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Reactors reaction to the return and reveals of two of the most iconic Spider-Man villains Doctor Octopus aka Doc Ock, as well as The Green Goblin, on the new teaser trailer to the upcoming Spider-Man No Way Home

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William Fortier
William Fortier Hace 12 horas
Anyone here wanted to see ppl react after he says "hello peter"?
killshot Hace 20 horas
Hey I have some info search up Spider-Man no way home in the cast is electro and Eddie brock/venom
Splashking Hace 23 horas
I’m just trynna see Andrew and tobey
Symgariak Hace un día
23:35 My exact reaction to seeing the ad coming up in 5 seconds too
Miyuki Haruka Gacus
Miyuki Haruka Gacus Hace un día
Difference between white people and black people reacting to dr.octopus: Black youtubers screams when they see Dr.Octopus meanwhile white people... *Silently screaming* (I'm not being racist)
Aspen The Artist
Aspen The Artist Hace 2 días
every time someone says oh my god take a shot
Jasper Jun Jie
Jasper Jun Jie Hace 3 días
I feel like electro is also here.
Tony Montana 2.0
Tony Montana 2.0 Hace 3 días
Where is bully maguire? " I missed the part where that's my problem"
The Original Video-Schmideo Channel
"Hello, Peter..." With those two simple words, Alfred Molina owns the internet!
Hello There
Hello There Hace 4 días
Doc Ock : Hello, Peter Everyone : Monke scream
Chris Giles
Chris Giles Hace 4 días
I remember seeing this trailer two months ago, it was so sick!!! I got so nostalgic when I heard that iconic laugh from Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin and the tentacles from Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus, I thought I was going to pass out! I still can't believe Marvel and Sony are actually doing this, the theaters are going to be packed this Christmas season! And the fact that they're bringing in the cast from the previous Spider-Man movies and Doctor Strange is in this means the stakes will be Endgame level. Plus, this along with WandaVision and Loki will bleed straight into Multiverse Of Madness!
Никита Безуглый
Avengers endgame resting.
JUDGE STONKS# Hace 4 días
Female: 😯 Men: WOOOOOOOW
25taylor91 Hace 5 días
Hello Peter is the best part, and no one is quiet enough to hear it lol
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller Hace 6 días
Bruh the people who commented on the be careful what you wish for Parker part (the part that gave me chills) saying it was William Defoe just hurt me, that’s obviously James Franco…. Just go back and listen to Defoe it’s obvious it’s not him I’m thinking now they might have just used a sound bite since the stuff with James Franco now😬
And did you ask every single person for their reaction so you can make it into a video if all of these were stolen
I'm just waiting for Mr ditkovich
Lovito Chishi
Lovito Chishi Hace 6 días
Never been so hyped after seeing Dr op wow
RICARMÓN Hace 6 días
Seeing people's reaction to the trailer makes my hair stand on end
UnlockingOne796 Hace 7 días
I get hyped every time I hear the Willem Dafoe laugh 😂
Emma Hace 7 días
The sheer joy of people seeing The Green Goblin and Doc Ock again after all these years just makes me smile from ear to ear. Love or hate the "old" Spiderman movies, Dafoe and Molina are friggin' legends.
i_wanna_die Hace 8 días
4:02 he looks like he actually believes that the film is real
Colby Steffens
Colby Steffens Hace 8 días
Monday Night, August 23rd at 8:00pm will be known as the GREATEST trailer to ever exist (literally almost every Spidey fan freaking out and screaming) loved this evening soo soo much
Luka Vaughn
Luka Vaughn Hace 8 días
Bro I really want to start a reaction channel just to be featured on this channel. Hahaha
Ross Watson
Ross Watson Hace 8 días
We gonna get a sinister 6 in this movie vs the 3 spidermen Marvel really going ham on this one can’t wait
Khris Breezy
Khris Breezy Hace 9 días
Thank you Stan Lee for giving us Spider-Man, your legacy lives on rip
Khris Breezy
Khris Breezy Hace 9 días
It's like seeing adults going back to their childhood, well atleast for me that's how I feel
V. blakheart
V. blakheart Hace 9 días
the Sinister Six
Robinson K
Robinson K Hace 9 días
Alfred Molina IS Doctor Octopus
purez Hace 10 días
Idc this is the most hyped movie in 2021
Buster B
Buster B Hace 11 días
Dude, they NEED to make this film a two parter or like 4 hours long in order to do it justice
AlStuffs Hace 11 días
*Funn fact if you smile 98% you will be automaticly happy*
Лера Сорока
Лера Сорока Hace 11 días
Только из-за Алфреда Малины я буду смотреть, если туда и Дефо засунули это просто 2 микроинфаркта, три микроинсульта
TF Fan Artist
TF Fan Artist Hace 12 días
Controversial fact: Tobey Maguire is the first live action Spider Man of the 2000s, but he's not the first live action Spider Man. That title goes to Nicholas Hammond.
