Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 10

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Welcome back to another vtuned episode so today we get the car ready for paint.
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10 feb 2019

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Patrick Hace 10 horas
Just marathoned all 10 build videos and the pickup video. Sick rebuild. Happy I stumbled on this channel
yiabbadi Hace 22 horas
The hole video is about sanding the dam car make more interesting.
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry Hace un día
Where's the new video?
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry Hace 39 minutos
Love this channel!! I check a few times every day! Lol
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace un día
Bro working on it right this second
Comment King
Comment King Hace un día
Simon Young
Simon Young Hace un día
Dude hope your okay not herd anything on instagram or anything hope you okay when the next video out dude
BlueDevil Productions
Bro you slacking on uploading
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Where’s part 11 at waiting on it : )
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson Hace 2 días
where is your new videos ?? :)
John Doe
John Doe Hace 2 días
I wonder what’s the total cost to rebuild this hellcat
Anas Asif
Anas Asif Hace 2 días
Man you is about business. Samrac or tavarish would probably still be talking about how one of the front side airbags came defected from the factory in this model or whatever and bam before you know it, vtuned already gave the car a bloody roof
eloser Hace 3 días
Waiting for the next video!
chris brown
chris brown Hace 3 días
Finally somebody that does a burnout without bouncing it off the rev limiter lol
Dean Cameron
Dean Cameron Hace 3 días
Waiting on the next vtuned video ... I'm feeling the progress so far
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah Hace 3 días
9:09 wtf use a damn sponge
Mitchell Gouge
Mitchell Gouge Hace 3 días
Just watched all hellcat videos in one day 😂😂
Leandro Candido
Leandro Candido Hace 4 días
When is the new video going to come out?
Timothy Bueschel
Timothy Bueschel Hace 4 días
Shane Tracey
Shane Tracey Hace 4 días
VTuned keep up the good work. Your editing is looking a lot better. But your skills with the body work are amazing. Can't wait to see you finish this beauty. You definitely took a vehicle that was way more work than I thought would be worth it to fix and have made it back into something that the normal person will never be able to tell was wrecked.
bamaboy2169 Hace 4 días
Well I will give you a lot of credit for buying a car that needed so much work and you actually having the patience and time to do all of that work!! I wish you all the best with the rebuild...
Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy Hace 5 días
Good job bro..I do think you should paint the whole car,What if you untape it and its a shade off?Just my opinion
3232myke Hace 6 días
I agree I would paint the doors too make all uniform color
ReedemedHeathen Hace 6 días
davay davay
Silentt D
Silentt D Hace 6 días
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Good Up!!
Mark fiedler Fiedler
Do the whole car don't cheap out
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S Hace 7 días
friend of goonzquad
Mopar6man Brad
Mopar6man Brad Hace 7 días
Just paint the whole car. Don’t take a chance on blending it. All you have left is just 2 doors.
Dark Passenger
Dark Passenger Hace 7 días
All that work and it's still a Dodge.
Justin Kopac
Justin Kopac Hace 7 días
Why not paint the whole car since you had to sand that much of it ? I'm following to educate myself because I'm going to paint my first car this summer .
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Hace 8 días
What kind of sanding block did you use for wet sanding, and is it flexible to move around body lines without flattening ridges?
Robert DeMilo
Robert DeMilo Hace 8 días
You are one hard working dude! It is looking real good. I'm no pro but you save a little bit of labor and some paint by not taking the doors apart but run the risk of having a mismatch so why not just paint them? Probably because you already have plenty of experience and you know you can get a good match right?
Cam Mims
Cam Mims Hace 8 días
Once you finish. You keeping the Dodge or selling it?
Salvador Morales
Salvador Morales Hace 8 días
Real Mechanic here
TenaciousRex Hace 8 días
Cool to see the process and progress of this car, but 10 mins of sanding... 😪 and paint the whole car!!
Htoo Poe
Htoo Poe Hace 8 días
Awesome video keep it up with good work
Leo Leandre
Leo Leandre Hace 8 días
the camera shake at the beggining omg :>
Daejavon Henderson
Daejavon Henderson Hace 8 días
She's a beauty
Lawrence Coore
Lawrence Coore Hace 8 días
You seem so knowledgeable and detailed with your work did you go to college to study all this?
