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Pepsi Man. Enough said.
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14 mar 2019






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Esteban Ramirez
Esteban Ramirez Hace un hora
If the Pepsi-Man isn’t a CEO for them now, I will give up all hope.
AkayLay Geometry Dash
Praise Lord PEPSI
Shadow Digit
Shadow Digit Hace 10 horas
Feel like the Pepsi story is fake tho. More like r/thathappened
purplebunnygirl Hace 11 horas
it's pepsi time
Xepharos Hace 23 horas
The Pespi-Man story reminds me how I became Dr. Pepper I once got a 200 dollar Visa gift card (the one that's like a debit card but someone puts money in the card) and I wasn't as big as a gamer as I am now and I had too much money for my 15 year old self (back in 2011) I always had Dr.Pepper and one day a friend dared me to bring the entire class a can of Dr. Pepper Challenge accepted I proceeded to wait outside the classroom and hand everyone a Dr. Pepper and say "Thanks for coming" and holy shit it was funny the teacher was pretty chill and says "Well Dr. Pepper you got one for me?" Hence the nickname and it slowly became a tradition in any class I was in (although I did slow down on handing them out to everyone I handed it to anyone who'd ask) you wouldn't believe how popular I got and how legendary it felt to be given a nickname like that and people recognize you and everyone knows your name
DamnnialFGZ / DanialFGZ
Raven Fox
Raven Fox Hace un día
Almost always, the new roommates do what their supposed to do, then they start to slack off. I'd have taken their dirty dishes and put them in their room, washed my own and lock up my dishes, food and drinks. I'd have hid the laundry detergents and taken pics of EVERYTHING (hopefully with them sitting in the middle of it, smiling) ! I'd then send those pics to every person son renting anything, anywhere in a 100 mile radius. But that's just me.😈
gillotte Hace un día
I know there's a place in California that has a $300 dollar pizza. Let me see if I can find a photo of it. edit: There's a photo of it on this page: blog.bigmamaspizza.com/post/how-a-giant-pizza-brought-out-the-creative-side-of-a-determined-father
Tevikolady Hace un día
Pepsi needs to seriously hire this guy for their commercials. I would bow down to my Pepst man!
Sarah Rideout
Sarah Rideout Hace un día
The Pepsi story is so fake.
Ace Error
Ace Error Hace un día
"How I Became Pepsi Man" Michael is that you
•Misleading Opinions•
Pepsi man is love, Pepsi man is life.
TheArkOfGaming Hace un día
I was really hoping that it would be like a Spartacus moment. I am pepsi man no i am pepsi man no I bepis
Youto Nene
Youto Nene Hace un día
the fake 4chan stories are better than reddit stories
Jaden Tan
Jaden Tan Hace un día
Omg Pepsi man? I thought he was myth
Mrbuck832 Idk
Mrbuck832 Idk Hace un día
Jacob C
Jacob C Hace un día
Four foot diameter pizza? I have heard of and seen (on tv, and granted it was an eating challenge. The you get a T-shirt and name on the wall if you consume it all and don’t puke sort of thing.) a pizza WAY bigger. It took up the whole table! And came with a side of wings if I remember correctly.
TheJege12 Hace un día
pepsi 1999
pepsi 1999 Hace un día
Pepsi man the hero we need but don't deserve
REXBLOX Hace 2 días
"Drink my child" *bepis intensifies*
Daniel McIntosh
Daniel McIntosh Hace 2 días
I think corporal punishment is good in moderation. I am thankful that my parents used it on occasion. I learned really quick not to act out in public since I would get spanked or whatever. And I still have a great relationship with my parents.
Pepsiman has the same attitude like my brother.
Brian McClenahan
Brian McClenahan Hace 2 días
Four foot pizza only fits in the trunk after folding seats down. This means the guy had grease not only on the seats but behind them as well. I've had a four foot pizza before and the grease is real if you add to much pepperoni. It pools and spills. The cheese can help with that too if it isn't 100% milk based. If anything, I'm betting the cheese was the glorious juicy greasy kind too.
