dough, please?" E: "Of course, sir." C: "And extra garlic, please?" E: "You want extra garlic? Oh, you'll get EXTRA, EXTRA EXTRA garlic!"
KingAdrock420 Hace 5 meses
Funny thing is I would have LOVED that super garlic pizza.
Eric Clarke
Eric Clarke Hace 5 meses
How many scoops can a scooper scoop if a scooper could scoop scoops?
Nerobyrne Hace 5 meses
joke's on that pizza guy, there is no such thing as "too much garlic"
Erin Bliss
Erin Bliss Hace 5 meses
Loose and lose.
Aventuro Hace 5 meses
Aw man, this made me super hungry too. I think I'll go get myself some breakyfast now. ;)
Necrodead Hace 5 meses
I love the response when the guy tells her she is a huge liar: 'fine'
Yeet Yeet2
Yeet Yeet2 Hace 5 meses
You said 'scooped 7 times
tcdahn7 Hace 5 meses
Malicious Compliance created potato chips.
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
For real, "Don't bite the hand tht feeds you". My dad was rude to the server lady at a restraint once. Turns out she spit in my drink. I spit it put freaking out flirting at like 7. Ya she got fired but that was f*cking disgusting.
Alexander Eliassen09122002
First one is mod
Unknownize ezinwonknU
I love garlic pizza, lets see what all this is about.
Terra Chase
Terra Chase Hace 5 meses
The last one is classic. I swear some people
Gavin Insert last name her
Whoah number one I love garlic pizza
TasteFulCash365 Hace 6 meses
I love that you read the smaller stories a lot of people dont read the shorter ones
Keaton0801 Hace 6 meses
Believe it or not the invention of the Potato Chip (Crisps in UK) was actually a result of malicious compliance. There was a chef who was making crinkle cut fries (chips in UK) fresh for a customer. The customer kept on sending them back becuase they weren't crispy, salty, and thin enough. It happened enough times where the chef purposely tried to make the customer disgusted, he made the slices so thin they were almost transparent and costed them with a ton of salt. He sent them to the customer who actually liked them, thus the chef put them on his menu and the potato chip (crisp in UK) was born. EDIT: I think the chefs name was Frito Lay, I may be wrong. If that name sounds familiar, it should be.
Robert Pennington
Robert Pennington Hace 6 meses
Guy from ice cream shop - Now I want one of those Giant Scoops or two, hehehe
Robert Pennington
Robert Pennington Hace 6 meses
Now I want chicken to - though KFC instead of the wicked Z's place
The Pandagasm
The Pandagasm Hace 6 meses
Man i love your channel, out of all the reddit channels ive seen you actually put some emotion unlike other channels ive seen. +1 Keep it up man!
Diego Jackson
Diego Jackson Hace 6 meses
I love your vid about this and revager so can you pls do more
Robyn Hace 6 meses
That first one is at MOD, I think. Sounds like a situation Brandon was in
platapusdemon Hace 6 meses
These are absolutely excellent
XtractChuno2 Hace 6 meses
AS I was watching the end part I was eating some chicken
Raven Fox
Raven Fox Hace 6 meses
I stopped working retail..........because I'm too pretty for death row.
Rang Bloodrayne
Rang Bloodrayne Hace 6 meses
Sounds like the cases I hear at other restaurants
coralspider93 Hace 6 meses
Entitled chicken: “Did you just ASSUME you could eat my DRUMSTICK?! THAT’S ILLEGAL!”
Karina Hace 6 meses
What if the asshole customer actually liked the garlic pizza?
olive oil
olive oil Hace 6 meses
I kinda wanna start doing videos again any ideas
NieMonD Hace 6 meses
*S A L T Y*
Cephalon IO
Cephalon IO Hace 6 meses
if i was that ice cream kid i will say "You underestimate my power!!!!"
Melkior Wiseman
Melkior Wiseman Hace 6 meses
And handing it to him: "Still much to learn have you!" :)
John Stehlik
John Stehlik Hace 6 meses
Ark Extinction as the background?