Lawrence Coore
Lawrence Coore Hace 8 días
+vTuned garage ok kool I haven't had that opportunity however I'm trying to learn by watching your videos and others like goonsquade
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 8 días
Nah just learned by working in a shop
Slick Ratchet
Slick Ratchet Hace 8 días
Not a Soy Boy Millenial 👍
Chris Singleton
Chris Singleton Hace 8 días
Man I love it can’t wait to see it done
Geronimo Tudor
Geronimo Tudor Hace 8 días
Im learning a lot!
Gerald Stein
Gerald Stein Hace 8 días
Well, that was a waste of rubber. ;)
DeadlyDeal Hace 8 días
i am GOONZQUAD FAN but i love your SEDAN :) I am owner of CB7 honda accord turbo 400hp
Brian Hace 8 días
Contrary to the US and Canada, laws concerning mods are barely enforced in Europe.
DeadlyDeal Hace 8 días
+vTuned garage Btw if we talk about HONDA POWA :) You brother need to visit PFI tuning :) check it on youtube
DeadlyDeal Hace 8 días
+vTuned garage I wish i live where you live. In Czech Republic / Europe here is too much restrictions on car mods. I think i need to move to US soon!!! :) Thx for LIKE
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 8 días
That’s cool my brother has a prelude he’s turboing right now
Niko Brothers
Niko Brothers Hace 8 días
its looking great, can't wait for the paint job
Liviu Lvu
Liviu Lvu Hace 8 días
Awesome background and good job! Keep it up! 🔥🔥
LADL 1 Hace 8 días
are you looking to sale that hood on the wall?
juanjose hernandes
juanjose hernandes Hace 8 días
Bro the videos needs to be longer car looking great 👍🏼
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser Hace 8 días
What did you use to remove the emblems glue?
Edward VP
Edward VP Hace 8 días
Hey V howabout a little background on who taught u etc Ty
Simon Young
Simon Young Hace 8 días
Bet you cant wait to rip this can you
SalvageTv Hace 8 días
Sick Content! Inspired me to rebuild a wrecked 2014 Nissan 370Z, subscribe to see the build!
When can I come over to film some footage?
yoboi01 Hace 8 días
they're are 50 stupid , mad peeps out there ! Lol.
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe Hace 8 días
Is that your personnel junkyard??
Paint GuN Express
Paint GuN Express Hace 8 días
Dang.. Looking Good... SMASH THAT THUMBS UP 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Rick Henning
Rick Henning Hace 8 días
I just found your channel and binge watched all 10 episodes of the hellcat restore. I have to say you have great talent and skills and I love how you guys put the videos together. Can't wait to see the final product 😎👍
manny saint
manny saint Hace 8 días
Kool "pornstache"
Stephen D
Stephen D Hace 8 días
Have you ever thought of doing some sort of like build off or something? Where you and 2 other competitors would each buy cars and build them with in a certain amount of time. I would so love to see something like that.
JJD 1481
JJD 1481 Hace 8 días
You are the man. Outstanding work again!
mssedmebich Hace 8 días
If you're painting more than half the car than you might as well paint the whole thing.
RODNEY DURIO Hace 8 días
Paint the whole car... those red/orange colors seem to be hard to match. Now that all the stripes are off, how bout a big ole 01 on the doors! Yee Haw :-)
Keith Lammon
Keith Lammon Hace 9 días
I'm a little bit disappointed. There weren't any sparks in this video. Just kidding. Anyway, get some better lighting for your videos. They're kinda dark.
ALEX RIVERA Hace 9 días
hey V-TUNED make it a black rooftop looks awesome in black .. great job..
mike luther
mike luther Hace 9 días
Great intro!
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Hace 9 días
I feel tired watching you wet sand all them panels 😂 It's the worst part but when you get close to paint it's so satisfying to get it all prepped IDK I think the doors will be fine its a new car if it was older I might paint the doors .Most people watching these videos couldn't tell if this car was rebuild or never wrecked if they passed it by on the streets so don't sweat it she'll be perfect. And burnouts are no effort with this beast 😂
AMLagonda Hace 8 días
He is a panel beater, his life is sanding lol
Mussie Tesfay
Mussie Tesfay Hace 9 días
Hey man, even when you get famous please don't make your videos unnecessarily long like other youtubers. What you are doing now is just perfect and people love it.
