Reggie Fils-Aime: From Pizza Hut to the Nintendo Switch - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Furst

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In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, and history of one of gaming's biggest figures, Reggie Fils-Aime. Our look at Reggie covers his history in business including his work at Pizza Hut, all the way up to his work at Nintendo of America launching the Nintendo Switch.
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16 mar 2019

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EPIC Blumer
EPIC Blumer Hace 11 horas
Rip reggie
Nerds on a Bus
Nerds on a Bus Hace 7 días
*M Y B O D Y I S R E A D Y*
Jalmaan Hace 9 días
Ya wrote down March 25, 1951; but it should be March 25, 1961
CheesecakeLasagna Hace 14 días
Not gonna lie, I kinda teared up.
idontwanttobeaRapper Hace 18 días
One can argue that Reggie definitely saved our mighty Nintendo. miss u bud🙏🏾
idontwanttobeaRapper Hace 18 días
8:20 till this day that name still makes me cry
Wouter Faes
Wouter Faes Hace 19 días
Thanks Reggie!
Wouter Faes
Wouter Faes Hace 19 días
This bowser guy better does not fuckup
GB6 Hace 21 un día
The moons music during the sotoru i esta section was not okay!!!
Xnplasma Hace 21 un día
Was that PROJARED?
An Hoang
An Hoang Hace 16 días
@Anon X r/woosh
Anon X
Anon X Hace 17 días
This was released before we found out he was a pedo piece of shit.
Drew Bower
Drew Bower Hace 23 días
Poor choice to place an Ad right in the middle of his speech about the death of his mentor/friend.
joe trae and josh
joe trae and josh Hace 16 días
I agree it kind of takes out the mood
Mario583 Hace 23 días
Three words: He'll be back.
Matthew Sommerville
Matthew Sommerville Hace 26 días
We all loved Reggie. Straight up.
Silas Peddle
Silas Peddle Hace 26 días
My body is regi
Aviator Gamer
Aviator Gamer Hace 28 días
Pizza, Beer, and Video Games. Reggie embodies the perfect weekend.
Moses Alazzawi
Moses Alazzawi Hace 29 días
I like the story of his life and his work ethic.
fanibox 64
fanibox 64 Hace 29 días
Reggie Fills Anime
Jude Law
Jude Law Hace 29 días
Did you know after the commercial failure of Wii U that Reggie had to retire in disgrace?
dr pepper
dr pepper Hace 29 días
His name is Bowser he's a villain he should be carrying Nintendo
Pro Hanzo Main 76
Pro Hanzo Main 76 Hace 29 días
-and kickin’ ass
Pickle Rick007
Pickle Rick007 Hace un mes
Who knew that Reggie Fils Aime had an Afro?!
Gremm Paltakin
Gremm Paltakin Hace un mes
7:23 ProJared lol
I am Secretly a Holographic Kitty
Reggie finally got a fully loaded Aeron chair
DeadMasterDubstep Hace un mes
then when you get to 10:25 thats the biggest awkward moment ive seen
Childish Memebino
Childish Memebino Hace un mes
That clip with Jared hasn't aged well
ElGavino Hace un mes
Afro Reggie is life
Zach Payne
Zach Payne Hace un mes
I thought it was pronounced "Fee-uh-me"? I could very well be wrong.
Tackhead9 Hace un mes
My friends, this is art. Thank you so much for bringing this to us. This, and the Iwata profile, are stories that I feel like every gamer should watch.
Patrick Carey
Patrick Carey Hace un mes
It's amazing how much hype was generated just by saying hes there to kick ass and take names
Norm HD
Norm HD Hace un mes
That afro is stylin' Reggie
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Hace un mes
Dear 300 of you dislikes, why are you gay?
Realauthorityofthespiritsquadcodename Gareth
At 0:52 it says 1951 instead of 1961
Rik Powell
Rik Powell Hace un mes
The video stated the WiiU flopped because of it's marketing - No, it flopped because it was a crap console with crap games
Doyouwanticecream Hace un mes
Make one of Miyamoto please.
