Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News

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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1052077/etika-s-youtube-friends-react-to-tragic-news-of-his-death
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Remembering Etika: ESvidrs React to His Death | E! News

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E! News
E! News Hace un día
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Abyss Walker
Abyss Walker Hace 38 minutos
@Icynibba you're a pathetic loser, but you probably already knew that.
TK. TypicalPanda
TK. TypicalPanda Hace 56 minutos
E! News R.I.P
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Hace un hora
the real tragedy here is that the russian judge only gave him a score of 6.8 for the dive!
• Last MooRoccan Republic •
if your reading this, im just glad you can read, now give yourself a cookie! :)
iSuggest_Clorox Hace 2 horas
*Just so everyone see's this.* this youtuber called "jaystation" has been taking Etika's death like a joke and he uploaded a video on him "contacting" Etika through a ouija board
silenced s̶p̶e̶e̶c̶h̶
There's an Agenda to everything... Yes it's tragic and I hope his soul rests in peace but its needless to say as he did the 666 handsign and so on and so forth...
Big Daddy dom
Big Daddy dom Hace 19 minutos
dis guy dead he got that double pump
Boruto Nazamaki
Boruto Nazamaki Hace 20 minutos
Here we go another X
Boruto Nazamaki
Boruto Nazamaki Hace 21 un minuto
Bruh...why does this seem fake
XrisXø Hace 21 un minuto
RIP ETIKA Every like is a prayer 👏 👇
Gay_FaZe_ Tfue
Gay_FaZe_ Tfue Hace 24 minutos
i literally cried, to a happy, funny man, to be so sad and depressed to take away his own life
h-bomb studios
h-bomb studios Hace 26 minutos
He won’t be the last unfortunately,mental health is something we need the talk about on ESvid
A-Punk八 Hace 30 minutos
at least he got to see end game
I can't believe that people like this make a video about someone that just died to make profit
AAS TIPI Hace 33 minutos
Chek my youtuber Chanel vidio
Hayds 126
Hayds 126 Hace 36 minutos
Its too bad he didnt accept help
Forever Yours
Forever Yours Hace 37 minutos
1:54 yall see that 🤭
1000 subs by commenting challenge?
they should not show James Charles. maybe someone better.
Rusaurus Hace 38 minutos
Nah, Imma find all the dragon balls and resurrect him.
Subscribe to me for no reason
Well happy early birthday to me 😭 R.I.P Etika
Music Maestro
Music Maestro Hace 40 minutos
#1. Right where it belongs
Higgs666 Hace 41 un minuto
The ResetEra forums have been systematically trashing and suicide baiting Etika for a while now. It's amazing the industry hasn't recognized how many professionals lurk there to propagate hate and vitriol.
Peace Unreal
Peace Unreal Hace 41 un minuto
ESvid is a joke it keeps videos up like Logan Paul suicide forest for weeks which btw he profited off while Desmond made videos that brings awareness to depression or suicide actual positive things and ESvid takes down his videos it’s sickening
i w
i w Hace 42 minutos
this is my first time seeing etika but seeing all the nice things people post about you block out the bad ones looking at him he was a fine young man rip in heaven you will forever be missed
AstroSen Hace 42 minutos
If you disliked this video, like this comment because apparently we can’t see how many more dislikes we have then likes
Sargent¥ Hace 43 minutos
I'm glad that this channel has removed the monetization from this video but all of the videos about Etika that could've been put on trending, it's this one? Not the ones from friends, family, people who grew up with him, people who grew because of him, none of those?
Qamil Caku
Qamil Caku Hace 43 minutos
My birthday is 19th June......Etika died that day...O_O
Thigh Knee
Thigh Knee Hace 43 minutos
Scotty Hace 46 minutos
Keid Hace 47 minutos
Imagine using Etika in the title for views....absolutely repulsive
Dave Pople
Dave Pople Hace 51 un minuto
This is gruesome exploitative trash and you should delete this video and your account. Be ashamed whoever it is who approved filmed and uploaded this.
MeIMe54 Hace 32 minutos
Why are you this mad over a news YT channel uploading news?
