Debussy | Clair De Lune, Arabesque no.1, Reverie and other works of Claude Debussy

Debussy, Clair de Lune
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Feel the atmosphere and energy of early 20th century by listening piano pieces of Claude Debussy and watching impressionist and postimpressionist paintings of Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh and other famous painters.
This video was completely created by myself. I own all necessary rights.
Piano music of Claude Debussy for relaxation, reading and studying, with impressionist paintings of Monet, Manet, Van Gogh...
List of compositions:
0:00-4:50, Arabesque No_. 1
4:53-10:16, Clair de Lune
10:21-13:40, Footprints in the Snow
13:43-16:05, Maid With The Flaxen Hair
16:09-20:33, Reverie
20:38- 24:53 La soiree dans Grenade
Arabesque, Clair de Lune, Reverie, Des pas sur la neige, La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin...
(Achille) Claude Debussy (22 August 1862 - 25 March 1918) was a French composer. He is sometimes seen as the first Impressionist composer, although he vigorously rejected the term. He was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Born to a family of modest means and little cultural involvement, Debussy showed enough musical talent to be admitted at the age of ten to France's leading music college, the Conservatoire de Paris. He originally studied the piano, but found his vocation in innovative composition, despite the disapproval of the Conservatoire's conservative professors. He took many years to develop his mature style, and was nearly 40 when he achieved international fame in 1902 with the only opera he completed, Pelléas et Mélisande.
Debussy's orchestral works include Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (1894), Nocturnes (1897-1899) and Images (1905-1912). His music was to a considerable extent a reaction against Wagner and the German musical tradition. He regarded the classical symphony as obsolete and sought an alternative in his "symphonic sketches", La mer (1903-1905). His piano works include two books of Préludes and two of Études. Throughout his career he wrote mélodies based on a wide variety of poetry, including his own. He was greatly influenced by the Symbolist poetic movement of the later 19th century. A small number of works, including the early La Damoiselle élue and the late Le Martyre de saint Sébastien have important parts for chorus. In his final years, he focused on chamber music, completing three of six planned sonatas for different combinations of instruments.
With early influences including Russian and far-eastern music, Debussy developed his own style of harmony and orchestral colouring, derided - and unsuccessfully resisted - by much of the musical establishment of the day. His works have strongly influenced a wide range of composers including Béla Bartók, Olivier Messiaen, George Benjamin, and the jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans. Debussy died from cancer at his home in Paris at the age of 55 after a composing career of a little more than 30 years.
The application of the term "Impressionist" to Debussy and the music he influenced has been much debated, both during his lifetime and since. The analyst Richard Langham Smith writes that Impressionism was originally a term coined to describe a style of late 19th-century French painting, typically scenes suffused with reflected light in which the emphasis is on the overall impression rather than outline or clarity of detail, as in works by Monet, Pissarro, Renoir and others. Langham Smith writes that the term became transferred to the compositions of Debussy and others which were "concerned with the representation of landscape or natural phenomena, particularly the water and light imagery dear to Impressionists, through subtle textures suffused with instrumental colour".
Among painters, Debussy particularly admired Turner, but also drew inspiration from Whistler. With the latter in mind the composer wrote to the violinist Eugène Ysaÿe in 1894 describing the orchestral Nocturnes as "an experiment in the different combinations that can be obtained from one colour - what a study in grey would be in painting."


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rahul toocool
rahul toocool Hace un hora
Fen Chen
Fen Chen Hace 4 horas
At 69 years old, I can't tell you the number of times Debussy has calmed me, helped me write, helped me to study, helped me lose myself while painting or creating art. There is beauty in this world; you just have to look for it and you will find it. For those who are hurting, or wounded, or grieving, Debussy is a fine place to start. I also find Bach and Corelli inspiring; less serene, but definitely inspiring and beautiful. I love the Russians too whether dramatic or spritely or lovely -- Tchaikovsky, Moussorgsky, Scriabin, Rimsky Korsakov....ah yes! One great thing about the old music stores was that you could browse in stacks and find music similar to each other and this would introduce you to other composers. Even just looking at all the boxed sets of Bach, and the many operas, one could learn names of operas and composers just by reading them and soaking them in. It's not as easy nowadays. Keep looking for beauty and keep MAKING beautiful things -- music, art, poetry, books.....
Fred Oliveira
Fred Oliveira Hace 6 horas
Bill Evans took these kind of colourful chord voicings and applied them to his improvs on jazz tunes. Very cool stuff.
almu sala
almu sala Hace 8 horas
I'm gonna listen to some classical music while I stu- yeah screw that Debussy is better than Physics
Fen Chen
Fen Chen Hace 8 horas
This is not studying music. This is far too mesmerizing to study over. I can't help but glance away from my book and get lost in thought while staring out the window like an idiot. What a composer He was.
