Regular Car Reviews: 1986 Buick Grand National

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Drive a Grand National for long enough, and you'll find yourself in a fight outside a pub with a mustache in a 77 Chevette. But you'll win every time, because you have the righteousness of choice on your side. Maybe your left hook isn't as strong, and your haymaker isn't as wild, but dammit, you have taste. And that counts for something. An ass-kicking something. You bang like a champ because you don't know when the next time will be. And that kind of dedication means you'll never be un-bung again.
Your Summit Girl will hate that she let you go, because she'll see you in a Grand National, and she'll say, “You know what? He's driving automatic, but that's a Man for All Seasons right there.” And she'll know, because she's dating a Lion In Winter. A feckless, limp-dicked, do-nothing shell of a man who doesn't know what to do with his free time in the NFL off season.
-It's everything right and good, and a little bit off, with the world. It's the bitter taste of a smoker's nicotine kiss, and the welcoming, cushiony pocket of her vagina. You're home now. You're slopping around in the primordial ooze. The Grand National loosens the pickle jar of human goodness. It takes you back to a past that's irretrievably but eternally present, just on the edges of your consciousness, like all good things. Capable of being called up on a drunken night. Because sometimes, you just get drunk, and sometimes you start thinking about where you come from, and sometimes you call your mom just to hear her voice. And when she asks why you called, you just say, “I have a missed call from you. But maybe it's old. My phone doesn't say.” You both know it's bull, but you both let it go, because you're a grown man, and you can't just say, “I needed to hear you, mom. I was in a Grand National today, and I can see it all. Stretched out in front of me like it happened yesterday. Playing Turtles In Time and drinking Juicy Juice out of a triangle-shaped hole you made with a can-opener handle.” So you bite your lower lip and put on a brave face.
The Grand National is automatic, but no one's emotions are that simple.


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20 abr 2015






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Incompetent Diplomat
Incompetent Diplomat Hace 10 horas
quoting crash course is like quoting Kelly blue book for why an old car shouldn't be rolled into a crusher.
Christopher Morin
Christopher Morin Hace 3 días
"Playing Turtles In Time and sipping JuicyJuice from a triangular hole you made with a can opener." Ah, memories lol.
Captain Zoll
Captain Zoll Hace 6 días
the equvalent to the XB falcon? no, the equivalent to the VL Calais/ BT1 commodore.
W. Bush
W. Bush Hace 10 días
10:42 "Easier to tune than a trombone" I'm swiping that phrase! (with proper citation of course. Because anyone checking citations needs to hear the orgasm joke at 11:03 )
jjs777fzr Hace 12 días
Never forget my buddies T-type ‘87 ripping up the tires from just punching it at 30mph. Granted the cool October air was a welcome treat to the turbo but still. A G-body six cylinder ripping up the tires. In a Regal. He kept trying to sell me the car but I already owned a ‘84 Monte Carlo SS and 90 Mustang LX 5.0L. If you read this Sam yes I regret not buying it back in ‘90.
jjs777fzr Hace 12 días
Black Air. If you grew up in the 80’s Black Air may bring a tear to your eye. Watch it.
JAY OH Hace 12 días
all for the black but......in 2016 i was at a gas station in brattleboro,vt this white gnx pulled up along side me all white red interior all original .the owner this old foggy said he beefed up the engine a little mover so it was putting 730hp it was a t-type beautiful car mint condition
Lee Price
Lee Price Hace 13 días
Play with me! Play with me! Play with me!
J Miller
J Miller Hace 15 días
85's did not have an Intercooler. 86 was the first year...
WaterSheep. Hace 15 días
Chick Hicks from Cars
Chance Hace 17 días
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... You say Grand Nationals didn’t start getting the Intercoolers fill 1985 but Grand Nationals and T-types didn’t come out with Intercoolers until 1986?? Or am I missing something here?
Chance Hace 17 días
Olli Lehtonen
Olli Lehtonen Hace 18 días
Aaand added to the list of cars i want but can't get.
ShitlawMcGraw Hace 19 días
Trade with China did a million times more damage to economic equality than the Reagan era tax cuts.
LJSW 1982
LJSW 1982 Hace 21 un día
The Grand National is the British version of the Kentucky Derby.
Bryan Beyer
Bryan Beyer Hace 22 días
The Lebanon GTS didn’t have a mitsu engine
McCord McCord
McCord McCord Hace 22 días
86 was the first intercooled GN 84 and 85 were hot air. Also the cars you were showing as T Types were Limiteds. You could also get a T Type with a 307 V8 🤢
Robert Witt Jr
Robert Witt Jr Hace 22 días
if jason were in search of the golden fleece now, this would be his chariot.