Hugo Decroix
Hugo Decroix Hace un mes
he ws the president of a frat damm he was boss even before nintendo ..... can't imagine the parties though .....
Kris Rice
Kris Rice Hace un mes
Why did this video make me cry?
justmetal227 Hace un mes
Correction: he was born in 1961 but damn he looks very young like early 40s
msm person
msm person Hace un mes
I’m just learning about Reggie now but I remembered one time I went with my family to go up to the Hollywood sign and on my 3ds I fucking met him on street pass and I asked my brother who is Reggie and he started freaking out that I met him but he never told me who he was but I saw this video and remembered that so I thought I would share it but I knew he was important because he had gold pants
iMiguelAOG Hace un mes
.... He went to my High School..... And no one there made a big deal about it....
jaya basavaraju
jaya basavaraju Hace un mes
reggies body is not ready to leave nintendo
Elias Ochoa
Elias Ochoa Hace un mes
Will someone stop cutting those goddamn onions already
KryptiiK Hace un mes
put him in charge of Blizzard-Activision/EA or Bethesda so he can turn at least ONE company from the dark side back into the light and away from Fraudulent "Games as a Service"
FELON Hace un mes
this actually made me sad and that's uncommon
kimzee59 Hace un mes
Why did you have to play Mipha's theme while talking about Iwata's death. I'm already sad as Reggie is no longer at Nintendo. Why are you reminding me of the death of a great man with sad music.
Mr. Vacca
Mr. Vacca Hace un mes
This is my favorite Reggie video out there. Phenomenal writing and research. Well done!
t williams
t williams Hace un mes
Reggie (power) Iwata (wisdom) Miyamoto (courage).......agree with Wolf!
TheFrenchBoi Gaming
F Reggie, you worked great in Nintendo
Yudu Li
Yudu Li Hace un mes
What are the songs in the video?
The Fox Sister Keressa
It’s been a good 16 years.
How many Subs can I get with no Videos?
Reggie was a great president of Nintendo USA, let’s hope Mr. Bowser is also good
Wait... Reggie was born in 1951? But that would make him about 67 or 68 years old! He'd be older than my parents, Charles Martinet and even Shigeru Miyamoto by that logic! If this is true, then he kept his age very well. His body truly was ready!
LoonyLemming Hace un mes
I love my dad, but i wish Reggie was my dad.
AriAxyss Hace un mes
Man, this video featuring the data and stats performance of the markets as well as Reggie's history really hit the mark for me on what I was looking to learn more about today. If I could give this video a super-like, I totally would! Brilliant vid, thanks for making this! :) Subbing!
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez Hace un mes
GothicGamer91 Hace 2 meses
Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto are like The Three Caballeros
Antasma1 Hace 2 meses
Son of immigrants? You think that detail would have blown up
Homer Jay Simpson
Homer Jay Simpson Hace 2 meses
Only clicked on video because 666k people watched this video 😈 👿👹👺💀👽
Malex Gaming
Malex Gaming Hace 2 meses
What if Reggie Fils-Aime worked for Disney ?
Mike Seo
Mike Seo Hace 2 meses
It is said Reggie only retired to make time to play the only copy of English Mother 3.
Ben the animal crossing fan 2019 Whitaker
He was born in 1961 not 1951
Oh Yeah Yeah 2.0
Oh Yeah Yeah 2.0 Hace 2 meses
Today is April 15... ;(((
Sam M
Sam M Hace 2 meses
watching this a few hours before reggie finally leaves office... WE WILL ALWAYS MISS AND LOVE YOU REGGIE! FOREVER
Copen Haagen-Dazs
Copen Haagen-Dazs Hace 2 meses
Reggie was born in 1961, not 1951
Andrew Pilalides
Andrew Pilalides Hace 2 meses
talk about inspiring, this was the kick in the overalls i really needed !!!
WOOD MINER Hace 2 meses
Reggie looked clean in an afro
FaiR Hace 2 meses
Ad placement right in the middle of Reggie's speech about Iwata... nice
Cyberization Hace 2 meses
Nintendo is winning *BIG* with the Switch right now.
