Returning to a War-Torn Ghost Town Sealed for 50 years | Cyprus, Uncharted Ep. 1

Johnny Harris
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The Story of Cyprus
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Thanks to Thomas ( @Yes Theory ) and @Nathaniel Drew for coming along with me and discussing this story around the fire. Thomas told his story from the trip here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vdkQWgZLrYA.html

I took great care to tell this story. There is so much pain wrapped up in it. And in this episode I could only tell one little slice of the modern day version of the divided island of Cyprus. But that's what series are for! there are three more episodes in this series and the next one will take a closer look at what this all looks like today. How it feels like to live on a divided island. Episode 3 will then go deep into the north of the island, talking to Turkish Cypriots and hearing their story. Episode 4 isn't that serious. It's about donkeys.
There's no way I can tell all the stories and if you are from this island you probably have a version of these stories that doesn't fit what I've told here. Please just trust I tried my best.

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny's visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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14 oct 2021






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Xrhstos Lalalala
Xrhstos Lalalala Hace 20 minutos
Turkey made crimes
Eylem Dogan
Eylem Dogan Hace un hora
Hi Jonny I am 6 minutes into your video and will contunie to watch. But i felt the invasion word was very strong. What happened in the 70s unfortunately couldnt happen in 90s for Kosova. So well done to turkish army for not letting massacre to take place for muslims in front of EU and Nato in Cyprus. I have many greek friends, I love them, we are very similar in the west where I come from and I have to say I dont like my country taking cake of Nothern cyprus all the time by turkish taxpayers money. But hey that is exactly the same story for the Falklands islands. You have enough british people there to call it now british soil but you know deep down it is truly not. Northern Cyprus is the same there were cyprus turks for a longggg time longer than Australia was invaded and so it happens to be turkish soil. I would not like to read hate messages but please how old is israel than? How old is USA? Or Australia or Flklands island? We had to go to Cyprus for uprising voilence started by greeks to take over the island which i am sure British were behind it and turks did something right wish could happen for Kosova too...
think Family vacation
bravo Johny because many British .. think is.. vacation area the ..occupied area
Sandra El Naggar
Sandra El Naggar Hace 5 horas
I can't believe you just called Palestine israel!!! for someone who knows history... shame on you
RaAhYaMa Hace 8 horas
If there's a border dispute. Blame the british
Maria Ioannou
Maria Ioannou Hace 10 horas
As a young Greek Cypriot, with my mother being a refugee I felt very emotional watching this video. My mother always tells me that before she dies one of her biggest wishes is to see her home one last time (her village is now a military base and we can't go in tn village).
Po Wasjington
Po Wasjington Hace 12 horas
Basically Turkic cultures have been displacing Greek speaking cultures for about a thousand years. Similar to what happened to the Celtic Cultures in Europe which were once common but became displaced by Latin and Germanic cultures.
David Alvarado
David Alvarado Hace 17 horas
As the history continues to say "the sun never sets on the british empire"! If only people knew about their own histories, the world would be in a much better place.
Phoebus Sparos
Phoebus Sparos Hace 18 horas
Sorry pal, but the only thing you got right is the pain of the people, both Greek- and Turkish- Cypriots. But even that not thorough. You are a scholar I guess; I heard you say something like "after graduate school" and you claim to have been studying the issue for "so many years". Yet, you missed very essential aspects. Try finding out about - how and why the British first rented Cyprus from the Turkish Ottoman sultan in 1878 and then annexed it after WW1 and what conditions they put down in the Lausane agreement - the Nihat Erim reports, - the Plan of Recapturing Cyprus (KIP in Turkish initials) - the Akritas plan - which Anglo-Turkish propaganda portrays as the anathema of Turkish Cypriots - how the Turkish Cypriots did not flee to the occupied area but were carried - even by airplanes through the British bases - to the occupied area - the junta in Athens did not try to capture Cyprus - check the archives in Pentagon to see who was running Greece at that time - on the contrary, they FACILITATED the Turkish invasion by staging the coup and making sure that the National Guard of Cyprus (the army created to combat the 1963/64 attempt by Turkey to dissolve the Republic of Cyprus) was not in a state to actually defend the island - find out about the role of Henry Kissinger, the then Secretary of State in your country - research the role of the British better, they are much more sinister than you portrayed them
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Hace 20 horas
OK I personally think you should have cut out the scenes where you are looking at your computer screens because it's already known YOU'VE seen it but not the audience watching the video hasn't. IDK probably makes it more streamline to show the footage instead of showing us you showing yourself the footage.
