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EmKay Hace un mes
You know, I'm trying to come up with a funny comment to pin for this video but I really got nothing. Hope your day was good everyone : )
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby Hace 5 horas
@Road work ahead? u h y e a h I s u r e h o p e I t d o e s
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby Hace 5 horas
Griff Sound
Griff Sound Hace un día
Just saying, Mars is a Red Planet.
I kicked Brandon into the road,he is going to die now cos I broke his legs. Like to undo.😂🤣
M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT
just type in "gay" it's easy
Ultra instinct Boi
Ultra instinct Boi Hace 30 minutos
Bruh that guy looks like jacksepticeye
Elora Bevington
Elora Bevington Hace 3 horas
“It’s a little baby dog it’s a little baby dog it’s a little baby dog”
Oskar Bucholski
Oskar Bucholski Hace 3 horas
11:35 i imagined a human tumbling into a big fryer and stopped smiling.
Much Bork
Much Bork Hace 6 horas
Hey! I’m from the VI! ( Virgin Islands) really cool to see it be mentioned
Ai_ Dusty
Ai_ Dusty Hace 6 horas
Is it the same guy at 1:22 and 4:20 plz tell me
S_BasTiam Hace 7 horas
12:48 It worries me that he doesn’t know how to delete text
Void: Hunter Of Old
Void: Hunter Of Old Hace 7 horas
My boi shadaversity fighting with a plastic sword wearing chainmail Literally only here for that
Julien Mcdonald
Julien Mcdonald Hace 7 horas
2:06 8 and 3/4 therewasanattempt (it is supposed to be 9 and 3/4)
Darien Zheng
Darien Zheng Hace 7 horas
Emkay: your not gonna get in 8 and 3 quarters here Me: its 9 and 3 quarters
Captainkitty25 YT
Captainkitty25 YT Hace 9 horas
It’s Jazza!
I want to Die
I want to Die Hace 13 horas
Are we just not gunna acknowledge how long this lady’s arm is at 5:50?
shrek :thatoneswamp
shrek :thatoneswamp Hace 16 horas
5:45 Not to be a smart a** but the orange juice is 3 and 1/3
GP-5 bitch
GP-5 bitch Hace 17 horas
That is cofee powder not beand
Spring trap
Spring trap Hace 17 horas
5:44 that's 3 and a THIRD, ya dum dum, you better post this on the next episode of there was an attempt, cuz you just played yourself
Fowl Face
Fowl Face Hace 18 horas
5:02 I really wanted someone to chuck that thing in the air
Candice Kessell
Candice Kessell Hace 19 horas
eight and three quarters?? *did- did he say eight and three quarters*
Reaper XG45
Reaper XG45 Hace 20 horas
11:36 Krabby Patties
löaf Hace 20 horas
My dad actually met the lady who messed up the first pitch at a bar a while before that game. Like a few years before idk
Dragon Saber Jay
Dragon Saber Jay Hace 20 horas
9 3/4*
Lucretia Miller
Lucretia Miller Hace 21 un hora
Hey Emkay, on the opening scene where it says that a dude has an ounce on him and the dug sniffing dog is lying down that's nt the dog being bad.That's he dog doing his job because police taught drug dogs to sit when they smell drugs. There was attempt at doing a good "There was an attempt."
Liliana Mendoza
Liliana Mendoza Hace 22 horas
I had 3 dounuts today......... Im healthy
Rayne Storm
Rayne Storm Hace un día
Brandon the baby boy ^w^
gamez played
gamez played Hace un día
7:00 maybe he's just unzipping his pants
Danny Fitzpatrick
Danny Fitzpatrick Hace un día
2:08 it’s 9 3/4
GoingCloth473 Is still Chill
I used to sleep with my butt in the air too, but I was clutching the pillow under my entire body lol I was weird when I was young
ツLuLu Hace un día
The same camera guy that got hit with the baseball almost got hit again but caught it
Nightmarione Hace un día
Man : ok cat were going to space Cat: no **runs over to owner to scratch him** Man: **sends cat to space**
Lunar Unigon
Lunar Unigon Hace un día
*9 3/4
Ace Beano
Ace Beano Hace un día
2:06 people who dont know what CGI is
PowerAnt Hace un día
Reddit Reddit why isn't google working how to delete ESvid comment
Andy Kohring
Andy Kohring Hace 2 días
Does no one else notice in all these videos the commentary is a few seconds ahead?
Pengiun Reece
Pengiun Reece Hace 2 días
It always sucks when you try to do a flip on a trampoline but instead you go to hell
J J J Jelly
J J J Jelly Hace 2 días
Aaryaman Kaushal
Aaryaman Kaushal Hace 2 días
Kai Kono
Kai Kono Hace 2 días
At 12:45 How About Clicking The Text Box And Hold Backspace
Awais Syal
Awais Syal Hace 2 días
666k subs? This is a sign.
Hermione Bracknell
Hermione Bracknell Hace 2 días
Coming from someone named Hermione I am offended you called it 8 3/4
Shadow Plays
Shadow Plays Hace 2 días
666k subs
Lahna Rosenbaum
Lahna Rosenbaum Hace 2 días
U got 666K subscribers!!!!!! aAAAaAAaAAaAaA
n u r p
n u r p Hace 2 días
*666k subscribers* h a i l s a t a n
THE RISER Hace 2 días
11:11 No I think someone just drew over a swastika here.
Walrus Gaming
Walrus Gaming Hace 2 días
1:09 you know who looks like a fool People who say “look a fool” instead of “look *like* a fool”
Adrian Ligné
Adrian Ligné Hace 2 días
It's 9 3/4 ya gufos
Chunky Chungus
Chunky Chungus Hace 2 días
Sorry but it’s 9 and 3/4
buchta CZ
buchta CZ Hace 2 días
9:26 I cannot believe that this clip of Jazza and Shadowersity made it here XD
HAMZA .R Hace 2 días
9:34 JAZA 😂😂😂 its JAZA from draw with jaza 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 (A big artist (ESvidr) )
North Wynd33
North Wynd33 Hace 2 días
10:11 You could see the immediate regret she had. You could see how scared she was of her phone literally EXPLODING in the microwave.
. JJ1013
. JJ1013 Hace 2 días
6:30 I wish to do that to a cat when it starts hanging on my head.
J. Weatherford
J. Weatherford Hace 2 días
Coke. .added cocaine...then sold fanta to the Nazis to get around the trading with the enemy act. Fail.
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