Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 2

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We are finishing the remodel of our master bathroom! Thank you to Lowe's for sponsoring this video and the whole project. If you haven't seen it, check out Pt. 1 bit.ly/2SdAOdq
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TOOLS & SUPPLIES (affiliate links):
Anatolia Marble HexTile (Floor) low.es/2GoAqS5
Emser Marble Penny Round Tile (Shower) low.es/2Gd1epj
Allen Roth Subway Tile 4”x12” low.es/2GaG6zW
Mapei Mortar for Tile low.es/2Sd39jO
Mapei Pearl Grey Grout (Wall & Shower Tile) low.es/2DXaDyP
Mapei Silver Grout (Floor Tile) low.es/2DluO8j
Mapei Sealing Additive for Grout low.es/2TtO5ew
Drill Mixing Arm low.es/2BlQe4V
Tile Spacers 1/16” low.es/2Sblq0Z
Bosch Laser Level low.es/2TtQdTy
Kobalt Tile Saw low.es/2SqpGsY
Schluter Whole Shower Waterproofing Kit low.es/2t6xgL1
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Kichler Jasper Vanity Lights low.es/2Bi74By
Lighting Brackets low.es/2t3g890
Valspar Paint (Color: Ocean Soul) low.es/2ta7RzS
Kohler Bryant Round Sink low.es/2HOQDlU
Jacuzzi Duncan Faucet low.es/2MOgx88
Delta Breeze Fan with Bluetooth Speaker low.es/2WJcXRr
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7 feb 2019

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jeremy doblinger
jeremy doblinger Hace 22 minutos
Looks great bob!! Really great job
Roberto Perez Jr.
Roberto Perez Jr. Hace 9 horas
Tile the bathroom floor after you tile the shower and drywall and paint!!
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole Hace 10 horas
Jeff J
Jeff J Hace 11 horas
Horrible and irritating background muzak. Consider removing all of it since it adds nothing to your vid.
Billy Masoner
Billy Masoner Hace 12 horas
Love the bathroom, except that blue vanity. I appreciate wanting a pop of color, but that’s an awful choice. Otherwise, this was an amazing build, you did an EXCELLENT job!
pharsideflip Hace 13 horas
Looks good.
Craig Laird
Craig Laird Hace 14 horas
2:41 - electrical "seems" to be good to go. I think you should talk about how to check earthing continuity as while everything seems good - it could be a death trap waiting...........
dickies cbb
dickies cbb Hace 16 horas
pro tiler will do that tiling in three days max with the joints filled in
heavyq Hace 16 horas
Awesome work Bob! It turned out excellent!!
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Hace 17 horas
kerdi over plywood... what a world.
Sister shook
Sister shook Hace 19 horas
That color of the vanity is um... very bold of you but love everything else
ding dong
ding dong Hace 20 horas
Not sure if the dry walls are different in the US but i don't think those are the more expensive moisture resistant ones. Really shouldn't have cheaped out when doing it for the washroom.
JjrShabadoo Hace 20 horas
Wow. LOTS of work. Very nice job! My favorite part was the sub-freezing tile cutting. That's true dedication. You ended up with a partial row of tile at the base of the bathroom walls, which is inevitable due to the height difference of the floor vs. the shower pan with the continuous surround. What's your feeling in retrospect? Would you recommend the way it ended up in the video, or doing the opposite by starting a full row on the base of the wall, then cutting a partial row on the shower wall to match the height?
Alain Robillard
Alain Robillard Hace un día
Did I just see water under the bath??? Got a leak?
ImpureForce Hace un día
Not only do you need wet rating but for lights you have to also make sure they're IC rated if there is insulation around it, if not you need atleast 3" of open air around the can/light
Abbey Hace un día
i love how the blue cabinets contrast against the white, it looks so good! 💙
Edouard caron
Edouard caron Hace un día
10:35 looks like when you play gmod without the textures
Harry Kourm
Harry Kourm Hace un día
Wow, looks way better, great job!
Magnus Tangen
Magnus Tangen Hace un día
I mean. Wow.
Justin Malone
Justin Malone Hace un día
That’s a whole lotta white, looks good though
KalaKukko Hace un día
looks quite boring
FlavaHat Hace 2 días
Really nice, couldn't help noticing the lack of baseboards.
big chungus
big chungus Hace 2 días
Hey Bob! I think you should definitely try to make a cannon. Anyone else agrees with me?
Hayden Brockhaus
Hayden Brockhaus Hace 2 días
you should make a pool table
Martin B
Martin B Hace 2 días
Hey Bob, I'm Martin. You are great.
B8 STIG786
B8 STIG786 Hace 3 días
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Hace 3 días
thats one big bathroom for one cat
Olga Ortiz
Olga Ortiz Hace 3 días
Gilbert D. Trang
Gilbert D. Trang Hace 3 días
I really enjoyed these two videos, very entertaining and informative. Plus, I always appreciate all the work that goes in to producing your videos. They’re so well done. Thank you!
itsjustme271 Hace 3 días
I hate how he painted the vanity blue like the whole bathroom like white what!!!
