Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418
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8 nov 2018

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Northeastern Car Mods
McDonald’s has ham on their egg mc muffin
Isaac Betancourt
Isaac Betancourt Hace un hora
I love how specific they get with theirs examples 😂
Drewby Hace un hora
The Mac n Cheetos came back a year or two ago. Three of my favorite things, Mac n Cheese, Cheetos, and Burger King. Tasted terrible. Very reminiscent of Chemistry class..
Uneducated Retard
Uneducated Retard Hace un hora
Bring back the Chicken Big King
3d_panda Hace un hora
You can still order the Mac Snack Wrap, it is a secret menu item, though the patty is not chopped up.
Splatter X
Splatter X Hace un hora
⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅
VNMx Darkzy
VNMx Darkzy Hace un hora
Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce
Zuriel Hace 2 horas
I feel like Rhett and Link are kind of parting away from each other a bit anyone else?
frisk underfell
frisk underfell Hace 2 horas
Hey GMM they did bring the Mac and Cheeto back but not in burger King but u can find it in stores
XN DR Hace 2 horas
Rhet: “This is the only thing that has ham in a place full of hamburgers.” Level 200 woke
tamingshem12 Hace 2 horas
The Australian guy probably said Sanga.
Jake Powell
Jake Powell Hace 2 horas
Cam you move the mic away from ur through it sounds disgusting
iGotTheJuice3 Hace 2 horas
Mac and cheetos was gross
Jigg Josh
Jigg Josh Hace 3 horas
JUST ASK! Hace 3 horas
Walmart sells the Burger King Cheetos and the Burger King Doritos.
JUST ASK! Hace 3 horas
JUST ASK! Hace 3 horas
You guys make the highlight of my day even when I’m sad.
c1s1gfsqh1 Hace 4 horas
i agree with basically everything you'll said
JohntechFL Hace 4 horas
They used to make a mean mushroom and swiss burger. Also check out the McLobster Claw sandwich.
Mesol Turner
Mesol Turner Hace 4 horas
And bring back the Angry Whopper
lee hundermark
lee hundermark Hace 4 horas
as soon as Link pulled out the knife I started getting worried...
Darkstarfruit Hace 4 horas
I haven’t watched one of these gmm videos and the intro is wild, though it’s probably been around for a while though...
PoisonTGaming YT
PoisonTGaming YT Hace 5 horas
actually the mac and Cheetos are actually back in Pennsylvania
kstormgeistgem Hace 5 horas
just a quick note... saying something has "queso Sauce" on it as if that made it special... all queso Is is cheese. it's Literally Spanish for Cheese. so, whoop dee doo... you put liquid cheeze whizz on your burger. oooh, fancy. so international! [/sarcasm] that alone would have put me off. if i want "mexican" food (as in not authentic by Any stretch of the imagination) i'd eat at Taco Bell. the outcome's the same... i'd be sick for a few days and go back to either getting Real Mexican food from one of the local shops that have their recipes from a little old Oaxacan nanna from the new old country. i might Still get sick but it would be due to how rich the food was... not how Bad it was.
Sauce Gaming1254
Sauce Gaming1254 Hace 5 horas
Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone else's foot fungus
lindevo Hace 5 horas
This reminds me of the terrible sandwiches they give you on a Delta flight.
Lil pump Da Gamer
Lil pump Da Gamer Hace 6 horas
Plz do more of these
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders Hace 6 horas
the BK chicken cordon blue sandwich was my favorite thing they don't make anymore
Tiffany Cameron
Tiffany Cameron Hace 6 horas
Rhett and link, yall are amazingly awesome. I love watching you guys! Yall have this chemistry that is simply addicting. Much love❤
Ava Cash
Ava Cash Hace 8 horas
GMM’s version of Mac & Cheetos actually looks edible! The real ones looked gross and tasted bad XD
dreddjenkins Hace 9 horas
we just gonna keep talkin or we gonna make somethin?
Rhf Awad
Rhf Awad Hace 9 horas
First, link habibi...STOP PRONOUNCING THE SILENT H!..Second, beardman, "beg mercy from the king"? Do you even put any thought on these intro anymore? and cookman.. Youre still my favorite
Samantha B. Kershbaumer
You can actually still get a hot ham and cheese sandwich from Burger King . It’s not on the menu but they will make it for you.
Shannon M.
Shannon M. Hace 9 horas
The Australian probably sad "sanger", in case anyone wondered.
Pabler Arav
Pabler Arav Hace 10 horas
I worked at McDonalds when there were the Big Mac wraps, we sold them fairly often, but the fad just sort of came and went.
