Reacting To The WORST Harry Potter Theories

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So what do you guys think the worst Harry Potter Theory is? Ronbledore? Snape is Harry's father? One I didn't speak about today? (bonus points for anyone who says one of mine) Let me know in the comments section down below!
I spent quite a while on this video and am really happy with how it came out, so if you enjoyed it and want me to bring back debunking videos make sure to leave a like and comment some theories you'd like me to debunk!
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Jamie Neutral
Jamie Neutral Hace un día
I have so many issues with the Ron and dumbledore one such as Ron ends up with Hermione Dumbledore is gay Just... No..... Why would you even make that one?? 😡😡
Tanveer Abidi
Tanveer Abidi Hace 4 días
Not a theory..a fact : Ron and Hermione is the most genuine Harry Potter Couple❤️💗 Me : BEING A TRUE AF ROMIONE SHIPPER
TheDAPler Hace 6 días
Another good one!
Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess Hace 7 días
If you obliviate someone can you undo the spell?
Persephone Diggen Others
Please react to the best theories of Harry Potter and fantastic beasts
Ava The smirking Slytherdore
Omg I found a theory that will blow your mind... Monika from DDLC is Harry’s sister! Need proof... They both have green eyes! Wait Harry has blue-.... Uh never mind...
Matthew Chertkow
Matthew Chertkow Hace 7 días
Aragog is the father of that one spider Moody torchered in Goblet of fire.
Jannatul Shoilee
Jannatul Shoilee Hace 7 días
Thank you for 5:45 and that's why I love this channel!
Samster Hamster
Samster Hamster Hace 7 días
Yes, the snake from the zoo is Nagini. That’s why on page 28 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the snake from the zoo says, “Brazil here I come . . . . Thanksss amigo.”. And of course, it is a well known fact of Harry Potter lore that Nagini is Brazilian.
Superflamegameplays Hace 8 días
No-one: Reddit Theorist: hERmIONE iS HOmeLeSS
Calum Hogan
Calum Hogan Hace 9 días
Pg rated?
ChrisDoezGacha Hace 10 días
I have a Theroy Dumbledore is dumb his name has dumb so he is dumb
Cypher Plays gacha
Cypher Plays gacha Hace 10 días
I wonder if the second ”worst harry potter theroey” knows that people in Britain SPEAK english 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Talking Trash
Talking Trash Hace 10 días
Epic theory: Ron is gay Evidence: he’s dumboldore
Green boi
Green boi Hace 11 días
Newt Scamander is my favorite character from Fantastic Beasts.
Web Tubers
Web Tubers Hace 11 días
Here’s a theory better than ALL of these mcgonnagal is Voldemort because they both wear green robes
Chubby Walrus
Chubby Walrus Hace 12 días
Theory: The real harry potter died and became moaning Myrtle. When snape came to Godric’s hollow that night, he was actually there to replace dead Harry with another baby that he and Lily had in secret.
MaidenofBagEnd Hace 13 días
Love your Last Jedi poster!
Moses Warner
Moses Warner Hace 13 días
The Snape theory would make more sense if he used polyjuice potion. We don’t know how genetics are spread while you’re transformed. If you’re going to make stupid theories at least try.
TheBakingGamers / SeaDarcyLeviathan
Wait where were your theories
Crimson Black
Crimson Black Hace 13 días
I mean most muggle borns are probably form squibs from extinct families thought wiped out in both the wars but none of them ever thought to see if they have magical ancestors
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“Voldermort isn’t Tom Riddle” -random reddit persom
Mia Wade
Mia Wade Hace 13 días
I like to think that muggleborns are decedents of squibs that were cast out of their magical families for being squibs. Then, after many generations, they magical blood was somehow “activated” and muggleborns were born
Lucy Airapetian
Lucy Airapetian Hace 14 días
I think the muggle theory may refer to Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality which is pretty smart fan fiction.
Liam Wadden
Liam Wadden Hace 14 días
Being a wizard has nothing to do with your bloodline or genetics, you just have to listen to your midichlorians
Slytherin Guy
Slytherin Guy Hace 14 días
NEW THEORY: Harry is a muggle because there is a muggle in the background of the first scene of the first film 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Slytherin Guy
Slytherin Guy Hace 14 días
New theory: Dumbledore is McGonagall because he could shave his beard and use a time turner
Smilee Hace 15 días
To be honest, we never SAW Harry’s Muggle Studies teacher until she was killed, so maybe a possibility?
Aliza Billet
Aliza Billet Hace 15 días
“You’re deluded, grow up, this is the real world” I CACKLED at one in the morning and then choked on my own laughter out of fear of waking up my family
KitsWorld Hace 16 días
6:48 yup definitely look like Harry and Ron right there.
Max Mevissen
Max Mevissen Hace 16 días
0:50 Newt is in retirement living with his wife.
Scarlet Alchemist
Scarlet Alchemist Hace 17 días
Lmfao, everyone should watch this with the subtitles. It makes this even better. Also, I have a theory that may or may not be awful. 😹 What if the Basilisk is actually a relative of Salazar who's a maladictus? Basically all the women in his immediate family had some kind of disease (which there isn't much detail about), so it wouldn't be too far fetched for the lack of detail to be due to the Slytherin family wanting to hide the real disease. All that inbreeding did cause whatever the disease is too, so you never know, right? Anyways, this is a great video, and I hope you do more soon.
