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Pepsi Man. Enough said.
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14 mar 2019

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Fafa Gamer
Fafa Gamer Hace 3 días
Pepsi man got played
anonymous3221 Hace 8 días
Oof. Pepsi =/= the water of life. Coke == the water of life.
1Fierce Wolf52
1Fierce Wolf52 Hace 14 días
I salute Pepsi man.
Dylan Kimble
Dylan Kimble Hace 21 un día
Imagine having someone who got in trouble for giving out Pepsis offer you a Pepsi as a peace offering. I think that's when he gave up.
Taylor Osborne
Taylor Osborne Hace 25 días
I LOVE THAT THIS HAS BLOWN UP. I go to school with pepsi man 😊 he graduated this year sadly
Darth Xader
Darth Xader Hace 28 días
I think it is pronounced cor por I al Not corporal
Dragma Plays - New
Dragma Plays - New Hace 29 días
If I wasn't already religious I would start a religion around our savior, Pepsi man.
The llama lord
The llama lord Hace un mes
Pepsi man is the greatest thing o have ever heard
Marin Velenik
Marin Velenik Hace un mes
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop Hace un mes
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop Hace un mes
Purple Dragon 9
Purple Dragon 9 Hace un mes
The Pepsi story is beautiful. It made me cry.
Grim Pøtatø
Grim Pøtatø Hace un mes
Pepsi man pepsi man
Spootles Hace un mes
4:40 praise be Bepis
Rubie Frog
Rubie Frog Hace un mes
Mother in law story sucks , while I agree that it should be the parents choice to spank ... cutting out your hubby’s mom should not be a question ... like was she a horrible mom to your husband ? Like your husband is this horrible broken person because he was raised by a monster . Seriously if you like your husband and the man he is today, then maybe your mother in law knows a thing or 2 about raising kids . Just saying
srpski car
srpski car Hace un mes
Pepsi Man? How can i form a religion?
Satin FlipFlop
Satin FlipFlop Hace un mes
Ronn Undag
Ronn Undag Hace un mes
May the Pepsi-man pass down his legend to those under his wings.
Lily Leviton
Lily Leviton Hace un mes
That Pepsi story is such an r/thathappened lol
Lillieheart3000 Hace un mes
Commenting Hi for every video until I get a reply. Day one: Hi (Idea taken from a different user)
Grim Pøtatø
Grim Pøtatø Hace un mes
Day zero
DanK Dino
DanK Dino Hace un mes
Pepsi: You are bad guy, but that doesn’t mean you are bad game.
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos Hace un mes
Starting a Pepsi-Man cult. The only requirement is to have a stock photo of Pepsi in your phone
Heathyr Dickson
Heathyr Dickson Hace un mes
This wasn't mc, but the grandma story reminded me of when my mil took food out of my 2 yr old's hand as it was going to his mouth because he was eating messily in MY dining room in MY house. I was lit! I knew they were leaving to fly back to CA from our home in OK in about an hour, so I grabbed both of my kids, put them in the car, and took them to sonic for ice cream. We watched a DVD in the car and hung out until they left. I full well knew they wouldn't see the kids again for more than six months to a year, but no one takes food out of my child's mouth. Of course, this was a final straw in a strained relationship with a very entitled woman. She liked to come into my home and throw away things she didn't think I needed, in addition to coercing me into getting my tubes tied after my youngest was born. This was just crazy to me. He was 2. Everything was fine. Why would she think that was ok?!? Anyway, thanks for letting me share lol
Mr. BurgerGames
Mr. BurgerGames Hace un mes
Petrinos in Holland MI has 4 ft across pizzas
ShadowG4D Hace un mes
The moment i got to pepsiman story i got a fucking PEPSI AD WTF?!
E X I S T 404
E X I S T 404 Hace un mes
I dont even care if the Pepsi Man one is fake I just I love it so much "My children" I say that so much but ive never heard it in that context Its so good I dont care if its an r/thathappened Its so beautiful I will bow down to our lord and savior Pepsi Man
Nintendo Grl
Nintendo Grl Hace un mes
Panda Space
Panda Space Hace un mes
i love pepsi man
pyrk Hace un mes
g o d o f p e p s i!
My pp itches
My pp itches Hace un mes
The children get their Pepsi every bepis day on 9/3 every year
B Barrett
B Barrett Hace 2 meses
I was laughing so hard at the Pepsi-Man story, that is my new favorite story I’ve ever heard on Reddit
Craziik chan
Craziik chan Hace 2 meses
What is your mic?
Diamond Butter
Diamond Butter Hace 2 meses
I prefer coke
Danny The Dane
Danny The Dane Hace 2 meses
Pepsi man!
Matthew Rivett
Matthew Rivett Hace 2 meses
"Drink my child"
Chishi-Chan Hace 2 meses
Got a pepsi ad on this video...
EmperorWisel Hace 2 meses
the pepsiman story is too good for this world. I hope thats the official pepsiman backstory
Dave Hendricks
Dave Hendricks Hace 3 meses
Omg please spank your fucking kids ! Or get these same dumb pussies.
Carl Franz
Carl Franz Hace 3 meses
Anyone know of a Pizza oven (or any non-bakery oven) that would handle a pizza 4 feet in diameter?
Micro Hace 3 meses
the pepsi one is fake... no one drinks that garbage
Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito Hace 3 meses
2:39 Sure, it’s not like I was raised this way and now I suffer from self-doubt and anxiety. Yeah, totally not
Joshua Noon
Joshua Noon Hace 3 meses
May pepsi-man give onto us the waters of life.
nathan higgins
nathan higgins Hace 3 meses
Wise words my grandpa would say "if you cannot separate your allies from your enemies, you young men are a dumbass"
Inkblot Games
Inkblot Games Hace 3 meses
"Its Pepsi Time" *_Distant Pepsi-Man Theme_*
JakeDawg Hace 3 meses
I will be the Pepsi man of my school now
Pepsiman V5
Pepsiman V5 Hace 3 meses
4:40 "How I became Pepsiman" Bruh just name yourself Pepsiman
soundwave86 Hace 3 meses
Holy crap, Pepsi-Man is a huge douchebag and his story doesn't fit at all malicious compliance. He wasn't being wronged in any way, he was breaking all kinds of rules that the school and teachers have every right to enforce. The way he kept referring to himself as Pepsi-Man, the importance of "his children" and how he "rocked up to school late" makes him sound like the world's biggest d-bag. He's not a victim or a hero, he's just an asshole who thinks the rules don't apply to him and it makes him cool for not complying. I have a feeling that after high school he's going to struggle in the real world, where employers don't put up with entitled d-bag shit like this.
Inferno Blast
Inferno Blast Hace 3 meses
Bow down to the Pepsi god
Galaxion Art
Galaxion Art Hace 3 meses
Drink children and hail the Pepsi Man
lilblondiebear Hace 3 meses
There's a pizza place in Florida near Cocoa Beach that's famous for their absolutely ginormous pizza. I've eaten there each time I've gone to Cocoa Beach, and I'm pretty sure it's close to 4' diameter pizza. So such pizza does exist, and it's really good! 😊
Anton Reinecke
Anton Reinecke Hace 3 meses
I must say, I think the protagonist of the pepsi story is the one at fault here. Not only is he KNOWINGLY coming late to school every time, he also hands out food during class, which I don't know how it's handled in the US of fucking A, but where I come from, eating in class is a big No Go and drinking is barely tolerated.
Grim Pøtatø
Grim Pøtatø Hace un mes
In us they used to say if you bring food bring enough for everyone little did they now Pepsi man would
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