Reacting To The WORST Harry Potter Theories

Seamus Gorman
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So what do you guys think the worst Harry Potter Theory is? Ronbledore? Snape is Harry's father? One I didn't speak about today? (bonus points for anyone who says one of mine) Let me know in the comments section down below!
I spent quite a while on this video and am really happy with how it came out, so if you enjoyed it and want me to bring back debunking videos make sure to leave a like and comment some theories you'd like me to debunk!
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Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim Hace 4 horas
BTW, Regarding the 'Hermione is homeless' theory, Harry and the Weasleys actually get to meet her parents as they were exchanging muggle money for Galleons to buy Hermione's school supplies, and Harry and the others meet them outside of Gringotts and have a brief talk, but I guess HeRmiOne mUSt hAvE hIrEd AcToRs tO pLaY hEr pArEnTs
Clare Doherty
Clare Doherty Hace 18 horas
They have said that muggleborns are actually descended from squibs
JT Buttonsoup
JT Buttonsoup Hace 2 días
At 1:43 you said that next week was on the muarders map. He is already dead..... It also distant make sense for his character since he is more of a loner
Simona Cannizzo
Simona Cannizzo Hace 3 días
I don’t like the word “ muggles”
Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith Hace 6 días
the films dont add anything to the lore knight bus shrunken head:am i a joke to you
JAM 102108
JAM 102108 Hace 11 días
2 Theories in one: 1: Salazar Slytherin is Salazar slytherin 2: Voldemort is related to Salazar slytherin
boredpikachu Hace 21 un día
Harry and Voldemort are the same person. Why? Because they both breathe oxygen.
akira nj
akira nj Hace 22 días
Lmao the sarcasn
ASHmellow Hace 25 días
Theory: Luna Lovegood is actually Malfoy’s sister. Evidence: They’re both blonde with grey eyes.
Ready Carcas
Ready Carcas Hace 28 días
Newt was probably at hogwarts visiting dumbledore because he knew him when he was younger
Mirelle perel
Mirelle perel Hace un mes
Newt is in hogwarts cos he is doin AN interview about a fantastic beasts book oh and also from New How to make a horcrux to he wanted to know what slughorn said about
Horrible Content
Horrible Content Hace un mes
4:07 oh hey it’s cosmonaut
Clover Arcondas
Clover Arcondas Hace un mes
I remember a saw a screen shot of a tweet from JKR that was like "No one realized the snake harry freed in the first book was actually nagini." So that might be why its so popular. But like, NO THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE JKR STOP
Maker Shaker Waker
Maker Shaker Waker Hace un mes
Wow dude you are obnoxious as fuck to listen to...
octo fish
octo fish Hace un mes
I like Star Wars better.
Julia And Cassie
Julia And Cassie Hace un mes
Guys I have a great theory! What if Neville was actually Luna! 😯
j k
j k Hace un mes
New Theory: Voldemort is actually Umbridge. Evidence: They suck Mind blown
Riddles 4 U
Riddles 4 U Hace un mes
Harry Potter theory: helda hufflepuff tryed to tick Salazar Slytherin off the astronomy tower which is why slytherins hate hufflepuffs.
Riddles 4 U
Riddles 4 U Hace un mes
Bet you can’t find evidence against that!
SunnyYt Hace un mes
Name is Seamus like Seamus Finnigan from HP Voice is high like Seamus
Causey.6208 Hace un mes
Tom Riddle isn’t voldemort. Tom MARVOLO Riddle is.
Christian Sluice
Christian Sluice Hace un mes
in the film, it said that professor grubbly-plank has lost too many limbs and retired
Hadassah Benson
Hadassah Benson Hace un mes
I’ve heard that the reason why newts name is on the map is because he is there for the execution of Buck beak, probably to try and save him.
Wulf Pup
Wulf Pup Hace un mes
3 tom riddle is voldy dude.
Hamilton Potter
Hamilton Potter Hace un mes
Tom Riddle is not Voldemort. Are we just going to ignore when TOM RIDDLE ACTUALLY SAID HE WAS VOLDEMORT! I rest my case
Jadeslocke17 Hace un mes
When you pointed to tom riddle and said "This one, it's this one" made my day
Der Heider Sohn
Der Heider Sohn Hace un mes
Film-canon does exist, otherwise the changes that were made in the films wouldn't make any sense.
Haley Walker
Haley Walker Hace un mes
That last theory, oh my God why?! On top of going against everything canon, the theory basically turns Snape into a rapist (tricking someone into thinking you're somebody else they know and sleeping with them is not consensual) and the dumbasses who thought up this theory probably think it's romantic. Can somebody throw a brick at them?
Band Lover
Band Lover Hace un mes
This is just a film theory and doesn’t apply to the books because obvs they’re not important but Charlie Weasley doesn’t exist he’s Ron’s imaginary brother because molly wanted more children and they’d why he isn’t in the movies also charLIE has lie in his name coincidence I think not (HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE)
Ryan Michaud
Ryan Michaud Hace un mes
Are you a little boy or a little girl?
