Reacting to 2019 Animated Trailers

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7 feb 2019






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The Gameing Mudkip 30XX 010105
“ it’s rewind time “
PrimeKnight Gamer
PrimeKnight Gamer Hace 7 horas
anyone saw bumblebee movie anyone?....
Catboi 747
Catboi 747 Hace 8 horas
*I want to eat your pancreas*
Erick Ventura
Erick Ventura Hace 12 horas
9:02 Me: *H O L D U P*
N o s e y M u s i c
N o s e y M u s i c Hace 12 horas
*I never liked How To Train Your Dragon.*
Shrek Is the best movie ever made
LEGO movie 2 seen it I love it the songs are so catchy epically this song will get stunk in your head Httyd 3 seen it I think it is beautiful dreamworks have over done there animation but as hard to say this to httyd fans I still would rather shrek 5 but I do love httyd (do shrek 5) Wonderpark errrrr nah it’s not my thing it seems like a talking dumb animal movie definitely not checking this out no way Missing link am a big fan of stop motion yes I will be checking this out looks beautiful and I think I enjoy it Live action robots Check them all out but I don’t think they will be as good as the animation one Uglydolls I will check this out but I don’t think I enjoy it as much as the LEGO movie 2 but still I give it a chance Toy story 4 YeS YEs am seeing tHiS on the opeaning night can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait am so excited 😆 I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secret life of pets I will see this looks so cute and it looks Way better then the first Playmobi nope not checking it out Spies in disguise yep all for this looks awesome 😎 Klaus haven’t heard from this Shrek 5 i hope it comes soon
Shrek Is the best movie ever made
SHREK 5 where are you !!!!????? Also toy story 4 is probably the most looking forwards movie to me this year I loved woody ever since I was young so I would alwys no matter what see these 2 flims toy story 4 and coruse shrek 5
[SG] YouGottaMineDeep
[SG] YouGottaMineDeep Hace 15 horas
What about detective pikachu?
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Hace 15 horas
To be fair to playmobil the games back in the day was class
Bro Latias
Bro Latias Hace un día
a sudden swarm of sharks have appeared
Bro Latias
Bro Latias Hace un día
Bro Latias
Bro Latias Hace un día
Bro Latias
Bro Latias Hace un día
Bro Latias
Bro Latias Hace un día
Dinosaur Nerd
Dinosaur Nerd Hace un día
Middle Bus
Middle Bus Hace un día
I got a Secret Life of pets 2 trailer half-way through the video. hmmm
Leo The Lion
Leo The Lion Hace un día
5:30 i begged for it and frankly i wanted to see real hell fire even the most satisfying animated deaths in disney history will likely look amazing in live action or photo-realism
Avi Helloman
Avi Helloman Hace un día
I really think that Toy Story should go with the Kingdom Hearts explanation for why the toys are alive. In the game, the toys are alive because of the bond that they have, so yes, an electrical cord could come to life.
Ember MicCormick
Ember MicCormick Hace un día
Wait a Addams family animated? *takes a good long look at style* Looks like to me Tim Burton might be involved with this Just because of that little creepy twist look
toylover321 Hace un día
they just released a trailer for angry birds movie 2
Limp Wibbler
Limp Wibbler Hace 2 días
"Pixar and iffy productions have not been a good sign". Then you show "The Good Dinosaur" and "Brave" You are actually insane if you think those films were bad. They were both good, with Good Dinosaur imo being amazing.
joy bergemann
joy bergemann Hace 2 días
Minnesota or Minnasnowa🙂
joy bergemann
joy bergemann Hace 2 días
When my brother was killed by a drunk driver, I totally gave up . But now when kids say that they hate their parents or siblings or school. I tell them not to. I wish that I would have stayed strong 💪.Remember that your family and schooling are very important .I am ok . People no matter what pit falls you face in your life, please stay strong and push on.
monkey business
monkey business Hace 2 días
I got a the secret life of pets 2 trailer on this video
Neo S
Neo S Hace 2 días
I think your opinions are very bias. As much as I don't like Disney I do admit that the Jungle book remake was pretty good, you didn't even mention that and how well that film did. Give the movies a chance before judging them by their trailers please.
WingGamer 123
WingGamer 123 Hace 2 días
My thoughts on Aladdin Live action: YOH,ITS REWIND TIME
MusicFreak and DancingQueen
Well now you gotta make a part 2 since the Frozen 2 trailer has dropped. PLEASE MAKE A PART 2!
