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mrralleycat Hace un mes
The cat flap one was funny, but unless it's a custom job it's made up. Almost all interior doors are pre hung. Even if it's not it should be obvious. The door is either right or left hung. The door would open toward the closest wall. This means if the closest wall is to right, then the door is a right hand door. Same way for the left, and it would be a left hand door. Also, the foreman would know he could tell which way to hang it by checking the plans, or looking himself.
dimapez Hace un mes
the one with Mr. Wealthy would end super quick where I live since the law here states that if someone keeps calling you after being told *not* to call you they are guilty of domestic peace harassment & could go to prison for up to two years, the requirements state the harassment needs to be "regular", the thing is in my language "regular" can mean either "frequent" or "at constant intervals", such as say, "every week on Monday", or even "every three months." I had a telemarketer calling me every Monday pushing a magazine on me until I pointed out the pattern of "every Monday" meets the legal definition of domestic peace harassment, that was the last time I heard from that company.
Cathy Chaos404
Cathy Chaos404 Hace un mes
If the same company keeps calling you for FOUR YEARS then why didn't you just block their number?
Essy Chilcutte
Essy Chilcutte Hace un mes
If I'd seen him as a celebrity that kept happening to me I would set the appointment and I would show up at the same time in order to sort it out but also get the benefit of meeting the celebrity like I am so sorry dude but these guys won't stop calling me thinking of you nice to meet you sorry for the interruption
ecstasy.apostasy Hace un mes
I wonder if that first guy also had thugs piss on his rug and had to get a new one.
Itz Nexious
Itz Nexious Hace un mes
The last one was funny af
Mike Bauman
Mike Bauman Hace un mes
Just for your information, Gods last name isn't damnit.
xenon53827 Hace un mes
The vid keeps stopping in the middle of what you are saying and I get adverts in French? Is this a fault at my end?
pythia cael
pythia cael Hace un mes
The first agent has an excuse of calling the wrong person so he should have notated the address of the wealthy person that the phone # is for another person with the same name and remove the phone number from the system for outbound sales calls. the 2nd up to the supervisor call is the company's fault. the 1st sales agent didn't really remove the phone # from the system and if he can't he should have notated it associated to the wealthy address to avoid calling the wrong person. for them to repeatedly calling the wrong person is incompetent of them. it is very easy to notate to avoid calling him and the supervisor is so stupid because he is NOT LISTENING. good for the #prorevenge - happens to me with a service provider selling postpaid acct holders to telemarketers. i kid you not for how any uninteresting sellers I keep receiving as well as scammers. cancelled that account at the end of contract when provider didn't do something about it so other than blocking unknown numbers, ending the contract with them was sweet. getting prepaid mobile was cheaper and i can control my usage.
Ban K
Ban K Hace un mes
first one.... just block the number what????????????
Xander Kane
Xander Kane Hace un mes
Expensive shop
VanGilder Michael
VanGilder Michael Hace un mes
You would let those wrong number call things go on for a whole year? I bite back on number TWO. ONCE, it could be a harmless mistake. TWICE, I will comply and you most likely will be regretful. I'm not going to break the rules of a regular civilized communication. Like the name of the genera, Malicious Compliance. It is, EXACTLY, what you said. But you don't bite for, a whole year? TWO calls is enough. Exactly, TWO.
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph Hace un mes
Salty, you are an ASSHOLE..... Stop reading all of these food stories LOL. I have gained like 6 lbs just watching your last few videos lol. I have to run out and get some Pizza or Pancakes or Wings or Burgers or now...... Rolls Bahahahahahahahaha.
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace un mes
Anon archist
Anon archist Hace 2 meses
phone books? the hell is a phone book, I'm using cement.
MajorEVEfan Hace 2 meses
The Foreman: I LOVE bosses that do that shit! Every time they do, I pull out a bag of ready-popped popcorn, and... After a bit, look at them and say something like, "Scream at me for as long as you like. I get paid by the hour."
