Rhett and Link moments I think about constantly 

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yes some of these are basic but I can't help it if they're funny and iconic

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25 abr 2022






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kaz Hace un año
TIME STAMPS (some unknown so far, feel free to help) 0:01 = Testing The Orbeez SPA 0:44 = Gross Condiment Cookies Taste Test 1:51 = The Safest Way to Walk 2:27 = Introducing Pool Pants 3:42 = Weird Pickle Taste Test 3:50 = Can We Guess Which Candy Bars Were Combined? (GAME) 4:17 = Let's Play: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 4:24 = The Say Anything Challenge 5:03 = Playing Mad Gab Game 5:51 = Can We Find the Name Brand? (Game) [cheez-it cover] 6:19 = Pop Rocks Taste Test (All Flavors) 7:00 = Link's Best Dad Ever! Story 9:50 = 2000th Episode Celebration Special 10:21 = Extreme Ice Bath Challenge 10:32 = Weirdest Sounds on the Internet 11:47 = Backwards Talking (GAME) 11:57 = Smelling Bee Challenge 12:19 = What Are My Pants? (CHALLENGE) 12:32 = Duo or Don't-O ft. SMOSH 13:39 = Biggest Glob Of Toothpaste Ever 14:25 = Touch My Body Challenge 14:46 = World's Hottest Pepper Challenge: Carolina Reaper 15:03 = Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper Challenge 15:18 = Killer Food Taste Test 15:53 = How Long Do You Microwave This? (GAME) 16:50 = Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST) 16:58 = Car Air Fresher Challenge 17:10 = I Wear Women's Deodorant 17:19 = Leftover Valentine's Candy Food Hacks 17:28 = $163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD 17:32 = Are You Double-Jointed? (TEST) 17:49 = Pizza Dipping Taste Test 18:10 = ??? 18:17 = Introducing the Exercise Couch 18:25 = Mythical Beast Mating Calls 18:32 = Link Uses a Knife 18:40 = 6 Ways to Make Yourself Cry 19:24 = 5 Bras You Won't Believe Exist
Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu Hace 6 meses
I literally love you
kaz Hace 6 meses
@Spicy Tofu i love you too!!!!!
Chris B
Chris B Hace 6 meses
2000th episode shouldve been labeled “links dad 144p”
FruitManxSmolBean Hace 6 meses
doing gods work
Sara Ruth
Sara Ruth Hace 6 meses
The one you have @ 15:53, talking about the Stouffers lasagna is a GMMore called “How Long Do You Microwave This?” And it’s GMMore #1941
Kai Gudapati
Kai Gudapati Hace un año
Link’s inability to cut a sandwich and have a conversation never ceases to baffle me
Donut Please
Donut Please Hace un año
Mans probably can’t open a child’s lock
Donut Please
Donut Please Hace un año
But to be fair neither can I
ケイリーたん Hace un año
Keith Woodcrest
Keith Woodcrest Hace 6 meses
"This will be a breakthrough for you" lmao 🤣
Oshada Hace 6 meses
I’ve managed to convince myself that he’s doing it as a bit after the first time
Caitlin Sanderson
Caitlin Sanderson Hace un año
the 144p video of link’s dad gets me every time
gabiluch87 Hace un año
144p is generous
Graci Kejr
Graci Kejr Hace un año
jobowisheshewasnomo Hace un año
a singular p
Christopher :o
Christopher :o Hace un año
0.5 p
초승달 Hace 6 meses
yeah.. its a real gut buster. I have not laughed that hard at something so innocent in a while.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell Hace un año
I love how when Rhett wants Link to do something he says “I bet you can’t. Try.”
Cordelia Palmer
Cordelia Palmer Hace un año
He says “I bet you can.”
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell Hace un año
@Cordelia Palmer k
C Molloy
C Molloy Hace un año
@Thomas Campbell Ew lol your comment is wrong and you got a valid correction and you just k'd them and didn't change it?
pearl Hace un año
@C Molloy i dont mean to start a fight but they dont *have* to change it😶
C Molloy
C Molloy Hace un año
@pearl never said they did, but I think it's a bit strange to have a comment with so many impressions that you know is just straight up wrong. also I think it's rude to receive a valid correction and just say "k"
too- bright
too- bright Hace un año
enjoy my finger almond boy gets me every time and links face after he realizes what he said lmao
L Hace un año
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades Hace un año
When Link takes that MONSTER glob of toothpaste into his mouth, you can SEE the almost INSTANT regret in his eyes and its HILARIOUS
BB Hace un año
The “I panicked” is the best part
Brie Saunders
Brie Saunders Hace un año
The look on his face is just all "what the crap did i do?!?!" Like he really didnt even expect himself to do that...
