Rhett McLaughlin CCEE Spring 2023 Commencement Speech 

Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
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14 may 2023






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Hamza Nasim
Hamza Nasim Hace 4 meses
I’ve been watching these Rhett and link since high school and they have have single handle thought me probably the biggest lesson I’ll ever learn in life. You can be successful and be yourself in the same life.
Fizzpop Hace 3 meses
couldn’t have said it better myself
Rik Reichert
Rik Reichert Hace 3 meses
Sometimes we take mythical for granted as it's just like a daily vitamin I try to take every day. Rhett and Link are way more than just two best friends who do crazy shit online. They are dad's, they are husbands, they are musicians, they are comedians and they are creatives. When you get to see the real life Rhett or Link it's way more genuine and honest than the characters they play on gmm. Knowledge is power and life is a garden, dig!?!
Blake Bolton
Blake Bolton Hace 4 meses
when you watch so much rhett and link content that you get recommended videos with 150 views
jo Hace 4 meses
real 😭
Fancy Necromancy
Fancy Necromancy Hace 4 meses
We're here with ya. Be in the parking lot having a pickle later.
Jaime Hace 4 meses
Yeahhh!!! Good Mythical Morning everywhere, Rhett and Link great example of earning a degree is a great foundation for any professional path development.
solobro420 Hace 4 meses
Same , I was like oh Hey rhett 😆
Matthew Hebbert
Matthew Hebbert Hace 3 meses
@Fancy Necromancy Parking lot pickle!
This is going to sound like the strangest thing, but: My Grandpa was basically a slightly shorter (6'5") gray haired Rhett in appearance and attitude. It's been three years to the day since my dear Grandpa died, such was the likeness of Rhett to my Grandpa that I couldn't watch GMM for the next year, despite having been a Mythical Beast since 2015. Got back into it, but still. This feels like something my Grandpa would've said if he were born in more recent times. How he'd have made everyone laugh. For a split second it felt like my Grandpa was back. I'll never truly see my Grandpa again, none of my massive family ever will. But he was there in Rhett's speech. I'm thankful for that as I endure another difficult year.
tristian Hace 3 meses
a virtual hug from one mythical beast to another 🫂🤗❤
Soleniday Hace 3 meses
Thank you for sharing your story
donutto Hace 3 meses
Grandpa loves you, and you are loved!
Derp Herpula
Derp Herpula Hace 4 meses
WTF!! I just graduated from NC State last year, I could've heard Rhett's speech if I failed a couple classes and graduated this year instead
John Doe
John Doe Hace 3 meses
Well you technically still heard it and saved yourself a lot of money 😂
Derp Herpula
Derp Herpula Hace 3 meses
@John Doe haha, yeah true, it would've been cool to see it live though and possibly meet Rhett
Skylar Caldwell
Skylar Caldwell Hace 3 meses
You shoulda enjoyed the journey a little more and been disappointed with your grades and you coulda heard Rhett in person :p
Kat Kuk
Kat Kuk Hace 4 meses
Love this speech :) Would loved to have heard it for my own graduation!
Justin Green
Justin Green Hace 3 meses
His humor works because he says things like "My wife is probably watching this, she LOOKS GREAT IN THE MORNING." Anyone who has had a relationship whether your a couple of teenagers or a old married couple you understand that need to always love on and bolster up your partner. (And to avoid their wrath, of course) 😅 We are all human and that's what Rhetts humor does (and the other guy too)❤❤❤
Nela Teulón
Nela Teulón Hace 3 meses
The other guy HAHAHAHAHAH poor linky poo
chillary puff
chillary puff Hace 2 meses
This was SUCH a great speech
My Pandabear
My Pandabear Hace 4 meses
High Graduation Speeches: "Go out there and make your dreams come true! You have such a large world ahead of you all so go out there and achieve greatness!" College Graduation Speeches(aka Rhett): "We dont have any idea what we are doing, we are making it up as we go, we appear like we got it together, dont trust us" LOL
Kellie Lienne
Kellie Lienne Hace 3 meses
And also: You're going to be disappointed
Chrismofer Hace 3 meses
A lot of people first heard of Rhett and Link from "Good Mythical morning", but before that they had a prototype of that show called "Good Morning Chia Lincoln" and before that they did have lots of great videos including music videos. they compiled their early songs into an album called "up to this point".
Zecm Hace 3 meses
The way he delivers this is very preachery it’s quite comical. I like how he and link remained themselves for these talks.