Egor Zolotov
Egor Zolotov Hace 8 horas
sounds and video looks such naturally
Charles Garrett
Charles Garrett Hace 11 horas
Kathleen Ludricks
Kathleen Ludricks Hace 12 horas
His music has always flowed through me with his most beautiful melodies. Discovered him when I was quite young and will never forget the peace, beauty, and memories.
Huginn NZ
Huginn NZ Hace 20 horas
How can a piano even do these things.....
Richiue Hace 21 un hora
Can anyonw help me identify the painting at 10:31?
melovepeas Hace 22 horas
So this is what femboys meant when the said the bussy hits different
Huginn NZ
Huginn NZ Hace 23 horas
fantastico !
Strutting Bird
Strutting Bird Hace un día
Bill Evans took these kind of colourful chord voicings and applied them to his improvs on jazz tunes. Very cool stuff.
Jayne R
Jayne R Hace un día
My favorite music. Completely relaxes the body.
Robyn B
Robyn B Hace un día
Beautiful music and beautiful artwork. Thank you for the wonderful description as well.
Kristine Willems
Kristine Willems Hace un día
Elena 46
Elena 46 Hace un día
One of Michael Jackson's favorite artist. He brought me here.
seq165432 Hace 8 horas
The guy who wrote "The beer hunter"? He certainly had class!
cc diez
cc diez Hace un día
This slayed my deBUSSY
Legionarul micoza
Legionarul micoza Hace un día
Nici un comentariu in romana?sau ne dam englezi, fiindu-ne rusine sa scriem in romaneste?!...oricum, mersi pentru colectie...il prefer pe Debussy lui Chopin, ala e prea trist si melancolic.Felicitari si pentru picturile impresioniste alese, merg perfect cu muzica.
Danata Pashaeva
Danata Pashaeva Hace un día
It’s all Impressionism right?
Lucia Stumreiter
Lucia Stumreiter Hace un día
I love ballet en point!!!
Dustin F
Dustin F Hace un día
7:30 Does anyone happen to know what movie that little loop is from?
gymard delesc
gymard delesc Hace 2 días
Gracias interesante y bonito video
What's the name of the painting at the 17 second mark. I now its Monet. I can't seem to find it online,
Mumu f
Mumu f Hace 2 días
Beautyful music, I like 👍 thanks !
Janet Nydick
Janet Nydick Hace 2 días
Brings back memories of Jack Horkheimer and STAR GAZERS from 1976, His theme.
What's up!
What's up! Hace 3 días
Debussy always feels like a dream...
Xulion Hace 3 días
I glanced at the thumbnail and read "Da Pussy". I think imma buy new glasses
candace june
candace june Hace 3 días
man, these are great
donna ellis
donna ellis Hace 3 días
So utterly beautiful!!! Almost brought me to tears, poignantly intricate raindrops to my soul!
Daniela Hace 3 días
Obrigada por reunir estas musicas, eu precisava escutar.
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson Hace 4 días
Beautiful impressionistic music.
karenina Hace 4 días
hit 0:25 to see ronald weasley as a 19th century lady, in a pretty pink dress, having a sad boozy brunch at the cafe alone
karenina Hace 4 días
or 0:30 for 2020 adele/rebel wison as a contemplating bartender
Eliane LUTY
Eliane LUTY Hace 4 días
thankyou for the music and painting, good choses
vortex Hace 4 días
15:10 personal stamp
MirtaWood Hace 5 días
macontutti i quadri cheesistono ,perchèripetere glistessi?
Steve Berlin
Steve Berlin Hace 5 días
Beautifully done. Thank you.
John Davis
John Davis Hace 5 días
I am reminded that, "people are awesome"! ;)
elisa elisa
elisa elisa Hace 5 días
Debussy: un alma de otro mundo que vino a encantar la Tierra
Margarita Campos
Margarita Campos Hace 5 días
dannythemedic Hace 5 días
is that name a joke? lol
Tamer Aslan
Tamer Aslan Hace 6 días
Debussy is a very wonderful
Tony Middlehurst
Tony Middlehurst Hace 6 días
Wonderful images and music from a simpler and, some would say, better time.
Lidia Sovrano
Lidia Sovrano Hace 6 días
Grazie per questo splendido dono!
MetodoVadim Hace 8 días
Me encanta! La escucho cada día...
Katerina Tiapula
Katerina Tiapula Hace 16 días
Eliselda Palmero
Eliselda Palmero Hace 25 días
While answering my module i stop and listen for this ..icant continue study now🤩✨anyways mapeh subject is what im answering nowsll about music and i found this
Loveyourplanet X
Loveyourplanet X Hace 28 días
처돌이 Hace 29 días
영상에 드뷔시 아라베스크 누구연주?인지 정확한 음반이 무엇인가요ㅠㅠ 알고싶어요!