Cinnacake / Espetuber
13:42 for anybody wondering
Shanland Hace un año
I revisit the owl story when I’m having a bad day & it has not failed yet to have me absolutely laughter sobbing
gabiluch87 Hace un año
The fact that he brought the puppies into it... Man, what a guy! Link's kids are ready for everything
BECCAx Hace un año
Mine is any time Link finds a sprite
Kai Johnson-Martinez
Mine is the “i know what you’ve done…. ITS YA FANGERS”
Shanland Hace un año
Additionally… YACHT CLUB gets me everytime too 😂😂
Greta Hace un año
This plus the story from a very recent ep of Link’s grandpa refusing to give CPR to a dying dude LMAO
Jerrod Messick
Jerrod Messick Hace un año
10:20 Link finding that Sprite is such a priceless moment
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Hace 13 días
I DIED laughing
hailey dixon
hailey dixon Hace un año
The way he says “yacht club” like he knows he’s about to get his shit rocked
Nex dubius
Nex dubius Hace un año
God, I love that clip
ケイリーたん Hace un año
omfg i love the way he says that,, too funny i die,,💀💀💀
chey cat
chey cat Hace un año
How calm Rhett is during the orby thing is always funny
ceebee Hace 3 meses
Link traumatizing his child with dead animal stories will never not be hilarious
Holly Hace un año
'what is wrong with you...? I mean I think its bad but what you just said is sacrilegious' the best line oh my word
Macie C
Macie C Hace un año
Link saying “beans!” so confidently at 11:59 gets me every time
bellaa Hace 5 meses
it's the "well yeah "
xx_shades_B) Hace un año
“en-ENJOY MY FINGER ALMOND BOY” made me almost piss myself
beedle the bard
beedle the bard Hace un año
the look of disgust in himself after he said what he did is just priceless.
TheComedyClownfish Hace un año
Something about the giddy, younger sibling energy Link has at 16:58 is so funny, like he’s bracing to get hit, but also being a shit at the same time
Emilie Johanne Ferre-Jensen
The booty-knot song is my fave, and also when Link spells BEANS so confidently.
BB Hace un año
lol yeah he’s like I forgot to count! 😂
Zoe Edwards
Zoe Edwards Hace un año
"I like your boots" will forever be one of my favourite gmm moments, it's just so ridiculous
KennedyStewart Hace 5 meses
i love how at the beginning of rhett’s “ambient massage song” he sits back and listens and then is so impressed with himself😭
Honk Hace 4 meses
“I know what you’ve done! it’s your fingers!” Gets me every time😭
TheGeekyandproud Hace un año
the gentle "why did you eat it" and "I panicked" cracks me up every single time 😂
Big Ce
Big Ce Hace un año
Lindsey Hace un año
I quote this one a lot 😂
Big Ce
Big Ce Hace un año
@Lindsey very much a classic 😆
PinkPixel Productions
beedle the bard
beedle the bard Hace un año
"did you 'OOO' in there? that loud, you 'OOOOO'"
gabiluch87 Hace un año
Snot Mike Up Puffed He was an instant classic, it'll never not be hilarious
J Thecoolcat
J Thecoolcat Hace un año
it'll never snot be hilarious. Also they have this shirt on amazon.
Emie Hace 5 meses
rhett's transition from cry to laugh at 19:14 is so funny
Kory MacLean
Kory MacLean Hace un año
This is seriously the most perfect GMM comp I’ve ever seen. Will be saving it and researching it forever
A B Hace 3 meses
dude try the “Rhett and Link suffering for 10 minutes straight” it makes me cry laughing every time
mrt285 Hace 5 meses
I've been crying for like 10 minutes at the phrase "Enjoy my finger, Almond boy."
Annie Jurkovich
Annie Jurkovich Hace un año
The anti mugging walk video has Shane Madej energy
gabiluch87 Hace un año
Daddy Long Legs Madej
Angel Hace un año
the tall boi effect 😂
Grae Star
Grae Star Hace un año
hey there muggers it's me ya boi
“muggers!” “deamons!”
gabiluch87 Hace un año
@Grae Star (wheeze)
bellanvi Hace 6 meses
Jenn Righter
Jenn Righter Hace un año
They’re great together, obviously. But Link-he’s hilarious. Link’s comedy style reminds me of Conan.
the laurchive
the laurchive Hace un año
this was such a good compilation!! a great mix of classics and underrated gems
delaneyw Hace 5 meses
This is such a great compilation! ✨ Love it lol, the "smells like a school boy" and the "hold me later if" are such underrated hilarious clips. 😂
Asha Williams
Asha Williams Hace 6 meses
These are the definition of CLASSIC. You made ana amazing compilation, keep it up!
