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Director, Writer - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography, Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer, Camera Operator - Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Sound - Matt Bunker
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown
"Ride Along Car Supplier"
"Go Kart Facility"
"Short Track Location"






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Comentarios 80
Leonardo G
Leonardo G Hace 40 minutos
Anybody notice the flex take advertisement on his jacket
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan Hace un hora
Jacob Woolfington
Jacob Woolfington Hace 2 horas
Short track racing😂 go to Talledega
Thomas fan BOI
Thomas fan BOI Hace 9 horas
Race cars don’t need headlights because the track is. Always LIT -cars
The Anime supra
The Anime supra Hace 14 horas
Nascar's don't need headlights cause the track is always 👌
Lucas Sipka
Lucas Sipka Hace 16 horas
The kart track is in my hometown
Straight Laundry Basket
Jon: I never knew they weren't real headlights! Me: Cars 1 lightning McQueen
Bobby Mcbride
Bobby Mcbride Hace 21 un hora
man jontron doesnt disappoint!
NASCAR58 E Hace un día
When you realize that one of Garret Smithley's sponsors is Flex Tape
Video Game Stuff
Video Game Stuff Hace un día
Lugnut Hace un día
Ok what’s the game I need it
Hayyaan Anwar
Hayyaan Anwar Hace 2 días
The fact that garret is sponsored by flex tape is just mad
Lafondont495 Hace 2 días
My family goes to that exact lake every summer for vacation
Will's channel
Will's channel Hace 2 días
For those of you who don’t know garret smithley drives a flex seal car race car
tsartomato Hace 2 días
did you turn left sometimes?
Nicholas Santiago
Nicholas Santiago Hace 2 días
“Well this is a racetrack” perfect response
Osnap563 0
Osnap563 0 Hace 2 días
He should play football with OJ
Nicholas Oliveira
Nicholas Oliveira Hace 2 días
Chevy helmet Ford fusion Hmm
metalgamer 817
metalgamer 817 Hace 2 días
Obviously Jon has never seen Cars otherwise he’d know the nascar lights are fake
Andrew Kelleman
Andrew Kelleman Hace 2 días
Comments Section NASCAR fans: Video Everyone else: Gulag
Hero of time
Hero of time Hace 2 días
Has Jon never seen cars of course they are stickers. Listen to lightning lol
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia Hace 3 días
Jon is the CEO of the gulag
Gavin Wilke
Gavin Wilke Hace 4 días
There are only 2 genders What about NASCAR?!
LAMP MOTH Hace 5 días
Did i hear ROVAL
pro cringer
pro cringer Hace 5 días
The the picture of the semi legit scared the fuck out of me
Lagger Onesixfour
Lagger Onesixfour Hace 6 días
A Chevrolet transmission failure. What a surprise...
Zavier Diaz
Zavier Diaz Hace 7 días
70 wins only in the Xfinity series no monster energy series
LAMP MOTH Hace 5 días
Jimmie Johnson wishes.
Versatile Swanki
Versatile Swanki Hace 7 días
Wignall the Bastard
Wignall the Bastard Hace 8 días
I’m just waiting for the Queen to make an appearance on this channel.
AndyIsGone Hace 8 días
My dad on the highway: 3:33
GabeGameArcade Hace 8 días
Actually, according to a study by the CIA, 95% percent of people in gulags were actual criminals. This is probably more than prisons in America today.
arbys cows are dead
arbys cows are dead Hace 9 días
did he actually not know what a gulag is
Koala 5617
Koala 5617 Hace 9 días
We need to see jon at talladega
James Wirtz
James Wirtz Hace 9 días
Do the next sport professional person with Jason Belmonte for PBA Bowling 10 Pin.
Bone Cologne
Bone Cologne Hace 10 días
Jon, race cars don’t need headlights. Because the track is always lit
blue raspberry
blue raspberry Hace 10 días
Flex tape3
nathan haas
nathan haas Hace 10 días
Has John never seen cars
Gavino Hace 11 días
Racecars don't need headlights because the track is always L I T .
Vacer gaming
Vacer gaming Hace 12 días
Bruh I live in north Carolina
Mattatron 18
Mattatron 18 Hace 12 días
Machovec Hace 13 días
Hell, Norway is the most black metal place you've never heard of
Patton Kesselring
Patton Kesselring Hace 14 días
Surprise surprise, JJ Yeley strikes again.
J cracker
J cracker Hace 16 días
I live 2 hour drive from hickory
EmeraldtheFluff Hace 17 días
JadeYukoXIV Hace 17 días
yoooooo JonTron was in my state!!! I live in Charlotte!!
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly Hace 17 días
kinda mad they didn't play Mario kart smh
Kiko Hace 17 días
Putting Garret and Jon in the same room screams this amazing contrast between a pure soul and a tainted one.
Meg T
Meg T Hace 17 días
The only reason I knew they were stickers is because of Cars tbh
ISmellHeretics Hace 19 días
Flex tape shirt and flex tape on the racing suit? Coincidence, I think not
Tetrumo Hace 19 días
Yes, the race track is actually a gulag. The racers battle on the track for our entertainment
Ollie Waude
Ollie Waude Hace 20 días
Fucking hell mate, 6 ads by 9 minutes? Bollocks to that.
