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feel free to correct me on my anecdotal understanding of crosswalk physics lol
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19 may 2019

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fresh Hace un mes
How yall doin on this fine evening
Raymond J Taton
Raymond J Taton Hace 26 días
So in Utah with three way intersections like the one in the subdivision story the crosswalk across the main through street will go to walk while the turn signals go to a flashing yellow, just meaning yield to crosswalk or cross traffic.
Raeleene Snider
Raeleene Snider Hace un mes
Half decent
tyler joe
tyler joe Hace un mes
Are you from Texas? How do you know about all the fried chicken restraunts?
Forever Life21
Forever Life21 Hace un mes
Astra Hace un mes
Absolute garbage, thank you for asking
Sarc Aspie
Sarc Aspie Hace 5 días
Cross walk lights and traffic lights can occur simultaneously in some lights. It's stupid, but it happens. I noticed one just the other day. Not truly safe if you ask me, but pedestrian always has right of way if they have a green light to cross, regardless of other traffic lights.
F J Hace 11 días
The fast food story was glorious, fast food managers are the fucking worst
F J Hace 11 días
You confused the SHIT out of me with the crosswalk explanation
TalkingToMyself Hace 13 días
Honestly I understood like 5% of the traffic story and even with some of the comments here I have no fucking idea what is going on. I feel like I should consider getting my driver’s licence.
Joshua Burns-Rivera
Joshua Burns-Rivera Hace 14 días
16:57 Darn it, fresh. Now I want Bojangles but I don't wanna drive an hour or two south just to get it. :(
IXofXIII Hace 19 días
For the record, NYC use to have Church's Chicken. They were located inside of White Castles. But the Church's did disappear, though.
DeathOFFER391 1
DeathOFFER391 1 Hace 19 días
(He said lit) (It be 6:54=lit)
DeathOFFER391 1
DeathOFFER391 1 Hace 19 días
It be 6:54
Oroberus Hace 20 días
The subdivision crossroad thing is definetely working, at least in Germany such a T intersection which combines green light for the walkers with a green light for the subdivision are pretty common and cars just have to wait for the pedastrians to leave the crossing before clearing the crossing. If there are no pedastrians and you jump out of your car, press the button and get back you can indeed just drive a bit later because you gained yourself an additional 'green' which you would not have had otherwise and although it might not be legal or supported it isn't illegal either. It's just a little traffic hack, noone has yet thought about regulating, at least over here. If you'll be seen be a very grunty cop, he might come for you with some bulshit that won't hold up in court but usually the police couldn't care less as you're not only doing nothing illegal but you're not even putting someone in harm with it. It doesn't even count as 'Avoiding a red light be taking a turn' or something like that, as you are not avoiding any red lights :D
Clash Bluelight
Clash Bluelight Hace 20 días
hoa can't single out someone to apply a rule to. if caught doing so they must completely remove the rule. if they refuse they could face fines. i would say it's not evn a hard court case, but that would be a lie. you don't even have to go to court. just send a letter and it will be automatically resolved. this guy could have easily and legally solved his problem in another, less disputable, way if he'd focused his research on their application of the rule rather than the rule itself. that's u.s. law for ya!
Aladdin Hace 20 días
In Australia, crosswalks only stop traffic on that street, however, perpendicular streets can still go EVEN IF UR CROSSING and its really dumb but perfectly legal.