Sebastian's Mind
Sebastian's Mind Hace 12 días
You know you're Iconic when even the sight of your Weapon is enough to get people into a frenzy
lagstyre Hace 12 días
15:12 Didn't know Ted Lasso and Coach were here to react. What an honour.
Eduardo Martins
Eduardo Martins Hace 12 días
How to make a reaction channel: 1 - Scream 2 - Done
Depressed Hace 13 días
How is Doc Ock still alive ?
Tøny Øliver
Tøny Øliver Hace 13 días
4:39 a mina tem problemas na boca???? Kkkkkk
REALFINEX Hace 13 días
I couldnt even hear hello peter on any of these lul
Two Face
Two Face Hace 13 días
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Hace 13 días
I wanna know about the writer who wrote"Hello Peter"....
P.S Amal
P.S Amal Hace 14 días
Hello Peter just bringed our kid out
Pyrenees Gal
Pyrenees Gal Hace 14 días
RIP to everyone listening with headphones
Marcos Benitez
Marcos Benitez Hace 14 días
Green goblin grenade
Cristian Rios
Cristian Rios Hace 14 días
Two words and four syllables was enough to break the entire internet... I'm so hyped for this movie
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon Hace 14 días
Toby better be the one to tell him that "with great power comes great responsibility" right before the big final fight
Tits jon un
Tits jon un Hace 14 días
Oh shit I want to see that
Jay Cade
Jay Cade Hace 14 días
Right before the green goblin thing there was electro in the trailer
Xes Cesar
Xes Cesar Hace 15 días
David Delarosa
David Delarosa Hace 13 días
Did i ask
Honeybaby Hace 15 días
“Be careful what you wish for Parker” sounds like Michael Keeton to me🤔
Dragon With A Yellow Jumpsuit
"Hello Peter Brilliant but lazy huh"
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington Hace 16 días
one thing I noticed is that the bottom tentacles he used to secure himself to the ground might look the same as the the ones on the top. That's a nerdy thing to bring up but the Sam Rami puppetry is so iconic you'd notice it too
Jhon Ethan Monje
Jhon Ethan Monje Hace 16 días
best bday present ever!!!!!
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez Hace 17 días
J. jonah jameson I want him back
ItzMaxys Hace 17 días
Pov: you weren't even born when dock ock existed
Arthur Thenga
Arthur Thenga Hace 17 días
Probably the most loved super hero in the MCU
Nathan508 Hace 17 días
Green Goblin just gives goosebumps 🔥
Aidil Fitrah ಥ‿ಥ
does anyone realize, there is an electro lightning
David Reiser
David Reiser Hace 18 días
They have been killing it with spider-man lately…
plz 4jz
plz 4jz Hace 18 días
DC wish it could lol
Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams Hace 18 días
What's scary is this opens doors to other powerful ones.... Scarlet witch, The Dr
Chris LeCount
Chris LeCount Hace 18 días
Gotta wonder, if everyone is so hyped about No Way Home, how hyped will people be when Multiverse of Madness' first trailer drops?
Donell R. Jones Marketing
It was cool but they kept screaming before Doc got his line out. Kinda took away from the hype.
nancy rodriguez
nancy rodriguez Hace 19 días
i grew up watching the other spiderman movies and green goblin’s laugh seemed so familiar but i didn’t recognize doc ock 😭
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Hace 19 días
What if we learn that happy is the guys alias and happy real name is ben!?!?!?! I'm just saying!?!?!
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Hace 19 días
At the end Peter is talking to miles morales mom, im gonna bet she dies on the bridge. Miles was confirmed by Donald glover to be canon I homecoming! So Tom Holland contract is up but we're gonna get the debut of miles morales!!!
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Hace 19 días
Let's give it up for the line "be careful what you wish for parker" then showing Dr octs deput. They did it on purpose because Spiderman is the average person with powers and we all willed Alfred molina return into existence for years!
C. Mage
C. Mage Hace 19 días
Dr. Strange: You broke time and space. Me: You broke something even bigger than that...THE INTERNET.
