Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper GT

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Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper GT!


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10 feb 2019

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Chamod Malalathunga
Chamod Malalathunga Hace un hora
Can you change the original color? Does it need to inform anyone before changing the color?
Nellie Fedotova
Nellie Fedotova Hace 2 horas
Отдашь мне бампер если не будешь делать?
aaron pineau
aaron pineau Hace 23 horas
seams like your doing all the same cars that goonzquad is
Jonathan Saalberg
Jonathan Saalberg Hace un día
The best color combination for a coupe is white stripes over blue, like the '96 GTS. That would also be easy to sell.
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson Hace un día
yes, nardo grey!
EJ MACK Hace 2 días
Looking forward to this build because replacing the whole frame is going to be interesting, good luck man!
Bud Nunyerbusiness
Bud Nunyerbusiness Hace 2 días
What was the ticket for? And why would the insurance people get upset wit you filming? You are doing them a favor.
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart Hace 2 días
Not Goonzquad...
Perry Bailey
Perry Bailey Hace 3 días
This looks like a good one for you, Alex. I have a pretty good idea what happened to the tire and rim... I've seen it many times where people would be street racing and hit some debris or a pothole at high speed, and blow a tire and hit an embankment, and destroy the right front suspension. When the lower control arm snapped from the impact, the upper control arm stayed attached, but the wheel no longer supported the body, and skidded under the frame until the car came to a stop. I have seen footage of this kind of thing where someone takes a daily driver like this to the track on Sunday, the car gets squirrely on the track and they hit the wall. I'm sure that you are going to make this as beautiful as your Hellcat when it's finished.
mark bgatov
mark bgatov Hace 3 días
goonzquad copy cat
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
If the bumper is fiberglass or carbon fiber it can be fixed using composites repair techniques.
Buraq Ejaz
Buraq Ejaz Hace 3 días
Lime green wrap would look good on it
Jaspreet Dhanjal
Jaspreet Dhanjal Hace 3 días
S U B S C R I B E D . . . ! ! !
Peter Hace 3 días
Peter Hace 3 días
thats awesome! i like how you repair and revive crashed cars back into next life! THUMBS UP
Antonio Grullón
Antonio Grullón Hace 4 días
color, Viper purple... it look amaizing :D
Jason Cyanide
Jason Cyanide Hace 4 días
im hype to see this!!
Qanon Anonymous
Qanon Anonymous Hace 4 días
Mat Gray and Dark Green stripes.
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. Hace 4 días
Looks like another Great Series of Alex Rebuilds !!!!!!!
iDetect South Wales
iDetect South Wales Hace 4 días
Black body, orange stripes, calipers and engine covers would look awesome
Cj Boyle
Cj Boyle Hace 4 días
Wow let’s just do exactly what goonzsquad does
1972galey Hace 4 días
Auction yard manager is a buzz kill!
Mohammed Ashry
Mohammed Ashry Hace 4 días
4:51 did any see hellcat 😂
Dirt Fab
Dirt Fab Hace 4 días
What! IAA actually kept usable parts. Can’t be true haha. Good luck on the build
Aero Man
Aero Man Hace 4 días
In case you need a training video on complete frame replacement for reference: esvid.net/video/vídeo-PyQ7GvJ0pBI.html
Jason King
Jason King Hace 4 días
Awesome Alex. This should be a fantastic build!
melvingozo Hace 4 días
I vote to keep it red - keeps you cost down and looks super good...after all - it was born red...
dman smith
dman smith Hace 5 días
Whelp u got a new sub from urs truly. Recommended prob bc I’m watching another viper being rebuild and currently own a ‘13 viper gts. U got any questions lmk!
Mercer General Construction
*** Alex !!!!! To be the best you need to do it better then goonsquad. How ? Show us your bidding for the cars you fix in last rebuild video and mention in each video the at end you will revel the build total. At end include bought price parts paint etc. Trust me i do client acquisition for a living.