Joel Hullum
Joel Hullum Hace 54 minutos
How he die tho
TK. TypicalPanda
TK. TypicalPanda Hace 56 minutos
Rest In Peace Etika u will be missed brother I’m sorry you had to go this way
Blincher -not very epic
Blincher -not very epic Hace 57 minutos
i have a gut feeling that keemstar pushed his last button.
TheOreoEater Hace 57 minutos
Why would you show someone like James charles. Etika Hated the beauty community why would you include someone he most likely didn’t agree with
Ratchet Going Commando
Ratchet Going Commando Hace 57 minutos
6 feet tall and he’s doing ESvid??? He should have taken up sports or construction work or freight truck delivery. He is a waste, both alive and dead.
EliteArrow Hace 51 un minuto
He was 6"6 he was very tall
x2 Xotic
x2 Xotic Hace 58 minutos
Hey guys, I just started ESvid and it would mean so much if you went and checked me out it’s x2 Xotic and I already have two videos up and I started today. Pls consider subscribing
Oh Okay
Oh Okay Hace 58 minutos
Joyconboyz forever.
Fetus Wizard
Fetus Wizard Hace 59 minutos
Dead youtuber= profit for other ESvidrs
Cam Lane
Cam Lane Hace 59 minutos
Rip Etica☠️💀☠️
Ratchet Going Commando
Ratchet Going Commando Hace 59 minutos
sammyc Hace un hora
How come I never heard of this guy and then once he dies all the Channels I do know of are mentioning him
Jas Hace un hora
My brothers always watched his ESvid and his live-streams ♥️ RIP Etika! My condolences to the family and friends Please everyone hug your love ones, make someone happy, and make every moment of your life count! Most importantly, mental illness is a very serious circumstance and it’s not suppose to be taken lightly so please protect and help anyone who is suffering from it!! Etika’s story is a wake up call and a lesson learned!
Zeus Hace un hora
Who tf is etika rip tho
Sophie Sartain
Sophie Sartain Hace un hora
Tasteless video...
Espakuz •
Espakuz • Hace un hora
Mars Namzbekol
Mars Namzbekol Hace un hora
Ставлю лайк
SomeNerdyBoy Hace un hora
Screw James Charles. Dude didn’t even know Etika, he’s just trying to get money and crap from this sad event.
Erik Melle
Erik Melle Hace un hora
TOP TIER GAMERS Hace un hora
He's a doughnut why Didi he kill himself
Dylan Horner
Dylan Horner Hace un hora
When I mourn someone's passing I always record my thoughts and upload it to ESvid. SMFH
Esther Aliana
Esther Aliana Hace un hora
It was imjaystation he was playing with a Ouija board on Etika.
Jimmmy 1
Jimmmy 1 Hace un hora
I don't really know him but I still have my prayers for this man's family rip
Klausy Klaus
Klausy Klaus Hace un hora
I loved him so much, subscribe to me and he comes back, okay?
bb8 bb8
bb8 bb8 Hace un hora
Meme Obsessed
Meme Obsessed Hace un hora
He had more subs on Twitch, this makes him seem small.
soap Hace un hora
At least he died doing what he loved, killing himself
adam robinson
adam robinson Hace un hora
Remember when people was saying that he was doing this for an publicity stunt well he ain't people always quick to judge even if that person could be mentally ill
Electro_Yellow Hace un hora
Matt Val
Matt Val Hace un hora
Watching a person like etika was joyful and really great and it always killed my boredom I will always remember etika.
Kaniz Sohana
Kaniz Sohana Hace un hora
I still dont know who he is lmao
別音ツキ Hace un hora
RnB Gayming
RnB Gayming Hace un hora
Who even is this? 😂
Purple Profile
Purple Profile Hace un hora
RIP 😔😔😔
Jef Oliviero
Jef Oliviero Hace un hora
Arrivederci, Polnareff
Casual Ark
Casual Ark Hace un hora
Nikko Chan
Nikko Chan Hace un hora
This is so scummy
Dick Smith
Dick Smith Hace un hora
Bring back hisxchannel
NeedsMoreMoe Hace un hora
Is there anyway I can keep his money?
Y kvs
Y kvs Hace un hora
NeedsMoreMoe Hace un hora
Good Riddance
Manach93 - YT
Manach93 - YT Hace un hora
Rest In Peace... The man who made all of us happy...