shad0wniy Hace 21 un día
at the beginning of a cycle a cross walk extends the amount of time by 5-30 secs(it is dependent of the length of road and avg walking speed) as it keeps the red light red for the allot time for any peds to cross and after the count down the green light turns yellow and then red at witch point the light that was red then become green, it can be observed by simply heading down to any intersection and watching the ped sign count down. some places have an auto ped system witch keeps the ped sign in tune with the traffic cycle as the normal means of increasing the amount of time the light stays green can and will cause a traffic build up on car heavy roads as just having the green light remain green for just a few extra seconds causes a traffic build up over time and wont be fully realized until a breaking point
Nyte Gaming
Nyte Gaming Hace 24 días
Nobody cares about your cross walk explanation, u just wasted 30 seconds of my time
Noor Girl
Noor Girl Hace 24 días
Fedora Fedora Fedora Man
Green Bean
Green Bean Hace 25 días
Skippity Skoppity I want to be your property
Zodical Hace 25 días
If that’s happened in aus (with the traffic lights story) it would allow you to turn but normally you need to wait for the pedestrians
Srta.TacoMal Hace 25 días
Fresh (bless his aesthetic heart) is probably assuming the stoplights are arrows, which is where his logic gets messed up. The stoplights are likely two normal green circles, not a left and right green arrow. Fresh's logic is that pedestrian lights shouldn't turn white on a green arrow that intersects them, since white pedestrian lights and green arrow both indicate right-of-way. If you drop the assumption that they're arrows (it's unlikely they're arrows since this is a small street with little to no pedestrians), OP's story is fine. Pedestrian lights can be white on a green circle stoplight, because green circle doesn't mean right-of-way (ergo left turners have to yield to pedestrians).
Masta Theif
Masta Theif Hace 25 días
I don't think it's chickfilla, because chickfilla takes their restaurants seriously.
Dylan Rourke
Dylan Rourke Hace 27 días
Pressing the crosswalk button for the main road side will lengthen the light, not only adding time for "pedestrians" but for the cars also. As far as I know, it isn't illegal for someone to press the crosswalk button to lengthen their time.
Grey Aria
Grey Aria Hace 27 días
Home Owner's Associations are cancer.
Liggliluff Hace 28 días
(7:30) Why are you ignoring that only the crosswalk on the right (on your image) is green, and the left is red? Then left turning from the sideroad, and right turning on the left main road is allowed.
Rachel Hetrick
Rachel Hetrick Hace 29 días
So from what the OP said his crosswalk is rarely used so is someone were to get out pand ush the button, get back in the car, they're light would turn green and the major street lights will turn red because nobody is Crossing on the crosswalk they don't have to worry about hitting pedestrians. So essentially they're faking out the crosswalk system. It actually makes perfect sense.
Rogerina Taylor
Rogerina Taylor Hace 29 días
No one: Literally no one: Fresh: explains the mathematics of a perpendicular pedestrian crosswalk
Liggliluff Hace 28 días
Although he did fail as he didn't think of every variation of it. But he did a good try, and he was open to other suggestions. Fresh is a good ESvidr :)
Jirik Smutny Junior
nonono ..... when its like this .... * with the street * when you press the button on the main street, the side street cars and the crossing pedestrians can go both ..... but the side street cars have to wait untill the pedestrians cross ..... so if there are no pedestrians ... the car can just go
Amelia Murtagh
Amelia Murtagh Hace un mes
What side of the road are they diving on?
AnimeWasAMistake Hace un mes
Quw Hace un mes
you are correct about the cycle reset think of it like this. going horizontal from the diagram you showed us that would show us that there is one button per light that being said those buttons work opposite of the current light.
Friend of Nature
Friend of Nature Hace un mes
For the crosswalk one, it could be that it’s in a place that drives on the left.
Wambatly Da_Boss
Wambatly Da_Boss Hace un mes
Hey everyone join the mc server play.tridentcraftmc.com! Use code Fresh at checkout for 50% off.
Hwang Hyunjin_SKZ
Hwang Hyunjin_SKZ Hace un mes
At least in my town, if your press the cross walk button, the turning cars can still go
Morgan Shelton
Morgan Shelton Hace un mes
In the second story. It does happen if you need to turn left the walking sign is green it's a green circle. So it does happen and that is possible
Luminoxie Hace un mes
Actually that traffic mapping would work if you play it by a different state, for example Australia. We drive on the opposite sides of the roads (as well as upside down) and due to that, left turners would have to stop and give way, whilst right turners would wait for the light, and the cross walks do lengthen times greatly.