Jack Blehm
Jack Blehm Hace 2 días
Him just calmly saying god of pepsi just killed me
meekal wit
meekal wit Hace 2 días
Magmarashi Hace 2 días
Pepsi Maaaaaan
The Kewlest
The Kewlest Hace 2 días
*My children*🤣🤣🤣
Irish Gamer915
Irish Gamer915 Hace 2 días
I am like the black market of my school. Want gum? I got it. Want chips? I got it. Want answers to your home work? I got them. Now Nobody can have my pepsi basicly cause my school is sh** and banned any outside drinks and food. Also electronics unless they are for emergency reasons. So basically I gotta go the whole day without drink unless the teacher is nice and let's us out. The P.E coaches are cool about it. SO are the bus drivers. The principals. ENTITLED AS F***. Got in trouble for no reason? SUSPENDED! Brought a phone to school? SUSPENDED.
stupid meme
stupid meme Hace 2 días
Pepsi time , im dyin'
Godoflegos Hace 2 días
Oh boy, room temperature Pepsi....
Nightwolf0729 Hace 2 días
PapaSage Hace 3 días
p e p s i t i m e
desrt33 Hace 3 días
You forgot to add “and everyone clapped” to the Pepsi story.
Idlemage Hace 3 días
Not gonna lie Im gonna spank my kids (within reason) I got beatings as a kid turned out ok. Now im not gonna beat my kids like my mom got beat that is abuse
Eugor Villarreal
Eugor Villarreal Hace 3 días
Pig• are actually very clean. unlike u• •ick fucko•.
Great Leader
Great Leader Hace 3 días
i live in nyc, i have never seen a 4 foot pizza...the fuck kind of new york does he think about with that? at BEST it was an 18 inch pizza.
Arthur Brock
Arthur Brock Hace 3 días
For my high school, there was a kid who carried a large bag and would regularly carry two 12 packs of soda and several snacks that people could buy for a buck each. There was also a point when we were no longer allowed to have salt for our school lunches that he sold quite a large amount of salt starting then as well.
BadBoyHalos Hace 3 días
I’m more of a coke person
simone4447 Hace 3 días
The first story I feel is unfair yes the grandma is being a jerk but I seen how this plays out. It's not kind at all. I seen health grandparents go to a depression and stop taking meds because they have in their mind no reason to keep going... I just hope the parents and the grandma talk it over and find common ground...
That Random Encounter Guy
I still remember in high school how, if I didn't know the answers on a test, I would just bring it home with me and treat it like homework. I always got a kick out of telling my mom "well, today in school I took a test...and tomorrow I'm bringing it back."
Senpai Cáfe
Senpai Cáfe Hace 3 días
Long live Pepsi-Man
TheGamingOrchid Hace 3 días
Not all heroes wear caps. Some carry a 24 pack of Pepsi under their arm
Lord Kapkan
Lord Kapkan Hace 3 días
Ohh Pepsi Lord we praise your Devine wisdom
Cats Hace 3 días
As someone who got in severe trouble with school inspection for being chronically late (i had an undiagnosed sleep disorder), Pepsi man was grossly disrespectful. We weren’t allowed to enter the class late without a late slip. Class was taken very seriously and someone dropping in while class has started, distracting the class with soda, would’ve lasted exactly two times before parents were called. It’s not like he was handing out water. Have you ever tried cleaning Pepsi stains? Do you think a full class can just not spill the world’s stickiest beverage every single morning class? Imagine being a teacher, trying to teach your class. Every single week this careless fuckhead comes in late, disrupting class, and hands a can of sugar glue to every student. Imagine being a struggling student at that class. Every time you try to follow lecture and this piece of shit comes in, takes you off focus and shortens the productive time in class. Haha memes so funny Pepsi man. Disrespectful inconsiderate cunt. My school would’ve given him square schedule (stay every hour before&after to help the janitor and pick up trash) and talk with the parents on week one, suspension and warning to student and parents on week two, and expulsion on week three. And he could offer 12,000 Pepsi cans to the school inspector, they would’ve cleared the case and sent him off. Fucking gross.
