Reacting to 2019 Animated Trailers

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Yateen Raj
Yateen Raj Hace 13 días
Don’t worry Aladdin was very different in terms of the genie
Bradley VanDusen
Bradley VanDusen Hace un mes
I feel the same way about the Disney reboots
Heygurl Hace un mes
Alright I hate the remakes to live from disney but I am all for HERCULES. Please do the remake right and cast the right people
ZXo pixel
ZXo pixel Hace un mes
The animation of klaus reminds me a bit of treasure planet
2019... *a lot of yetis...*
Laura Hace un mes
Photorealism. Okay, thanks for the notis 😁👌.
Amber Balogach
Amber Balogach Hace un mes
I don't understand why parents wouldn't want to show their kids Huntchback. It's an interesting story that talks about prejudice and the effects that it can have. I remember watching the film as a child and while I didn't get all the things about the movie I still loved it and will be showing it to my kids because it's one of the only films that I feel talks about racism and actually doesn't shy around depicting it. Especially since the Romani people are still under heavy prejudice to this day in almost every part of the world. It allows you to have open communication with your children about what racism is and why it is wrong. Then again, I came from a very open family so we discussed things that parents would not normally discuss with their children.
AReallyCoolRat Hace un mes
4:35...... That's literally the only real shot in the movie.....
Abby Wilsbacher
Abby Wilsbacher Hace un mes
Ngl the Sonic movie was actually one of the best mentioned in this video
soy boy
soy boy Hace un mes
I think kids movies should start trying, I used to find it really annoying when movies treated the viewers as if they have an underdeveloped brain.
Smol Chinchillas
Smol Chinchillas Hace un mes
The Klaus trailer is so.. Wow
Samuel Bull
Samuel Bull Hace 3 meses
I literally got the trailer for the lion king 2019 before it started playing in the video
Kira Davis
Kira Davis Hace 3 meses
Aladdin actually has a lot more story than the first one
Metal Genesis
Metal Genesis Hace 3 meses
Cellspex to sonic movie:probably another Alvin and the chipmunks movie Me: *laughs*
JaseT Hace 4 meses
Shark tail was great tho..
HarmonE Records
HarmonE Records Hace 5 meses
Chaotic Goose
Chaotic Goose Hace 6 meses
I honestly don’t know why Disney doesn’t just rerelease the original animated movies instead of remaking it. Like that seems smarter financially to just rerelease instead of spending millions on just remaking the original in “live action”.
The Uncomplicator
The Uncomplicator Hace 5 meses
Outher countries don’t allow older movies to be rerelease.
Dylan de Pencier
Dylan de Pencier Hace 6 meses
I saw Klaus. Spoiler: Nobody is British.
Things Are About To Get GRUsome
They fixed sonic don’t worry
Melon Tart VA
Melon Tart VA Hace 7 meses
I watched Klaus today and loved it. Hope to see you review it before your worst to best list
3myr Ryamo
3myr Ryamo Hace 7 meses
“AHHHH-“ *_nope_*
3myr Ryamo
3myr Ryamo Hace 7 meses
“At least they’re thinking of making another Shrek series” SOMEONE GIVE ME THE REASONS THST SHREK IS GOOD.
Bi_Topia Hace 7 meses
Spies in Disguise is just another /lets turn our main poc character into animals for the majority of the film/
Lazy_ Genuis valt
Lazy_ Genuis valt Hace 7 meses
I wish bnha heroes rising dropped before this
Alzarou For You 2011
Or cthulhu fight alll the 2D animation and 3D animation
Alzarou For You 2011
Ohhh what about cthulhu
Mocha Mich
Mocha Mich Hace 8 meses
Um..... *MEOW*
Emmze EE
Emmze EE Hace 8 meses
7:48 - 8:04 is the best part of the video I will cry myself to sleep... 😂😭
-Mekii Show-
-Mekii Show- Hace 8 meses
I loved Aladdin live action ( totally not because it came on my birthday )
Nerd And Geek
Nerd And Geek Hace 8 meses
Hey I know it's not your usual stuff but would you look at Vivzipop's Hazbin Hotel pilot on youtube?
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar Hace 8 meses
WikiBanned Hace 8 meses
9:53 If the mario movie sucks I'll burn my minion.