SwiftBlade4 Hace 20 días
I think you should've only included the Green Goblin and Doc Oc parts.
Matthew Hace 20 días
Kids born in 2010s : "Who's that?"
Matthew Hace 18 días
@gigi true, but most of kids today are too preoccupied by today's entertainment
gigi Hace 20 días
people born in 2010s can still watch old movies lol
Məmməd Kərimov
Məmməd Kərimov Hace 20 días
If Marvel doesn't bring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in this movie, the world's end will be done by marvel fans😂
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Hace 21 un día
7:46 "Hello Peter" *proceeds to imitate Caterpie*
samuel Clark
samuel Clark Hace 21 un día
All Peter had to do was just tell MJ, Ned and Aunt May who spiderman was after the spell was cast
Victor Davis
Victor Davis Hace 21 un día
All the hype for Green Goblin and Doc Oc leaves me wondering if we will get a live-action Miles Morales.
David Molina
David Molina Hace 21 un día
And... SAND MAN & ELECTRO are also in the movie
- Blackemperor-
- Blackemperor- Hace 22 días
I literally grew up watching the Raimi trilogy. I grew away from the movies over time, of course, but seeing this gets me hyped for the movie.
Kalvin Santero
Kalvin Santero Hace 22 días
We all know whos faking reactions. And whos legit 😏
Music Lover
Music Lover Hace 22 días
Is Iron man back to ?
JaguarWf Hace 22 días
But why no one said anything about electro or sandman? Didn't they see them?
Idk Idk
Idk Idk Hace 22 días
ik he not wearing a durag on top of a durag
Idk Idk
Idk Idk Hace 22 días
bruh thought that was KSI in the thumbnail
Idk Idk
Idk Idk Hace 22 días
😂he wearing a bandana on top of the durag
SuziHIVE Hace 22 días
Know i see The og Villains, Let me see the og spidermans
Hyde Takarai
Hyde Takarai Hace 23 días
I hope Alfred Molina knows how happy he made everyone by uttering those 2 words.
TheRagingB Hace 23 días
7:34 bro turned into a chimpanzee lmao
Yahya RM
Yahya RM Hace 24 días
Yahya RM
Yahya RM Hace 24 días
if this is show us one thing it will be marvel know how to do a SICK trailer
Yahya RM
Yahya RM Hace 24 días
i thought doc ock will be another new marvel actor but damn they brought back the original one🙌❤
Yahya RM
Yahya RM Hace 24 días
i wasn't hyped until i saw Doc Ock and green goblin best spiderman villns ever🙌🙌🙌❤❤
Pluttoh Hace 24 días
the way this comes out just before my birthday is the best present
Alec Hamilton
Alec Hamilton Hace 24 días
Bro I knew it was Molina after I saw the tentacle, if you looked closely at it, it was the exact same as it was in Spider-Man 2. Just with better cgi
Alec Hamilton
Alec Hamilton Hace 24 días
Bro Ik there’s a theory that the pumpkin bomb was thrown by Ned and he’s gonna become the hobgoblin, but that was Willem Dafoes Green Goblin laugh 😂
Bucket Zombie YT
Bucket Zombie YT Hace 25 días
15:45 me when were ordering pizza
Abhinav Raj
Abhinav Raj Hace 25 días
guys this movie is going to take up millionssssss💥💥💥💥💥
BAX ART CHANNEL Hace 25 días
¿No body can see the Electro? They show his thunders many times in the video 😅
Raiden324 Hace 25 días
What I love seeing about these views, is seeing the excitement from people of all different colors, gender, race, and maybe sexual orientation enjoying seeing the characters. how many people were wearing Spider-man outfits. It just goes to show you that you don't have to change our superheros into women, Gay, black, white, or any other color. Make a good story is mostly what we all want. I don't need to see Black Panther be played by an Hispanic, Black Widow to be played by a man, or anything else to characters I grew up and loved. Make a great story is all we want.
Veluta ✓
Veluta ✓ Hace 25 días
7:28 this dude looking like a heavier version of tyler the creator
Tendai Gatahwa
Tendai Gatahwa Hace 26 días
We know that ball. Its Green Goblin
beastgamer004 Hace 26 días
26:24 I just love how she has Warner Bros in the background but she's watching a marvel trailer. No hate or anything just found it funny.
Ruel Janer
Ruel Janer Hace 26 días
Different version of Spider-man in other dimension. Merge in one timeline. Get ready for round ².
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