Beline Dawska
Beline Dawska Hace un año
Damn Link was such a nerd a few years ago..I dunno what he is now, I mean, not cool. But, he is one of the unintentionally most funny people on ESvid
R J Hace un año
Still a nerd... but he's a beautiful nerd
Beline Dawska
Beline Dawska Hace un año
@R J what 😄
Annie Hace 3 meses
“i know wut chew done. iiiiits yer fingers” kills me every single time
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle Hace 4 meses
Why does link look so good in Sandy’s leather pants😂 he looks better than I would look if I tried that outfit
Ty Hace 3 meses
I laughed so hard and so loud at “enjoy my finger, almond boy” that I scared both my cats and they ran from the room 😂
Peyton Cooke
Peyton Cooke Hace un año
Grease looking a little different than I remember. Also “ If I were a woman I’d marry a man like me” is kinda a bop
Sean Cook
Sean Cook Hace 6 meses
"Go all the way down" is the perfect example of why you should watch every GMMore
JakeACake Hace un año
Some of these clips I've seen so many times that they don't affect me, but 'I LIKE YOUR BOOTS' kills me every single time
Revan Hace 3 meses
Watching these two grown men quibble like school boys will always be funny to me
Kayleigh Williams
Kayleigh Williams Hace un año
The anti-mugging walk was THE BEST episode
purpleglitterize Hace 5 meses
I love these two dorks so much. They’re the reason why I’m still around.
Brooke Elledge
Brooke Elledge Hace un año
I knew “I like your boots” was coming and it still threw me directly into tears
anjxo Hace un año
One of my fav quotes “I don’t even have a niece”
Ava Moore
Ava Moore Hace 2 meses
I watch this video so many times and I’m still not tired of it. Thank you for making this. I love it so much.
Buffalo Charlie
Buffalo Charlie Hace un año
good on chris for coming across "pool boots" and giving a fake name...safe choice
Fancy Necromancy
Fancy Necromancy Hace un año
Everytime I say "go all the way down" irl I immediately say it like this to myself. Also "it's real hawt"
Rajbir Singh
Rajbir Singh Hace un año
"Therefore, Goodnight" best quote ever
Sara Ruth
Sara Ruth Hace 5 meses
One of my favorite things to say after explaining almost anything lol
Servant of the King
Servant of the King Hace 4 meses
13:57 Ahahahaha!! That concerned *_mmrph_* is one of my favorite moments on the show.
Simone Maria
Simone Maria Hace un año
Sooo many golden moments! Great video!
Travis Hace un año
I forgot about Chris and pool boots lmaoooo
NameBrandon Hace un año
gabiluch87 Hace un año
What episode is that? I was dying laughing
Sara Ester
Sara Ester Hace un año
@gabiluch87 It's season 5 episode 118 - "Introducing Pool Pants"!
na.thalie.m Hace un año
its incredible that they pulled a random dude off the streets of LA and *they* were the weirder ones
April Hace un año
I think a lot of todays More would fit in here too well. Especially Link’s “Scoobys gay” moment and everything after 😂😂
Paige Who
Paige Who Hace un año
which episode was that one from?
poko Hace un año
@Paige Who recent good mythical more about fruit snacks
Meganomore Hace un año
“listen here little girl” 😂😂😂 i forgot about that and i’m glad that i remembered
m Hace 16 días
the pickle pants clip is possibly my favorite ever link moment. the confidence with which he says it and simultaneously how unsure he is. i love him
Valaya Hart
Valaya Hart Hace un año
Thank you for twenty minutes of laughter :') that was a good time
Jenna McGee
Jenna McGee Hace un año
This is a good video to show someone if you want to get them into GMM, like a starter pack lol. such classic moments, great video!!
Stormy Talks
Stormy Talks Hace 4 meses
Lord. Rhett being outside doing the anti-mugger walk and then it cuts to their pool inventions makes me realize that Los Angeles has got to be the weirdest place to live in.
TannorHighRoller Hace un año
*rhett to link* "What is wrong with you?, It was bad but.. what you just said what sacrilegious"... *link to rhett* "...I don't even have a niece" 6:08
Moi Hace 6 meses
06:03 the look on Rhett’s face as he looks at Link to see where the sentence was going…
The Hufflepuff Hermione
Link's smartest moment is the Meat Sauce moment.
