Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! (All 5 Combo Meals)

Matt Stonie
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Morgan & I asked for 50k Likes & 20k Comments, and you guys delivered! So, as promised (as if I wasn't going to do it anyways...) we are doing the Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! All 5 Combo Meals in one sitting & finish as fast as I can!

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24 nov 2020






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Comentarios 100
qAlexHp Hace 30 minutos
Why he still not fat
qtsgocrazy on twitch
qtsgocrazy on twitch Hace 30 minutos
he forgot about that party thing with about 100 chicken tenders in it
Yaboku Hace 42 minutos
Svetlana Aminova
Svetlana Aminova Hace 59 minutos
bra iam jealous
KainTulogBike Hace un hora
Of course he picks the 'diet' coke
Sam Diab
Sam Diab Hace un hora
Inigo Pantaleon
Inigo Pantaleon Hace un hora
world record fastest to poop after world record eat
Ahmed Altheraawi
Ahmed Altheraawi Hace un hora
The kids combo, with apple juice!
Morgan Chisholm
Morgan Chisholm Hace 2 horas
Matt stonie isn鈥檛 the legend here his toilet is
Alex Fulong
Alex Fulong Hace 2 horas
im hunry
Haider Ali
Haider Ali Hace 4 horas
why he is not getting fatty
Lightning_ Clapz
Lightning_ Clapz Hace 4 horas
If you go to 3:58 on time you can hear the Samsung tune not trying to be rude just thought it was a lil funny.
LerdyXBL Hace 5 horas
3:58 the Samsung tho
Joe Hace 5 horas
Yooo look at his gut. Hella round
Dragon king
Dragon king Hace 5 horas
i wanna Challenge you to get 100 buger big mac and 30 fries if you can do that?
Dragon king
Dragon king Hace 5 horas
oh yeah forgot it get 110 soda
Lxcid Hace 6 horas
Callie Dawn
Callie Dawn Hace 6 horas
Canes is too expensive
MateItsGaile Hace 6 horas
What did we learn? That raising cane needs to add more food on their menu
Ale Ray
Ale Ray Hace 6 horas
Abdiqani Yusuf
Abdiqani Yusuf Hace 7 horas
3:57 the Android I鈥檓 dead
zamp6969 Hace 8 horas
Can you imagine the size of the log he鈥檚 going to let loose later on 馃槀
ROBLOX Zidan Hace 8 horas
apple juice is the best
Dan G
Dan G Hace 8 horas
Bro you are a monster
Marty Lawrence
Marty Lawrence Hace 8 horas
Wouldn't u have had dietbeaties by now?
TECH HIMANK Hace 8 horas
Friend : who have the best life Le me : matt stonie
TheFatOne Hace 9 horas
The person taking the order is probably thinking, "wow big family huh" Then they see matt stonie pull up
Emanuel Calzada
Emanuel Calzada Hace 9 horas
I like how the apple juice is the most intense thing at the beginning
Cade Buis
Cade Buis Hace 9 horas
The Samsung sound in the back
ramodindra manopo18
ramodindra manopo18 Hace 9 horas
Hati2 bang. Haha
Chet Baker
Chet Baker Hace 9 horas
Damn all these people out here doing these greedy mukbangs are gonna put themselves at risk of a stroke. All that fat and sodium
Alexander Luckyson
Alexander Luckyson Hace 10 horas
Just wondering what Matt eats when his not doing a challenge 馃し
contrite sinner
contrite sinner Hace 10 horas
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4 [KJV]) : : For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])
Lil Sonic Hunter
Lil Sonic Hunter Hace 10 horas
Cane's in my state is good
Danny Truong
Danny Truong Hace 10 horas
This made me hungry
Danny Truong
Danny Truong Hace 10 horas
Clemmyz Hace 10 horas
lady who he ordered from: "surely hes just bringing food home for family, right? he couldnt eat all of this" also lady: *goes on break and checks her phone and sees this in her reccomendations* "what THE-"
Heriberta Fierro
Heriberta Fierro Hace 10 horas
Canes is good but be getting full with one combo that鈥檚 crazy
Jessie Romero-Hernandez
damn bro stop killing your self, thats intense pain i see you going thru my guy.. chill
Heather Ellison
Heather Ellison Hace 10 horas
Matt tell me where the location is at plz and thank u
Chris Kastner
Chris Kastner Hace 10 horas
How does he not throw up.
Ami Elizabeth
Ami Elizabeth Hace 10 horas
You should do a full menu of ihop or denis
Mohd Radzi Bin Norashikin
Zidf Gamer
Zidf Gamer Hace 11 horas
derpy alberto
derpy alberto Hace 11 horas
Cane's is my favorite man there sauce is good
Faze PickelZ
Faze PickelZ Hace 11 horas
Wait does that nigga drink the ice too馃槓
Mathew Meza
Mathew Meza Hace 11 horas
putri ayu
putri ayu Hace 11 horas
Awas entar kesereten 馃槶
Ricky Hace 11 horas
Just had Canes for the first time this year ... It SLAPS
Samuel Prakash
Samuel Prakash Hace 11 horas
Dude do you swallow ice??
Philly Cheese
Philly Cheese Hace 11 horas
Slime Glo
Slime Glo Hace 12 horas
That Android In Da BackGround
Mauricio Samchez
Mauricio Samchez Hace 12 horas
