Radiohead - If You Say The Word

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‘If You Say The Word’ is taken from ‘KID A MNESIA’ out 5th November via XL Recordings.

Pre-order ‘KID A MNESIA’ here: radiohead.ffm.to/kid-a-mnesia
Buy & stream ‘If You Say The Word’ here: radiohead.ffm.to/if-you-say-t...

Director: Kasper Häggström
Production Company: Object & Animal [ @objectandanimal / www.objectanimal.com ]
Executive Producers: Dom Thomas, Morgan Clement
Producer: Daphne Do
Commissioner: Scott Wright

1st AD: Joe Mulvihill
Onset PA: Reagan Clare
Runner: Djamel Adina
DOP: Daniel Voldheim
1st AC: Jason Dully
2nd AC: Joshua Dadson
Playback Operator: Von Adams
Grip: Fric Lopez
Stunt Coordinator: Jim Dowdall
Precision Driver: Derek Lea
Wardrobe: Kate Forbes
Wardrobe Assistant: Rachel Santoro
HMUA: Nicola Svensen
Medic: Jamie West c/o The Movie Medics
Camera Van Driver: Jordan Worley c/o CDG Logistics
Production Driver: Francis Ezekiel c/o RockapowTransport
Minibus Driver: Jeff Thomas / LCJ Hire

Edit Company: Zed.Video
Offline Producer: Harriet Cawley
Offline Editor: Dom Leung & Kasper Häggström

Post Production: Bacon X, Oslo
Post Producer: Eli Sandal & Øystein Dyb
Online: Markus Tangre
Comp: Vebjørn Rakvaag
Colourist: Julien Alary
Sound Technician: Andreas Waag Martinsen

Storyboards: Temple Clark

Casting: Hammond Cox Casting

Henry Miller
Andrew Turner
Paul Field

Anthony Shuster
Hugh Skinner
Conor Kennedy
Akira Koieyama
Sean Baker
Amanda Bright
Marilyn O’Brien
Ali Brice
Andre Squire
Geoffrey Breton

Background Casting: Talent Talks
Background Cast:
Bagdat Duskinova
Gonzalo Herrero Delicado
James Ryan
Javier Gil-Casares
Jon Wennington
Mathilde Friis
Milan Ogier
Philip Adams

Special Thanks:
Cinelab London
Magne Lyngner (Bacon, Oslo)
City of London
Misbourne Valley