Doink Hace 3 meses
5:50 that made me laugh so hard i couldnt breathe for a split second i started getting concerned
Allie Clement
Allie Clement Hace un año
Lmao thanks for putting this together. You’re the real MVP
L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe Hace un año
I laugh in anticipation of the “but I will come up big” so freaking funny
semi screen
semi screen Hace un año
Thank you for putting this together! I really needed a laugh today
Eva Alycin
Eva Alycin Hace un año
the baby owl documentary story gets me EVERY TIME BDFGLDAHDLSAJKDHFKJGDF
Shawna Basallo
Shawna Basallo Hace un año
Every time I think I’m over the owl documentary clip I rewatch it in a compilation and I DIE all over again
Ruben Nuñez
Ruben Nuñez Hace un año
I love how they make fun of each other
Rainne Ixer
Rainne Ixer Hace 5 meses
the first two clips are my absolute fave. made me actually cry with laughter the first time i heard Links “OOO” about the orbeez 😂
Fancy Necromancy
Fancy Necromancy Hace un año
5:59 Convo is SERIOUSLY crazy & one reason I would absolutely love to hang with these guys.
Lea Patricia
Lea Patricia Hace 4 meses
this is the best complication of Rhett and Link moments I've ever watched
John Clements
John Clements Hace un mes
Why I think they’ll never split up: I’m relatively certain Link couldn’t function in the real world without a keeper
Pig Hace 5 meses
6:10 this is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard 😂😂😂
?Vix¿ Hace 3 meses
"Enjoy my finger almond boy" never gets old💀💀
Destiny Johnson
Destiny Johnson Hace 2 meses
the cut to links dad will forever have me wheezing
Rachel L
Rachel L Hace 17 días
I love that Stevie still references "all the way down" 😂
Tired of it
Tired of it Hace 3 meses
Link is truly unhinged. They remind me of me and my best friend I have known all my life. She is Rhett I am Link! Poor Ronda!
Jazmin Cook
Jazmin Cook Hace 4 meses
Drinking with these guys would be a blast
GhostlyTavern Hace 5 meses
I love these two so much they are so funny
Mahalah Hace 6 meses
This was such a good compilation 😂😂
Holly S
Holly S Hace 4 meses
The panic on links face after he eats the toothpaste
Sydney Hace 6 meses
LINK DRESSED AS SANDY made me almost pee myself I wasn’t ready
Ash Hace 20 días
This made me snort so loudly in the gym lmao
GoodGamingGirl_ Hace 2 meses
It’s still so funny that they got a random person off the street and subjected him into their shenanigans
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley Hace 2 meses
9:51 I can’t remember the last time I cackled as hysterically as when I saw this clip. The quality is SO BAD 😭😭😭
Mitchell Burton
Mitchell Burton Hace 3 meses
The best quote is "do vegetables have fruits??"-Link
C Mina
C Mina Hace un año
Omg them performing You’re The One That I Want was golden 😭
tree sap
tree sap Hace 5 meses
the orbeez crisis will forever be iconic.
Michele Hace un año
Thanks for all the laughs. That was hysterical.
Jaymee Stahl
Jaymee Stahl Hace 5 meses
13:40 is the funniest thing I’ve ever watched 😂😂😂😂😂
rogonzalez Hace un año
links reaction to the orbee in his ear was so valid
Aztique Hace 5 meses
Please link had me crying on 17:00 ❤️💀
Van Hunk
Van Hunk Hace 3 meses
I’m 30 seconds in and I’m cry laughing already
spiceandmice Hace un año
18:18 they're demonstrating why it's considered safer to NOT have seatbelts on schoolbuses
Lillian J
Lillian J Hace un año
Link's dad is my favourite cryptid
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams Hace 4 meses
This is one of the best gmm compilations ever I always come back to it
meow Hace 3 meses
idk why “go all the way down” makes me laugh so hard
spiffingWay Hace un año
I laughed so hard at the toothpaste bit that it felt like i just finished an ab workout The spit at the end oh my GOD
Adakechi Hace 2 meses
96% of these are Link doing something absurd and Rhett having to wrangle him like a fucking wild pig
Elizabeth Dean
Elizabeth Dean Hace 6 meses
"No one is gonna mug this." What, the deranged walk or the 6'7" tall GIANT
Ali Sue
Ali Sue Hace un año
Omg. The grease scene. I'm dying 🤣
C Molloy
C Molloy Hace un año