denvera1g1 Hace un mes
There is a light in the center of my town easy west is a major road and is a highway on either side of the city, north south is also technically a highway but almost no one uses that to pass though my town all directions have 4 lanes plus a central turn lane and a right turn slip lane the north and southbound road would narrow into a single lane for north and south with a shared turn lane in roughly 1/2 a block(a full block for us but i think we have half block segments for most of our street layout), Now this light used to be green east west for about 1-5 minutes depending on traffic and time of day., and then northbound would go green for about 10 seconds and unless everyone was on it and used both the left and right lanes to go strait then not everyone made it, then southbound would go this light wasnt as bad because it had about 15 seconds but it did often not get everyone through, roughly 2 years ago they made a change to lengthen the lights for north and south because people were running the lights and literally flooring it to allow everyone behind though, I personally would use the right straight lane which was usually empty, floor it to get ahead of the first person in the left lane, and then merge left before my lane ended, sometimes i couldnt get ahead and was forced to turn right but at least i got through the light
denvera1g1 Hace un mes
And yes, if people were trying to cross in the cross walk it held the light for at least 30 seconds
Blake Falone
Blake Falone Hace un mes
Highly doubtful that restaurant was Chick-Fil-a, as they stated they train managers for all around the globe and CFA only operates in the US and a bit in Canada as of now.
terry Burnett
terry Burnett Hace un mes
I'm curious to know what happened to the roommate and brother, after OP left.
Maxo11x Hace un mes
it would work if the crosswalks had an island in the middle of the crosswalk, splitting the two lanes. This can be used to stop the oncoming traffic, OR on one side as they then turn right into free traffic.
Martijn Riepma
Martijn Riepma Hace un mes
The traffic problem is probably in the netherlands/Europe
Noah R.
Noah R. Hace un mes
for the one about crossing its actualy rare for pressing the button to do anything now in this day and age, though cars are allowed to turn onto crosswalks im just not sure about this situation seems fishy
yos megabot
yos megabot Hace un mes
Podential petestrians
kylelee1911 Hace un mes
For new Mexican roads the crosswalk crossing time extends the turning green lights for the road going the same direction as you have to wait for pedestrians for turning before making a turn thus with no actual pedestrians you get the longer time of 30 ish seconds in the turn cycle to allow more cars to move
What's there to understand? You get out of your car. Hit the button to cross directly forward of your position. Then your light turns green and you can go.
Uhhh Eggs.
Uhhh Eggs. Hace un mes
i love the scrap neon in the thumbnail yes
lcceo22 Hace un mes
My guess is Cane's?
vike Hace un mes
Turn on red on right is allowed
IcedLance Hace un mes
Fresh can't into crosswalks. If one crosswalk is green that doesn't mean the parallel one is green as well.
Vivian Noah
Vivian Noah Hace un mes
my driving instructor told me that as long as there wasn’t a sign telling you how long you could park, you could park there indefinitely.
Quarnozian Hace un mes
6:35 Across america traffic traveling in the same direction as the pedestrians has a green light. It's somewhat rare to see an all-way stop pedestrian crossing. Usually only in downtown of major cities.
Quarnozian Hace un mes
6:56 OP stated there are *no pedestrians.* People hop out of their car to hit the pedestrian button, then hop back in the car. Since the system *thinks* there are people crossing, it stays green longer to give the people and traffic enough time to make it through the intersection.
Jenn Griffith
Jenn Griffith Hace un mes
You're overthinking the crosswalk situation. In my area, crosswalk times are thirty seconds for pedestrians to cross safely (countdown numbers appear on the crosswalk light) and then an extra ten seconds for cars. If the OP's traffic light situation is similar, they get a full thirty-five to forty second light, because there are never pedestrians at this intersection, as OP mentioned.
The Squad For The win
At 7:11 I’ll give what happens where I live So basically there is a white line just before the cross walk and underneath it is a sensor so if it wasn’t picking up sensors anywhere else it would just let the light stay green
Sawta Hace un mes
For the crosswalk story: One single lane leaving the subdivision, not two. (There isn't enough physical space for two cars to be beside one another.) The crosswalk is likely to the *right* of the subdivision, not to the left, mine is setup this way. Also, not sure about their timer situation, but with mine, during non-peak, non-daylight hours, the pedestrian button gets "on demand" access due to the distance they need to travel to get across. That is, the main roads lights are typically green for a very long cycle, but as soon as the pedestrian button is pressed, it triggers a yellow/red light cycle so pedestrians can cross. This also means that the light just so happens to change in our subdivisions favour, although our situation isn't nearly as bad as what was described.