James Miller
James Miller Hace 3 días
The pepsi man forgot how his crush finally noticed him and fell in love.
Sugar Pill Head
Sugar Pill Head Hace 4 días
Pepsi man is the hero we need.
CutUr BullShit
CutUr BullShit Hace 4 días
The only thing i wonder about the mother in law one was if the kid was a devil that was shielded by entitled mother and father and allowed to wreak havoc with no consequences
Tevin Cauli
Tevin Cauli Hace 4 días
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Hace 4 días
The Pepsi story would have made a much better commercial than the real one.
Sagen TheSergal
Sagen TheSergal Hace 4 días
They do make a pizza 5.5 feet across I LA dumbfuck
MR Narwhal
MR Narwhal Hace 4 días
this scool be like harry potter or somthing with a head master wtf
Gloria Hace 4 días
Pepsi man = entitled kid who thinks rules are for everyone else not for him.
captain phoenix
captain phoenix Hace 4 días
This is basically r/loopholes
keith svenson
keith svenson Hace 4 días
um.... so black mold is super toxic and ILLEGAL to live in or some shit. at least that's what bar rescue states for kitchens and that freaking hazmat teams have had to go in....
Nomadic Lynx
Nomadic Lynx Hace 4 días
"Drink my child"
Aislee Love Greenwood
Am I the only one who couldn't stand the Pepsi one? I couldn't _stand_ kids like that. It's like, dude, you're literally not doing yourself any favors by coming in late every morning. I get it if you have a good excuse, like working night shifts, or having to drop your little sister off at her school first, but the only excuse we got was that he wanted to stop and get a freaking Pepsi for breakfast. Then again, that's your first sign that they don't think much about the future: caring more about a _soda_ than an _education._ I get it: school sucks, but what sucks even worse is finding yourself flung into the adult world with a bad school-record and no resume. Stuff gets real really quick. I'd just like to say, even if you don't care about showing up late to class, at least respect other people's time. I really struggled in school, and so, for me, I needed every moment of class-time I could get. When someone disrupted class, I got all anxious, because I knew that I needed every minute we had left to work on my projects. I just wished that if they didn't care about their own education, they at least respect that I cared about mine. I know they just didn't think about it like that, so I didn't exactly hate them, but I got really irritated. Please just respect other people's education.
Brian Boi
Brian Boi Hace 4 días
DIY channel
DIY channel Hace 4 días
Pepsi man more like Pepsi God
D Martin
D Martin Hace 4 días
thie MIL loses unsupervised visiting priveleges is also a mix of prorevenge
Harrella Hace 4 días
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Hace 4 días
*P* *E* *P* *S* *I* *M* *A* *N*
MAX_DragonGaming 12
MAX_DragonGaming 12 Hace 4 días
Can not stop Bepis Man
final_edit Hace 4 días
I need some sweet bepis. pepsi man, I summon you!
A Nobody Gamer
A Nobody Gamer Hace 4 días
Pepsi is ass
Brian Boi
Brian Boi Hace 4 días
Ah yes, Pepsi may be ass, but what about...bepis.
ejanesten Hace 4 días
How is he supposed to give the students Pepsi BEFORE school if he always turns up late for class? He'll have to start showing up in time! So the winner in the end are the principle/teacher who made him want to show up on time for once. :D
Cap Hace 4 días
Let’s play a game! Girls: Keep the likes odd Boys: Keep the likes even
Speedy Racer 4
Speedy Racer 4 Hace 3 días
Stop begging for likes, it's sad.