Sat Sonic
Sat Sonic Hace 9 días
It’s awesome that vTuned finds 3 dents and just knocks them out. Anyone else in awe?
Timothy Bueschel
Timothy Bueschel Hace 4 días
Acura Painter
Acura Painter Hace 9 días
I still see some glossy areas. I think you should go over the whole car dry with 800 and an interface pad
Sandy Abreu Quezada
Sandy Abreu Quezada Hace 9 días
really good job and dedication
David Cruse
David Cruse Hace 9 días
Unbelievable work ! Amazing time in working with the rebuilding and preparation, and process. Excellent work ! As you continue this I await your next installment and updates ! Thanks so much !
kickit59 Hace 9 días
Hey Vtune the Hellcat is goona be amazing! Looking forward to seeing you paint it! Thanks for all the great footage of this rebuild! Will you do a price reveal & first drive video?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
Dennis Balliram
Dennis Balliram Hace 9 días
Vt I would take the extra small step and paint the whole car just to be sure👍🏼
super hola
super hola Hace 9 días
How do I get a respond lol
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
What’s up
super hola
super hola Hace 9 días
Location bro
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
Double R Restorations
Your making it look easy Vtuned. The roof seam turned out great. Nice work!
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry Hace 9 días
Does the filler that you are using leave a flat looking area where you use it. I know when I used bondo in the late 90s you could see the fixed areas if you looked at it from the side were the light could hit it. Haven’t tried body work since I was in high school in the Ag shop.
silversolb18 Hace 9 días
I would just paint the entire car so as to not worry about blending and color match issues.
JaggedHalo Hace 9 días
Sad that this is coming to an end. Thanks.
Larry LL
Larry LL Hace 9 días
Slava Ukraini!!!!
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard Hace 9 días
Just curious. Does that tape do a good job of keeping water out of the car?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
alex r.
alex r. Hace 9 días
Love the videos man. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing it finished
6.2LTRV8 Hace 9 días
Great work V. Getting close to shooting that paint. I cannot wait to see the finished product. Keep it up and see you on the next one.
Shaya Lemmer
Shaya Lemmer Hace 9 días
Love your video s! Keep up the great work bro!!
ALDEN ADAiR Hace 9 días
How much are selling it for ?
ALDEN ADAiR Hace 8 días
Sweet ride so far
lucas middleton
lucas middleton Hace 8 días
ALDEN ADAiR he keeping it bud
Dan Andersen
Dan Andersen Hace 9 días
When you are done. Tell how much it all cost. Also with the car.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
Will do
kyle hall
kyle hall Hace 9 días
The car is looking amazing and will be well worth the work.
Trex1268 Hace 9 días
How much are you selling this for?
VOLTRON Hace 9 días
The hood mounted on the shop wall looks like Deadpool logo., freaking awesome
Mikeey XD
Mikeey XD Hace 9 días
Sick dude. Coming along good
Horst S.
Horst S. Hace 9 días
u always look dirty😂 real worker👍
Heather Turner
Heather Turner Hace 9 días
Cory Lee Boxing
Cory Lee Boxing Hace 9 días
Damian 777
Damian 777 Hace 9 días
In my opinion he is sleeping in that workshop.
Philip Murray
Philip Murray Hace 9 días
Can a hellcat do a burnout? Does Trump love America?
TwoManMilita Hace 2 días
himself** :)
Josué R. Vallejo
Josué R. Vallejo Hace 9 días
You should paint the whole car. So everything will match.
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis Hace 9 días
You have done a beautiful job on that. Lot of work 👍👍
Troy Johnson
Troy Johnson Hace 9 días
I still see shiny, shiny spots equal paint that wont stick
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Hace 9 días
I’ll resand it again don’t worry
Jake Powell
Jake Powell Hace 9 días
It’s going to look like shit in the sun bro
Thomas Cornell
Thomas Cornell Hace 9 días
Dent less repair on the trunk?
Dan Newton
Dan Newton Hace 9 días
That roof seam came out like🔥🔥🔥awesome work bro👍
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