MajorEVEfan Hace 2 meses
Oh, and I just want to say, nice of you to blurt out the profanities. Even tho the print is still plain text :P Nice to know the kids using the webz, who shouldn't hear THOSE words, can't read....
eman hamed
eman hamed Hace 2 meses
how will you open the door *cat flap* from the inside? i hope you put on some handles 😂
NobodyImportant Hace un mes
If he hung it right as a flap there would be a double hinge like on the doors to a resteraunt's kitchen. No trim in the jam so it swings both ways.
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 Hace 2 meses
The first story is just like businesses that won't want to register the fact that their clients have passed away & the relatives wanted to cancel or sign off the business contracts, then keep sending bills or whatever & asked to be connected to the poor deceased people to verify the cancellations themselves, or they won't authorise anything. It's all about money. Fuck souls, but money. Money is the god.
Pogo M
Pogo M Hace 2 meses
Thank you for taking the onus of risking demonetization, in order to directly relay the posts (I'm referring to the inclusion of swear words). And your down to earth commentary (once again, swear words) is a pleasant surprise.
Pogo M
Pogo M Hace 2 meses
After watching further I'm confused; how is "asshole" less severe than "fuck"? Lol
Momo2o17 Hace 2 meses
Do you play ark?
Anima Elisa
Anima Elisa Hace 2 meses
always nice to see a fellow ark player (even i don't play as much anymore)
Momo2o17 Hace 2 meses
You seem like one
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
I have played too much ;)
Michael Dire
Michael Dire Hace 2 meses
Fr though.... Can we find this bakery? Rofl
Jayden Burns
Jayden Burns Hace 2 meses
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Hace 2 meses
"Cat-flap" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Larry TRUELOVE Hace 2 meses
A guy I worked with got calls from a magazine salesman. He said, “Do you have it in Braille?” I don’t know what happened after that.
prodprod Hace 2 meses
So did you put the door knob in the floor?
I'm Purrito
I'm Purrito Hace 2 meses
34$ for 2 fucking pastries? Are you kidding me? You could buy 2 whole cakes for that money
John Rickard
John Rickard Hace 2 meses
LeonGarnet Hace 2 meses
This ones make my day,
Jillian Cook
Jillian Cook Hace 2 meses
Ya'll'dv seen this spider that I saw yesterday almost had a heart attack Edit:me being a dyslexic bum
Anthony Picklesimer
Anthony Picklesimer Hace 2 meses
The cat flap is fking amazing
Sun Jara
Sun Jara Hace 2 meses
9:30 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Will Urban
Will Urban Hace 2 meses
If that carpenter story happened in Australia, we might have worked for the same foreman.
Maji Desu
Maji Desu Hace un mes
Will Urban I feel like okay Australians really say “rocked up”
GachaRose124 :D
GachaRose124 :D Hace 2 meses
Conspiracy theory: the FM is a cat DUN DUN DUN
jonathan crane
jonathan crane Hace 2 meses
What a weird way to block out curse words.
Fabian Hace 2 meses
Holy.. this guy managed to not get angry after 4 years of them calling him every ~3 months? Heck, i got angry at the third call. At my own phone company. For wanting to give me free stuff. I told them i dont want or need anything and that i'm happy. The third time i told them that i already said i dont want anything twice and that i would cancel my contract and switch to a different company if i hear as much as a single call from them in the future, unless it was actually something important. Never heard from them again. Otherwise happy with the service, but gosh leave me alone or i'll find someone who does.. it's really not that hard. I'm one easy customer.
Anon Hace 2 meses
Should’ve left a note in the washing machine😂
ShadowStormTTV Hace 2 meses
Where is the background video from?
Neo Nova
Neo Nova Hace 2 meses
You're reading stuff other people wrote, you don't need to throw in your "opinion" to pass the 10 minute mark, just read another story. You will never grow beyond sub 100k because you put no effort or passion into your videos. Good luck.
Bergman Oswell
Bergman Oswell Hace 2 meses
Why do you censor some words, but not other equally objectionable ones? Example, shit and asshole -- you censor shit but not asshole.
Stephen Petit
Stephen Petit Hace 2 meses
Whats with the stupid ass grunting?