Ray래 Hace 10 horas
7:50 so guys, The name "hamburger" comes from the seaport town of Hamburg, Germany, where it is thought that 19th-century sailors brought back the idea of raw shredded beef (known today as beef tartare) after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia.
MOBremember Hace 10 horas
i used to love those mcdonalds big mac wraps
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul Hace 10 horas
*please don’t slurp your burger*
Kitty Rawwrr
Kitty Rawwrr Hace 10 horas
Whopperrito was delicious. The Mac N Cheetos are still available in freezer sections of grocery stores, and are pretty ok. It feels like they beg to be dipped in something, but I'm not quite sure what. The Whiplash Whopper was a delicious promotional item that I wish they'd bring back!
Wrany Southard
Wrany Southard Hace 11 horas
If the question is "is it good enough to eat", then Burger King should just close in general.
those who must be kept the cold ones
links the only one who can make me sick by making sick sounds eating and chewing
Maggie Hendricks
Maggie Hendricks Hace 11 horas
as far as i know, mcdonald’s still has the mac wrap! i worked there for 2 years and they had them the whole time i worked there! i think it would be cool to do a show on fast food items that aren’t very common, but still on the menu!
Because I'm Joseph
Because I'm Joseph Hace 11 horas
Hamburgers are named after a town in Germany named "Hamburg" not because they have Ham, lol.
AmStillalive Hace 11 horas
Nah don't bring back Mac an Cheetos there nasty
Garrett Jacobs
Garrett Jacobs Hace 11 horas
You are a asssssshhhhooollle bad vids
Juniper Jade
Juniper Jade Hace 12 horas
The whopperito should never be brought back unless they fix that mess of a recipe. I tried one out of curiosity when they first launched & it tasted just as Link described. Somewhat interested in the pizza burger since it's the only item featured in the vid that I didn't get to try.
Daniel Rausl
Daniel Rausl Hace 13 horas
Hamburgers aren't called that way because of the meat... But cuz they were made in HAMBURG IN GERMANY...
Luna Blossom
Luna Blossom Hace 13 horas
The Whopperitto was great. They should bring it back.
Jonas Steffensen
Jonas Steffensen Hace 13 horas
In denmark we have a company called Dr. Oetker who sell pizza burgers.
Chef Antonio Giovanni
Chef Antonio Giovanni Hace 14 horas
I don’t trust anything from the eighties 😬😁
Nami Smith
Nami Smith Hace 14 horas
Sammies with salad
Jock James
Jock James Hace 14 horas
The key ingredient is sugar. It's always sugar. " Hey Aunt June what's your secret recipe to your delicious gravy" ? " Sugar dumbass, it's always sugar"
Madi G
Madi G Hace 14 horas
I miss the BK Stacker
iphi27 Hace 15 horas
I was very pregnant when Mac and Cheetos hit. So. Many. Mac&Cheetos. I had to eat them every day.
TheBasedJesus Hace 15 horas
Zetsuke4 Hace 15 horas
This is so cool!! The guy who recreated them Josh is so amazing!!!
jsribe Hace 15 horas
You guys didn't do that Angry Whopper what's wrong with y'all the best whopper sandwich ever made
BUDDHA MANE Hace 16 horas
By spicy chicken bring it back
Amado Music
Amado Music Hace 16 horas
Go vegan guys...
Jon Obenauer
Jon Obenauer Hace 16 horas
Idk about where you guys are from but here in New York you can get a pizza burger at every diner everywhere 😂
1fluffypie Hace 16 horas
The 'Whaler' is what you forgot. My favorite, it was a gigantic fish sandwich. They changed it because it was probably mean to Whales and they could give you less fish for the same price.
Mega007Killer Hace 16 horas
Love your videos guys, hahaha about the sandwich topic we call it in Australia as sangas, a slang for sandwiches 😁😁😁
ajr5000 Hace 17 horas
Sandwiches in Australia.... Sangas?
TheJMILL78 Hace 18 horas
They sell the Mac n Cheetos at the store
ACOG DOG Hace 19 horas
Bring back snack raps McD's pls
Travis hut
Travis hut Hace 19 horas
its called a sangar mate get use to it.
