Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Ford F-250

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I hate to see a brand new truck in a wrecked condition! However it was just the perfect candidate for me to buy and fix up. This clean title truck doesn't come around very often on the auction. So we took the opportunity to make this truck our own. We have a lot planned for this build, so stay tuned and be sure to like and subscribe. Also turn on post notifications!
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17 feb 2018

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Tony Tennessee
Tony Tennessee Hace 2 días
Can i ask what you had to pay for this truck
Anndi Kadriu
Anndi Kadriu Hace 6 días
Is this thing diesel
martin henri
martin henri Hace 10 días
In Canada that's a normal working truck. I can't believe that is rebuilt.
Salih Alamri
Salih Alamri Hace 14 días
Where is the wrecked truck?
musto lourien
musto lourien Hace 18 días
Man, this vehicle is just good to go here in Kenya. Only missing is the license plate.
Jerry Santos
Jerry Santos Hace 22 días
About time! A manly truck build. Hoorah!
Fabricio Rodriguez
Fabricio Rodriguez Hace 27 días
How much you pay??
Kyler Farnham
Kyler Farnham Hace 27 días
Put a flatbed on it
Brett Goodnight
Brett Goodnight Hace un mes
There is no way thats the auto auction like 10 minutes from my house in acworth
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly Hace un mes
I can already hear him! "When you gonna finish this thing Dave?"
Connor Sandusky
Connor Sandusky Hace un mes
How much did he pay?
Mara Phine
Mara Phine Hace un mes
Banana= bah-nan-nah 🍌🍌🍌
Gifford Williams
Gifford Williams Hace un mes
Please don't bid on this but is this dooable? www.copart.com/lot/47470928
Cinemastic Hace 27 días
Gifford Williams impossible to fix lmao
Burton Drury
Burton Drury Hace un mes
Hey guys I have an idea for your shirts. Y'all should put a picture of the cars you get wrecked on the back of the shirt and when you get the car fixed and finished put a picture of that on the front. I think they would be some wild shirts.
Darci Siefert Buchweitz
belissima camionete !
Gerardo E.
Gerardo E. Hace un mes
Una chulada de troka 🖒
Jack Amato
Jack Amato Hace un mes
You should lift it, put wheel spacers and make a video about it. You should also put a smoke stack because it sounds like a Diesel
Dane Rasmussen
Dane Rasmussen Hace 20 días
Jack Amato it’s the e250 hybrid electric duh
Jack Amato
Jack Amato Hace un mes
Fuck yea a truck. This is gonna be sick. So glad you picked Ford
terry taylor
terry taylor Hace un mes
What part of ga are y'all in? I think I'm like really close to yall
Winside DM
Winside DM Hace un mes
ugly truck
nathan brincklow
nathan brincklow Hace un mes
What site do you use to buy your cars?
David Aluesi
David Aluesi Hace un mes
U gotta have a dealer license to buy any kind of car or truck?
Go 69Bird
Go 69Bird Hace un mes
Jedi Luke
Jedi Luke Hace un mes
I got that same flannel from costco
Jedi Luke
Jedi Luke Hace 19 días
+Jonathan Velasquez Freedom Foundry
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Velasquez Hace 19 días
Jedi Luke can you please tell me the brand name of the jacket? Thanks hehe
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Velasquez Hace 20 días
Alrighty thanks! :)
Jedi Luke
Jedi Luke Hace 20 días
+Jonathan Velasquez I left it in my car and it's way to cold to go out there right now. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Velasquez Hace 20 días
Hey brother there’s no Costco near my area, can you tell me the actual name brand of the flannel jacket? It would mean a lot. Thanks.
Joey Shultz
Joey Shultz Hace un mes
All that truck needs is a new door
DJ Jea
DJ Jea Hace un mes
I feel like a fucking dumbass, I just now realized watching this video how they get cars onto the top of car carriers. I didn't know they used a forklift I thought they had a ramp that they drove the cars on I'm stupid.
William Tucker
William Tucker Hace 2 meses
.Darre n
Kirk Truman
Kirk Truman Hace 2 meses
Hey guys I have a question I want to send you something where do I send it
Mark's RC Page
Mark's RC Page Hace 2 meses
That engine sound.... I'm in love....
Lonnie Villermin
Lonnie Villermin Hace 2 meses
I think you should tell viewers how much you paid for the vehicle at the auction or do an episode showing the entire buying process. Some off us would like to do the same but auction prices are extremely high for people with little funds. Thanks
Lonnie Villermin
Lonnie Villermin Hace 28 días
+rapierce99 thank you!!
rapierce99 Hace 29 días
something like this usually goes in the 25-30k range.