HotRod 8625
HotRod 8625 Hace 23 horas
Can someone tell me why thier are beach chairs and umbrellas out in a desolate beach?
James Harland
James Harland Hace un día
How bout all the giant starforts ....under rome in japan hawaii nicossia is one
yeahboi#81 Hace un día
Cypress with PewDiePie
Alex T
Alex T Hace un día
I wanna say that it was mostly representative documentary film about the history of Cyprus. Some points that we have to be focused on: 1. Military movement = Dictatorship, Greece had dictatorship for 7 years, it was not a democratic foreign policy (please see 15:46) 2. Turkey invasion had killed many civilians and it was not law and order invasion. They did not liberate the Turkish people, they invaded in Cyprus people homes and buildings. That was a war! 3. Every nation has minorities (see USA, German, France, GB etc.), that does not give the legal right to a foreign country to invade with military force in order to liberate their people. If it was legal right, Greece would had to declare war and invade to many countries around the East Mediterranean, included Turkey.
Theories Tutorial
Theories Tutorial Hace un día
The clash of civilization theory in real life.
Stephen Jabaut
Stephen Jabaut Hace un día
Great Job, although I could have done without the emotional exploitation of that old man.
Becker Inal
Becker Inal Hace un día
One sided video! Go to the other side and make a similar investigation and only then you will become a good Journalist. Until then, it is just another biased clip. No disrespect to the Greek People and their Rich History! Turks and Greeks eat the same food, drink the same alcohol (Raki and Ouzo) so they should become best friends.
q Hace un día
this is a huge content! great job!
Sammie Sea
Sammie Sea Hace un día
Johnny, would love to see you cover the same theme in Palestine/Isreal, and their history with Britan. You covered the Isreally perspective previously and a revisit from the Palestinian perspective, considering the overarching themes here would be so welcome. Also do you have citations anywhere for the details in your videos?
CL Hace un día
Amazing content. Please keep them coming.
Fatih Akgül
Fatih Akgül Hace un día
Taraflı haberciliğini kutlarım. Ödül bile alabilirsin bir konuyu araştırırken sebeplerinide öğrenmelisin. Eoka terör örgütünün sırf Türk olduğu için bebekleri, çocukları ve masum kadınları öldürdüğünüde göstermelisin. Bunu sana bizim öğretmemiz gerekirse Türkçe içeriklere de bakıp öğrenebilirsin.
marouane Attahali
marouane Attahali Hace 2 días
I just want to clarify something, the issue of Islam entered the island of Cyprus during the days of Caliph Othman, that is, before Turkey itself
Addie Kim
Addie Kim Hace 2 días
So is it like a ghost town now? The turks took over the territory and just left it barren? Sorry if I kinda don't get why they just left it empty. Somebody please explain to me why. This is an honest question and I want to understand more.
VEHX Hace 2 días
For any expatriate minority groups who places hope on their supposed "motherland" to right a historical wrong, think of this first: 1) Why did your people leave the motherland in the first place ? And, 2) If your motherland really cared that much why aren't they doling out passports to you before this ? Or create something like "the sovereign fund to assist our brothers and sisters in XX country or state " ? The problem with these irrendist ( I think that's the closest description that is remotely accurate) is that those countries are only giving a damn because you have something they want, and even then the damn only covers the most basic necessities.
Rodney D Belanger
Rodney D Belanger Hace 2 días
Great. Now I want a bag of Takis. Thanks
MerovèGervais Hace 2 días
Powerful, you can feel this man had his future history stolen from him.
MOESTACKS300 Hace 2 días
Of course every problem currently facing people in the modern day world is caused By the British empire 😂
Harris Nguyen
Harris Nguyen Hace 2 días
My name is also Harris
Alishan Boyadjian
Alishan Boyadjian Hace 2 días
Your editing is so elite
Wen Hace 3 días
Hi Johnny, you really should come to Taiwan
Jayme Long
Jayme Long Hace 3 días
His wonderful storytelling being brought to interesting and thought provoking subject matter is exactly what I want to watch when I am on this platform. I am ALL in!! Carry on!!
YouLookFamiliar Hace 3 días
Very interesting. I knew nothing about Cyprus, until I watched this video. You managed to keep me interested in something I wasn't even trying to watch. Excellent work.
TuAFFalcon Hace 3 días
You got the Turkey part all wrong champ.