МК И Hace un mes
Lorena Sosa
Lorena Sosa Hace un mes
thank u for making me feel hopeful debussy
O V Hace un mes
I bet Debussy’s grindr handle would be dabussy
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence Hace un mes
Does anyone know the painting at 11:31?
juana carolina Cardenas
ES ... sublime y hermoso, ademas el acompañamiento de las ilustraciones recrea aun màs ese mundo de belleza única la pintura. Gracias
Mildred Violeta Fourquet
Looking at this images , makes you find the way to seeing how simple is having a little peace when there is caos in the world. Happiness is just living and feeling this music entering our souls, where they will walk always with us. Live is beautiful in so many ways and having faith and hope through God, is the key to be peaceful and full of contentment. So let’s be happy and joyful now.En kyung every breath of live is a gift o God. Enjoy immortality trough the genius of music. No body can’t steal this moments from your soul. MVF
Neil Griffiths
Neil Griffiths Hace un mes
Just marvelous in its beauty.
Vanessa Badibanga
Vanessa Badibanga Hace un mes
THANK YOU for taking the time to share
What is my future?!
I'm a pianist and this song is one of my ultimate favorites to play. :)
Elfen tanz
Elfen tanz Hace un mes
Einfach wunderschön 🌝💞😇💝
Albor Alix
Albor Alix Hace un mes
This guy is still heathing comments after 6 years ?! If its not dedication I don't know what is. Also thanks you for this compilation Debussy being one of my favorite composer
moop meep
moop meep Hace un mes
dude this is too beautiful to study over. i have to listen to ittt
El tarot de Dorcas
El tarot de Dorcas Hace un mes
my cats love Debussy... and so do I
Clara Ozan
Clara Ozan Hace un mes
Paul Crossley, FBA, fue profesor de historia del arte en el Courtauld Institute of Art de la Universidad de Londres. Fue elegido miembro de la Academia Británica en 2016. Era especialista en la arquitectura de la Europa central medieval.
Astrid Frisbey
Astrid Frisbey Hace un mes
Ich liebe diesen Video Dankeschön
музыка красивая, а картины уродские
THE ODYSSEY Hace un mes
Khalid Dalil
Khalid Dalil Hace un mes
Benjamin Rush
Benjamin Rush Hace un mes
Tremendous - Thank you Oh so Very Much.
Jennifer Saravia
Jennifer Saravia Hace un mes
pop music
OlgaEB Hace un mes
Me gusta mucho Debussy, I remembre my young time !!!
Kendall Yrisarri
Kendall Yrisarri Hace un mes
Just listening...
ImNotMad ButUR
ImNotMad ButUR Hace un mes
I enjoy my time here. I’m dozing, so I have mental images of the paintings. This way I get to see Degas’ ballerinas stretch on the barre before they dance, Monet’s lilies floating on gentle movements of the water, Van Gogh’s stars twinkle - just as he would’ve seen them with his artist’s eye. And I, I get to hear Debussy play for them all. How rich is that!
mquartarone Hace un mes
beautiful music - but fade the pictures in and out and what's the rush?
eva dream
eva dream Hace un mes
ΕΥΓΝΏΜΩΝ στον ανθρωπο που χαρη σε αυτον εμαθα την σπουδαιωτητα του να ακους κλασικη μουσικη ηοποια ειναι διαχρονικης υπερτατης αξιας ΕΥΓΝΏΜΩΝ ΑΛΛΗΛΟΎΙΑ
Marta Ramos
Marta Ramos Hace un mes
Does anyone know where I can get the paintings in this album?
ImNotMad ButUR
ImNotMad ButUR Hace un mes
You can get prints in a multitude of online places I imagine. Google the artist and painting, go from there.
Andreia Santos
Andreia Santos Hace un mes
Que música mais maravilhosa, divina, apaziguadora do coração ❤️
Natalia Robinson
Natalia Robinson Hace un mes
Anyone gonna mention the amazing paintings
Natalia Robinson
Natalia Robinson Hace un mes
Marta Ramos agreed
Marta Ramos
Marta Ramos Hace un mes
I was thinking about the paintings and I am marveled but so much beauty.
Keinz von Beiden
Keinz von Beiden Hace un mes
I am from Germany.So,what I want to tell ? I only want to tell,that Claude Debussy is an old french music composer. But he is not alive yet and so musicians from today play his music. Thanks for listening and relax. Excuse my bad english,i am used to speek german and german is a very strange language for me also. Also entspannt euch und geniesst die Musik.Ich bin auch ein Deutscher,der noch in Deutschland leben muss.Wäre ich nur ausgewandert....