Hugppyz Hace un mes
Lonnie Villermin do some research that’s what I did and for my first car I’m going to buy salvage off auction and work on it for a good time then change the title
Go Hard Performance
Go Hard Performance Hace 2 meses
Go to copart. Com you would be surprised that sometimes you have to bid if your bid is excepted you win
Swae Ocean
Swae Ocean Hace 2 meses
How to rebuild a Ford pickup - Call a salvage company, buy a Ram or Chevy.
Anthony Hace 2 meses
The truck is from Enterprise car rental .I recognized the holding company on title .
Roy Free
Roy Free Hace 3 meses
I know i'm asking a big personal question but what did yall pay for that ford? I'm only asking cause I wouldn't mind doing something like this and fixing it up a small piece at a time and such. Even just a ballpark number would be greatly appreciated!!!
DES AL Hace 3 meses
Nice truck Man
Famous75 Hace 3 meses
Lol I see so many people buying these kinds of things from salvage sales. People really would be making a claim on new trucks with a side scrape like wtf
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan Hace 3 meses
at what price did you bought it
MarioT's CJResto
MarioT's CJResto Hace 3 meses
W Motortrend on demand sign these guys up, great content.
Gordo Hace 3 meses
Where is this at
Igor Federyuk
Igor Federyuk Hace 3 meses
how you guys get the money for all these vehicles?
Claudio C Serna
Claudio C Serna Hace 3 meses
How do you buy the truck
WAVYSEASONS Hace 4 meses
Parents purchase for them huh....Damn wish I was white foreal.
Stefano Picillo
Stefano Picillo Hace 4 meses
how much do you paid for this truck?
koshikner Hace 4 meses
I just wanna throw my two cents here and I don’t want you take it wrong. We the viewers want to see how you two young beasts fixing a fucked up cars . This is too easy for y’all. Agreed?
Jeremy Chisholm
Jeremy Chisholm Hace 4 meses
What do you do for a living bro
Donald Simpson
Donald Simpson Hace 4 meses
The hats that you guys were are those available ?
Riley Napier
Riley Napier Hace 4 meses
Make a shirt for each build. Also make some plain black goonzquad stickers with just the word goonzquad. Everything else is on point i like how you guys say tooken instead of taken.
FixBroz Hace 4 meses
Awesome build!!!
Collin Parsons
Collin Parsons Hace 4 meses
I can't believe the insurance company totaled it. It's an expensive truck and it only has superficial damage.
Crazywheels airsoft
Crazywheels airsoft Hace 4 meses
You guys should do a old muscle car pre smog year and do a giveaway to a fan
lilly villy
lilly villy Hace 5 meses
peace 👌
Roy Martinez
Roy Martinez Hace 5 meses
I'm wonder how much will you need to take to the auction to get some like this truck? very nice channel guys
Christopher Green
Christopher Green Hace 5 meses
how was this truck up for auction in the 1st place. this was not even close to totaled.
MrSkypony Hace 5 meses
Just re-skin the doors
Tar Tar
Tar Tar Hace 5 meses
I like your list. Build a car pretty much.
Tar Tar
Tar Tar Hace 5 meses
I like you
joe gonzalvez
joe gonzalvez Hace 5 meses
I'm not going to follow you, until you say how much you paid for it 🤔
Adel Alhrbi
Adel Alhrbi Hace 5 meses
اول جديد
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson Hace 5 meses
5:19 Oh thats cringe and a half. Old vid but pls for the love of god dont use a razorblade on bare glass, use soapy water in a spray bottle to lubricate otherwise you are just scratching the shit out of the window. Thanks
Andrew Kitchens
Andrew Kitchens Hace 5 meses
Wait wait wait. Is that lot in acworth GA???
Adan Ochoa
Adan Ochoa Hace 6 meses
had not even seen the video, where is the freaking truck wrecked? just watched the first two minutes and stopped the video when these jerks were driving it away.