Rory P
Rory P Hace 4 días
One year I rented a room in south east London and an old Turkish Cypriot guy lived in the room upstairs. He was awesome, always stopped me in the street to say hi and ask how I was doing, always smoking, always called me 'son' haha... I had friends over for New Years and we could hear him upstairs, alone in his flat, and we were a bit drunk so we wanted to bring him snacks and wish him a happy new year lol. We stayed a couple of hours in the end just talking in his doorway. He showed us photos of his family in Cyprus who he hoped to be reunited with one day, and told us what it was like during the invasion. He'd seen awful things and I had a new respect for him after that, it just shows you never know what someone's been through. Anyway, I liked that old dude... you're the man, Hassan
One Shot Man
One Shot Man Hace 4 días
Smoothly skipping over the part where Turkish Cypriots were being subjected to systematic ethnic cleansing by Greek terrorist organization eoka and later, by the military of Greece itself. "Turkey invaded" "Turkey did more than establishing peace" Turkey this, Turkey that ... What i'm wondering is, how much were you funded to create this bullshit and by whom exactly. By the way, Turkey was never an empire, because it was founded as a republic.
One Shot Man
One Shot Man Hace 4 días
Also, realize how you never spoke with a Turk about this issue. What they felt before the occupation, how they feel about leaving their houses behind etc. The video is almost like the Turkish Cypriots doesn't even exist and Turkey just came out of nowhere! This is absolutely horrible excuse of "journalism". This is nothing more than propaganda video.
Michael Abraham
Michael Abraham Hace 4 días
I rarely comment but this right here is a masterpiece!
Bₐdₛₕₐₐₕ ₘₑₘₑᵣ
This was an Eye Opener...thank you for making this Love From India🇮🇳❣️
iamtooeasyn't Hace 4 días
you forgot 1963 kanlı noel incident, the greek killed turks for fun in christmas as a celebration and it got popular in turkey but ofcourse you like to listen to the story from one side and blame the turks, what a shame
Jacob Bass
Jacob Bass Hace 2 días
@iamtooeasyn't. Ah, so you admit that you were just being willfully ignorant. Good to know.
iamtooeasyn't Hace 3 días
@Jacob Bass i did watch the video
Jacob Bass
Jacob Bass Hace 3 días
And this is how you know that this person didn’t watch the video. To say that this video “blames the turks“ it’s such a misrepresentation that either this person is being willfully ignorant, or didn’t watch the video
iamtooeasyn't Hace 4 días
imagine if britain didnt step in on cyprus, imagine the harmony between the greeks and turks, but of course that had to be ruined by the country that conquered many lands not even close to their country
Richie Hoyt
Richie Hoyt Hace 4 días
What's the betting that Johnny's two mates are there to fill the same role as the blonde 'chick' in those old science fiction and spy movies who would say things like "But Johnny - I don't understand - how can this Mr. Hitler hurt us, he's all the way over there in Europe?!" or, "So Professor, why *does* everyone want to get their hands on the cargo of uranium? What's so important about it?!"..?
travrgtr 1
travrgtr 1 Hace 4 días
amazing. subscribed
Black Eagle
Black Eagle Hace 4 días
Video da sürekli işgal diyorsun bu çok saçma Türkler rumlar tarafından katlediliyordu Türk Milleti Buna 1974 de olduğu gibi bundan sonrada asla izin vermez rumlar ile konusmani anlarim ama birde Türklerle konuşsaydin dağa gerçekci olurdu..Bu video adil degil rumları mağdur Türkleri işgalci yapmışsın...
Joshua Daniel Cucueco
Can we get an episode where you talk about Turkey (the animal) for 30-mins straight
M Jonas
M Jonas Hace 5 días
Imagine being a Turkish Cypriot for one second. You were facing mass murder and possible extinction and your story don't even get told. I've come to terms that our side will never be told. The first massacres started with Greek Cypriots turning their guns on Turkish Cypriots and it gets glossed over in every single video, but all anyone ever talks about is the intervention of Turkey to stop this. I have nothing against the greek civilians but theres two sides to this story and only one ever gets told.
Jus Chill
Jus Chill Hace 5 días
and Oscar Goes to "Returning to a War-Torn Ghost Town Sealed for 50years" 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan Hace 5 días
redclark831 thinks if you purchase territory from another colonial nation the purchaser is not then the colonist. This is clearly wrong, the US was founded by colonists and is a colonist federation having by conquest and by purchase acquired foreign lands,
Silvia Vázquez
Silvia Vázquez Hace 5 días
@Johnny Harrys In another video you said you speak spanish. Please, can you contact me? I need to speak with you... thank you.
AGB Hace 4 días
I don't think he'll read this comment. But if you have a story or something that might interest him you can send him an e-mail
excalibur Hace 5 días
Ego of old grumpy men is the cause of all wars and poverty...