SoundMediaStudio Hace 2 días
Are we all going to ignore detective pikachu
Otto Von Hapsburg
Otto Von Hapsburg Hace 2 días
Pirates of the pancreas
lwandile dube
lwandile dube Hace 2 días
8:00 you're right, Bo Peep did nothing and doesn't really have to change. Jesse and Buzz are the action couple. It's alright if Bo and Woody are more traditional
The Tenacious Trio
The Tenacious Trio Hace 2 días
DBS Broly movie?
Crunchini Hace 2 días
My most anticipated movie of the year right now is definitely birthday wonderland, ilyas got a beautiful style and seeing it in motion is breathtaking
Fox_Lover 152
Fox_Lover 152 Hace 2 días
IT IS A LEAKED IMAGE! The trailer JUST came out.
DERONTHEMASTER 2656 Hace 2 días
Hero aca movie as well
paladin Caleb Of the brotherhood of steel
Gud Midwest joke because I live in Missouri
Sam Felix
Sam Felix Hace 2 días
Ethereal Scorpio
Ethereal Scorpio Hace 2 días
Sonic looks fucking ugly and I doubt it'll be good but I'm still going to see it without a doubt. That and Detective Pikachu (i feel like the one person who didn't like the trailers)
Eggablist Hace 3 días
That Frozen 2 bit aged extremely fast.
JWatchCraft Hace 3 días
Will you share your thoughts on Frozen 2 trailer?
JWatchCraft Hace 3 días
So they’ve done a roblox movie. Anyone want a Minecraft one?
honky canuk
honky canuk Hace 3 días
i mean if Sony can do it, why not illumination!
Deerly Queery
Deerly Queery Hace 3 días
I can't watch HTTYD3 tho my heart can't handle another Bye, Bye Butterfree.
Bread Crumbs BCRD
Bread Crumbs BCRD Hace 3 días
Steven universe change your mind review?
Antonydabossman Hace 3 días
But at the end of the lego movie emmit did everything. What did she do again? (No really I forget)
Sacripentia Hace 3 días
BTW Cellspex the Playmobil trailer has Fortnite dances, wanna be excited for the movie now?
BigChungusThanos 69
BigChungusThanos 69 Hace 3 días
Jason Alardi
Jason Alardi Hace 3 días
Don’t see norm of the north adventures just don’t
Foul Lily
Foul Lily Hace 3 días
maybe im just not too fussy with movies, but i love the live action remakes (well most of em, the jungle book was cool to me) and I also loved Brave and The Good Dinosaur xD
gargantuan peepee
gargantuan peepee Hace 3 días
if klaus will be on netflix, that means you can watch it for free C:
Lps Gaming
Lps Gaming Hace 3 días
Alpha Humphrey
Alpha Humphrey Hace 3 días
I lived in a village near Legoland Billund.
Tehabi Hace 3 días
What about the Super Mario movie being made by illumination
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin Hace 4 días
Why does her voice sound so familiar?
Shelby Pierce
Shelby Pierce Hace 4 días
The WORST film of 2019 will be the playmobil movie And the saddest will be toy story 4 R.I.P Woody 😭😭😭😭 The funniest will be the Lego movie 2
Jacoby Hace 4 días
Also with 'Spies in Disguise', the teen (I think his name is Wilbur) is voiced by Tom Holland. And no, I'm not gonna make an infinity war joke.
judy Radin
judy Radin Hace 4 días
I saw norm
judy Radin
judy Radin Hace 4 días
Frozen trailer is out
judy Radin
judy Radin Hace 4 días
How many movies were they in all
Just Another Animator
11:40 there is a video game of this that’s visually similar, it’s a free mobile game that is actually pay to win and not annoying if you don’t pay!
Anonymous Okpi
Anonymous Okpi Hace 4 días
The first frozen was doo doo the second is even doo dooer
ReasyRandom Hace 4 días
No. Just no.
Rhombulus The Time Out Guyღ
What you said about Illumination's trailers are the reason I'm not watching any more trailers for The Secret Life of Pets 2 besides the Max trailer. I do not wanna spoil the best jokes for myself.
Entity 302
Entity 302 Hace 4 días
Maya Bailes
Maya Bailes Hace 4 días
Artemis Fowl? ARTEMIS FOWL? OMG ARTEMIS FOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disney better not ruin it.
My Pebble
My Pebble Hace 4 días
What about the steven universe movie?
Potatoe Fanner
Potatoe Fanner Hace 4 días
Hilda is one of the best things to come out of Netflix, thanks for saying we should watch it! Love your work, keep being cool.