Make-Trix Hace un mes
Earned a sub. Love the commentary
justynskates Hace un mes
You push the cross walk button to go cross the street in the y direction. It turns the x direction street lights red quicker and leaves the y direction green longer to allow for the pedestrians
Sir Darcy
Sir Darcy Hace un mes
Oh yo that chick-fil-a is totally right by me
SonSauvage Hace un mes
Cookout sustained me in college and I have fond memories but let's be honest bro...it's gutter food
meoka2368 Hace un mes
Let's use your image for the crosswalk story. If the crosswalk was to the east and was north/south running, then hitting the button would give red lights to the right turning northbound traffic, as well as the east and west bound traffic on the main street. It would, however, give a green light for the left turning northbound lane (the one that is getting backed up) if there was no crosswalk on the west side of the intersection.
Ferb Cosplay
Ferb Cosplay Hace un mes
this channel is so much better than rslash, rslash's voice is annoying and the different voices are unnecessary because i just wanna listen to the story. youre just chill, so much better to listen to. you also realise that this content is low effort seeing as its just reading, so i love how you attempt to spice it up with the explainatiom of the traffic lights. but not rslash, he gives his unfunny thoughts and moves on.
CAPT CT2626-34
CAPT CT2626-34 Hace un mes
Do r/cursedcomments!
David Liu
David Liu Hace un mes
11:32 I think they might have ment 45 minutes closer, not 45 miles
Andrea Cane
Andrea Cane Hace un mes
I like how Fresh explains things. It's very helpful, and I do like to understand a situation.
littlefootfeet Hace un mes
6:58 I had to lol because that actually is how crosswalks work in some countries. Pedestrians crossing and cars turning over said crosswalk at the same time.
Ryan Aiken
Ryan Aiken Hace un mes
Little late, but traffic signal tech here: crosswalk buttons do reset the cycle of lights on MOST intersections. If it is pressed on the right hand side (when facing the main road that runs perpendicular to the side road) it will cause the green light for that road to be longer, which gives both the pedestrians time to cross as well as have time for cars to wait for pedestrians to cross and make it through the light. A lot of intersections work off of different timing for crosswalks/light cycles, but the generality for crosswalks is they usually have superiority over moving traffic.
Nick F
Nick F Hace un mes
For the crosswalk, OP said that "nearly everybody turns left" and "even if you want to turn right". That doesn't necessarily mean it's a three way intersection. Perhaps it's a four way that simply goes into another development on the other side. Thus there would be no reason for the vast majority of people leaving one subdivision to enter the other.
TheAnonymousGuy Hace un mes
Play a little Devil's Advocate I can kind of see the scammers point of view because if Opie's dad just knew rather than actually checking it with the marker or any of the other methods of testing for counterfeit bills you can have a legitimate case for defamation or false incrimination because if you don't check the bill like you're supposed to all you're doing is giving the criminal leverage against you in court the bill was fake well he didn't check the bill so how did he know.
William Pinkard
William Pinkard Hace un mes
Actually the original saying is "you can't eat your and have it too."
Wobbles and Bean
Wobbles and Bean Hace un mes
That last one reminds me of my former roommate...an old work mate of mine and his pregnant wife invited me to stay in their spare bedroom when I was down on my luck, and I was of course grateful, I still am. But he failed to tell me that she was a hoarder and that they both were total slobs. They had two dogs that pissed and shat all over the house, which they would pick up but never clean, so the carpets reeked of dog shit. He stayed home and played video games all day while his _pregnant wife_ went to her grueling job as a financial advisor, and I just sort of stayed in my room cuz I'm a naturally shy, awkward person and I just didn't want to raise waves. The wife was rather intimidating, very bossy and I get the feeling she felt threatened that her husband invited a thinner, younger woman was staying in her home. I didn't really eat much, but I did the dishes occasionally. He would always leave them piled up to the ceiling and NEVER rinsed them off after using them, so they were caked with dried food. But I did my best. hen I say I barely ate, I barely ate. I would just get pre-made stuff and the occasional MRE. Not that healthy I know, but like I said, I was really intimated and their house as nasty, I did NOT want to cook in that filthy kitchen and preferred to stay by myself. He got really mad at me, asking why I never came downstairs to socialize with them. I didn't wanna tell him it was cuz his house made me feel nauseous and his wife yelled at me constantly, so I just said I've always been withdrawn and that I was sorry, it had nothing to do with him, it's just how I was. He didn't accept that. He soon began to drop passive aggressive comments, like "if not for me you'd be back at your parent's house" (I had been kicked out by my abusive ex whom happened to be an acquaintance of my friend and he saved me from being homeless or having to go back to my extremely domineering and controlling parent's home). Eventually his wife had their kid, and I have a _very_ strong aversion to babies, so I really didn't come downstairs at all. He would knock on my door to shove his kid in my face, then get really pissed off when I didn't immediately coo over her. I had grown very depressed, and he thought the sight of his kid would somehow snap me out of it. Hell if I know why he thought that's how depression works, but still. So between my depression and the new baby, I was more terrified to come out of my room than ever. Doubly so now that I knew he was annoyed with me. I finally was able to move out, but he and I haven't really spoken since. It's really sad.