I’m_A_Fungi Hace 6 meses
ESvid said this was uploaded 4 minutes ago comments are from 3 freaking days ago
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 6 meses
ESvid is broken haha
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Hace 6 meses
There is no such thing as "Too Much Garlic". :-)
森aki Hace 6 meses
lol i also work at a build your own pizza place and whenever i get customers who are really rude & ask for ALL the toppings i put extra jalapenos and hot peppers on UNDER the rest of the toppings so they cant take them out
Presto Hace 6 meses
malicious? more like delicious!
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 Hace 6 meses
Second story: The Ice Cream Hero we need but don't always have.
Voltorb1993 Hace 6 meses
I could never understand how people can be so rude to clerks in shops. Whenever I am shopping for anything, I try to be polite and respectful. You know. like my parents tought me. Whenever I create an inconvienience (like taking a bit longer to find my money, for example) I apoligise... like, why are these people rude towards other people that are only doing their jobs. Does it really makes them feel good to ruin somebody else's day or cause trouble to other people. It just escapes me.
von Hindenburg
von Hindenburg Hace 6 meses
I am pretty sure I would enjoy the garlic pizza still.
raven dark heart
raven dark heart Hace 6 meses
people always seem to forget never being a dick to those who are handling your food
D 123
D 123 Hace 6 meses
When i see the people struggling to make the dough a perfect circle i tell them don't worry about it
EXcentriX Hace 6 meses
...Mistakes raw dough for the final, baked pizza... Facepalm Time.
Josh Womble
Josh Womble Hace 6 meses
Hey selfie my name is Josh I have an idea four level four black hole Revenge! . . Because nothing escapes from a black hole not like nothing from the gravity well think about it let me know what you think hit me back on here bro long time listener keep up the good work
Mateo Kunzer
Mateo Kunzer Hace 6 meses
Tbh id eat that garlic pizza
Zachplaysgames Hace 6 meses
Don't brake things u can't buy and don't judge a book for its cover 😂🤣🤣🤣
Taeyong’s Brokenlightstick
3psilon Officer
3psilon Officer Hace 6 meses
Everyone saying they got a heart... STOP LYING! You don't have a heart next to your name.
Pastelescence Hace 6 meses
Will putting salt into ice cream make it melt slower or faster?
Spectre Hace 6 meses
I now have a craving for a Texas Chicken small wrap...
HyMiNameIsTyler Hace 6 meses
I believe you should have ark as your background for every video... we all know it has the saltiest players
Silber Wölfin
Silber Wölfin Hace 6 meses
friend chicken
beach shibe
beach shibe Hace 6 meses
6:50 you mean friend chicken
greanstreak04 Hace 6 meses
How much scoop could a scooper scoop if a scooper could scoop ice cream?
Stephan Ginther
Stephan Ginther Hace 6 meses
So when I was little, I lived on a corner with a drug store across the street. The main employee for the place was a WW2 veteran with a missing arm. He was a tank driver in the war and he never said how he lost his arm. I don't know if my father witnessed this or heard the story but this is what happened. Two men walk in with a gun, point it at him and demand the cash from the register. Now the old man was in war, he said he knows the look in the eye of a man who can or can not actually pull the trigger. This guy can't. So he says, "No." robber 1 smacks the register with the gun and yells, "I'm not joking old man, open the register or I will shoot you." to which this cool old man replies, "Go right ahead, as you said I'm old, I've had a good life." and smiles at the man. robber two shouts, "Just shoot him and be done." Robber 1 looks horrified and exclaims to robber 2, "Dude, I just want some extra money, I don't want to go to prison for *murder* " and the two robbers start arguing. While they are shouting at each other, the old man pulls a baseball bat from under the counter. knocks the gun out of robber 1's hand and puts a good dent in the sides of each of their heads. Now as he only had one arm, this didn't knock them out, but it dazed them. The old man walks from behind the counter and starts waylaying the two robbers smacking their legs and basically anything that sticks out. The half dazed robbers crawl-run out, get in their car, peal off and rear end a police car....sigh, justice.
Stephan Ginther
Stephan Ginther Hace 6 meses
@🍌 Banana Fish 🐟 Yup, that old man was an awesome badass.
🍌 Banana Fish 🐟
This real?
tosdude Hace 6 meses
This sounds more like an episode of delicious compliance.
Joch Hace 6 meses
This channel is pretty nice, but I do think you should put links to the posts in the description.
Joch Hace 6 meses
@Salty Reddits Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing great and you've earned a new sub.
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 6 meses
Copy that 😊👍
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