Real Shreya Maloo :D
Real Shreya Maloo :D Hace 18 días
When I saw the thumbnail I don’t watch the movies or read the books but I even had a mental head slap because it just made me mad
HaxuppÐee-85 Hace 18 días
Canon: Slytherin is now Borusa!
Seren Gabrielle Montoya
Which Harry Potter house r u? I'm a Huffle Puff
Chuck Wieser
Chuck Wieser Hace 18 días
I think JK Rowling said that the snake at the zoo is actually Nyginea
John Cloutier
John Cloutier Hace 19 días
Hey I have a theory don't know if anyone has said it but in part one of the movies why did professor quirrel pull his hand away
Gloomy Artist
Gloomy Artist Hace 19 días
Post twist: Jk Rowling wrote all these theory's
5000 subscribers without any videos
Do the same with marvel please.
sefsag dfgdfgd
sefsag dfgdfgd Hace 20 días
I have a theory hermione is Aragogs dad the proof is they both exist
Paul Young
Paul Young Hace 20 días
Those MFs that made these theories, come and watch this video, and feel shame.
Mobil Games
Mobil Games Hace 20 días
Newt and Dumbledore were working together so he could have just been helping Dumbledore or just visiting him. Also I think that viper was intended to be nagina but they changed it.
Glinjan Hace 21 un día
What scene is 8:01? Can't remember somehow...
Gacha Valerie
Gacha Valerie Hace 21 un día
Theory Peeves is actually aragog because...well he wasn’t in the movies and stuff so....that means he’s Aragon! Jk Rowling hasn’t debunked this theory so I know it’s true!
Anvime Hace 21 un día
They are all very stupid theories. But the one with Hermione reminded me of another theory that I kind of like saying that she really does not get along with her parents. I mean she barely talks about them and barely visits them during the holidays or invited her friends to visit (my parents would have killed me if I wouldn't visit). My headcanon is that they were both very demanding people, (that's why she feels like she needs to always have the highest scores at school) and that their relation deteriorated a lot during through the years.
Near Uchiha
Near Uchiha Hace 21 un día
You should make a theory video about why you stopped with the debunking videos
Anonymous Animator
Anonymous Animator Hace 22 días
I have an incredible theory! Umbridge is secretly a demon that the ministry summoned because they hated Harry. TheRes So mUCh EVIDENCE11!!1!!!!!!!!1 (NOT FAKE!111!)
Kory St. Aoro
Kory St. Aoro Hace 22 días
Think about this theory; The way purebloods came to be is muggleborn wizards married each other and then had children who "technically" are purebloods.
Josh Haberle
Josh Haberle Hace 22 días
Loved it. Loved the ranting about stupid people
The Crafter
The Crafter Hace 22 días
Here’s a theory Harry’s brother is Dudley. Sure I have proof, he lives with Harry for almost every film. Duh
Ravenclaw Girl
Ravenclaw Girl Hace 23 días
when u said baskilisk it sounded like sksks
TGGamez Hace 23 días
Theory : Voldemort is harry potter They both exist! They even have the same wand core!
Shadow Hace 23 días
I think if the muggle one was tweaked a bit it would actually make sense. Leave out all the weirdness about "language ability" and replace it with the explanation of ancestry, cultural migration, etc, and it would prove that all muggles have a high chance of having at least one magical ancestor somewhere in their family's distant past. It likely is connected to the attitude magical folk have toward squibs. Ron's family has an accountant relative who they don't associate with, likely due to their lack of magic. Somewhere down that accountant's hereditary line the magic will probably resurface in a "muggleborn" student. This means that, due to the evolution of humans in the Potterverse, the magical gene has probably been spread around enough that everyone has it, dormant or not. In this case that means there are likely no true muggles in an evolutionary/genetic sense. Just my two cents.
Laura Hace 23 días
I might know where the Snape is Harry's father theory has it's origin. In the German version of the Harry Potter movies Dumbledore tells Snape "Er hat ihre Augen", which is just the translation of "He has her eyes". Now in German "ihre" means her, but can also be a very polite form of you, like that's how you would adress someone you don't know so well or os some sort of authority to you. Dumbledore always used this form of you in the German version when he was talking to Snape, so a lot of people who didn't read the books and only saw the movies in German thought that Dumbledore said "He has your eyes", which would have meant that Snape was Harry's father
Kristina Hemmerling
Kristina Hemmerling Hace 23 días
bertie bott's every flavor beans: the only evidence that matters.
Sam Richards
Sam Richards Hace 23 días
Clearly the centaurs are transfigured ministry employees who stared at the basilisk too long after drinking a potion that made them immune but it made them confused so they undressed and dressed as horses
1tE5o6 Hace 23 días
This is probably nonsensical and- okay, I'm not 100% updated on all of the lore, but (probably easily debunked, idk) theory: The pensieve at Hogwarts is a horcrux- not Tom Riddle's, but like. The first, ever. Like. Herpo the Foul, /first/. Think about what the diary was capable of as a horcrux, since it also displayed memories (of sorts) to Harry, didn't it? (Scary note on top of that: imagine the build up of information, spells, emotions and memories.)
FideliaNerina Hace 23 días
Although I know Hermione isn't homeless, I do wonder why she spent her summers with Harry and Ron and not them. Maybe to keep them safe and knowing she would be going on a dangerous mission she decided to really protect them by obliviating them?
Goron Gamer
Goron Gamer Hace 23 días
Dudley is Tom Riddle
Yellow Gorilla
Yellow Gorilla Hace 23 días
It’s just a theory a potter theory
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