Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron

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Director, Writer - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography, Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer, Camera Operator - Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Sound - Matt Bunker
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown
"Ride Along Car Supplier"
"Go Kart Facility"
"Short Track Location"


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13 nov 2019






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Andrew K
Andrew K Hace un hora
The communist gulag... I mean race track
David Rich
David Rich Hace 5 horas
Jon, the race cars don’t need headlights because the track is always *lit*
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez Hace 10 horas
he sponsor flex seal
Noah Clarke
Noah Clarke Hace 21 un hora
Did anyone else notice that Garrett was sponsored by flex tape
Half-Baked Memes
Half-Baked Memes Hace un día
So, Jon belongs on top gear, or 'grand tour' if we're being accurate to current times
EpicTacoCatGalaxy Hace un día
I actually thought that you got hit by a truck
Imbi Hace un día
I like garret. He's like that quiet kid that have a really good sense of humor in class
Shay Slayer
Shay Slayer Hace un día
Jon talking to regular people is astounding
saltiest spoon
saltiest spoon Hace 2 días
Cars literally talks about the headlight stickers, jonathan
David Barber
David Barber Hace 2 días
I wish JonTron took over as a late night host on Adult Swim. Kinda like The Daily Show or something. I would watch each night and donate he's a super cool dude. And he would also BITCH THE WORLD TO DEATH UNTIL BANJO KAZOOIE 3 CAME OUT YOU SONSA ASSFUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Major Lui
Major Lui Hace 2 días
plz do video game reviews
Sir Lord Epicname
Sir Lord Epicname Hace 2 días
Jon is becoming Linus from Linus Tech Tips with his sponsor pitches😂
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Why is Alex from CowChop on a race 'motorway'?
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
No one asked for he wikopesophile
Shannon Curry
Shannon Curry Hace 3 días
I thouht he was british
James Pich
James Pich Hace 3 días
“theyre stickers” *lightning mcqueen did it first*
Stephen Ingram
Stephen Ingram Hace 3 días
What's the VR setup specs you and Garrett raced at the lake house?
LauraBell94 Hace 3 días
Sponsored by FlexTape? He’s a JonTron fan, through and through.
Jeff Urbz
Jeff Urbz Hace 4 días
Came back to watch this and genuinely jumped when the semi-truck appeared...
15thTimeLord Hace 4 días
I regret not watching this when it immediately came out,
DrFruityLoops Hace 4 días
"what is a gulag" oml
the bookshelf
the bookshelf Hace 5 días
I love how Jon knows his history. Like. Is he a history major?
Airpod Man
Airpod Man Hace 5 días
Just stop You’ll be in first place you’ll be right behind you
Sebastián madrigal
Sebastián madrigal Hace 5 días
yo bro gotta respect how Garrett is sponsored by flex tape
misa 23
misa 23 Hace 6 días
Wow the fact that he is also sponsored by flex tape made me laugh even more..
SLITHERMAN54 Hace 6 días
on the next jontron, jon competes with us navy seal for who can shoot better
Jake Golle
Jake Golle Hace 6 días
I like videos like this. Do this more.
Doctorispie Hace 7 días
flex seal is on garret's jacket
shad crappypants
shad crappypants Hace 7 días
100 mph Zdeno Chara a hockey player shot the puck 108 mph with just a hockey stick
Sam Gomez
Sam Gomez Hace 7 días
8:42 legitimately made me jump
Jeez Jon he's a nascar driver not a historian.
Sh4ne S.
Sh4ne S. Hace 8 días
Jon, race me in forza horizon 4, I’ll smoke you.
Maplesalt Hace 9 días
11:07 isn't this the same place where Jon made the video announcing he'd leave Game Grumps back in 2013?
Kasumi Rina Gaming
Kasumi Rina Gaming Hace 9 días
1:12 reenacted Spinal Tap, by chance?
Jojo Goodwin
Jojo Goodwin Hace 9 días
"What's the weather gonna be like next week Garret?!" "Faster than you"
Leo Rodrìguez Guti
Leo Rodrìguez Guti Hace 10 días
Wes_The_Hunter Hace 11 días
Nascar's Don't Need Headlights Because The Track Is Always LIT. But I'm Pretty sure they could do with Indicators and Break Lights... Because what if one needs to brake or pull over without causing an accident. OH I'M PRETTY SURE THEY'VE GOT RADIOS.
Adam Thao
Adam Thao Hace 11 días
This is me when I'm explaining communism and Russia to my class 0:59
Roblox exe
Roblox exe Hace 11 días
Real life Cars.
Pearleen Tan
Pearleen Tan Hace 12 días
OMG GARRETT IS SPONSORED BY FLEX TAPE So why didn't they just slap it on his car and put him back on track
Ryan does trumpet and probably other stuff
I thought that truck was real for a spit second and then I was like😶
KirbyMaster4115 Hace 13 días
I’m shook, my name is Garrett too 0_0
Awab Khan
Awab Khan Hace 14 días
the only reason Jon Tron was with this guy was because Garret is sponsored by Flex Tape
Rob TheSinner
Rob TheSinner Hace 15 días
Nascar's first twink.
Brian Scott
Brian Scott Hace 15 días
"My whole life I thought they were tail lights!" Did Jon never watch Cars?
Big Smalls
Big Smalls Hace 16 días
Lmao that's my town!
Seth March
Seth March Hace 18 días
Garret supported flex tape and flex seal and John didn’t even notice
PsionicMonk Hace 14 días
Or is that why he picked Garret?
Crown J
Crown J Hace 20 días
LOL Garret has flex tape on his uniform 😂
UDI Hace 21 un día
i want more of this.
Shad Muffin
Shad Muffin Hace 22 días
So this is what Alex does now
Tempest Hace 22 días
Lighting McQueen: Race cars don't need headlights the tracks always lit. Garrett Smithley: Race cars don't need headlights the tracks always lit.
Coulomb1 Hace 22 días
He has a flextape ad on his jacket
Firulais 64
Firulais 64 Hace 23 días
I always waited for this moment
Tyonidus Hace 24 días
DUDE! How am I just now seeing this? I can't believe you came to my home state! That's awesome!
BIG NUT Hace 24 días
Oh jon your such a goof-a thing who is me a person
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell Hace 24 días
Holy cow I live in Hickory NC I have been to this speedway a million times😂😂😂😂
Sean Clarke
Sean Clarke Hace 24 días
“Well this is a racetrack” I lost my fucking shit lmao
riley dyck
riley dyck Hace 24 días
That truck scared the shit out of me
Spinia Hace 25 días
Do i need a VPN? I mean do I honestly need more protection? Avast is literally gang banging my pc with security lmao
gamers in a container
gamers in a container Hace 25 días
0:57 - 1:23 is one of the best things Jon has ever done.
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