D M Hace 4 días
"Howdy folks! Jimmy Bob from Mercer General Construction here, and I want to tell you to come on down to my office where I do client acquisitions. Here at Mercer we treat you right! After all, you are the customer! Trust me, I know a thing or two about things and stuff. Trust me I will gladly scam you into giving me what I want! Trust me I know what I am talking about. So come on down where you can get a one time only FREE estimate on anything. Trust me, we will even estimate your dog!
Tesis Kevis
Tesis Kevis Hace 5 días
can you make BMW for next?
Trevor Bauder
Trevor Bauder Hace 5 días
what ya pick this up for? $$
shooter45 Hace 5 días
This should be an interesting build. BTW... tires have TREAD, not "THREAD"
Willem P
Willem P Hace 5 días
For me a first...I like this Alex guy.He just say it like it is.I am going to watch this to the end.a Big like from me and Germany,,,,
zareena Said
zareena Said Hace 5 días
I love this guy but he is trying to copy goonzquad, he does every single build they do 😂
Ekhsan Lutfi
Ekhsan Lutfi Hace 5 días
Watch "Watch "DODGE VIPER FRAME REPLACEMENT" on ESvid esvid.net/video/vídeo-Z7sqFbBiOWk.html Thanks me later..
Gabriel Arnett
Gabriel Arnett Hace 5 días
Hey! Alex watching live from Nassau Bahamas why the Viper have 6 wheel nuts and the Challenger have 5 wheel nuts could you explain for me please thank you...
nearpar Hace 5 días
That wheel/Tire was dragged for a considerable distance to look like that he probably drove it down the road before he decided to stop.
GreenFlame Hace 5 días
Yes!! Another build!! Love the videos
Mark Turner
Mark Turner Hace 5 días
LOVE the channel bro good luck with the build its going to be really good for the channel and your experience. But I kinda like the red with the white stripes never seen one this color before. Are you planning on keeping this one for yourself ?
James Grant
James Grant Hace 5 días
What was the cost of the Viper?
William Eichhorn
William Eichhorn Hace 6 días
EdVentures Hace 6 días
Wow can’t wait to watch the newer videos on this Viper, perfect spec too!
Dondeli Garage
Dondeli Garage Hace 6 días
If you’re wondering how much it cost? Check it out www.ridesafely.com/en/salvage-car-auction-dodge-viper-2017-red/bid/1902001439
mike isaacs
mike isaacs Hace 6 días
Damn good luck will be good to watch!!!!
skliros Hace 6 días
Perhaps the guy who wrecked it, drove it wrecked after the accident, hence the wheel damage. But that scares me since the oil filter was jacked.
specwar64 Hace 6 días
Spanish or Solar Gold base with,either Candy red or Candy Brandywine, 3 coats clear. All from House of Kolor.
Баранов Дмитрий
Holy shhh... Good luck reassemblin' this beast
Blue Jolt
Blue Jolt Hace 6 días
If u don't mind my asking what'd u get a ticket for.
Prestige Lawn Care
Prestige Lawn Care Hace 6 días
Good one best of luck with the build man
Josef Lotz
Josef Lotz Hace 6 días
Look at the viper Stryker green or snake skin green
NICK'S SHOP. Hace 6 días
hell yeah nice car.
ryan sheffield
ryan sheffield Hace 6 días
I think it would look good in blue with some nice racing stripes
Charlie Carter
Charlie Carter Hace 6 días
I want buy it from you if you sale it
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono Hace 6 días
WTF thats a REAl rebuild
Daniel Laplaca
Daniel Laplaca Hace 6 días
Get it brother
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi Hace 6 días
Wy do you the same as goonzquad
Zaur Sattarov
Zaur Sattarov Hace 6 días
You really can do this ? Cant wait for next video
andrasikjonatan Hace 6 días
good good! looking forward to see the progress!
Marcus Fant
Marcus Fant Hace 6 días
Tuned in for this project for sure. I know you got this!
XSk8erXGamerXModzX Hace 6 días
I don’t understand why rebuilders need to copy other Chanel’s?
JROCKALI Hace 6 días
Did not know it was that intense of a rebuild. Cant wait to see the build process on the Viper!!
