Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper GT

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Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper GT!


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10 feb 2019

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armando patane
armando patane Hace 7 días
Who are you/ your like Batman brother /I wish I had all ur money / do u need a partner/ I know how to do most of this work/ but I have no money
armando patane
armando patane Hace 7 días
I love Lucy
Melissa Granados Paredes
Hermoso viper
vSnipe X
vSnipe X Hace un mes
I like your videos ❤️
Nigel W
Nigel W Hace un mes
Gday Alex, Liked and subscribed and following with interest, Cheers
dror Hace 2 meses
men you are god love your job!!! amazing!!!
هترو و
هترو و Hace 2 meses
An Iraqi passed through here
diamante tv
diamante tv Hace 2 meses
The frame chassis$11000
Elect Ekara
Elect Ekara Hace 2 meses
Nice of Insurance Company to include the frame... transfer components over would be an observable project... :)
Pgcmoore Hace 3 meses
would have gone with snake-skin (make your friends jel) green, but thats just me ;-)
Speeddemon3 Hace 3 meses
Got some beer - check, got some snacks - check, ready to binge watch another rebuild - Lets GO!
eriksjoeberg Hace 3 meses
10:55 Paper hardware :D
master stan
master stan Hace 3 meses
why does eveyone like that nardo grey... it's gotta be just a fad. either go with the blue and white or do a color changing matte... maybe get someone with a vinyl wrap channel and team up.
Dale Mitchell
Dale Mitchell Hace 3 meses
You guys are on some next level Sh*t!
F1RST CLASS Hace 4 meses
Lime Green with Plum Stripes :-).
Mark Ian Clark
Mark Ian Clark Hace 4 meses
this is gonna be an awesome rebuild..ive been a fan of wheeler dealer over here in britain for like 13 years..ive only ever seen edd china change 1 chassis in 13 seasons..as he put it 'its the mother of all workshop jobs...' that took 130 man hours..this is gonna be a marathon..and an even bigger challenge..this car is a huge beast..we're all there with you alex..please no editing out the cockups..we wanna see the struggle..you rock..from specs in london england..
Mike Fine
Mike Fine Hace 4 meses
When are you getting a white Huracan? Like if you get it lol
Stas CTAC Hace 4 meses
Love watching your videos bro!
NO FUCKS GIVEN Hace 4 meses
Their mad at you for recording your car you bought from them they should be happy for the free promotion from a legend rebuilder
TheBoringChannel Hace 4 meses
In your other videos and this one: How much do them wrecked cars approximately cost?
Adam Hace 4 meses
thats a bad @$@$@$2 car wow
ElDiablo Hace 5 meses
This dude talks like Krispy Kreme
Boris Obrucicov
Boris Obrucicov Hace 5 meses
I'm finally catching up to this channel I saw all the rest of the videos and they're freaking awesome. Enjoying this channel keep making them videos. I'm in love with this channel.
Maria Lovos
Maria Lovos Hace 5 meses
Okay so can anyone hit you up if this happens to their car and pays you to fix their car? Because you’d be rich lol
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Hace 5 meses
Although the color scheme looks good as hell, change it, why not?
Jake Lovett
Jake Lovett Hace 5 meses
Anders1236 Hace 5 meses
Alex, you are amazingly talented. And the pace you keep, it’s so entertaining, interesting and inspiring. Your re-build channel is THE BEST!
Stevo Lozz
Stevo Lozz Hace 5 meses
orange with blue stripes dude!
Chill Brass
Chill Brass Hace 5 meses
How much this thing cost
Dan S
Dan S Hace 5 meses
Love You Dog! Lucy! So Quiet! спасибо!
NuarStanger Hace 5 meses
just saw this vid... OMG YES!!!! Can't wait to see the progress!!!! I absolutely LOVE vipers... my dream car.
NuarStanger Hace 5 meses
NuarStanger Hace 5 meses
any chance you could disclose how much this thing cost you out of the auction? before any actual labor/fixing got started?
Ingo K
Ingo K Hace 5 meses
Great Job. Best regards from Germany (Sauerland) :-)
Mishn0 Hace 5 meses
You should try to contact the previous owner to find out what happened, just for the history of the car.
Man Mountain Link
Man Mountain Link Hace 5 meses
least sketchy forklift driving yet! Dude U Rule!
jim graphicsvn
jim graphicsvn Hace 5 meses
I wonder why the driver didnt tow the car back to his home ? I mean there are a lot of stuff that he can use for his next car such as the engine, turbo, seats, etc...
Paul Pearson
Paul Pearson Hace 5 meses
Looking forward to this project. from the frame up!
ScytheNoire Hace 5 meses
Looks like he caught a curb at high speed, broke the suspension arm in the front right, possible blew the front right tire, and just skidded down the road.
ScytheNoire Hace 5 meses
What is with all these idiots destroying these beautiful muscle cars?
1980Unrivaled Hace 5 meses