Prashant Mani
Prashant Mani Hace 21 un día
Oh my god !! Cars movie told the secret years ago.
Nate Doty
Nate Doty Hace 22 días
Omg I live there
Redwolf Gaming
Redwolf Gaming Hace 22 días
just wait till he hops into a Dirt Late Model
Fr0sTy Hace 23 días
I live in Hickory, and the fact that fucking JonTron has referred to our in the middle of nowhere speedway as a gulag just boggles my mind.
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here Hace 25 días
Garrett was sponsored by Flex Tape. Is that how Jon made the connection?
Peter Latham
Peter Latham Hace 25 días
You could have just said: it’s a russian prison
Speed up Jesse
Speed up Jesse Hace 26 días
Bruh that part where the truck hits Jon tron! 😂😂 I don’t know why I kinda jumped at that part 😂
Random Unicorn
Random Unicorn Hace 26 días
The car: le fast Jons hands: ➡️↘️↗️➡️⬅️↙️↖️⬆️⬇️↘️↘️↗️⬅️↙️⬆️↘️
Lu Phone
Lu Phone Hace 23 días
@Random Unicorn As I posted before. You're commenting from a Jontron Video, who's main thing is to make fun of shit and take jabs at it, His goop video is nothing but that, and you're getting bothered by a jab? Why do you watch Jontron if you're so easily bothered by such things? Also, please go back to 9gag was literally the meat of the joke, the only other thing was "stop the le (whatever) or go etc" as "le (whatever) is like 2008 "meme" crap, really only used by the fedoralords on Reddit and 9gag Are you a tween? Thats the only thing that would make sense. Unless you're the type of person who laughs at other people being made fun of but can't take a joke themself, if that's the case, oof, your life is gonna be rough.
Random Unicorn
Random Unicorn Hace 23 días
@Lu Phone it wasnt the go back to 9gag part... its the overall comment that is just toxic..
Lu Phone
Lu Phone Hace 23 días
@Random Unicorn Being told to go back to 9gag isn't toxic. Toxic is like, the shit Nice Guys do when a chick doesn't immediately fawn over them or ripping into someone for their sexual or political alignment. Either you've severely thin skin or have a very loose usage the word toxic. P.s. You're commenting from a Jontron Video, who's known for taking jabs and making fun of people. His entire Goop video is based on doing just that. If you consider me toxic then what the hell do you consider Jon?
Random Unicorn
Random Unicorn Hace 23 días
@Lu Phone just because you dont think your toxic doesnt mean ur not..
Lu Phone
Lu Phone Hace 23 días
@Random Unicorn Ya must live on a slip'n'slide then, especially if you thought the comment was "toxic". The general internet isn't your safe space my dude
jerry 29
jerry 29 Hace 26 días
His... some of Garrett's sponsors are, uh, Flex Tape.
Nightlock Hace 27 días
You didn't expect Jonny to drive a racecar now did you?
Riolugo Hace 28 días
Papi grande 69
Papi grande 69 Hace 28 días
Jon just needs his own late night show at this point lmao he'd actually be a damn good host.
Lu Phone
Lu Phone Hace 23 días
Nah he wouldn't. Being a talk show host requires you to be syndicated as fuck and follow all the guidelines of the FCC and the studios. His comedy would be utterly castrated. Jon's amazing cause he is himself and writes his own material/has writers with the same mentality. Jontron being a host would kill everything we love about him and just leave him and ourselves super sad.
oompa sause
oompa sause Hace 28 días
Searched it up he has 0 wins
That Other Boi
That Other Boi Hace 28 días
well isa race track
themonsteraddict MMXVI
From making goofy videos about old games to gaming with a NASCAR driver. Jon, never change
Caleb McGuire
Caleb McGuire Hace 29 días
Bro u were so close to where I live I live in Boone NC like an hour from Hickory
Roger Barback
Roger Barback Hace un mes
Don't forget the 500 dollar video of how to stay in the shade. He's sponsoring flex tape too.
Brendan Reguera
Brendan Reguera Hace un mes
the dude is sponsored by flex tape and why the hell not
Lucas Playz
Lucas Playz Hace un mes
What is missing from g_lag? U
connor_ mosteller
connor_ mosteller Hace un mes
he lost the race for that butterfly
HECKproductions Hace un mes
"well this is a race track" hahah so great
Great World
Great World Hace un mes
So he’s been racing his whole life then
MeatQuaad Hace un mes
Coulda worn the flex seal jumpsuit. Disappoint
Soar -less
Soar -less Hace un mes
Dude you killed everyone!
Side Draft
Side Draft Hace un mes
Dose Jon know about the Dogecoin car
Royal Rave
Royal Rave Hace un mes
"Hey I've been driving for 12 years" "He bro, gulags" One year later. "Nascar Legend suicides in a full frontal crash with 8 empty bottles of vodka inside"
Cbuck132 Hace un mes
You should ride with dale jr or someone higher the garret smithly
Pumpkin Face
Pumpkin Face Hace un mes
100-120 miles per hour? Jesus I do that daily on my way home from work!
James Middleton
James Middleton Hace un mes
americans really fucked up racing didn't they. Over here we get normal cars similar to the american and we turn them into touring cars, cleverly made in order to handle and drive as quickly as possible. and they have headlights, over in armerica you jsut put abig engine in and go
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