ChloeTheDreamer Hace un mes
That sounds like PDQ (People dedicated to quality) its fast growing and very good fast quality they serve alot of chicken and fries as well, I have only went there about twice as it is a little more expensive but its good!
Tim S
Tim S Hace un mes
@fresh, Re the traffic light story - the OP says the light only stayed green for 5 seconds when triggered by a car. By pushing the button to request a pedestrian interval, the light will be held green for the length of time required for a pedestrian to safely cross the street. Here is a copy/paste from a civil engineering signal timing planning guide: "...The pedestrian crossing time serves as a constraint on the green time allocated to each phase of a cycle. Pedestrians can safely cross an intersection as long as there are not any conflicting movements occurring at the same time. (Permitted left and right turns are common exceptions to this rule.) This allows pedestrians to cross the intersection in both the green interval and the intergreen interval. Thus, the sum of the green interval and the intergreen interval lengths, for each phase, must be large enough to accommodate the pedestrian movements that occur during that phase. At this point, two separate conditions arise. If you have an intersection in which the pedestrian movements are not assisted by a pedestrian signal, you need to make sure that the green interval that you provide for vehicles will service the pedestrians as well. In this case, the minimum green interval length is somewhere between 4 and 7 seconds. You already took care of the pedestrian crossing time considerations when you calculated the intergreen period length. (See the module on the intergreen period.) If, on the other hand, you plan to provide a pedestrian signal, you need to calculate the pedestrian crossing time as described below. This will not only give you the information you need to program the pedestrian signal, but it will also allow you to find the minimum green interval for your vehicular movements as well. We only need a few assumptions to calculate the pedestrian crossing time. Assumptions: The WALK signal will be illuminated for approximately 7 seconds. A pedestrian will begin to cross the street just as the DON'T WALK signal begins to flash. Pedestrians walk at an average pace of 4 feet/second. The WALK interval must be completely encompassed by the green interval of the accompanying vehicle movements. Calculations: The total time required for the pedestrian movements (T) is the sum of the WALK allowance (Z) and the time required for a person to traverse the crosswalk (R). R = (width of intersection, in feet)/(4 ft/sec) T = Z + R The pedestrian crossing time governs the minimum green time for the accompanying phase in the following way. If the time it takes the pedestrian to traverse the crosswalk (R) is greater than the intergreen time(I), the remainder of the time (Z+R-I) must be provided by the green interval. Therefore, the minimum green interval length (gmin) for each phase can be calculated using the equation below. gmin = T - intergreen time(I) or gmin = Z + R - I If the above equation results in a minimum green interval that is less than the WALK time (Z), the minimum green interval length is equal to the WALK time (Z). gmin = Z You now have the minimum length of the green interval for the vehicular movements, as governed by the pedestrian movements. The WALK interval for the pedestrians is whatever you assumed, and the DON'T WALK flashes for the remainder of the green and intergreen intervals. Many design manuals suggest that the distance the pedestrian is assumed to travel can be reduced to the distance between the curb and the center of the farthest lane. On another note, if the vehicular traffic requires an extended green period, feel free to let the pedestrians partake of the extra time as well..." Note that a normal city street in the USA is approximately 10/12-feet wide per lane depending on road speed design. For a two lane road, this would be a total road width of 20-24-feet. Using the pedestrian speed of 4ft/sec this is 5-6 seconds of flashing "don't walk" - in addition the the minimum 5 seconds for the "walk" light. Comparing this to OP's 5 second green prior to doing this, now they would have 10-11 seconds (a 100% increase). If the road was 4-lanes wide, this would increase the green time from 10-11 seconds all the way up to 15-17 seconds - a roughly 340% increase in green cycle. Since the passenger gets out to push the button, and then returns to the vehicle, there do not have to wait for a pedestrian to cross, so the entire green cycle is usable for cars. Light timing for specific functions are governed by adopted formal standards, and can't be changed by a local politician without a licensed civil engineer signing off on a study about liability and safety (a very expensive and time consuming undertaking that most engineers would just say "no" to, as they can be sued and lose their license if they get it wrong) - so this is a slick way to stick it to a lazy/combative city traffic department.