Crono Sapien
Crono Sapien Hace 2 meses
My body is definitely Reggie to watch this.
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Hace 2 meses
Dang it I got an add during regi's heartfelt speech towards Iwata
Slaanash Hace 2 meses
I had no idea that's how "Fils-Aime was pronounced". This was educational.
MazdaChief Hace 2 meses
First 3 minutes into the video and now i want some pizza, lol
Alejandro Molina
Alejandro Molina Hace 2 meses
My body is ready.
Slowpoker Gaming
Slowpoker Gaming Hace 2 meses
Who’s that Pokémon it’s RegiRegi
Allison Hace 2 meses
I couldn't help but start crying when Mr. Iwata's death was talked about.
Doctor Painsaw
Doctor Painsaw Hace 2 meses
Doug Bowser was the man with a name perfect for his job
Nick Bongiovi
Nick Bongiovi Hace 2 meses
ON Long Island, not in Long Island
Sept77 Hace 2 meses
Reggie always felt like everyone's favorite uncle. It's sad to see him go, but I hope he enjoys retirement.
Mr. VOID-OUT Hace 2 meses
The Big NewYorker is the ONLY PH pizza I've ever close-to enjoyed. Now it all makes sense.
Mr. VOID-OUT Hace 2 meses
First Reggie, now Kaz... Hats off gentlemen, you've earned your rest.
Alexis2andsoOn Hace 2 meses
Nintendo gave away their Billy Mays.
rattyeely Hace 2 meses
I like these more documentary-style videos
NintendoSage Hace 2 meses
Did you know the Wii U was such an utter failure that Reggie had to retire in disgrace, tarnishing his legacy?
Nuance6 Hace 2 meses
He left at a perfect time , good for hin
Medium D Speaks
Medium D Speaks Hace 2 meses
It's no coincidence that Fils-Aimé more or less means "Loved like a son"
spiceman2000 Hace 2 meses
I just cried like a baby over this, very well done. Thank you so much for making this!!!!!
Nomad Hace 2 meses
Hes been apart of Nintendo for as long as I be been alive
Rayquaza1587 Hace 2 meses
3:44 Reggie didn't say thank you D:
Daiyz Hace 2 meses
A mid-roll in the middle of Reggie's Iwata memorial? Very classy...
Alex Amato
Alex Amato Hace 2 meses
Reggie is a great guy, but someone has gotta help him pick out a suit that fits... C'mon.
Night-X Hace 2 meses
Can't forgot he is also a scam artist during the Switch process which is also known as the NX incident.
Where? Hace 2 meses
Yo PAC-Man VS was dope af!!!
Kanal Q
Kanal Q Hace 2 meses
I didn't even know Reggie was born to immigrants, and Haitian immigrants no less.
Richard Hannay
Richard Hannay Hace 2 meses
I dunno if it’s Reggie’s fault but NOA was problematic with bringing in games that were released in Japan and EU which was hella annoying
RetroSquid Hace 2 meses
Rip Earthbound/Mother fans. *-Mother 3 won’t come.-*
RetroSquid Hace 2 meses
I know the fan translation exists but I’m just saying for those that *want an official release.*
Mother 3 has already been released in exactly the way it needed to be. As a fan-translation done with no censorship.
Ira Javier
Ira Javier Hace 2 meses
It's great he's leaving at a high, rather than leaving while the company is in shambles.
kaimiz Hace 2 meses
Thank you Reggie, I don't know why, but I feel like I'm ready to cry?
LunkyMonkey11 Hace 2 meses
Where’s the love button???
ATLISZILLA Hace 2 meses
My body is not ready
Aryn Rasku
Aryn Rasku Hace 2 meses
Um Reggie was born in 1961 not in 1951.
Babu's Game Room
Babu's Game Room Hace 2 meses
It's great to see a big face from Nintendo going away on his own terms. Iwata's passing was really sad.
Lil Randy
Lil Randy Hace 2 meses
DYKG, Reggie was born in 1961 not 1951. Reggie is not almost in his 70's...
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