Jason Quade
Jason Quade Hace 23 días
Good vid minus the lib politics
Corsairforu Hace 26 días
T-Type had cool T-Tops though :)
Liam Hace 27 días
Lol u think the boomers who own these let anyone touch/drive their cars lol..
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh Hace un mes
The Grand National is like a Doberman puppy. Yeah it's still a Doberman so y'know be careful but AWWWWWWWWWW look how playful it is!
Phil Builds
Phil Builds Hace un mes
I've destroyed more 200-4r transmissions than most have seen. I miss the days of the GN and the TTA. We had so much fun driving cars to the track and getting kicked out for 9 second runs and then driving it home. If only we had a transmission that could handle the power of the turbo 3.8l.
Jacob Webber
Jacob Webber Hace un mes
This car is the "oops my anarchy symbol" guy in car form
animalcol1 Hace un mes
That is just gorgeous! Me wanty!!!!!!!
Nicolas Preciado
Nicolas Preciado Hace un mes
The grand national is the epitome of "if it wins on Sunday, it sells on monday" and I love it because if that
Jarrad Floyd
Jarrad Floyd Hace un mes
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤬🤣🤣🤣🤣 the seats go what?????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
MyerShift7 Hace un mes
1985 LeBaron GTS had turbo 2.2, no Mitsubishi engine was ever offered in the H-bodies, irrc
Ricky Das
Ricky Das Hace 2 meses
What's this "Vincent" he's referring to?
Azureey Kola
Azureey Kola Hace 2 meses
14:21 here ya go
Justin Chandler
Justin Chandler Hace 2 meses
I just started watching your videos, and as I was watching your bike vids it clicked with me that I had seen this video years ago. Hard to forget. Your reviews are legendary.
skizzik121 Hace 2 meses
I really need a GNX to park next to my MK VIII and Marauder....
The USS Johnston
The USS Johnston Hace 2 meses
Turbocoupe was better. Supercoupe even better than that
ValoRossi91146 Hace 2 meses
If Dale Earnhardt Sr would have been a car he surely would have been a Grand National This car just is THE INTIMIDATER
Robert Bell
Robert Bell Hace 2 meses
Beautiful cars and a fun review
Robert Bell
Robert Bell Hace 2 meses
Politics - wealth came to those who worked. I remember it well. My HS educated single mom did well. My friends who lived on welfare didn't get too far.
99percenter1 Hace 2 meses
I don't think RCR has ever loved a car as much as this one.
Vasyly D'yaconov
Vasyly D'yaconov Hace 3 meses
So the GN is basically Keanu Reeves in car form!
Mr. Cuil
Mr. Cuil Hace 3 meses
Anyone else notice Sister Night in HBO's Watchmen is driving a GN as her "superhero" car?
Robert Rosenberger
Robert Rosenberger Hace 3 meses
I know Im late but the equivalent to this car here in germany would be the audi 200 turbo 5 cyl 20v, or the bmw 2002. And no, I have never heard of this gem before this video.
B O Hace 3 meses
Lebaron is a Chrysler motor. Only mitsu part is the turbo itself ding dong.
herb soto
herb soto Hace 3 meses
Dude you got to stop smoking crack before you make these videos
MrBadBricks Hace 3 meses
What's with the leftist propaganda in this video? Decreasing taxes on the rich doesn't make people more poor...
Golden Wings
Golden Wings Hace 3 meses
4:32 important life advice
Gerard Jacob
Gerard Jacob Hace 3 meses
Monte carlo ss wayyyyyyy betterrrrrrr
Thaddeus Spendlove
Thaddeus Spendlove Hace 3 meses
Flat tax rate! Please.
David G
David G Hace 3 meses
Man, did anyone ever get back to you about that GNX?
Stephen Graham
Stephen Graham Hace 3 meses
Nope. Never heard of this car in Australia. Why would we? And the XB Falcon? What the...? Taxi. Mum and dad's car. Ambulance, police car. Work ute. Nothing special there. BTW. That interior... Does that look awful to American eyes too?
99percenter1 Hace 2 meses
No, not to mine. What about it don't you like?
danam0228 Hace 3 meses
You left out the Thunderbird TurboCoupe from your list. The Thunderbird being a direct competitor of the Regal, Monte Carlo (which there was also a turbo version of) and Grand Prix. The GN obviously being very performance oriented. The TurboCoupe being performance oriented, but still retaining much of it's luxuriousness. So, not as good performance wise.