Jerry Hace un mes
don't be sorry for not auswandern - not all is rosy - I miss Germany because I left much of my soul there - but I have lived here for50 some years. - I miss the many events I attendet as a young person - here is so expansive now and lacks much inerest on a large scale. Take care and enjoy your life
coffeebeat Hace un mes
i had a mental breakdown today and i'm listening to this to try and see if it works. i hope it will. things are so hard for me these days.
Arriane Joy Catapang
Hope you're ok now.
Huelya Ak
Huelya Ak Hace 15 días
Probably and I hope you are feeling much better now :) Music heals Positive way of thinking helps These times are hard for many of us but the good thing is after rain there is always sunshine 🙂😊
Justin Peel
Justin Peel Hace un mes
@Priscilla Giuliante Thank you for your nice replay. Please pass this song around. smile...
Priscilla Giuliante
✨❤️ Many blessings
-- Hace un mes
had lots of them in the past few months too -> sometimes just stuff happens or u stumble on nice music or a nice soccer game or other stuff and gradually u inexplicably see thing pinkier ;)
David Freedman
David Freedman Hace un mes
Beautiful pictures and music.
3dbadboy1 Hace un mes
I close my eyes and I'm transported to a room in a cottage in a forest, there's a fireplace and I'm cozying up to it, while it quietly rains outside.
Wendy S. King
Wendy S. King Hace un mes
I love the music and especially the art work you have included. However, may I make a suggestion? We have a house full of children to educate. I would appreciate a ticker tape or note of some kind at the bottom on the picture, with the name, date, and artist of the musical composition, and up in the corner, the name of the painting, with the artist and approximate date. That way, this can be a learning experience as well as a sensual delight. Thank you so much!
Christine Quigley
Christine Quigley Hace un mes
This is such calming, relaxing, introspective music- never gets old! Today is a sad anniversary of sorts, my father passed 37 yrs. ago at age 54. We all miss him so much, but will meet again..
-- Hace un mes
mine was 51, shit cancer, ripped apart my family and started my teenage disaster, guess he could'nt get over his stress and anxiety, runs in the family i guess, hope I'll get over this bad family trait and not end up like him and my grandfather, rip to them ;)
THE ODYSSEY Hace un mes
ImNotMad ButUR
ImNotMad ButUR Hace un mes
We’ve experienced the same loss at almost exactly the same time. My father was 57. That’s a young age; I’m older than that now. I look forward to seeing him again, he was my best friend and I’ve missed him so.
Infinitamente Hace un mes
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse Hace un mes
When the world falls apart, when the structures of a civilization falter, it is good to return to that which in history does not flex, but on the contrary recovers courage, gathers the separated, pacifies without bruising. It’s worth recalling that the genius of creation is also moving in an history devoted to the destruction..
Stephanie Becker
Stephanie Becker Hace un mes
Since this was going to be so long the images should have been shown for longer periods of time for a longer period of enjoyment. The short time made it very choppy and made me feel less relaxed.
cuquiaino Hace un mes
Con esta música, estudiar Derecho Constitucional es como remar lentamente por un lago en un día de primavera... :___D
Cisco Mail
Cisco Mail Hace un mes
Impressivily...Impressing...I love it...
Lar M
Lar M Hace un mes
Impressionism in music and fine art all in one. Thanks for this great upload.
Rrggie Woods
Rrggie Woods Hace un mes
twerk songs
Suryaksh Singh Chaudhary
Impressionism and Debussy are the best things that ever happened to the world.
MacroSoft J. K.
MacroSoft J. K. Hace un mes
Thank you very much for the music video.
Just Don't Mind
Just Don't Mind Hace un mes
16:48 What could she be thinking about?!
TruthB Told
TruthB Told Hace un mes
Excellent video accompaniment to an excellent musical selection.
Andrés Neira
Andrés Neira Hace un mes
This level of expressionism was never reached again. Romanticism art is what moves me the most. Este nivel de expresionismo nunca más fue alcanzado, el Romanticismo es el arte que más me conmueve.
Tony Middlehurst
Tony Middlehurst Hace un mes
lovely mix of music and imagery thank you
Wang Cheng
Wang Cheng Hace un mes
yeep right now i am playing reverie for my piano,, and it is wonderful :)))) i love it it sounds so calming and relaxing i get goosebumps when i listen. Also it feels like falling snow,,, so chill :)))✨✨
Pàl Mucsi
Pàl Mucsi Hace un mes
🇭🇺🖐️🙂🔭✨✨✨🌛🎶🎹 Szép! Szép képek ! Szép muzsikàval! Köszönöm
Frank Irvine
Frank Irvine Hace un mes
Really Nice 👍 Match’s the art 🖼 perfectly✅
moviemad56 Hace un mes
Thank you for the splendid and well-chosen paintings which accompany the music.
Wilma Wanoth
Wilma Wanoth Hace un mes
The Music by Claude Debussy is like a rememberance of harmonious and healing realms !
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