Race Truck's FIRST START & DRIVE!! sorta...

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itsjusta6 Hace 11 días
Yes, I know that it needed to be running when checking the ATF levels. We forgot about it (being accustomed to manual transmissions) and ended up re-checking it after the video while running.
Tyler Hartman
Tyler Hartman Hace 10 días
I forgot you owned that badass Camaro but it was smashed by a semi tired if I'm not confused?
Austin Villarreal
Austin Villarreal Hace 10 días
itsjusta6 would you sell that nitrous express panel with the switches?
mike70t Hace 10 días
Those trucks go in limp mode when battery or alternator isn't working properly...i love the truck but brother you just thought the Camaro had problems...this is going to be a wild ride🤣🤣
Plot Twist
Plot Twist Hace 10 días
itsjusta6 I was about to roast you dog 😂
Eldon Gaspard
Eldon Gaspard Hace 14 horas
My buddy in Denham spring has a 408 procharged rscb yall should meet up he goes to lake Charles in it some times an wants to go to Mexico
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez Hace 17 horas
"Am I stupid " 😂😂 I needed a good laugh after all the bs going on with my life lately
Kylon_S197 Hace un día
Very sad....you should know how to check transmission fluid, always running while the vehicle is in neutral nobody bothered to torque the bolts for the driveshaft either I wouldn’t be surprised if those bolts back out n cause a horrible accident what is the car community coming too?
Marcos Sandoval
Marcos Sandoval Hace 4 días
I love the intro
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah Hace 4 días
Ew a chevy
justin rose
justin rose Hace 4 días
How did you plug the hole in the radiator when you bypassed the cooler lines
the trucks outa gas
Señor Jalapeño
Señor Jalapeño Hace 5 días
Umm.. looks crappy really.. it'll be more convenient if you were to use braided aluminum lines. Js
Evan Morin
Evan Morin Hace 6 días
I know I'm kinda late but one love your videos, and I love seeing you guys work on cars especially the mustang. 2. I don't know if I'm the only one but I was dying at 4:32. Could be me but that's besides the point, still a great video.
micah reynolds
micah reynolds Hace 7 días
You saying Bruh makes your videos almost unwatchable
David T
David T Hace 2 días
Found the snowflake guys. Fuckin pussy shut up tamicah
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez Hace 7 días
Bye bye driveshaft. New yoke and with the power he plans on making, the factory drive shaft is going to brake
Freddy lsx vas itsjusta6 truck race ??
The Flash !!!!
The Flash !!!! Hace 7 días
Did you get your Milwaukee back from the shop? Itsjusta6
Jaz 5.3
Jaz 5.3 Hace 7 días
You should come to HPT or OTM in Pasadena, Tx.
Evan's Garage
Evan's Garage Hace 8 días
Lot of master mechanics in these comments
Juan Flores
Juan Flores Hace 8 días
Bradley Conder
Bradley Conder Hace 8 días
Reduced power mode is your throttle body wiring, had the same issues with my 2006 2500hd
Doodie Hace 8 días
nick monico
nick monico Hace 8 días
Idle too low it's not charging the battery enough
keith holmes
keith holmes Hace 8 días
Do you know what they had to do to put a 6.0 in your truck??? I have the same year truck and have been wanting to do the same thing
Jeff Nicoli
Jeff Nicoli Hace 8 días
My truck did that a month ago with the not charging on and off it was the alternator
LostAuto125 onSTEAM
LostAuto125 onSTEAM Hace 8 días
Limp mode could be due to the fact u have no O2 sensors working or could be from I pass in the radiator with the new trans cooler lines the radiator helps keep the transmission cool I’ve been in the rebuild stage of a 2000 and up Silverado a few time 4 different 4L60E’s and 4 different 5.3L it’s basically all the same just a few different things but they r all temperamental the 6.0L normally is backed by the 4L80E so the limp mode should have to do with the bypass or the no O2 sensors
ja pe
ja pe Hace 9 días
How bout a new exhaust and headers?
Mexican Panda
Mexican Panda Hace 9 días
14:00 lol looks like he’s driving around Mexicans 😂
Yad .A
Yad .A Hace 9 días
Why does it literally sound like its stalling
Jase Rudolph
Jase Rudolph Hace 9 días
ATF supposed to be red not grey.
Matt Constantino
Matt Constantino Hace 9 días
Bruh... You check your trans fluid while the vehicle is running...
Dakota Wharff
Dakota Wharff Hace 9 días
What wheels do you have on the truck.
Jayce Cotten
Jayce Cotten Hace 9 días
It went into limp mode because you have a electrical problem within your motor or transmission my dad had the same problem with his truck
DRJ Wizzle
DRJ Wizzle Hace 9 días
arent you suppose to check the fluid when its at operating temp and the engine is running.. and maybe even in nuetral with the park brake applied
WeekEnd133 Hace 9 días
The moment your channel got boring....