Sammie Phoenix
Sammie Phoenix Hace 4 días
4:32 Wait, so what about Dumbo?
SpookyRoseV Hace 4 días
The only thing I find interesting about 2019 Lion King is the cast WHICH IS AMAZING ,but I’m probably not gonna see it. At least maybe not until Redbox or Netflix for curiosity sake
David Gallo
David Gallo Hace 4 días
Do they count the non PG movies? There are some good non PG movies coming like Avengers Endgame, IT Chapter 2, Captain Marvel, and many more
Heather L
Heather L Hace 4 días
ItzTaytheUnicorn Hace 4 días
Sonic looks creepy.
Heather L
Heather L Hace 4 días
Ugly dolls were my childhood lol, and I still have a book
John Baca
John Baca Hace 4 días
Bo peep is back
paper bag boy
paper bag boy Hace 4 días
Fuck frozen and I will only see sonic for jim cary
1960s Spiderman
1960s Spiderman Hace 4 días
14:54 *WE.ARE.VENOM*
bomb rush blush
bomb rush blush Hace 5 días
There's a pretty e p i c Ni no Kuni film coming out this summer but I'm not sure if it's gonna be released in the US
Galaxiimira Hace 5 días
Jaime andres Rueda
Jaime andres Rueda Hace 5 días
please review dragonball super broly plz i beg you its really good oh and theres and 50% of it is fighting so plz watch it and i like your videos
Charlotte Weitzel
Charlotte Weitzel Hace 5 días
oh sonic those legs
DanielLife_Fun Hace 5 días
The Frozen movie is real.
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Hace 5 días
still no dragon ball super broly
Aubrey Bryant
Aubrey Bryant Hace 5 días
can you check out the how to train your dragon 3 movie? (when it comes out...)
Ninja jack 64
Ninja jack 64 Hace 5 días
We knew how it was gonna end but we just wanted to see HOW it was gonna end Lol
Fandom Fancy
Fandom Fancy Hace 5 días
Frozen 2 trailer is already out and the posters for Frozen 2 were leaked in November
William Robertson
William Robertson Hace 5 días
Ok this is a good video and all but the fact that you think brave and the good dinosaur are bad movies enraged me. THEYRE BOTH BANGERS. I might have a bias for brave as I'm Scottish but the good dinosaur I LOVED. It told a nice rounded story about family and friendship. I know there's a club cliche "my dad died and I saw it." But still. Brave I liked because it told a story that I and many others can relate to. They both had some stellar animation (one was on point with water) and overall good characters.
Vič Tør
Vič Tør Hace 5 días
Alita battle angel cmon
Dead Boi
Dead Boi Hace 5 días
Bruh u ain even finna talk ab dragon ball??
wowie itz me
wowie itz me Hace 6 días
the calendar is true
sans random gaming videos
Who else thinks her character looks like rebecca pharams animation
Ian McKay
Ian McKay Hace 6 días
Bo peep has always been woodies love intrest
Matthew I.
Matthew I. Hace 6 días
Lydia H
Lydia H Hace 6 días
Ender 01o
Ender 01o Hace 6 días
Frozen II trailer came out
Keegan Lockhart
Keegan Lockhart Hace 6 días
Communist-Marxist Karl-Engels
Plasma Wave
Plasma Wave Hace 6 días
Do frozen 2 trailer
Kengaming 5710
Kengaming 5710 Hace 6 días
Nice fake yelling 7:19
Krazi ShadowBear
Krazi ShadowBear Hace 6 días
Well, Frozen 2's teaser trailer is released.... 😆
teto85 Hace 6 días
When John Lasseter joined Disney as part of the "merger" with Pixar he immediately set about scrapping all the direct to dvd sequel projects like Lady and the Tramp III and other things. Some got through and some he wanted (Cars and Toy Story) others. Since he has left Disney they have gone back to milking their cash cows until they dry up and we are subjected to the remake of the remake of the sequel to the prequel and it all looks like a sophomore project from Cal Arts. I'm going to give about 95% of these a pass based on what trailer I have seen. I might watch once on TV, but I'll not be putting out anything like full price at a theater, no matter who they have stunt cast as a voice actor. Sturgeon's Law applies to everything. It's up to us, the consumers, to find that 5% that is any good. I miss Satoshi Kon. Cancer sucks. But can we stunt cast Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams? I know, I know.
Sunspot Mill
Sunspot Mill Hace 6 días
There's also Angry Birds Movie 2 coming out later this year. Lol, yep.... Norm of the North 2 got a quiet limited release in theaters last month, but its essentially a wide release movie for streaming/dvds in the end.
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