Eoghan Feighery
Eoghan Feighery Hace 8 meses
So, this might be a few months early, but here's three ideas for the song association with the movies for the worst and best of 2019 videos. Take these suggestions with a grain of salt, as I haven't seen these films: Uglydolls: Friday by Rebecca Black Lion King 2019: Going Under by Evanesence Secret Pets 2: I'm gonna kill the dog next door song from Cellspex's review video
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle Hace 8 meses
Jordan Heffner
Jordan Heffner Hace 9 meses
It's kinda interesting coming back to this video after so many of these movies have been released, or some movies have either changed release dates or dropped trailers. Can't wait to see the 2019 best to worst list.
will kenny
will kenny Hace 9 meses
fun fact: how to train you dragon 3 came out on MY birthday! good thing it was good!
Agent S.E.A.L.K.I.N.G
You make me not like how to train to your dragon
Alien Anthony
Alien Anthony Hace 9 meses
Lara Hace 9 meses
This is name is forky 7:27
AcloddyChannel Hace 9 meses
Me before watching the video hoping shes gonna say godzilla king of the monsters: =/ Me after watching the video: ;-;
Front2battle Hace 9 meses
The ONLY live action reboot I would watch, would be Treasure Planet. It has the makings of greatness in it.
Austin Universe
Austin Universe Hace 9 meses
I'm almost 13 and uglydolls us my fav movie dont judge please it's really really cute
Sophia Wiseman
Sophia Wiseman Hace 10 meses
CELLSPEX have you seen UglyDolls
XOP GAMING Hace 10 meses
Can you do another one of theese
CuteNarwhal Gacha
CuteNarwhal Gacha Hace 10 meses
This came on my birthday 😂lol
coolnugget Hace 10 meses
Everyone all at once! *uhh meow*
Reece Kramer
Reece Kramer Hace 11 meses
Kelly Kline
Kelly Kline Hace 11 meses
11:39 I assume it's coming to Netflix because it'll probably fail in the box office.
Baloney Sandwich
Baloney Sandwich Hace 11 meses
The lion king is good! Why are u saying it's bad?
Phantom Ghostjr
Phantom Ghostjr Hace 11 meses
13:01 oh just wait.
Papa Shark
Papa Shark Hace 11 meses
Raven Hace 11 meses
The new Sonic looks horrible, I just watched the trailer and I hate it, I can tolerate live actions (Im not calling it 'photorealism' because thats dumb) but sonic is more ugly than the so called 'ugly dolls' just put sonic in that film and il actually believe why people call them ugly
Cookie Queen
Cookie Queen Hace 11 meses
That “We start fires!😈" From the secret life of pets 2 trailer legit caught me off guard so much i squealed 😂
That One Kid
That One Kid Hace 11 meses
Do Cats.
ReasyRandom Hace 11 meses
Do you want to traumatize her?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Hace 11 meses
Half of the movies are already released... wow
GoldStar100 Hace 11 meses
Ok, ok, Aladdin was actually good. I recommend it.
Jammy Head
Jammy Head Hace 11 meses
I wait kung fu panda 4, the secret life of pets 2 ,angry birds movie 2 and probably, Toy story 4. Humans who waits these films press ⬇. Leave a comment if you wait another film .
YTM Studios
YTM Studios Hace un año
No good non-animation film anymore? Didn’t infinity war come out in 2018 and civil war in 2016
Peter Schumacher
Peter Schumacher Hace un año
Hey Aladdin was amazing :P and I’m sooo looking forward to Lionking and... ARTIMIS FOWL???