William Pinkard
William Pinkard Hace un mes
Hell yeah back at it again with the malicious compliance.
pancakeninja27 Hace un mes
7:05 my town lets turning cars go through lanes as people are crossing its insane but real.
pancakeninja27 Hace un mes
Its why i refuse to walk! Town’s a death trap xP
Jeromey Mascarenhas
You didn't think the subdivision was one side of the through street, did you?
Strumptavian Roboclick
there is no pedestrian dummy, it works just fine.. so nobody gets hit.. the light stays green longer to make up for a walking person (who isn't there) get it?
Jakob Hace un mes
Why the fuck are you explaining what you just read out loud?
mr.riddly.diddly Hace un mes
I don’t think Fresh understood that the guy who ripped the 50 dollar bill was bluffing
TheCimbrianBull Hace un mes
Dang! That's quite possibly the most freshest of fresh traffic pattern analyses I come across so far! 😀
Nicole Katchur
Nicole Katchur Hace un mes
Where I live, pushing the crosswalk button doesnt lengthen the light at all.
Fed up Momma
Fed up Momma Hace un mes
Grrrrr. Why do you have to bring up all the wonderful fast food of the south that I miss living up here in the North?
Lancernaut Hace un mes
Hearing Fresh say “Bye Felica.” Absolutely sent me
pacman 125
pacman 125 Hace un mes
The H.O.A. Homely Official Assholes
AhmShagar Hace un mes
re road story imagine a t way intersection main flow 2 lanes each way. the entrance 1 lane each way. the exit is left or right. the crosswalk is never used so yielding to pedestrians is not required so when the crosswalk button is pressed those leaving the housing area have the green. in cases like this the crosswalk overrides driver needs. I do this when I ride my bike
C Juers
C Juers Hace un mes
I have a cross walk in my area that functions like this. The cross lights that function the same direction as the flow of traffic lengthen the light timing for the same direction. It will be 30 seconds for the pedestrians AND the traffic that can turn through those lanes. The few pedestrians that actually cross will normally be through the lanes for you to be able to turn within 10 of the 30 for you to turn. A left turn through that crosswalk should be fine, and if someone is crossing, anyone turning should be able to see.
MrPrimus350 Hace un mes
Several places have special crosswalks which run to buildings. We have one here where it runs from a parking lot to a hotel and it has its own light and button. So it could have a similar style
Nikki M
Nikki M Hace un mes
The story stated there are NO PEDESTRIANS crossing at all, so there is no one to worry about hitting! Also where I am there is usually only one crosswalk on the side of the road where the side road traffic turns into the flow of traffic, not having to cross lanes! And where they need to cross the lanes to drive in the opposite direction there is no crosswalk, again preventing pedestrians from holding up turning traffic, which usually helps when there is timed lights! Also, I am not sure how crosswalks work where you are, but where I am you get seconds where the opposite lights turn yellow then red, so once the cars slow and stop, you get a couple seconds, then an actual green light pedestrian crossing countdown of 15 seconds for the "pedestrian" to cross the road while the light is green and then a few more seconds after that while the light changes back from green to yellow to red! So it extends the red light for people to turn by at least 3 or 4 (and even more) times the actual scheduled light changes!! I have a light just down my road where we do this all the time because of heavy traffic both ways and drivers trying to get out onto the main drag cannot get out safely ever even when turning into the flow of traffic! So we run out and press the button, which starts the lights! Again on the crosswalk we use, only one side of the light has a legal crosswalk, so anyone who has to cross the 2 lanes of traffic into the opposite flow of traffic direction (left in my case) does NOT have a crosswalk, so when it is on multiple people can safely turn, while the crosswalk is on the other side, so if by chance there is an actual pedestrian pressing the button, people can get out of the side street onto the busy main street! I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I understand the HOA story!