Chance Black
Chance Black Hace 2 meses
Telemarketers-I just suddenly don’t speak English and in several accents I say over and over “I’m low English I don’t speak England.” Or I’ll just ask flat out it’s a scam right. They hang up every time.
Chance Black
Chance Black Hace un mes
NobodyImportant 🙃weird. They definitely stop calling and I get new people to troll.
NobodyImportant Hace un mes
That gets them to hang up but it doesn't get them to stop calling. I wish it did but they won't take a number off their calling list unless it is disconnected(even then they probably won't).
KJ Milligan
KJ Milligan Hace 2 meses
I'm literally laughing my *ACHOO ACHOO* off! xD The sneezes over the "Language" hits me every time
Third Eye Specs
Third Eye Specs Hace 2 meses
savage bro
Quenton Riedel
Quenton Riedel Hace 2 meses
I've had foreman like the one in the video, right on that guy for the malicious compliance!
Mr Giggles Alot
Mr Giggles Alot Hace 2 meses
The foreman story reminds me of my experience in a machine shop cutting rebar. I’m fresh out of high school and going straight into the work force. My first day I’m cutting rebar nonstop. I get a different work order and the length I’m supposed to cut it was left blank. I asked my foreman about this to where he replied “You should know this by now” very snobbishly and walked off. So me being the petty kid I was I proceeded to cut a incredibly long piece of rebar into tiny 6” pieces. Needless to say I didn’t work there long haha
Dag Hace 2 meses
$32 for 2 rolls?! Srew that, I don't care how delicious they are! I can go to my local Berres Bros. cafe, and get a delicious roll and 20 oz coffee for about $12.
Alien8you Hace 2 meses
I'm guessing they were one of the rolls that you can have as a meal but yea not gonna get me to pay that.
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Hace 2 meses
2 rolls for $32? even if they are that good I wouldn't pay that unless I'm getting a dozen
Jarrod Hace 2 meses
But they aren't _that good..._ they are _fucking delicious!_
FedoraDog13 Hace 2 meses
At 8:39 the OP sets the stage by explaining that she goes there to get LUNCH for herself and her husband, emphasizing the baked goods. Her total is very close to the total of the couple in front, who also bought lunch for two with pastries. So, itemizing the OP's bill at the end, just to circle back to delicious pastries, is unnecessary.
Tkieron Hace 2 meses
I was wondering about that but thought "ok obviously the owner rung it up wrong on purpose as part of a joke. Adding humor to the previous customer with a well known customer. Then just rerung it for the correct price."
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Hace 2 meses
+FedoraDog13 ok I'll give you that but why would they say the price of the whole meal then with that logic.
FedoraDog13 Hace 2 meses
OP was also getting lunch for two, but figured we only cared about the pastries.
Mimi Sardinia
Mimi Sardinia Hace 2 meses
That bakery sound effin' expensive but then I think of Adriano Zumbo and if it's one like his, it's not so odd.
crispyspa Hace 2 meses
$30 for a couple of rolls? Dude, that really is too much.... And who the hell ends a video with a preposition? 🤣
crispyspa Hace un mes
+Cody Hines pretty much.
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Hace un mes
Well you said the "Video" ended with a preposition so I thought the "Video" was what you meant. Was that a typo?
crispyspa Hace un mes
+Cody Hines talking about the bakery in how much they charge for the rolls @ 10:29
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Hace un mes
"Peace." is not a preposition.
Keith Thornton
Keith Thornton Hace 2 meses
Damn you. I'm working out right now listening and now I want one too
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
Full Plastic Jacket
Full Plastic Jacket Hace 2 meses
Who's worse a-s hole foreman or engineer's?
D64nz Hace 2 meses
That's not a foreman, that's an idiot that has somehow conned his way into the job, but clearly has no idea what he is doing.
Tkieron Hace 2 meses
Nah sounds more like an idiot son of someone in the company. Daddy got him a job. SOOOO many of these.
Nightstream Hace 2 meses
When I buy a house I'm getting a giant cat flap
NelliNightshade Hace 2 meses
i've got cats, therefore have had experience with the fitting of cat flaps. all i can say is - "ask and ye shall receive". hilarious.