Alex Platts
Alex Platts Hace 4 días
NRFLKN Hace 4 días
What material is the countertop?
alstaylor85 Hace 4 días
Love this channel and beautiful bathroom. Just thought though cold weather and you didn’t think of doing heated floors?
alstaylor85 Hace 4 días
Love this channel and beautiful bathroom. Just thought though cold weather and you didn’t think of doing heated floors?
evlqueen Hace 4 días
I wouldn't have made some of the same style choices, but overall good job! :)
Gabe Rouse
Gabe Rouse Hace 4 días
Hey Bob. I have something that you may find very interesting. So my mom's a dumpster diver, For this exact reason, and while she was dumpster diving, she found a banged up acoustic guitar. The body of the guitar is really damaged ( like someone pulled a bille Joe Armstrong on it (( smashed it)) ) all the strings are rusted and the neck is really bent the spacing on the part of the neck where the body and neck combine is really far apart. Any way, I'm like you. I don't throw out stuff like this, I like to keep it and repair it. But i don't have the skills or tools required to do so. And you were the first person I thought of. If your interested just reply and I'll send some pics for you to examine. If your not interested and don't reply within the span of a few days I'll do something else I guess. Anyway, Keep Makin and reparin, Peace.
derek kole
derek kole Hace 4 días
Great work.
Lightingcap Hace 4 días
I learned last winter to always disconnect my hose from the house when it starts to get cold. Even with a "freeze proof" faucet, if you leave the hose attached, the ice can burst the faucet pipe in the wall making a big problem come spring when you go to use the hose.
Fantastic Film Factory
Oh boi I need an other bathroom, even if it's only for renovation purposes....
yunzung bczam
yunzung bczam Hace 4 días
Bob the builder!!!! I can't be the only one thinking of this
Jonatan Widlund
Jonatan Widlund Hace 4 días
Renovating is soo different in the US compared to Sweden. Interesting videos! I'm gonna subscribe!
Daniel Eidsness
Daniel Eidsness Hace 4 días
Just my personal opinion. I think it would have looked better if you stuck with black for the faucets on the sink and the drawers. It would have matched the rest of the color scheme since you already went with black for the shower and tub hardware. Nice job by the way.
Tjackson Woodworker
Tjackson Woodworker Hace 4 días
Nice Job! I am sure the Mrs really likes the new bathroom..
Lack of Focus
Lack of Focus Hace 5 días
Super, super useful, helpful and timely. Glad to see that Lowe's has those nice shower tiling systems and other materials. I always thought that Lowe's has better materials than Home Depot.
Samuel Dunlap
Samuel Dunlap Hace 5 días
Looks great
Eimaj Nudd
Eimaj Nudd Hace 5 días
You're videos are amazing and I thoroughly enjoy them. I'd say my favorite so far was the arcade build. It would be neat to see you try and make an old jukebox (wurlitzer bubbler style) but modded to work with mp3s. Keep up the cool videos man. Truly inspiring and informative
Mamu_05 Hace 6 días
Please make a bite on how to choose species of lumber
jc2367 Hace 6 días
curious how long it took start to finish?
Wesley Bauer
Wesley Bauer Hace 6 días
Where did you get the Kerdi Board? It seems I can only order it online because none of the stores have it in stock. Thank you for the video.
ItsMeDatBoy 1010
ItsMeDatBoy 1010 Hace 6 días
What if the water evaporates? But this is already too late anyway so?
Ggbh Fydgh
Ggbh Fydgh Hace 6 días
Am I the only one that has no idea what he’s talking about
Willem Arnhem
Willem Arnhem Hace 6 días
21:15 Just a heads up, the "correct" way is to measure up the tiling, and average out the bottom and top tiles, so you don't end up with that narrow stroke.
Mike Hace 6 días
Hey, you may have mentioned this in part 1 but what were the dimensions of the shower?
jake8283 Hace 6 días
Do they give any info on the integrity of the “dry wall” and foam flooring you used in the shower? Any issues with weight on the flooring or step up/over area of the shower? Also with the cubby area?
Wolf 425
Wolf 425 Hace 6 días
Winter is the best time to do home renovation's because you cant do anything outside
Eric Beamish
Eric Beamish Hace 6 días
Was a nice bathroom until you painted the vanity blue
Spacetrooper656 Hace 6 días
The blue :|
tati's Adventures
tati's Adventures Hace 6 días
Like the tiles on the floor and the shower it looks modern and clean 😁
CHUCK BURG Hace 6 días
wow that looks so good. The blue paint looks amazing!
JOHN CROUCH Hace 7 días
my only comment was when you put the vanity up to the wall i did not like the cut out for the plumbing on the vanity it looks sloppy should have had a decorative pipe cover the wholes should have been better not just cut a large hole in the back of the vanity
Ace on Wheels
Ace on Wheels Hace 8 días
Always a pleasure. Great video. I like how you are supplementing the mundane/easy stuff with the Bits videos. Super cool way engage audience as well as generate additional views and page traffic. Your new bathroom looks amazing! Here’s to many more videos and projects. Thank you.