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Comentarios 4 217
TheLeon1032 Hace 37 minutos
thank you radiohead, often reminding me to stop and feel how beautiful life can be. life, i love u
Alex WASTE Hace un hora
Thom...I Will die for you
Moon Maroon
Moon Maroon Hace un hora
Insane. That is all... you can go back to your day now.
Alex WASTE Hace 2 horas
The Best squid game sound
The Watcher
The Watcher Hace 17 horas
Real musicians...imagine that.
Caksi Ksdbsj
Caksi Ksdbsj Hace 20 horas
Ya sen ne müthiş bir adamsın
Alan Caheny
Alan Caheny Hace 23 horas
This video does an amazing job (reminds me of the film 'La Belle Verte') at highlighting the distinction between [their] electrical, upside-down world (the city is an allegorical representation of the dying, left brain) and the magnetic earth (the earth is an allegorical representation of the right brain). When you immerse yourself in nature - when you walk hand-in-hand with the mother, you go through an experience of self-forgetfulness: not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less: you become humbled by the beauty and simplicity of god's creation, and you begin to transcend (via meditation in stillness and silence) their false constructs of linear time (all that exists is the here and now...when you live in the NOW, you have WON). You never want to be a bystander...a mannequin in a shop window, forever missing the moment, "watching it pass." The only way back to the perfection of the father (back to oneness in the Garden of Eden) is through the mother (Kundalini rising), and that is why we have to go together...TO...GET...HER. There is no access to the mother in the city: nobody knows up from down...right from left...and there is never any stillness and silence (all by design, of course). Back to the video...From the limited perspective of the left brain, it would appear as thought the city folk were losing their minds ("if you're in a forest, out of your mind"), but from the higher perspective of the right brain, these people (products of organized society) have to lose their minds (and all its egoic thought patterns/demons) to find their souls. It's a lot harder to find oneself in the city because organized society (simply a manifestation of our collective egos) is designed to pull us all the way down to Goblin town..."until you're buried in rubble, sixty foot down." When you're being bombarded from all angles, the only place left to turn is inwards...and when enough of us do the internal work (connecting with self and source), it's game over for them...
dagon bloom
dagon bloom Hace un día
what a treat!
Samuel blinne
Samuel blinne Hace un día
Anthony Verkholantsev
Michael J. Smith, Ph.D.
I'm glad they are still together making the music that THEY want to make!
sadMod Hace un día
The dude holding the briefcase like a boom box is a vibe
It's like when work started after the Golden Week holidays.
Jacob WP
Jacob WP Hace un día
great little touches to the acting in the video, like how the one is startled when the one behind them drops their suitcase, the way they all hold the briefcases differently
GN Project
GN Project Hace un día
T.W. Green
T.W. Green Hace 2 días
How do you know you’re getting old? Your favorite songs are on “Oldies but Goodies” How do you know you’re really getting old? They’re not anymore. Thank God I don’t have to worry about that with Radiohead.
Rodney Suárez
Rodney Suárez Hace 2 días
I have been obsessed with this song since it came out. Radiohead is prolly the only music artist that can deliver like this.
Joel Swafford
Joel Swafford Hace 2 días
I love the little instrumental break at around 3:12.
Abraham Jacobs
Abraham Jacobs Hace 2 días
This song couldn't come at a better time in my life. Thank you. 🖤
Tortuosit of Tapiola
Musically, this is beyond awesome. The bassline.
johndotto Hace 4 días
The fitst guitar riff sounds like a calling loon, and yes I comment this right after Vox made a video about it and the soudn reminded me of this song.
Lua Hace 4 días
reminded me of Old Money by Lana Del Rey 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ love it so much
serizawa hipo
serizawa hipo Hace 4 días
Tiene un parecido al intro de dark la serie, goodbye aparat,aparte de que son hermosos
Red McC
Red McC Hace 4 días
This video freaks me out. Lol...Id be like F you, cant catch me
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Hace 5 días
Reminds me of "The Bothersome Man". I wonder how many hours I will spend listening to this over the remainder of my life? Thanks guys.
Nick B
Nick B Hace 4 días
Love that film!
jgilmer Hace 5 días
ok. cool. i got it.
MANKUB Hace 5 días
Shweta Roy
Shweta Roy Hace 5 días
trapped for eternity.
Alejandro Rodriguez Rodarte
Hace rato que Radiohead se volvió una banda más común que extraordinario
serizawa hipo
serizawa hipo Hace 4 días
Altamish Mahomed
Altamish Mahomed Hace 5 días
Feels like this could a prequel to the Just video.
j de boer
j de boer Hace 6 días
I love Radiohead but i dont like this song
Claire Hace 6 días
Chills. You gave me chills. Good job! x
Matthew Hohenbery
Matthew Hohenbery Hace 6 días
As a child of deaf parents, my folks never listened to music. Radiohead was the first band I connected with spiritually, and my folks saw my love for them in my music and my singing. My dream is to be an ASL interpreter for Radiohead at their shows, it would be an honor to represent their expression to the deaf and disabled community. 🤟🏼🤘🏼♾
Onur Bozdag
Onur Bozdag Hace 6 días
Thanks to Radiohead and digitech whammy pedal..
Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza
Paddy McGrath
Paddy McGrath Hace 6 días
I've spent most of my 65 years listening and seeing every great band there was and Radiohead stands a top of them all.
Diane Dai
Diane Dai Hace 6 días
Roman Zayats
Roman Zayats Hace 7 días
Coldplay leaved the chat
Old Tape Archive
Old Tape Archive Hace 7 días
How great are Radiohead? This track ranks in their bottom 10% (IMO, of course) and it's still decent.
Caesar E.J.W.
Caesar E.J.W. Hace 7 días
Lefty Pick
Lefty Pick Hace 7 días
Hey beerbellywannabe, keep it going on.
Mari A
Mari A Hace 7 días
Haha, it's the post-lockdown world, isn't it (in the UK, at least)? The government is now nagging us to leave the work-from-home habit and go back to the office: but we will need to re-learn so many useful skills, i.e. how to carry a laptop bag around and how to tap an Oyster card! Life is so hard!
Laurent Gauthier
Laurent Gauthier Hace 7 días