Jeryl Koh
Jeryl Koh Hace un año
Enjoyed your reaction, Celly! Here is my tier list for the 2019 animated movies so far from worst to best at the halfway point: Norm 2 (Yes, there's a Norm sequel. Don't ask me why...) Norm 3 (Wasn't as bad as Norm 2, but still...) Uglydolls (Unnecessary cash grab with super generic soundtrack) Wonder Park (Animation saved this movie from being horrible) Secret Life of Pets 2 (It was fine) The Queen's Corgi (Actually pretty good... Well done nWave for producing another decent hit) Lego Movie 2 (That was great, but the original is still better) Missing Link (Can someone tell me how that under-performed at the box office?) Minuscule 2 (One of the most underrated animated movies of the year, considering no one has talked about it) How To Train Your Dragon 3 (A perfect end to an amazing trilogy. Wishing for a Tales of Arcadia Netflix movie, even though it is maybe too far for Dreamworks to do that) Toy Story 4 (Still haven't recovered from tearing after this movie. And I was among the majority who thought a fourth movie was unnecessary...) And here's my prediction for the rest of the year, starting from anticipated worst to best: Arctic Justice/Arctic Dogs (Considering no one in the comment section mentioned it, I decided to bring it up. The animation studio that animated it (Assemblage Entertainment) also did the Norm series, so yeah, gonna be crap based on the teaser trailer I watched recently. Still, looking forward to the soundtrack Jeremy Renner worked on for the movie, but my point is: no matter how bad this movie will be, this will be better than the 2 Norm movies we got this year) Playmobil movie (Uglydolls part 2 incoming...) Angry Birds 2 (Not so promising) Spies in Disguise (Could go either way, I guess) Abominable (Teaser trailer convinced me a little. Maybe Pearl Studios can follow in their parent Dreamworks' footsteps if this is successful) Addams Family (Definitely intrigued) Frozen 2 (Fan favourite, should resonate with the Disney fandom) Shaun the Sheep: Framageddon (Having grown up watching the Shaun the Sheep series and loving the first movie, Framageddon looks like a fun movie to watch personally to remind myself of my childhood days) Klaus (Don't let me down, Netflix...) Weathering With You (All aboard the Makoto Shinkai hype train!!!) I Lost My Body (Hopefully, Netflix made the right move releasing this movie to its users globally. Will not be surprised if this snatches the Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards next year, considering the critical acclaim it is getting recently at Cannes and Annecy)
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes Hace un año
I forgot about the Playmobil movie until I watched this video.
Kian stewart
Kian stewart Hace un año
7:27 well, you were half right. the last line of the film is "how am I alive?" then forky says: "I don't know."
Fallen One
Fallen One Hace un año
Now let me see, I learnt this from a pal I got serving over in Japan right now, He's a pro when it comes to explaining things from eastern culture, to "eat" someone's problems is to rid them of that problem, in this case the main protagonist is wishing to rid their interest of a problem, in this case it is a form of pancreatic disease, the protagonist will "eat" the interest's pancreatic problem, essentially ridding them of that problem. In conclusion, Asia is fuckin weird man.
Laura Glynn
Laura Glynn Hace un año
11:37 no. Fucking .way. I remember seeing this studio in 2008 with shorts. They’re on Netflix?!! Wow!!!
Madison Hace un año
Who else is binging theses videos???
Henry Fleming
Henry Fleming Hace un año
uuhhh...... meow???
Omar Mahmoud
Omar Mahmoud Hace un año
If Disney makes a live action hunchback movie they should definitely not direct it at kids, the movie is literally about a deformed baby’s parents getting killed by a highly religious man who would have thrown the baby down a well but a priest stops him and forced the man to care for the kid but ends up mentally abusing him and ends up nearly throwing the kid off a church making him fall int a out of molten led, not to mention that this man has such harsh sexual desires for a women who is probably 20 years younger than him that he would burn an entire city which includes her in it than not having her in bed with him, as I said not very kid friendly
Crazy Crew
Crazy Crew Hace un año
2019 trailers night be the uprise if movies
Crazy Crew
Crazy Crew Hace un año
Aladdin live action reboot wasn't even that bad also Disney fixed the things at that was bad about the original sooo that's a another good thing
Brady Cloud
Brady Cloud Hace un año
Wait, I thought the Hunchback of Notre Dame live action remake came out in April?
Mikedawina Hace un año
When you get an lion king ad, right before the segment about the lion king.
Pokemonfeak1 Hace un año
I might be interested in Klaus and playmobile
Kirbo Hace un año
You say Illumination might not make something amazing, I mean they're making a Mario movie I have only a bit of hope that they dont screw it up
DrizzlyGecko! Hace un año
Well, the Sonic movie has been postponed due to us complaining about Sonic's design and them redoing him. So instead of it coming out on Novmeber 8th (my birthday), it's coming out in February 2020.
Moonstar79 Hace un año
No nostalgic ties to Sonic? He was in Wreck It Ralph!
Moonstar79 Hace un año
Artemis Fowl... PLEASE be gooooood!
Ryder Watson
Ryder Watson Hace un año
My ratings on all of the animated movies i’ve seen since February The LEGO Movie 2-SUCKED Wonder Park-Great! The Secret Life Of pets 2-Best animated comedy ever! In other words,⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Toy Story 4-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Stevefreak VEVO
Stevefreak VEVO Hace un año
(Wonder Park and SLOP 2 gets praise while LM 2 gets hate) Please say sike
YaboiCringeArturio Hace un año
Toy story 4 is awesome and sad
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace un año
I laughed when I saw the movie list at 1:56 for dreamwork's future movies
CharmanderCinema Hace un año
Sonic delayed till February 2020 I don’t see y his design was perfect already
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