PPX Hace 8 días
First I wasn‘t sure about the hex and the round tile, but now I really love it and wished I had it at home. ;) You did a really good job there!
Lawrence Dempsey
Lawrence Dempsey Hace 9 días
What were the dimensions of the room? I have a similar space and wondering if that layout would work.
Tony Pham
Tony Pham Hace 9 días
Don't grout the corners, caulk em.
Jeremy Hace 10 días
In my experience grout in the corners can crack over time, I always use silicon for any corner where two tiled walls meet.
Southern Style DIY
Southern Style DIY Hace 10 días
Dang that's some Home and Garden magazine level work! Absolutely insanely awesome! Great work!
Nicholas Osburg
Nicholas Osburg Hace 10 días
Why would you keep the popcorn ceiling
Irdzm Hace 10 días
Who would even dislike this video?
Kevin Hew
Kevin Hew Hace 10 días
did you really need the can with that recessed led thing?
Brayden Foster
Brayden Foster Hace 10 días
Why didn’t you build your house
A movie
A movie Hace 10 días
Very modern and cool would love that to be my bathroom
Jim Gourgoutis
Jim Gourgoutis Hace 10 días
What does the building-permit process look like for this kind of DIY work?
Anonymity Alias
Anonymity Alias Hace 10 días
it is your home you can do what you want with it. That said that blue is not the blue for that space
John Smolen
John Smolen Hace 10 días
Bob, you may have been asked this in previous videos, but I really think that you should make an electric guitar from scratch. Ive found a lot of videos online that go through a FULL build, but I really like your detail and attention to informing the audience and it really inspires me t work in my lowdown workshop and create. Just a thought, but I would love to see it!
Michael Coghill
Michael Coghill Hace 11 días
Awesome bathroom!
ericsodt Hace 11 días
Lots and lots of work! Great job. Just wondering why you fixed gold faucets with black shower/tub hardware?
Link Home BD
Link Home BD Hace 11 días
nice video
Omega playz 2008
Omega playz 2008 Hace 11 días
I wish I was rich
Tribe of the Iron Flame
Although personally I wouldn't have necessarily gone with the style of fixtures used, it still looks great. Good work.
Alex Elgas
Alex Elgas Hace 11 días
This is the sexiest bathroom I've seen in my entire life
jeff oliver
jeff oliver Hace 11 días
Wish I had the time and money to make my bathroom look half as good as that. Bravo sir.
Proskillz Proskillz
Proskillz Proskillz Hace 11 días
26:27 liking how even the toilet paper fits in the backround
imjustaman Hace 11 días
Woooo! I have a remodeling company and do this day in and day out. Really top notch professional work Bob!
Designer Drains
Designer Drains Hace 11 días
Bob, love the details you put into your work. Would love to talk about a collaboration.
Deadspacer Hace 11 días
Hey can you guys make me a desk for my pc
Bryan Siebold
Bryan Siebold Hace 11 días
It looks amazing
LoverOfPhotography Hace 11 días
Why did you do the flooring before drywall fixing and painting?
Artemis Zero
Artemis Zero Hace 11 días
Fantastic job, I love the white colouring, the bathtub, and all the other little details. Even though it is alot of work, learning how to do stuff yourself is a great experience. I love this channel.
Kyle Starr
Kyle Starr Hace 11 días
make a flight simulator!
Nicholas Hunter
Nicholas Hunter Hace 11 días
You need to teach us how to make a charging drawer. It is drawer with a power strip in the back to plug stuff in to charge it and free up counter space.
Squicx Hace 11 días
I wish i had the budget for stuff like these. help my family abit
Jackson Nichol
Jackson Nichol Hace 11 días
I actually might start to renovate stuff when I’m older this is oddly satisfying
Ronan Davies
Ronan Davies Hace 12 días
Omg didn't know you had a podcast! Time to start binge listening to another podcast service!!!
Twan Herben
Twan Herben Hace 12 días
7:15 your bit got stuck twice😜
ocelot11snake Hace 12 días
So does the pan provide an incline so water flows toward the drain?
Matias Moilanen
Matias Moilanen Hace 12 días
It's awesome to see this kind of projects documented as well and thoroughly as you do! I'm learning a lot. Thanks!
a Spooner
a Spooner Hace 12 días
My father is renovating our houses master bathroom and our house is over 100 years old
Kyle S
Kyle S Hace 12 días
25:47 guess Bob did realized that tile is 1/4" thick and with two layer its 1/2". Good on him for showing his mistake but just another reason why it tough to trust people on youtube when it comes to stuff like this
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez Hace 12 días
great job. Been there done that, and I love the tile! What we did was put an electrical floor warmer that got embedded into the thinset, just to take the edge off the cold tile. I love the look of what you did!
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar Hace 12 días
Looks fantastic. Congratulations!
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