Ozelot 117
Ozelot 117 Hace 2 meses
is that a new Micro?? :o
James Miller
James Miller Hace 2 meses
I need a butt flap installed.
Shawna Burt
Shawna Burt Hace 2 meses
"Hang it from the top" has me in forking TEARS!
Katheryn Saunders
Katheryn Saunders Hace 17 días
Me too
Tohfa Walker
Tohfa Walker Hace 2 meses
Shawna Burt same here
djay4487 deved
djay4487 deved Hace 2 meses
that first story is funny maby he should knock on this mr.wealty and make a good friend out of it
Dumac Hace 2 meses
I cannot believe how daft that company is, I mean calling someone for four years with a few months intervall and not getting they got the wrong number. Kinda hilarious how the supervisor seems also like an idiot not getting he got the wrong number all that time. I would gladly listen on that conversation on youtube if the phone recording was leaked lol.
Mini_Squatch Hace 2 meses
Okay okay so i have a story kind of like the first one on here I kept getting these calls for "duct cleaning" and despite numerous attempts to tell them to stop, that i wasnt a homeowner, that they were just spam calling my cellphone, they wouldnt goddamn stop. So im sitting in the OCUS (off campus university students) lounge and it happens again, so i complain about it. So my friend(?) (we get along well enough, but we're not really friends, just kinda coexist in the same group) says that i should troll them. I reply that i dont really have it in me to do that, but if he wants to, feel free. A few minutes later, and the opportunity shows itself, so i tell him its the spammers, hand him the phone, and we quickly get everyone in the lounge to quiet down. He then spends the next roughly half-hour talking to them, and trolling them by talking about his ducks. As in the waterfowl. We're all there, laughing silently so as not to break the illusion, and hes talking with them with a completely serious voice, and its golden. At one point he asks them how much it would cost to clean his goose and/or his swan. It ends when he gets transferred to whoever the manager of these assholes is, who asks him "are you serious" to which my friend replies "no of course not" to which the telemarketer actually said "fuck you" and hung up. A little later that same day, i got another call, i think from the same people, and let him answer again. They quickly killed the call before he could troll them again and ive never gotten a call since.
Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Wilson Hace 2 meses
Really liked the cat flap door
PhantomFragg Hace 2 meses
OOF, a cat flap!
Andree Jagger
Andree Jagger Hace 2 meses
He scammed the scammer
YouTube lover 15
YouTube lover 15 Hace 2 meses
more more u cant make me laugh and i laughed so hard my stomach aichs
Arabian Memes
Arabian Memes Hace 2 meses
lol just lol
retarded aussie
retarded aussie Hace 2 meses
LOL that catflap must be hilarious in real life! FM: HANG IT ON THE TOP WHY DONT'CHA? CW: no probs bro. consider it done
B F Hace 2 meses
Why stifle your laugh at the people complaining about the price. Laugh in their faces and humiliate the hell out of them. Maybe they will learn something. But probably not. But at least you get the laughs, and that is a healthy thing.
Lisa Kat
Lisa Kat Hace 2 meses
I fear the litter box that matches the cat flap.
Jersey Vegas
Jersey Vegas Hace 2 meses
there are lots of asshole foreman, ive dealt with them as well. sometimes their bosses are assholes too. ive dealt with them as well
james curtis
james curtis Hace 2 meses
$32 for 2 sweet rolls??? sorry- but that is WAY TOO MUCH... are they 2 feet across or what???
shin0bi 272
shin0bi 272 Hace 2 meses
How big are these rolls? Aint no way Im paying 30$ for basically 2 cinnamon rolls
NobodyImportant Hace un mes
At that price it is likely a 9x13 or larger sheet of dough that they load spread the filling onto then fold over. Basically a danish you cut into pieces and put out for meetings or parties.