KaraKedi Hace 5 días
biased propaganda!! Why don't you tell about the killed Turks? Your research is incomplete and inadequate. how much money did you get from cyprus for this video??
marciana tolentino
marciana tolentino Hace 5 días
The Philippines is very like Cyprus where it is also in a strategic position in Southeast Asia, bounded by the north, south, east, and west, in this part of the earth. History tells that this country had been colonized by Spain, the United States, and Japan. What may be in the future? The history of Cyprus, that you have presented here in your video, makes me think more than the present comfort of living in a free democratic Philippines.
Asyraaf Azman
Asyraaf Azman Hace 5 días
This is so much better than history channel
H****** Hace 5 días
Surprise surprise! Another conflict started by the power vacuum created by the British 🤦🏻‍♀️
Umair Ashraf
Umair Ashraf Hace 5 días
Visit Kashmir for the similar human rights suppression and power play.
Gülce Yetişmiş
Gülce Yetişmiş Hace 5 días
Thank you for sharing our country's real history 🙏 💙
Psycho Genesis
Psycho Genesis Hace 5 días
This is a really well done video. A like from me for sure
ManiKenpachi Hace 5 días
So is it safe to travel there?
Cindy Bogart
Cindy Bogart Hace 6 días
I’m so glad you are researching this incident. I should have know Britain was involved. Sounds a lot like Israel. They had to protest it’s people. Both side. My Aunt was living there when war broke out there. It was so beautiful then. It breaks my heart to see a church left like that. It’s a shame what has been done to this country. Anyway my Aunt stayed with us for a few years & returned to Greece to live. I lover her so much.✨Thank you for this.
Kaan Aslan
Kaan Aslan Hace 6 días
Bare in mind that those years led to the military intervention were more traumatising for Turkish Cypriots who faced existential threats due to mass killings conducted by EOKA. Despite of living in the island for 4 centuries and 10 generations, they were seen by ‘outsiders’ by Greek Cypriots and that was - together with ‘Enosis’ - one of the main motivation for massacres across the island. Turks in the mainland Turkey were afraid that Turkish Cypriots would face the same fate that Cretan Turks faced 50 years prior. Yes, thousands of people died from both sides, tens of thousands were displaced, both it was not only Greeks who struggled.
noname noname2
noname noname2 Hace 6 días
05:26 not a kind of a Country. A Country which is under embargo due to Greek side's stubborn attitude of we own it all saying since 47 years now. They themselves know that bu the Norhern Cyprus is not The cyprus before 1974 and they have no interest in any kind of solution. They still want it to be under embargos
RUSCA TV Hace 6 días
Eric Hace 6 días
Average turkey messing stuff up moment
THE GREAT SUS Hace 7 días
ssboi12 Hace 7 días
Brad Fowler
Brad Fowler Hace 7 días
Story is good as normal. Editing though was a bit horror film cut cut cut cut cut a bit difficult to watch for me. As always love the content / editorial you provide though.
f0ssig Hace 7 días
- bonfire conversation feels very off - "thinking about it for a decade". I do not believe you, repeating it makes it worse.
Valerie Matahari
Valerie Matahari Hace 7 días
Franco King
Franco King Hace 7 días
Excellent video [ notwithstanding ;-) ] Johnny: looking forward to the next three instalments, from Cyprus. #AdelanteEquipo
Franco King
Franco King Hace 7 días
> 'One Man's 'Akrotiri' [ vis-à-vis 'The Suez-Canal' is another Man's 'Bahía de Guantánamo' [ vis-à-vis 'The Panama Canal' ] , non..? #GoodForTheGoose
I’m happy that borde… uncharted is here!
Franco King
Franco King Hace 7 días
Referring to a people's faith as '...their Jesus religion' is the very kind of talk that breeds these conflicts, in the first place. Everything starts with respect for the other. Without that, what hope has humanity, to live peaceably together..?
Ericthegeneric Hace 7 días
😂😂😂😂😂 not gunna lie thank you for the turkey explanation I’ve always wondered why they’re called turkeys
Omar Mallah
Omar Mallah Hace 7 días
It gives Palestinian vibes
Daddying Hace 8 días
Turkey is guilty of genocide
Rich Franklin
Rich Franklin Hace 8 días
Johnny, you are a brilliant film maker. Educational, yet beautifully produced content.
Enlightened Patriot
Enlightened Patriot Hace 8 días
Bored, with nothing else to do now I no longer follow the MSM propaganda, I came across this video. It was very interesting to learn the historical facts behind this sad conflict which occurred in my youth. A little like Northern/Southern Ireland, I'm sorry for both sides. Although a Christian, I feel that 'religion' has much to answer for. Great job. Thanks.