not the full menu ur missing the bob and ur missing the naked fingers and ur missing the honey mustard
Sampanna Poudel
Sampanna Poudel Hace 12 horas
Zack Durnell
Zack Durnell Hace 12 horas
If you stick your toung on the top of your mouth it helps with brain freeze
Toxico Hace 12 horas
Imagine him asking you for a bite of your burger
Toxico Hace 12 horas
Me eating a chicken breast in 20 minutes: 馃様
Toxico Hace 12 horas
Man devours unholy amounts of food and still has the manners to wipe his face
DG_DIDALATER_YT Hace 12 horas
He鈥檚 the type of dude who would bring a feast to a school lunch like that鈥檚 enough to feed Africa
diwash lamichhane
diwash lamichhane Hace 12 horas
Rahul Luther
Rahul Luther Hace 13 horas
He eats so much how is he not fat wth
Jeffy360 Games
Jeffy360 Games Hace 13 horas
Why do people call burgers sandwiches
Ka73b Hace 13 horas
Looks a lot like Zaxbys
Anthony sedillo
Anthony sedillo Hace 13 horas
next challenged eating one of every food in the world
No Name
No Name Hace 13 horas
Just remember this is a light portion size for Americans
Jamal Vaught
Jamal Vaught Hace 13 horas
Im still looking for a 50 apple challenge within 5 minutes. I think that would be your biggest challenge ever.
glazerho mirabal
glazerho mirabal Hace 13 horas
The alleged tip consquentially perform because class prognostically flower a a pleasant friction. obese, dusty system
Pugg Comedy & Films
Pugg Comedy & Films Hace 14 horas
Is no one going to talk about the fact that the sauce alone is 2k calories
Simon Clark
Simon Clark Hace 14 horas
Don't you know there are people starving to death in the world .... hehe
shut upsimp
shut upsimp Hace 9 horas
Galaxic Hace 14 horas
it concerns me how much he eats... it鈥檚 dangerous to eat so much
Lillian Rodgers
Lillian Rodgers Hace 14 horas
Eatsleepfish Hace 14 horas
This makes me hungry!
my rules
my rules Hace 14 horas
You ever get brain freeze put your tongue on the top of your mouth don't know why but it works
my rules
my rules Hace 14 horas
I'll be honest I was expecting to see him get one of those 120 piece chicken meal but this works.
Josh Goldman
Josh Goldman Hace 14 horas
Is anyone else concerned how the 13 containers of CANE'S SAUCE has MORE calories than the 15 CHICKEN STRIPS
Matthew Silver
Matthew Silver Hace 14 horas
bosscarnage4 Hace 15 horas
Dude that coleslaw is nasty I feel bad for him
SageSaucy Hace 15 horas
Matt stonie what are you mixed with
Oli Okonji
Oli Okonji Hace 15 horas
How much does this man exercise or does he just have a great metabolism
Malia Collins
Malia Collins Hace 15 horas
the shave thing at the start is now on sweat coin lmao
Ratsy Rat
Ratsy Rat Hace 15 horas
And the fact that he still manages to be as thin as a stick.
reggie O's
reggie O's Hace 12 horas
crack will do that to ya
jonah_paige2 Hace 16 horas
Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,500 for men. This guy just ate 8,045 calories in under 25 minutes 馃槓
gr0undbr3ak Hace 17 minutos
320% of the daily intake if anyone wanted to know (I like percentages lol helps me better)
Ruben Virtic
Ruben Virtic Hace 6 horas
Leandra Martins
Leandra Martins Hace 16 horas
endgame final battle
Wild Ele
Wild Ele Hace 16 horas
How come you never get nauseous?
Phillip Webster
Phillip Webster Hace 16 horas
I hate watching Matt he makes me hungry at like 11 at night hahah
Radeta Yt
Radeta Yt Hace 17 horas
丕賳鬲 賲賮噩賵毓
rhys woolf
rhys woolf Hace 17 horas
Apple juice, good choice 馃憤
Steven Yeung
Steven Yeung Hace 18 horas
How are you not fat
Kaan Hace 18 horas
Funfact: Like this, imma edit this later to confuse some ppl.
Zahid Shabir
Zahid Shabir Hace 16 horas
Naruto hydra2233
Naruto hydra2233 Hace 18 horas
How you not fat yet 馃馃馃
Trevor Steyl2325
Trevor Steyl2325 Hace 18 horas
Forgot the honey mustard sauce
JoeDurp Hace 18 horas
Raising Canes without a tea BLASPHEMY!!!
Retss. Hace 19 horas
He is so generous with the sauces
liner X
liner X Hace 19 horas
You did great i appreciate what your doing for us
Help me reach 100k with no videos
people watching this like: -in bed -not in a full screen -reading comments
Maryam Ayaz
Maryam Ayaz Hace 18 horas
Las mascotas de Isa
Las mascotas de Isa Hace 19 horas
You got me!
epic9991 Hace 20 horas
3:59 android notification in the background
Anthony Tdms
Anthony Tdms Hace 20 horas
Matt: 8010 calories Me: ok Matt: "adds apple juice calories.. 8045" Also Me: Lets gooo!!!
Misael Jose Barrios Garcia
asa d a da
Vineeth Shenoy
Vineeth Shenoy Hace 21 un hora
can u tell my name in your next video my name is vineeth shenoy.k.
Sha'Riya Jones
Sha'Riya Jones Hace 21 un hora
I been watching him for 5 years and I am still impressed馃槰
Noya Zahavi
Noya Zahavi Hace 21 un hora
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