MattManh42 Hace 4 días
he isnt pepsi man hes pepsi *god*
That Fabulous Mexican
Pepsi Man I love you
ArtemisFox Hace 4 días
I t s p e p s i t i m e
Traylon Hace 4 días
well... they did say no CANS, not "no 2 liter bottles". be more specific ;)
Caid Savoia
Caid Savoia Hace 4 días
obviously the pepsi one is my favorite reddit story of all time
Inferno Gaming6
Inferno Gaming6 Hace 4 días
It's funny how schools try to punish kids for thinking outside the box and actually making businesses for themselves. Then again, the American school system is pretty much a factory indoctrination system, and has been since the 1940's, so I'm not really surprised at all.
Stella Fragioudakis
Stella Fragioudakis Hace 4 días
The Pepsi guy is so stupid. He is so rude
Nuclear Waste101
Nuclear Waste101 Hace 4 días
And he should aslo know that only real men dont grt heart conditions
Canned Kitty
Canned Kitty Hace 4 días
Pepsi man story was annoying as hell.
LostMyPen Hace 4 días
10:06 Enter: bubble bass from spongebob
Alex Hrabousky
Alex Hrabousky Hace 4 días
4:42 the story of the amazing bepis man
Mr Schiggy
Mr Schiggy Hace 5 días
Pepsi is love Pepsi is life
Amazedduck 45
Amazedduck 45 Hace 5 días
P e p s i T i m e
straight Hace 5 días
That Pepsi story was like a hybrid of a Reddit story and a 4chan greentext
Ceri Tsujimura
Ceri Tsujimura Hace 5 días
0me3s Hace 5 días
Pepsi man vs Lord Shaggy. Who Wins?
Corvette_1952 Hace 5 días
My children, come drink my special Kool....I mean Pepsi
Kurtis Corcoran
Kurtis Corcoran Hace 5 días
The music always relaxes me
Juaquin Aguilera
Juaquin Aguilera Hace 5 días
pepsi man 😳😳
Your Mom
Your Mom Hace 5 días
Daylen Hartz
Daylen Hartz Hace 5 días
damn i want a pepsi now
Benedict Cucumber
Benedict Cucumber Hace 5 días
AlL hAiL Pepsi GoD
caporal pistachio
caporal pistachio Hace 5 días
The mother in law is Kind of fishy. I mean what did the kid Do to be punished in the first place. I mean it doesn't feel like just a women beating a child for fun. Not really enough info to take a stand for me. Just think of all the entitled kids post
Dust902 Hace 5 días
1:44 quiet the entrepreneurial spirit that one has.
Jacques Lapierre
Jacques Lapierre Hace 5 días
at the place i work we have 32 inch pizza but I have a hard time belive a 4 foot one
Cookie Bandit
Cookie Bandit Hace 5 días
pepsi man... guess I'll have to make the mtn dew crew
Bill's Movie Vault
Bill's Movie Vault Hace 5 días
Subbed becuase you are crescent Fresh....just look it up as in Sifl and Olly or heres a link esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dasab33h1nQ.html NO I am Not Affiliated with the chanel or anything ..Just You Are Crescent Fresh
Dayna anderson
Dayna anderson Hace 5 días
I am a quadruple xl humanoid
Dayna anderson
Dayna anderson Hace 5 días
The only question left is: will the bebis god prevail over spirite cranberry
Trauma Thicc
Trauma Thicc Hace 5 días
p e p s i t i m e
PPHD Hace 5 días
P man
Gracie C
Gracie C Hace 5 días
I curtsy to the glorious pepsi-man
Hayden Robak
Hayden Robak Hace 5 días
When I was about 6 My friends dad ordered a 4 and 1/2 foot pizza for my friends and I on my good friends birthday (It was a huge arcade and they sold it because they would get huge parties), listening to the story and just thinking about that.. oh my goodness. The pizza literally filled up their huge dining tables and we only ate about half of it with the 7 people we had there haha this story brought back memories, thank you fresh.
Oh No No
Oh No No Hace 5 días
Pepsi Man. Enough said. Classic Fresh.
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