Ïtż RØ
Ïtż RØ Hace 2 meses
I’m always hungry
Brian Nolan
Brian Nolan Hace 2 meses
sound effect for censoring swears is annoying as hell
Wubba Wubba
Wubba Wubba Hace 2 meses
9:28 This person doesn’t know that woman is singular and women is plural. It’s not a typo, either, as the same mistake is made multiple times.
Wubba Wubba
Wubba Wubba Hace 2 meses
3:30 It’s scary how fucking stupid that supervisor is. But like always, it seems the stupidest person is always the one in charge.
Riesenfriese Hace 2 meses
Wait, 32$ for 2 cake rolls? That IS too much.Where do you live, hollywood hills?
Remina Leighton
Remina Leighton Hace un mes
The OP said they ate lunch with their husband but mainly went for the rolls. So they had a meal for two people and two rolls.
Deborah Young
Deborah Young Hace 2 meses
I know. No way in hell I would pay that much for that junk.
Toastydoom69 Hace 2 meses
Meh. Depends on the size of the cake rolls. My local grocery does medium to large ones for about $12-17 each
Ricardo Harp
Ricardo Harp Hace 2 meses
$16.00 pastries?! WTF?!?!
Captain Lagbeard
Captain Lagbeard Hace 2 meses
"Hang it from the top" "...Ok, you're the boss."
Brandon Kilgore
Brandon Kilgore Hace 9 días
Oh silly me, I'll put it on the bottom next time but turn it sideways now so it looks better. Right Boss?
James Goddard
James Goddard Hace 2 meses
I was asked years ago now to go put up a fence in a field my the estates foreman. I told him I has happy to do it but the field was too wet and I'd get the tractor stuck. Anyway he shouted and told me not to argue and go do it. So I did as I was told. I loaded the trailer and drove into the field where about half way it sunk down to the chassis. Satisfied it was going nowhere I went back to tell of the "accident" . That tractor stayed there for 3 months until we could get on the ground with a digger and pull it out lol
Mike Munoz
Mike Munoz Hace 2 meses
Is it just me but isn't $32 dear for two rolls? How big is a roll in the US?
NobodyImportant Hace un mes
There were probably other items but many bakeries sell party sized danish where it is a large sheet of dough with filling spread on it and folded over. Cut into strips and set out for a meeting or party.
Tkieron Hace 2 meses
Have you ever seen a pillow for a King Sized Mattress? About the same size as those. Usually takes 2-3 people to carry one home.
Fiona Morris
Fiona Morris Hace 2 meses
The cat flap story was a tie with the nigerian prince inheritance story. Hilarious 😂
Michael Weston
Michael Weston Hace 2 meses
10:03 This is why people are at the poverty line, they waste 32 dollars on 2 rolls.
bradwolf07 Hace 2 meses
Is Love to see that cat flap
Casted Gaming
Casted Gaming Hace 2 meses
Oh wow fuck I just said "that's some malicious compliance right there" at 3:30... great timing
FredRated1967 Hace 2 meses
The cat flap story was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂 Oh to be a fly on the wall when he saw that door!
Random Dude
Random Dude Hace 2 meses
For gods sakes, take out the roblox oof
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
I'm sorry so many people enjoy it. I plan on switching it up soon anyways 😂
Sight Beyond Sight
Sight Beyond Sight Hace 2 meses
HOLY FvCK!! That second one... I did something along those lines with one of those Western Union money mule scams and had the guy send me multiple money orders (all fake!!) at serious cost as fed-ex/UPS is not cheap. I kept saying they either didn't show up, or was left out in the rain, was for the wrong amount and that the item was more expensive, etc. The guy had sent 8 of them before he wised up. I checked and the delivery cost was some $23 per. Yeah, I cost that scammer near $200!! Told all my friends and family to do the same were they to be similarly approached!!
Shadow Hace 2 meses
Hi Salty, love your videos man, please never stop making them.
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
Salute 💯✌️💙
Abdullah Nauman
Abdullah Nauman Hace 2 meses
Under appreciated
Foxi! Hace 2 meses
third call tops 1st call is a mistkae 2nd call is maybe a notification error in that company but a third... that's malicious intend.
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison Hace 2 meses
$30 for a couple of sweet rolls? Are they gold plated or something?