RedPill Popp3r
RedPill Popp3r Hace 8 días
Can I get Thom turned up by like 7%? lol
Fictional Purposes
Fictional Purposes Hace 8 días
The prequel video to 'Just'...
roberto seveno
roberto seveno Hace 8 días
Lolz @ 2:05. Looks Monty Python-esque
Abhisek Sarkar
Abhisek Sarkar Hace 8 días
They are alienated from the world,the universe ,the nature they were like the sheeps lost and found . Disoriented at first and then suddenly gained their functions and went on to their business as usual . What a music video. LOVE YOU RADIOHEAD
MadPonyInteractive Hace 8 días
Just brilliant
Peuple Souverain
Peuple Souverain Hace 8 días
Radiohead encore et toujours , authentique et innovant, planant et envoûtant, unique !
Cristián Waltemath
Cristián Waltemath Hace 8 días
genios , saludos de Chile 🇨🇱🔥🤟
Maite Hace un día
x fin un chile que escuche está joya 🙌🏻
MV Hace 9 días
everybody knows that the bird is the word
Luca Galbusera
Luca Galbusera Hace 9 días
D Hansdah
D Hansdah Hace 9 días
was this a corporate office recruitment drive? Picking up kids fresh off the college campus
cancercurse Hace 9 días
what is The Word I should say?
APOLL0s F1R3 Hace 9 días
I hear this is how they set up parliament every time
telephonic Hace 9 días
Thom's Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!
LasstUnsSpielen Hace 9 días
Is this the beatles? Asking for a friend
Herberth Alvarez
Herberth Alvarez Hace 9 días
What word, The N Word?
Andross Hezekiah
Andross Hezekiah Hace 9 días
this sounds more like taken from "IN HAIL TO THE THIEFRAINBOWS" 😜
thesciencesrule Hace 9 días
Finally, the prequel to 'Just'.
Nightcrawler Hace 9 días
Boring song
Danial Afiq
Danial Afiq Hace 2 días
yes true. i dont like them since after ok computer. they went bored after that
Nightcrawler Hace 9 días
@Batı I appreciate everything Radiohead have done for British music but I think. They way past their best now. My favourite British band is suede. They still making fantastic albums today.
Batı Hace 9 días
Some Radiohead songs sound like that when you first listen to them but they are true growers.
Ciaran Cosgrave
Ciaran Cosgrave Hace 9 días
Livestock Management...
Ensign 'Redshirt' Ricky
The infection of curiosity makes you lay down too long and get teleported into the country with no memory of self. It is becoming clearer now.
Anna Marino
Anna Marino Hace 10 días
Mutt Evan
Mutt Evan Hace 10 días
William 威廉
William 威廉 Hace 10 días
business people or bureaucrats are animals that are taken from the nature, so that we can put them in cages (desks and boxes) so that they work for us. We do the "same" for animals, so they they can produce meat or milk for us.
Lewis Sherlock
Lewis Sherlock Hace 10 días
Oh my me. This video is so goo---------d and so relevant.
Matt Hace 10 días
Another masterpiece!
nmhicks Hace 10 días
This video is nightmare fuel. It's Kafka, Return Of The Body Snatchers, Deliverance and Fight Club all rolled into one.
Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt Hace 10 días
Thank you, Radiohead. I'm 45 now, and since high school you have always made marginalized existence beautiful.
CUITLAS Hace 10 días
Daniel Gonzales
Daniel Gonzales Hace 10 días
Thoms voice.
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr Hace 10 días
i like to think that this video takes part between Just and Karma police
blubitatub Hace 10 días
Soo is this a new single? Or is this off of the new Kid Amnesiac album?
jamie collins
jamie collins Hace 10 días
This video is bloody brilliant
Technicolor Peepers
Technicolor Peepers Hace 10 días
What a brilliant, cheeky video!
Neil Barton
Neil Barton Hace 11 días
Who here knew that Thom's younger brother, Andy Yorke, had a band of his own? Prizes for whoever can tell me the name of his band
Jack Passmore
Jack Passmore Hace 11 días
Moon Base ATX
bri ._.
bri ._. Hace 11 días
i really love this song, this make I feel, I don't know how I say this but it's like if I'm flying meanwhile I'm eating something fluffy
Gerardo Porras Garza
Gerardo Porras Garza Hace 11 días
Always gorgeous and potent, I love this band so much. So much :5 Perfect
kekebaby Hace 11 días
This is great. Thank you
David Weitzner
David Weitzner Hace 11 días
Another beautifully orchestrated piece from Radiohead on the sad cuckery of our modern world
Ricke e
Ricke e Hace 11 días
Adveture time reference
alfie cleall
alfie cleall Hace 11 días
Can someone do lyrics please I understand just want to make sure
Wii DuB
Wii DuB Hace 11 días
This is like a slower version of There There
Matt Lawton
Matt Lawton Hace 11 días
Thanks again Radiohead .. I don't feel so alone.
john paris
john paris Hace 11 días
I think the music / video is showing us what is happening RIGHT NOW ... people, humans, naturally want to live and harmonize organically, in nature, according to their own sensibilities, etc. Instead, at this time we have a monolithic corporate government, media, pharma telling us what we can and can't do, coercing experimental medical procedures upon us, forcing us into certain spaces, etc. Those still out in nature are either those who have escaped or have yet to be put 'back into society' - those are the ones who still think for themselves. But once "[They] Say The Word" they are rounded up (by ordinary people) and placed back into society, into business, into the cog of the machine... I wouldn't say it is an accident that Radiohead is releasing this now.
Jon Baxter
Jon Baxter Hace 11 días
What an interesting world this video takes place in...
Thru the Veil
Thru the Veil Hace 11 días
All great bands/ musicians have a distinct sound or "vibe". Radiohead checks all of those boxes.
Ramirez Trinidad Luis Orlando
Profundo, esto es musica, te amo RadioHead
Yamila Machado
Yamila Machado Hace 11 días
Gracias ❤
deadga oo
deadga oo Hace 11 días
one of my radiohead favorites
caducoppini Hace 11 días
Throughout the pandemic I kept wondering how Radiohead would interpret this into music; and how OK Computer was such a perfect soundtrack to these troubled times… Visionaries!! 👏
SwagLordz69 Hace 11 días
i thought my mans finna do a naruto
Lara Jezreel
Lara Jezreel Hace 11 días
Daybreak84 Hace 12 días
what are you doing!??... get back to work.
zen Hace 12 días
more like the N word
Rose Hace 11 días
Danial Afiq
Danial Afiq Hace 12 días
Vitor Hugo Resende
Vitor Hugo Resende Hace 12 días
Que viagem psicodélica, mano
wovokanarchy Hace 12 días
Ahhhhh, more bullshit from Thom Yorke.
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