FlatEarthSteven 457
An 80 year old man watching pixar videos
Phandom trash forever
I think the whole snake from the first movie being nagini was because people thought that the snake looked similar to nagini’s design or something
Stop Motion Stupidity
Theroy: Dumbledoor is Lord voldomort, who is also Harry and Ron put together, and hagrid is actually harry's father. This would explain why hagrid like Dumbledoor, because hagrid is his father
Kayla Forever
Kayla Forever Hace 2 meses
The only reason i would like the last one is because I don't like James
Infinite Thunder
Infinite Thunder Hace 2 meses
I believed that nagini was the zoo snake until I saw fantastic beasts 2. We never got a good enough look at nagini to know for sure that she was a different species of snake (also I never looked into it for years and could have probably worked it out a lot a long time ago).
Michele Minor
Michele Minor Hace 2 meses
What about James Potter being Jacob and Queenie's biological grandson. The Latin form of James is Jacobus. What if the Potter's took in James from his birth mother who wasn't married at the time of his birth since they were elderly and had no previous children before James and his birth mother was born to Queenie at the end of 1927. At the time of James's birth you did have unwed mothers giving their children up for adoption in order for them to avoid the stigma of being illegitimate and also to give them a better life. James then would have two copies of his birth certificate one with his biological mother listed and one with his adoptive parents being listed. Secrets regarding parentage would be a very common family secret at the time.
Michael Short
Michael Short Hace 2 meses
My favourite theory is that JK Rowling is rita Skeeter banished to the muggle world writing a book about hogwarts
Ayden Gjoka
Ayden Gjoka Hace 2 meses
Is Harry Potter Harry Potter's Dad? Proof: One is dead one is Alive
fortshiisopp Hace 2 meses
I- wasn’t-??? Tom a decedent of Salazar slytherin? I I I
Foxella99 Hace 2 meses
New theory: cho Chang is actually Harry’s sister because they both have black hair.
Mysticblue1212 Hace 2 meses
Let us not forget that's Harry Potter has been told on multiple occasions that he has his mother's eyes yet Harry Potter has either blue or green eyes. I'm leaning towards blue. However every single time Lily Potter is seen in the movies she has brown eyes. Is there a reason they couldn't just put contacts in the woman's eyes for the love of Pete?
Izzy Pekkarinen
Izzy Pekkarinen Hace 2 meses
But didn’t the thing about Nagoni come from J.K Rowling?
#spew It’s me Hermione
Nagini is a python Seamus. Not a viper. No hate. This is still one of my favourite videos of yours! 😊
Khyara’s World
Khyara’s World Hace 2 meses
Seamus Hermione is a year older than Ron and Harry her birthday is 19.09.1979
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen Hace 2 meses
He was there cause he had to talk to dumdore about a updated fantastic beast text book
Layla Ortiz
Layla Ortiz Hace 2 meses
I laughed so hard at the “Tom Riddle Isn’t Voldemort” theory the ending of that was hilarious
Lincoln WILSON
Lincoln WILSON Hace 2 meses
Theory: The reason Harry didn't marry Hermonie is because Hermonie drew a scar on his forehead
Emily Mcmenamin
Emily Mcmenamin Hace 2 meses
JKR actually confirmed Nagini is that snake tho..
TheLegend52 Hace 3 meses
theory: I am harry potter we have never been in the same room
Nadya Adeline
Nadya Adeline Hace 3 meses
Bad Theory: *exists* Seamus: I’m about to end this whole mans career
RedStar Music
RedStar Music Hace 3 meses
Theory: Harry Potter is James Potter's son
Limbo Bilbo
Limbo Bilbo Hace 3 meses
I can debunk the first one in one line: start of book 3 they mention proffesor kettleworth
Tyler Messer
Tyler Messer Hace 3 meses
Again, any theory based solely of film information is instantly invalid. No question. Read the books you lazy bastards. Also, people are dumb. It's amazing how many people can convince themselves they're brilliant while being a complete and utter moron. 😒 #HogwartsIsMyHome #ProudSlytherin 🐍⚡
Dunkelelf3 Hace 3 meses
what the hell i never realised that hemiones mother is michelle fairley the actress that played catelyn stark..
Simona Saifur
Simona Saifur Hace 3 meses
These is the one thing I agree with you about...
Riddles 4 U
Riddles 4 U Hace 3 meses
Theory: it didn’t show it because it’s pg Harry Potter: a member of a pure blood family once used the imperious curse on another pure blood family member to make them mate them Yup that works out!
Gachaclean Productionn
Seriously guys, Nagini is the girl in Crimes of Grindelwald. Even the canon collectable poster things say it. Anyway, nagini is older then the snake in the zoo. Voldemort’s had her longer then that snake’s been free. Google it if you don’t believe me.
Agent Colorado
Agent Colorado Hace 3 meses
Actually he asked Slughorn for reinforcement on his theory of doing it seven times the theory is still the worst but just thought i should says
link4 Hace 3 meses
what about the idea, that all humans had magic. but thousands of years of not only the occasional witch/wizard having their magic stripped-but the then magicless witch/wizards having families. over time this would develop into muggles and muggleborn. an odd idea but hey.
Cory Sawyer
Cory Sawyer Hace 3 meses
I love you transitions to the next theory. Very smooth 👍
Fred Bear
Fred Bear Hace 3 meses
Newt is my favorite
FadedIris Hace 3 meses
IMMA DEBUNK THAT "RON IS DUMBLEDORE" SHIT. Ron isnt gay, Dumbledore is.
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