Refeal Thomas
Refeal Thomas Hace 19 horas
You guys were suppose to cut up the burger and mix it with taco sauce
Refeal Thomas
Refeal Thomas Hace 19 horas
I loved the whopperito when I was making them at Burger King 💀was my fav
BobCaveCooper Hace 20 horas
i actually liked the whopperrito without tomatoes and i added BBQ sauce to make it weirdly better
flim flam
flim flam Hace 20 horas
Pretty sure I saw Mac and Cheetos back last year around November/December maybe I’m just losing my mind and times passing faster than I thought
S. Jonas
S. Jonas Hace 20 horas
i laughed a little too loudly at "unfortunately, concerned citizen clifford kendall has also been discontinued."
William Hace 20 horas
I miss Pic N Save
NeoSilvanus Hace 21 un hora
they sell mac and cheetos at wal mart
Venus Ishmael
Venus Ishmael Hace 21 un hora
Is there a podcast/spotify version of this channel?
Big Rick
Big Rick Hace 21 un hora
Link going full leftist against the whopperito xD
PaniYukio Hace 22 horas
Aren't U guys the people who made the OCD Song
FxckDrew Hace 22 horas
Here I am just missing the stackers. I’ll never understand why the discontinued that..
Maccadamummiesboy Hace 22 horas
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie Hace 22 horas
they have Mac n cheese tater tots at my local bk rn, reminds me a lot of Mac n Cheetos
StarChan23 Hace 22 horas
First, burger King still has it's long chicken sandwich, it's called an original chicken. Also we actually did add a taco kind of seasoning for the whopperito. It was decent I think. I for one do not like the Mac n cheetos, I'm a weird person, who doesn't like Cheetos or Mac n cheese lol. I remember the yumbo when I first started working at burger King. I thought it was nasty. The only sandwiches we have with ham now are the breakfast ones.
billycombo Hace 23 horas
Did he call em sangers?
Hutch Reed
Hutch Reed Hace 23 horas
what about the hot dogs bk had they were good
Gennaro Pietroforte
Gennaro Pietroforte Hace 23 horas
Yall forgot the Angry Whopper haha I miss that the most
Mini Wolfsbane
Mini Wolfsbane Hace 23 horas
Ah, Burger King: The ONLY fast food chain with a veggie burger (That you can also buy in stores, because it's just Morning Star Farms brand). They also do a good milkshake and I will forever love their fries. I'm down for this video. Can't wait until you do the Taco Bell edition, maybe with the Big Bell Beefer. (It's the most talked about discontinued item appearantly.) Edit: They sell the mac and cheetos in the stores now, from Cheetos (really Fritos inc.) and they are one of the most delicious, fattening, amazing things I've ever eaten. However, I'm a lover of both foods seperately, so of course I like them combined.
Allyn Morton
Allyn Morton Hace 23 horas
Pepper Jack Cheeseburger....
Alex McDonald
Alex McDonald Hace 23 horas
In Australia we call sandwiches “sangas” 😁
dylan elmore
dylan elmore Hace 23 horas
7:12 haven't seen them do that in years.
Amy Schneider
Amy Schneider Hace 23 horas
The burgers match Rhett's shirt.
Gordon Clark
Gordon Clark Hace 23 horas
Burger King 🌮🌮 those were awesome
Mia Gabrielle
Mia Gabrielle Hace un día
And now I want burgers
Thomas Fox III
Thomas Fox III Hace un día
I worked at Burger King during the mac and Cheetos and the burritos did I miss them both they were highly liked in my area
Dan Shaw
Dan Shaw Hace un día
When are you going to have the Doughboys on?
Victor Madrigal
Victor Madrigal Hace un día
I remamberd the wappeito it was horibal
Luke Costello
Luke Costello Hace un día
Do a challenge where you determine what the best meal of the day actually is: Breakfast Lunch or Dinner
Axolotl Hace un día
Burgerking burgers are always on dry side mcd is way better
Sara Cooper
Sara Cooper Hace un día
I actually quite enjoyed the Yumbo sandwich. It's nice to go to a fast food place and get something other than a burger or chicken sandwich, and the only other fast food place that has a ham sandwich is Hardee's/Carl Jr.'s. Also, Burger King does have ham if you get it from their breakfast menu. For awhile, you could still get the Yumbo after it wasn't on their menu if they had ham left from breakfast.
Rafe Poucher
Rafe Poucher Hace un día
I had the Mac and Cheetos and I did not like them
WAR Hace un día
So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that they discontinued cini minis......
Terminator25720 Hace un día
They brought back the Mac and Cheetos though. Were you not aware? I’m not trying to be mean.
Beeframenpoodle M.
Beeframenpoodle M. Hace un día
I live in Beaufort , SC and there’s a small restaurant called Taco Burger and one of their items is of course a taco burger so I find your taco burger shirt funny
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