John Cochran
John Cochran Hace 2 meses
+I'm Purrito OP just mentioned the pastries she got. But given that OP was familiar with the prices and considered a $30 fee for 2 entrees and pastries that the other ladies got to be reasonable, it's pretty safe to assume that OP also got entrees and pastries as well, but just didn't bother to mention the entrees since they were nothing special.
I'm Purrito
I'm Purrito Hace 2 meses
+John Cochran wait wait, the other ladies got entrees and pastries. OP got just pastries, right?
Deborah Young
Deborah Young Hace 2 meses
+Sight Beyond Sight oure stupidity .
John Cochran
John Cochran Hace 2 meses
Nope. Listen again to the story. We're talking $30 for a couple of entrees and pastries. Not just pastries.
RiorXD Hace 2 meses
She did say they where fucking delicious so im sure its priced right
Celia G
Celia G Hace 2 meses
Now i'm hungry too. Thanks a lot lol
Okay then
Okay then Hace 2 meses
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed Hace 2 meses
is it ok to like your video before I watch it 🤣
negius hegratte
negius hegratte Hace 2 meses
*insert That's illegal meme here*
Alonzo Juarez
Alonzo Juarez Hace 2 meses
I'm watching this at 11pm and that last bit makes me legit want to go out and get some lemon cream cheese rolls, but sadly no place that sells them is open except a 7/11 nearby and I know for a fact that they don't have any in stock right now.
Lee Hace un mes
7/11 don't exactly sell anything which could be compared to bakery food, I don't think I've ever seen actual real food in 7/11 even once
yuyu tutu
yuyu tutu Hace 2 meses
and this is why americans are so fat
dragon bane
dragon bane Hace 2 meses
you know I could use a human-sized cat-flap where do I hire this builder?
Orange Flame
Orange Flame Hace 5 días
Most human sized cat-flaps are still hung on the side. You see them mostly in restaurant kitchen entrances. They are those doors that have no latch and can be pushed open from either side, have that bumper thing on the bottom, and then swing back to middle to be "closed".
Nappa Bond
Nappa Bond Hace 2 meses
I was thinking the same thing😂
Emerald Queen
Emerald Queen Hace 2 meses
dragon bane, I love your name
Jack Mick
Jack Mick Hace 2 meses
I swear you sound like the Toonami guy from Adult Swim on Saturdays lol
Patrick Wallis
Patrick Wallis Hace 2 meses
His voice isn't nearly as deep enough.
RiorXD Hace 2 meses
How dare you call him the toonami guy. Tom did so much for us tom 1 died for our sins tom 2 gave us some of the best years. And only knowing it from adult swim.... D:<
Brony Saiyan
Brony Saiyan Hace 2 meses
Mixoqa Lamima, Virtual Maiden
Ooh I'm early
GUY נקש
GUY נקש Hace 2 meses
Sigyn Laufeyson
Sigyn Laufeyson Hace 2 meses
Why those pastries cost fifteen dollars tho
John Cochran
John Cochran Hace 2 meses
They didn't cost fifteen dollars. Listen again to the story. The cost was for an entree and pastry.
Andrew H
Andrew H Hace 2 meses
Most likely getting some to take home for over the weekend.
2019 IONIQ Hybrid
2019 IONIQ Hybrid Hace 2 meses
Salty give me your address I need your house, car, job, family and money.
Tim 57
Tim 57 Hace un mes
....you should wait until he gets a lot more popular on utube...😉
Redassassin8750 Hace 2 meses
Hippity Hoppity give me you’re soul of much will that be
Andrew H
Andrew H Hace 2 meses
+Salty Reddits Are you sure it is not 123 fake street?
2019 IONIQ Hybrid
2019 IONIQ Hybrid Hace 2 meses
+Salty Reddits Nice, Hippity Hopitty your life is my property.
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
My address is 123 Very-Expensive-Street 😂
dR_Vortex Hace 2 meses
My favorite subreddit! Thanks man
Salty Reddits
Salty Reddits Hace 2 meses
Np brother, Enjoy 😀👍
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