Waqas Khan
Waqas Khan Hace 6 días
you my friend are one fine craftsman! keep up the good work
Asia Sung
Asia Sung Hace 6 días
black lime green flourescent green running lights
Leroy Walker
Leroy Walker Hace 6 días
Are you in NC?
Moises Cascante
Moises Cascante Hace 6 días
Matte black with gloss gray stripes... Cheers from Costa Rica.
G S Hace 6 días
You're an awesome craftsman! Keep up the outstanding work my friend:)
happyked Hace 6 días
You even use the same music as goonzquad?😂 Exciting build tho👍🏻
Two Wheel Rocco
Two Wheel Rocco Hace 6 días
_ DEVSTER _ Hace 6 días
+1 nardo!
Luca Kollár
Luca Kollár Hace 6 días
In my opinion green would be a perfect colour for this exotic car. ( Just remember need for speed most wanted :D ) Go Alex, you're the best mechanic. :)
Pirate Hace 6 días
When this guy sleeps?
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz Hace 6 días
i really like your videos alex! greetings from mexico!
Patrick Ruzman
Patrick Ruzman Hace 6 días
This one is definetly going to be most interesting build, give it some details, from time to time give it some time to explain things while you work on it, as you did with seatbelts on GT-R.
King Kanga
King Kanga Hace 6 días
I am so stoked to see how this turns out...Thanks for the uploads.
Robert VanZant
Robert VanZant Hace 6 días
Can’t believe that truck is petrol ! Must be a pig on fuel , speaking of pigs did the cop give you a ticket ?
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Your lucky you got all them pieces with the car, can't wait for the build
Grayson Traylor
Grayson Traylor Hace 6 días
So happy you are taking us along for the ride!
Chris Umaña
Chris Umaña Hace 7 días
Excellent channel Alex. Greetings from Costa Rica.
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan Hace 7 días
Love the car , truck needs to go to junk yard
Murcieme Hace 7 días
This is gonna be a great project, I look forward to watching. Thanks
gumbywwf83 Hace 7 días
this is a cool project and nice find mate.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Hace 7 días
Copying goonzsquad 👎🏻
Red Jaden
Red Jaden Hace 7 días
Very cool! It's the best "kit car" you can buy!
Knowel Da Polo GOD
Knowel Da Polo GOD Hace 7 días
I just subscribed, based on this car!!!!!!
Snow Hace 7 días
maybe orange primary, and black for secondary?
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz]
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz] Hace 7 días
Please don't change the color. Please don't change the color. Please don't change the color Please don't change the color Please don't change the color
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley Hace 7 días
Narto grey and limeeeeeee
Northern Transplant
Northern Transplant Hace 7 días
I won’t lie, I rolled my eyes when I first saw this.. but after seeing what you are trying to do, I’m pretty jazzed to follow along.
thebigdustin Hace 7 días
Subbed, Notified. Looking forward to the build.
Holako Aljbar
Holako Aljbar Hace 7 días
great purchase brother. highly recommend Gray and Orange this compo is surprisingly beautiful.
Jack Cuautle
Jack Cuautle Hace 7 días
I been loving the red in the iron man suit but a bit matte with gold rims, in the game need for speed I add that color to all my cars and it just looks amazing
Supreme Music
Supreme Music Hace 7 días
Man you better not paint it no lime green gth out of here with those tacky colors
Jack Cuautle
Jack Cuautle Hace 7 días
It looks similar to the SRT Viper TA tbh
Tyler Appel
Tyler Appel Hace 7 días
What is your day job? How do you afford this?
Big P Big P
Big P Big P Hace 7 días
"Hopefully that motor is good" this guy must be a millionaire.
Julio César
Julio César Hace 7 días
OMG! This thing is a beauty even wrecked!
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado Hace 7 días
good to see someone of your age tackle such hard work keep it up!!!
John Hace 7 días
*Strut tower brace*
Stephan Brink
Stephan Brink Hace 7 días
Damn this is going to be a really big project. I LOVE IT.
MrPDO77 Hace 7 días
Notification-Set! 🤘
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