Chef boy r Dumb ass
Chef boy r Dumb ass Hace 10 días
I have the same drimil kit and dreamel
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards Hace 10 días
That intro tho!!!! ❤️😍👌🏻👀
Aaron Churchill
Aaron Churchill Hace 10 días
Check all the grounds before springing for a tune fix.
Cole Badeaux
Cole Badeaux Hace 10 días
You need the oxygen sensors for it to run correctly
Boost Hace 10 días
neww alternatorrrr
jUUlian Hace 10 días
One the voltage regulator in your alternator is out it’s a super common problem just replace the alternator. Second you need to tune it for the 4l80my mans that’s why it’s in limpmode I’ve had the exact same issues before
Matt G
Matt G Hace 10 días
Watching this from Ricon Puerto Rico, tell Harry what's up!
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 10 días
Yo i cant get over that intro😂😂
Dakota Bentley
Dakota Bentley Hace 10 días
These guys are dumb ASF
Patrick Huszarik
Patrick Huszarik Hace 10 días
Ok. You had someone take it out of park to get the driveshaft in... but the rear wheels are off the ground. You could have just turned the pinion yoke...I get it you’re excited that it’s about to run. But take things a little slower. Rushing like that is how things get overlooked.
Thomas Wiggins
Thomas Wiggins Hace 10 días
You were called out by MotorTube to race his Hellcat. How do you feel about that? // esvid.net/video/vídeo-gptimPj7ofg.html
Greg VanHooser
Greg VanHooser Hace 10 días
I wouldn't let these guys work on my wheel barrel!🤨🤪🖕
Tony T
Tony T Hace 10 días
Two things: 1) check your 100amp mega fuse for your charging issue 2) check your throttle body and gas pedal for the reduced engine power. If you need help I’m in Shreveport and own HPTuners.
joe jaber
joe jaber Hace 10 días
Gavin you need to have the truck running and in park to check the transmission fluid.
Velvet's Automotive
Velvet's Automotive Hace 10 días
I lost hope on my truck but these videos are inspiring me not to lose sight, and get my truck rebuilt.
DA9 McKinney
DA9 McKinney Hace 10 días
Goodness I don't know how people don't roast you more often lol
Daan Tuinenga
Daan Tuinenga Hace 10 días
Dude your intro's are amazing!!
Jacob Esquivel
Jacob Esquivel Hace 10 días
I love the truck man make more videos on it
IconicProduction -_-
IconicProduction -_- Hace 10 días
What year is the truck?
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Hace 10 días
:bleh: Automatic :bleh:
Kurt Moore
Kurt Moore Hace 10 días
What's up. Itsjusta6 let me start off buy saying love the truck. On that note it is great you are trying to do things yourself some people don't know everything starting off when it comes to cars. But I have to say this' there are some keyboard warriors on here that apparently don't know anything either. I'm mean Jesus people going on and on about the o2 sensors and the tuning and not knowing to run the engine when checking trans fluid. and so on and so forth. Here is my question where is your shit at on your channels. Might as well just tell him to spend the money and have someone else do his stuff for him and stop making videos. If most of you seem to think he can't do stuff right then you should know your shit and give him good sound advice and info instead of crap or complaining about how he is learning things. And yes there is nothing on my channel at the moment so for those of you who will say I have no room to talk well. soon I will and maybe you can learn something from my how too videos hopefully it won't all go over your heads.
Dave Grenier
Dave Grenier Hace 10 días
Why didn't you just spin the back tires? To get the driveshaft lined up..
Bryan Sells
Bryan Sells Hace 10 días
420k getting there soon
Cooper Silberling
Cooper Silberling Hace 10 días
California cops are breathing real hard after watching this
Bryce Hace 10 días
When he fell I thought it was a weird cut
Collapse TV
Collapse TV Hace 10 días
When you young, love cars but have more money than knowledge.Still love the vids,not hating.At least you seem to drive good when racing,and it's a stick (The Mustang) .Soon you will be the real MVP.And good luck where you live with those vehicles.House and some property or no close neighbors will be a life saver in the end.Can't wait for next video.
DOMINATOR 210 Hace 10 días
Just unsubbed. Can't stand you anymore. Like your cars but not you. Your FAKE, and a waste of sperm.