It’s Joe Man
It’s Joe Man Hace 4 meses
Thunderbird tc?
Captain Spaulding
Captain Spaulding Hace 4 meses
You forgot the firebird
Toxic Cxrtz
Toxic Cxrtz Hace 4 meses
“It began before it began” 800 grit pubes
Brett Vogel
Brett Vogel Hace 4 meses
This is David Spade’s super car.
Brett Vogel
Brett Vogel Hace 4 meses
Reagan sucked balls. He was the so-called small government messiah who exploded the federal budget and drove us into real debt while preaching trickle down economics that were barely a dribble down the shaft of rich old men.
TheKRVR Hace 4 meses
After almost 4 years, this is still my absolute favorite RCR video, hands down.
tigerinatrance Hace un mes
TheKRVR it’s a really good one.
wedgecharger Hace 4 meses
85 Le baron GTS was 100% USA Chrysler 2.2 Turbo 1. Designed and Built in house!
David Hansen
David Hansen Hace 4 meses
I had a T-Type. Mainly because I didn't want a black car. The fact it cost less was just icing on the cake.
Jason Rubery
Jason Rubery Hace 4 meses
I've been a Ford guy since I could afford to buy my own cars, but I must say... Grand Nationals are one of the most bad-assed (is that even a word???) cars from the 80's. Always wanted one... It just looks mean.
TacticalMoonstone Hace 4 meses
3:02 If you are wondering what car it is, it's the Toyota Chaser.
Unknown Valor
Unknown Valor Hace 4 meses
What killed the Grand National? Plummeting corvette sells!
silvernail6 Hace 4 meses
You're best vid...dialog is killer....Oh and the other G-Body was an Olds Cutlass
HP Hace 4 meses
Its just a big boring cardboard box with a mediocre engine that only seems fast compared to the the horrific engines of that era. Compared to the classic muscle cars its a snoozefest.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Hace 4 meses
This with Hurst lighting rods. Perfect
blackandgold51 Hace 4 meses
Anyone who puts a V8 in a Buick Regal/Grand National should be shot
Stevan Gucu
Stevan Gucu Hace 4 meses
That is the best executed “Nah” since System Shock 2.
Rod Munch
Rod Munch Hace 4 meses
Why did you go cuck in the middle of the video? The rich and the poor BOTH got richer. So what if the gap increased, those on the low end have had dramatic quality of life increases. Would you be more happy if everyone was equally poor? That's called socialism. Why insert idiot leftwing politics into your videos?
Advanced Chiropractic
My parents bought one because I begged them to buy one. I drove to high school in 87 and anyone from my high school days ask if I still have it, and I still do. Just sits in the garage.
Tony H
Tony H Hace 4 meses
That turbo flutter 😍
TheAngryPolack 97
TheAngryPolack 97 Hace 4 meses
You forgot the G body cutlass.
jai morgan
jai morgan Hace 4 meses
It's more like the slr 5000 for Australians
mike Mcdonald
mike Mcdonald Hace 4 meses
U r a loser
Adam Lolno
Adam Lolno Hace 4 meses
You forgot the Old's Cutlass in your list...
señor pepper
señor pepper Hace 4 meses
🍆there it is. LOOK AT IT!!!
señor pepper
señor pepper Hace 4 meses
just paint a regal black. drop in a ls1. limited slip diff. bada boom bada bing
Jordan Wiley
Jordan Wiley Hace 4 meses
nope. Not the same.
señor pepper
señor pepper Hace 4 meses
oh and the transmission...
Marc Hace 5 meses
So TL;DR : the GNX is the abridgement Kirito of cars
exc911ence Hace 5 meses
The Chrysler 2.2L Turbo engine (as in the LeBaron GTS) has more in common with a 70's VW engine than any Mitsubishi mill.
WahidTrynaHeghugh Hace 5 meses
I just want a sloppy junkyard-turboed v8 car with somewhat comfy seats and interior panels rattling everywhere, vague steering, sketchy brakes, and dead bugs and dirt all over the exterior. Basically I want to drive a greasy hamburger that was cooked on someone’s driveway in the Arizona summer with meat on its expiration date.
Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe Hace 5 meses
Australia replying/; "What the hell is a Buick Grand National? And who cares anyway?" Do a Falcon XB review one day. Great way to kill you in the rain but otherwise excellent... This looks pretty good for 80s American cars.
Merrick Gould
Merrick Gould Hace 5 meses
Frankenstein car
Merrick Gould
Merrick Gould Hace 5 meses
Merrick Gould
Merrick Gould Hace 5 meses
Had big ass turbo on my 87 smooooookin
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