Adan Ochoa
Adan Ochoa Hace 6 meses
Clean title from AA? yeah rite, even though it was sold with a clean title it will show in its history as a total loss. if a carfax is done on that truck, the accident and total loss will pop up and the guys making the video know it. Are these guys advertsing for AA?
what cody
what cody Hace 6 meses
They got that from Acworth
Michael Agee
Michael Agee Hace 6 meses
I could enjoy your videos a little bit more distance I'm looking at something you guys are doing from the game to end the first thing I think you should tell your audience is how much you purchased it for kind of turn away from your videos for that one fact alone I simply would like to know how much it cost this way I can enjoy the journey even more fussing while then we paid this much hard and now that I use this high that would really be cool if you just let people know what you pay for the vehicle
Tommy Welch
Tommy Welch Hace 6 meses
how much did it auction for $$
andrew carosella
andrew carosella Hace 6 meses
Delete the def
Jose Luis Gracia
Jose Luis Gracia Hace 6 meses
How much did you pay for that almost new truck? How can 2 kids afford all this cool cars n trucks? I seen a cool ass corvette a bad of a hell mustang n now this truck? Please forgive my ignorance but I'm kind of new to your channel and maybe you guys explain how y all do the buying of your coolest cars n trucks! Great videos great jobs and God bless! Saludos from Tucson AZ
EL GHAZI Ilyas Hace 6 meses
hi my name is ilyas from Boston,MA, i really like your videos all,please want to ask you,which web site i can check cars and buy,i want to do a project and buy a car.thanks a lot
Rigo Cornejo
Rigo Cornejo Hace 6 meses
Jajajaja this kids full of shit, rebuilding, more like cleaning sanding and polishing lol
Scott Shepherd
Scott Shepherd Hace 6 meses
Do a ranger
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm Hace 6 meses
I’m waiting on a Supra rebuild from y’all
Dino Hace 6 meses
how much was it out the door ?>
NathanSletten Hace 6 meses
Hahahaha "rebuild"
Faviola Zavala
Faviola Zavala Hace 6 meses
where is the fractionation of the cars that you buy?
Jaki AF
Jaki AF Hace 6 meses
CrazedSymptoms Hace 6 meses
Must’ve paid a lot
Vince Hennigan
Vince Hennigan Hace 6 meses
Who pays for the fork-lift damage.?
Chandler Graham
Chandler Graham Hace 6 meses
3:08 driving right by my office lol
White Hyde
White Hyde Hace 6 meses
How much for that?? I like to know :)
Lance Looney
Lance Looney Hace 6 meses
Wouldn't have that pic of crap
Chris Saylor
Chris Saylor Hace 6 meses
Hey guys big fan just curious on what you paid for the truck if yo u don’t mind
john doe
john doe Hace 6 meses
Please disclose the vehicles prices, so I'll remember again how much America is land of the free. Cause here they are ripping us with car taxes, you end up paying more then double the original price!
JustTFajardz Gaming
JustTFajardz Gaming Hace 7 meses
.........and all the other damages
JustTFajardz Gaming
JustTFajardz Gaming Hace 7 meses
What made the car side swiped?
jadiel palma
jadiel palma Hace 7 meses
How much did you pay for the truck ? It doesn’t look like a lot was damage
Bruce Messer
Bruce Messer Hace 7 meses
Where do you guys buy your builds from? What kind of company is it that sells vehicles like this? Want to find a place like that here in ohio to get a project.
Jetdanga_ lenciano
Jetdanga_ lenciano Hace 7 meses
All of that at the yard was all for sale?
deleted acc
deleted acc Hace 7 meses
I have two brand new super duty mirrors, they were prototypes but they will still work, if you still need them since I’m a few months late lol
Giga Set
Giga Set Hace 7 meses
In romania this car will be a normal car :))))
Alex L
Alex L Hace un mes
Giga Set more like luxury car with some normal tearing and wears
RookieFishing Hace 7 meses
I recommend doing a video about how the auctions work!! Any info you guys can give me?
Rashad Martinez
Rashad Martinez Hace 7 meses
It’s got boost don’t it ??? 😂😂😂 its a diesel of course it’s boosted 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Pinkerman Ranch
Pinkerman Ranch Hace 7 meses
Put a flatbed on it
LowBoyLuke FTW
LowBoyLuke FTW Hace 7 meses
Why do y’all get Fords you must have something wrong with you
rukoo37 Hace 7 meses
how much was it
Aquaboy452369 Hace 7 meses
Ha ha , he said super duty
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage Hace 7 meses
I have been there. Acworth cartersville area. I have a dealers license but never bought from insurance auctions
CĐN Giáo dục
CĐN Giáo dục Hace 7 meses
How much money did u spend for all the rebuild cars?
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme Hace 7 meses
Looks like a few repos I have seen.
Cameron Fairweather
Cameron Fairweather Hace 7 meses
that is not how you start a diesel
Derek Comingo
Derek Comingo Hace 8 meses
how much
LMBC6Brian Hace 8 meses
I dont understand why this truck was considered wrecked?
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