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard Hace 10 días
is this a osha violation
Angel 5pointohhh
Angel 5pointohhh Hace 10 días
Intros are Insane 🔥
Logan Van Buren
Logan Van Buren Hace 10 días
Low battery probably not enough voltage for it to run considering efi
Jeremy Chisholm
Jeremy Chisholm Hace 10 días
Why didnt you use the black hose for a funel extension
BlueOval You
BlueOval You Hace 10 días
Sounds good!!? 💪🏾
Andrew Magill001
Andrew Magill001 Hace 10 días
Gavin be doin too much wit the intro
Royal Lion
Royal Lion Hace 10 días
Coyote swap? Chevy guys ls swap fox bodies
Sandra Matthews
Sandra Matthews Hace 10 días
Throttle body can course reduce power we went through it with our truck
Javier Almanza
Javier Almanza Hace 10 días
Hey you need that transmission heater. If you don’t have it on it might be bad for the transmission especially cause it gets cold
Javier Almanza
Javier Almanza Hace 10 días
😂😂😂😂I had a grinder like that it was bad ass
JJrides Hace 10 días
You should call it ICEY
Riggin Thorniley
Riggin Thorniley Hace 10 días
Also, when you pulled the fuses, did you restart the ECU by unplugging the negative battery terminal? You might need to restart the ECU after unplugging important stuff (like the starter motor haha).
Riggin Thorniley
Riggin Thorniley Hace 10 días
Automatic transmissions are a little different. Its better to have too little fluid than too much fluid, since the auto fluid is hydraulic. An overfilled transmission will be harder to get into gear. With a little less, you're still getting enough lubrication most likely.
6arcia Hace 10 días
What I do learn from this channel is to not do shit on your own if you have no clue of what the fuck you are doing!
Chris Michalak
Chris Michalak Hace 10 días
Bruh heat wrap those lines please!! Something. You always have the fire extinguisher on hand so what is another 5 min to some legitness. If ya don't know now you know homieee
Rickee Knowles
Rickee Knowles Hace 10 días
If your o2 isn’t hooked up on the one side and it’s only reading the one bank it will not run good and or if your battery is that low on voltage an your alternator is not charging your computer will see power surges and will cause it to go into limp mode and run like crap.
John Brown
John Brown Hace 10 días
What kinda motor is in it? Didnt pay aytention🤣
Rickee Knowles
Rickee Knowles Hace 10 días
You know your supposed to check the trans fluid with the truck running right read your dip stick
Cristopher Angulo
Cristopher Angulo Hace 10 días
sounds like the camaro
OpenYourEyes RAPTURE
OpenYourEyes RAPTURE Hace 10 días
Maybe throthle body alot of chevys that 2002 2005 have that problem lol
Shitstang_4sixx Hace 10 días
Please put your mustangs 5.0 in that truck just upset chevy boys. Revs higher, reacts to boost better and its different. That would be so cool to see.
Itz Vaxza
Itz Vaxza Hace 10 días
What rims are on the truck
the woodsplitter
the woodsplitter Hace 11 días
Throttle position sensor will cause the limp mode. I've had the same problem I'm my truck
abel salas
abel salas Hace 11 días
Hey can you tell me if you figure out why the battery not charging I got the same problem can’t figure out
Fed Raw
Fed Raw Hace 11 días
Vehicle has to be running to be able to check the tranny fluid level, and go through all the gears for like 15 seconds each
Ricvrdo 5.3
Ricvrdo 5.3 Hace 11 días
Subscribe to my channel 😎
Corey Carter
Corey Carter Hace 11 días
Need to check the trans warmed up with it running in park dumbass
kaleb quinones
kaleb quinones Hace 11 días
We prob related my last name quinones
Aaron mckinnon
Aaron mckinnon Hace 11 días
I had reduced engine power and battery not charging on my chevy and had to do a grounding kit and that fixed my issue.
Colten Evans
Colten Evans Hace 11 días
Mine did that it could be the throttle position sensor or anything to do with the drive by wire system even could be the gas pedal
k300zx Hace 11 días
I used a small pipe cutter for my lines. Works fantastic. And not crazy dremel tool
Alberto Trejo
Alberto Trejo Hace 11 días
Do you even know what you're going??
ابو بدر
ابو بدر Hace 11 días
اكو عرب بطياره
Bandit5.0 Hace 11 días
Great video that truck sounds like a beast
iwearzmehglassez Hace 11 días
You should put a red led light strip between your tailgate and roll pan.
Joshua Moody
Joshua Moody Hace 11 días
Easily got the best intro on ESvid sick
Keijo Orava
Keijo Orava Hace 11 días
please run it warm, on each gear and check the level again, it'll fit another 0.5
DasEnk Hace 11 días
semen demon
SimmyTM Mwakina
SimmyTM Mwakina Hace 11 días
4:34 Harry they did you bad bro 😂😂
Ceoaca Mihai
Ceoaca Mihai Hace 11 días
The intro reminds me of the punisher
A1Jude Hace 11 días
Can’t wait for you guys to work on the porche
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