Recreated "I Love You Forever" Book For My Mom!

Peet Montzingo
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Was worth the work ☺️


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cooreyteebz Hace un año
“Ok let me throw a couple peanuts”
I'm pretty sure everyone was a mess after watching this! What a beautiful love you two have for each other! 🥰
Vic Lem
Pete, I think you made literally everyone cry! This is so precious and beautiful! Your bond with your mom is such a fantastic thing. May your relationship always be full of fun and adventure.
My dad loves this book. My dad is a tough guy, never seen him cry or be emotional. I had him read it to me one night and he teared up and cried. The book was given to him by my grandma. She’s still alive, I think it gives him good memories
Sunny Scott
You're an amazing awesome son.
Aussie Amy
I’m not crying, you are 😭
Imagine if every son treated their mother like this, every woman in the world would be married to a prince!
The magic between a mom and his baby. Makes me quiver and cry with emotion. Poignant, touching...
Couldn't stop smiling while I watched your mom read every page, this is so precious 💕
Morgan Behr
This is so special. I love the relationship you have with your mom. How close you both are. Reminds me of my relationship with my dad. Who's cutting onions over here!
Black Shadow
So that book wasn't just my childhood book I read with my mum. That is so sweet! I'm gonna do something like this for my mum to. Thanks for this sweet and amazing idea!
Eniola Asiwaju
This is a heartwarming video,
Jade Hace un año
The Love a son has for his mother is so special. Doesn’t make him less masculine, weak or a wimp. It does just the opposite, it shows how strong, and truly powerful he is in his heart and soul. A true man treats women with the respect and love they deserve, starting with his mother.
Dana Hace 21 un día
As a mom I can't put into words how much this would mean to me. You're a sweet son.
Jessica Calaci
As a mum with a 17 year old son , you’re a good boy Peter . 🥺❤️
BlueRocker 333
Seeing you and your Mom so happy makes me wish my Mom and I were closer. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you and feel that love 💖💖💖
Kathy Lovegrove
That was so nice to do that for your mom. 💕. She’s beautiful.
Stephanie Limongelli
That was so beautiful Peet 💕Oh my goodness ❣️ The incredible bond that you and your wonderful Mom have is so special ✝️ Thank you for the tears of Joy 💓
Mikebot3 Hace un año
Whoever disliked were crying so much they couldn’t see the like button
What a fine young man you are - your outlook to life in contagious. We need more of you in this world...and you can see it in your mother that despite her limitations her spirit is seen; and before you know it we don’t even see her as “different” - in fact what is different about your family is that YOU RADIATE JOY. Well done my friends. Keep it up, the world needs more of you.
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