Yandereswap Blue
Yandereswap Blue Hace un hora
It's so sad that he died... He always acted so cheerful but you could always hide behind a fake smile... I hoped that he would be okay... But now he's gone and He will be missed by all of his fans, family, or anybody in the entire universe that had cared about him even though he acted cheerful, you can still be depressed and If you are there are many people who will be willing to help you through the rough times during your entire existence and will always be there for you... And it is truly sad he's passed away at such a young age... He didn't even live out half his life... I will miss him very dearly and he will forever be in my heart...
Kärma. YT
Kärma. YT Hace un hora
Let's all blame keemstar 😤. RIP etika.
Hippo Hippo
Hippo Hippo Hace un hora
You all acting like you watched and cared for him. He’s dead, no need to act like fake fan.
Freddie Beltran
Freddie Beltran Hace un hora
Tragically he ended all his vicissitudes in this way.
shorty jr
shorty jr Hace un hora
Rip etika
Cinarose Hace un hora
I wanna feel bad but the problem is, I never heard of him or seen him being mentioned till today. I am a very emotional person whenever someone i know dies, I am not heartless at all but I won’t care if someone I don’t know dies, but rip Btw if you don’t have anything nice to say to me, I will suggest keeping your comment to yourself I get offended easily, anyways have a great day/night *I’m sorry if i repeated what I said, pls don’t correct my words I’ll figure it out by myself thank you 🙏*
That One Guy
That One Guy Hace un hora
Fellow ESvidr Bewgie298
Kazimierz Taraszka
Kazimierz Taraszka Hace un hora
I thought it was a joke when my friend told me
Jamie Kiousis
Jamie Kiousis Hace un hora
IVeon 07
IVeon 07 Hace un hora
I swear to god if he doesn’t get respected in this years rewind
Collin Forcum
Collin Forcum Hace un hora
New xxxtentacion?
Olgales Suida
Olgales Suida Hace un hora
RIP beautiful soul. 💦💦💦. So sorry for your pain. I wish I knew u just to give you more hope for your future. I've would have enjoyed guiding you as my brother.
• Last MooRoccan Republic •
if your reading this, i hope you beacome ricch and succe$$ful
Binge Boss
Binge Boss Hace un hora
Great videos you have !
NomanTHE Snowman
NomanTHE Snowman Hace un hora
Wait boogie looks soo skinny
food Hace un hora
Why the hell is a wierd British chick speaking???
Sheep Hace un hora
Evan Productions
Evan Productions Hace un hora
Hmm 🤔
Jeremiah Floril
Jeremiah Floril Hace un hora
1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Hotline Help us help you.
Josephine Baugh
Josephine Baugh Hace un hora
Why yall kill the youtube😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Firby V
Firby V Hace un hora
This man left us too early R.I.P ♥️ Edit:Suicide has taken too many lives
Kaas baas
Kaas baas Hace un hora
Who cares he was brown anways
Fifa DMs
Fifa DMs Hace un hora
Who cares about you?
Era Pi
Era Pi Hace un hora
No one cares until they should
Era Pi
Era Pi Hace un hora
Duda was a poser
ALENG KIELLA Hace un hora
let hug it each other
CreekGeek 14
CreekGeek 14 Hace un hora
Is it just me or does rip sound kind of disrespectful and not sincere
Spazem Hace un hora
Hundreds and thousands of people die every day, they are also born every day. This video and every ESvidr out there making a video on the situation are just chasing clicks for money. Why would you care about somebody else' reaction? Don't you have your own f- personality? To top it off you want to take pity on somebody who said they would take their own life. Get real. Sitting here moping over some stupid ESvidr when thousands of children are starving to death in the world, get off your high f-ing horse and wake the hell up.
Callumtheone Hace un hora
Bruh jaystations vid is straight up disrespectful
GreenLlama Hace un hora
This is so sad :(
D'Events Hace un hora
RIP Etika, hopefully there is a next generation of Etika.
Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner Hace un hora
I can't believe he's gone... I enjoyed watching his JoJo reactions man... Rest in peace my boy Etika.
Sushi Master
Sushi Master Hace un hora
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