Michael J Murray
Michael J Murray Hace un mes
Came here to explain crosswalks, but it seems as though the majority of you have it down 😊 however, there are a LOT of cross walk buttons that are there completely for placebo effect. Little food for thought
Frankie Warman
Frankie Warman Hace un mes
Fresh, all you have to do is use the crosswalk button on the right side. No thru traffic and clear left turns.
Emma Murgatroyd
Emma Murgatroyd Hace un mes
I watch your videos when drunk. Your voice is soothing and the stories are interesting. Keep doing you ❤️
R A Hace un mes
chick fil a? whats that? T H I C C fil a, yes bitch
Noah Pfister
Noah Pfister Hace un mes
You, OZ Media, and RSlash should all collab. It'd be pretty cool.
Curtis Howard
Curtis Howard Hace un mes
10:50 fuck yes cookout is the best fast food on earth and the only reason I hate living in Michigan (there aren't any neat me). I loved cookout when I lived in NC and I can't wait for the day that I get my teeth on a cookout burgers again!
Sentinel851 Hace un mes
the pedestrian thing is totally legit. normally, there are 2 cycles that can be triggered at the intersection. one where there's just cars, and one where there's pedestrians. with the car one, it just sets the road lights to green for X seconds, and then it turns yellow, then red. with the pedestrian one, it'll turn both the pedestrian walk light, and the car light, green, then once the pedestrian one has run out, it'll turn the pedestrian one off, and basically run the first cycle. the only thing people need to do is be cautious at the intersection, as pedestrians have right of way, so you let them walk, even though there's a green turn light. (normally with a "give way to pedestrians" sign)
Crystal webb
Crystal webb Hace un mes
@4:11 "grab BAG" r/bone apple tea?
Aisling Hace un mes
Chick fil a is one of the worst places to work (source, I worked there for almost 2 years)
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Hace un mes
I live in a very busy city. Where if you push a cross walk it will near instantly give the pedestrian the right to walk, and turn all needed lights red. So it is possible that they are able to make a single light stay green longer. :)
YEETUS_FEETU S Hace un mes
I wish there was a bojangles in Arizona there’s only Popeyes and Chick-fil-A
Tendernuggett 360
Tendernuggett 360 Hace un mes
Colin Schoenwald
Colin Schoenwald Hace un mes
Anyone else think 2nd story is fake? I mean, theres a literal “everyone clapped”
Senior Bunny
Senior Bunny Hace un mes
I've seen an intersection as described in the post. Idk why they do it or if it helps traffic congestion, but I just wanted to say that they do exist.
504RoadTrips Hace un mes
According to your intersection diagram, the pedestrian signal to activate would be the one on the right. I assume there are separate left turn arrow and right turn arrows, because of the crosswalks. With that pedestrian walk signal activated, the left turn arrow would remain green during the pedestrian cycle. I've seen other situations with different crossing configurations that the pedestrian signals can be used to the benefit of traffic.
only1sn1not1taken Hace un mes
With someone having to walk across 4-5 lanes of traffic, the walk lights are probably up for at least a 20 second timer before going to a do not walk sign. Then enough time is given for pedestrians to get out of the intersection, usually another 5-10 seconds. So if the light is changed due to the crosswalk button being pressed, it will naturally be a longer light then the super short one that the cars are typically given. The actual layout of the intersection isn't important. The important bits is that there's never any actual pedestrians and the button pressed has to be for pedestrians to get across the main road.
Jack Flesner
Jack Flesner Hace un mes
for the red light one, OP said that there was no pedestrian traffic
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