Sweet Agony
Sweet Agony Hace 8 días
u aint even a real journalist.. what a waste of a video
Nobody Is Perfect
Nobody Is Perfect Hace 8 días
Religions are like whores you can come and go as you please, but British, my universe these guys are the real deal. where ever there's a conflict you sense there must be at least 1 British person is involved :D. plus they did it so well Turks and Greeks are still fighting to save their undies in the comment section in 2021
Max Hace 8 días
I appreciate how much work you and your team if you have one put in to making that dope intro must have taken days.
diako r
diako r Hace 8 días
The source of every conflict we have today are british
Alan Wünsch
Alan Wünsch Hace 9 días
Man, seriously. This video set another level of your videos, this is just not a documentary it’s art. Thanks for your work!
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran Hace 9 días
This was a great video, with really cool insight into the people in a conflict. Would be really great to do this for the Palestinians too. Thanks for sharing it!
auri Hace 9 días
suspiciously similar to Puerto Rican’s current ELA status
auri Hace 9 días
especially the 1959 agreement mentioned in the video
Joseph Dugan
Joseph Dugan Hace 9 días
Islam destroys everything it touches. They destroyed lebanon too. Beirut used to be the Pearl of the Mediterranean.
BigMuff75 Hace 9 días
This guy sounds always a bit breathless and like about starting to cry.
Fethker Hace 9 días
The dad was obnoxious. Yeah, we all completely understand how sad it’d make him feel to come back after 47 years. Did he not expect to be sad? Why the fuck did he agree to do the interview? Honestly wanted him to shut up and talk about the goddamn history. Jesus you infuriating old man
bio kido
bio kido Hace 9 días
Wow. You can feel the soy
DOUBLEYOUG732 Hace 9 días
This was the first time I hear about this and it’s super interesting some awesome content
razorwireclouds Hace 9 días
Ooor, you could just brew your own coffee at home like a regular human being instead of wasting money on frozen coffee and contributing to more packaging waste.
GAGOmeganon PH
GAGOmeganon PH Hace 9 días
So the british was a bully after all just like his cousin USA.
spots -
spots - Hace 9 días
homogenous > diverse country 🥺
spots -
spots - Hace 4 días
@Sim country that are ethnically homogenous are more peaceful like japan/korea but countries that are ethnically diverse have more conflicts
Sim Hace 6 días
Nicolas Leontiou
Nicolas Leontiou Hace 10 días
I am glad someone spent some time to see our history.
DMcG Hace 10 días
So why didnt the Turks make something of Famagusta, instead of letting it fall apart?
Chris Carlyon
Chris Carlyon Hace 10 días
It Looks Like the Famagusta Beach is Still being Used....I suspect probably by the Turks or the Military for thier own personal days of Basking in the Sun on those Not So Old Beach Lounges on the Sand.
Who Is Jon Harris?
Who Is Jon Harris? Hace 10 días
I just found this channel. Recognized Nathaniel and then really got into the video. Absolutely amazing. Now I might need to change my name.
Bruva Blake
Bruva Blake Hace 10 días
Orange jacket man is undefeated
Dèl-Mar Marè
Dèl-Mar Marè Hace 10 días
Wow, superbly narrated.
ThomasTheDankEngine Hace 11 días
im from here!
Fivos Georgiou
Fivos Georgiou Hace 11 días
I was born and currently live in cyprus and i am so happy someone talks about our way of life and historical events
Alexander Swed
Alexander Swed Hace 11 días
I so understand these people. What happened to my hometown in Eastern Ukraine is beyond what our brains can comprehend. Hence there's only sadness and anger.
George Economides
George Economides Hace 11 días
Enjoyed your documentary. I was deeply involved in the Cyprus conflict during the summer 🌅 of 1974 and have a vast knowledge of the island and it's place in history. We are both graduates of The American University (SIS.). Hope we can 🥫 connect something over coffee ☕. Thanks 👍for your piece of work. George
wwddswwss Hace 11 días
It is a nice video but there is a lot of things that you are missing. Government in Cyprus overthrown by a group of Enosis Radicals and they wanted to drive Turks out of the island and make it totally Greek. I thought you gonna mention about those stuff but you skipped it. If i wouldn't know the story and history behind it i would think like "oh Turks just trying to catch a moment to invade the island and they've done it. But it is not like that. I didn't watch the other video about Cyprus but i hope i will see some guests from other side as well.
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