Can't you just choose any other music than this B is for bad taste sound?
Atticus Murray
Atticus Murray Hace 5 meses
You can walk up to any Viper and open the hood luckily if your battery is dead, not good if you’re in a bad neighborhood tho
Russell Rauhauser
Russell Rauhauser Hace 5 meses
Dodge has a color called Destoryer Grey. Look it up it's bad. That with Go Green accents.
Aidyn Wyatt
Aidyn Wyatt Hace 5 meses
You have yourself a whole other car 😂
paulg Hace 5 meses
It's not THREAD dude, it's called TREAD. On the tires.
Massive Maniac
Massive Maniac Hace 5 meses
Oh this one is gonna be GOOD!
Maverick Hace 5 meses
I find the forklift hysterical.
runbear Hace 5 meses
Vipers usually crash, bad engineering
SchoolBLOPERS Hace 5 meses
I know a color on the car but it is what i Think would look cool i Think about a whole black car but the seatbelts are lime green and you know the White strips on the car they can also be limegreen it would be cool
COMANDO TUGA Hace 5 meses
The colors for this one, are gray, silver or blue. 🤘
MrTwisted Hace 6 meses
Cobalt Blue (#0047AB) and Sunkist Orange (#F8880F) stripe and accessories (or kandy cobalt blue with a silver-metallic-white under-coat with no stripe).
deandre lewis
deandre lewis Hace 6 meses
I like how ever rebuilding vipers.👍👍
Voltaire Hace 6 meses
One man crew deserves everyone's 👍up
muraguri wanjohi
muraguri wanjohi Hace 6 meses
This will be great. Black and Gold
Polo Ralphlaurren
Polo Ralphlaurren Hace 6 meses
Miami stand up
john smith
john smith Hace 6 meses
looks like it will be a fun project....
Eton Boy
Eton Boy Hace 6 meses
Yo I just finished ur hellcat series nd I’m like “that’s gonna be it for awhile”... but NAH!!!
JackDanuls Prime
JackDanuls Prime Hace 6 meses
Paint it Midnight Purple with a hot pink Pearlescence.
Chamod Malalathunga
Chamod Malalathunga Hace 6 meses
Can you change the original color? Does it need to inform anyone before changing the color?
Nellie Fedotova
Nellie Fedotova Hace 6 meses
Отдашь мне бампер если не будешь делать?
aaron pineau
aaron pineau Hace 6 meses
seams like your doing all the same cars that goonzquad is
Jonathan Saalberg
Jonathan Saalberg Hace 6 meses
The best color combination for a coupe is white stripes over blue, like the '96 GTS. That would also be easy to sell.
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson Hace 6 meses
yes, nardo grey!
EJ MACH Hace 6 meses
Looking forward to this build because replacing the whole frame is going to be interesting, good luck man!
Bud Nunyerbusiness
Bud Nunyerbusiness Hace 6 meses
What was the ticket for? And why would the insurance people get upset wit you filming? You are doing them a favor.
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart Hace 6 meses
Not Goonzquad...
Perry Bailey
Perry Bailey Hace 6 meses
This looks like a good one for you, Alex. I have a pretty good idea what happened to the tire and rim... I've seen it many times where people would be street racing and hit some debris or a pothole at high speed, and blow a tire and hit an embankment, and destroy the right front suspension. When the lower control arm snapped from the impact, the upper control arm stayed attached, but the wheel no longer supported the body, and skidded under the frame until the car came to a stop. I have seen footage of this kind of thing where someone takes a daily driver like this to the track on Sunday, the car gets squirrely on the track and they hit the wall. I'm sure that you are going to make this as beautiful as your Hellcat when it's finished.
mark bgatov
mark bgatov Hace 6 meses
goonzquad copy cat
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
If the bumper is fiberglass or carbon fiber it can be fixed using composites repair techniques.
Buraq Ejaz
Buraq Ejaz Hace 6 meses
Lime green wrap would look good on it
Jaspreet Dhanjal
Jaspreet Dhanjal Hace 6 meses
S U B S C R I B E D . . . ! ! !
Peter Hace 6 meses
Peter Hace 6 meses
thats awesome! i like how you repair and revive crashed cars back into next life! THUMBS UP
Antonio Grullón
Antonio Grullón Hace 6 meses
color, Viper purple... it look amaizing :D
Jason Cyanide
Jason Cyanide Hace 6 meses
im hype to see this!!
Qanon Anonymous
Qanon Anonymous Hace 6 meses
Mat Gray and Dark Green stripes.
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. Hace 6 meses
Looks like another Great Series of Alex Rebuilds !!!!!!!
Detecting South Wales
Black body, orange stripes, calipers and engine covers would look awesome
Cj Boyle
Cj Boyle Hace 6 meses
Wow let’s just do exactly what goonzsquad does
1972galey Hace 6 meses
Auction yard manager is a buzz kill!
Mohammed Ashry
Mohammed Ashry Hace 6 meses
4:51 did any see hellcat 😂
Fix N Fab Collision
Fix N Fab Collision Hace 6 meses
What! IAA actually kept usable parts. Can’t be true haha. Good luck on the build
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