Levi Warkentin
Levi Warkentin Hace 3 meses
This gives strong youth pastor speech vibes
stellarrig Hace 3 meses
he and link used to be missionaries im pretty sure
Tina Rieck
Tina Rieck Hace 3 meses
“He and link also run a mediocre company” 😂😂😂😂
oh hi mark
oh hi mark Hace 3 meses
Myth Box
Myth Box Hace 2 meses
She never said "mediocre" 😅 She just kinda stuttered when she said "media"
Wyatt Hamill
Wyatt Hamill Hace 3 meses
They really ran out of graduation caps and gave that man a hard hat
Christian Hace 3 meses
Tough crowd, bro is hilarious.
Samuel Blake
Samuel Blake Hace 3 meses
I think the crowd just sounds quiet bc they have no mic
KonaGaming Hace 3 meses
@Samuel Blake that’s not how that works bud
ZetikaGaming Hace 3 meses
@KonaGaming thats exactly how that works. all the audio is coming from the microphone, which isnt picking up the students because they aren't the ones speaking into it
Dom Hace 3 meses
@ZetikaGaming i hate when people fucking talk bro lol. like how else are we hearing the audience
zgamer100 Hace 3 meses
​@KonaGamingliterally is. Proof? I was there.
GreenBean Hace 3 meses
Makes me want to get an engineering degree too :')
Emily K
Emily K Hace 4 meses
I wonder how nervous Rhett was making this speech vs talking on gmm.
Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
You can hear Rhett and Link's reflections on their speeches in the new Ear Biscuits episode! open.spotify.com/episode/6acrffuEspvuIVvSX1E2d9
Ethyn Russell
Ethyn Russell Hace 3 meses
​@Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering oooo, I didn't even see this one, thank you!
Heather S.
Heather S. Hace 4 meses
Great speech!
AnibalTV Hace 3 meses
Didn’t know he was a civil engineer like me, now I like him even more
Stormy Hace 3 meses
I see Rhett I click
MarblePeaches Hace 3 meses
Period 🫡
Mr_H Hace 2 meses
I did not go to college, but I do occasionally watch rhett and link so I'm here. He posed an interesting question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? For me, probably dead not gonna lie. The world is falling apart around us at a rapid rate and I'm not sure there's any fixing it without some seriously major casualties across the board. But, assuming I don't die, and everything goes well, I'll have written and published a book, and I'll be working a steady job, likely in retail because.... Well I didn't go to college so. XD I may or may not be with my parents I haven't a clue. The truth is my life isn't all that interesting and probably never will be. In fact it's been pretty depressing for a good amount of time now, entirely my fault but I can't exactly fix that now. Not all of us can be as interesting and entertaining as Rhett and link. I am not one of those people who can be. Which does bother me, because I always want to do more, but never seem to know how or where to begin. I'm uncertain I have a calling, something specific to do in this life, but I do know that I'm not that bad at writing, not that good either but not bad. And not bad is a step in the right direction, I hope. I'm never very sure of much of anything I do. Anyway that's my 12 AM thoughts for ya. Lol Enjoy the chaos that is my mind. :P
Toastykins Hace 2 meses
I believe in you. You can do it.
Jake Kunz
Jake Kunz Hace 3 meses
Bros speech rhythm was immaculate. Jokes flying outta nowhere tho.
Katelyn B
Katelyn B Hace 4 meses
When you watch so much Rhett and Link that this gets recommended to you 😅😂
Edvard Egilsson
Edvard Egilsson Hace 3 meses
Love it :)
Utonian Hace 3 meses
I hope that the people in the room for this speech come back to this video in 10 years
Salommy Hace 3 meses
I so wished he would’ve sang the Graduation Song.
MeepsNcheese Hace 4 meses
Oh awesome! I hope they do an update on this for the podcast
Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
They did on today's episode! open.spotify.com/episode/6acrffuEspvuIVvSX1E2d9
MeepsNcheese Hace 4 meses
@Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering Thats awesome! Thanks for the update :D
John A
John A Hace 4 meses
“Welcome home Rhett!”… and Link walks out…
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Hace 4 meses
Lol what a great example of someone using their engineering degree
Jake Caspi
Jake Caspi Hace 4 meses
Pretty good speech
Tartuffe, the Spry
Tartuffe, the Spry Hace 3 meses
Rhett is clearly highly intelligent.
Sarah Sarah Bo Barrah
WOW. Cheers, Rhett.
Hunter Saunders
Hunter Saunders Hace 3 meses
Thanks Rhett that was great
Mike Knipp
Mike Knipp Hace 4 meses
Rhett’s speech was MUCH better than Link’s. Nice job, Rhett.
seeingyouaround Hace 3 meses
they were both good in their own ways
Sirius Black
Sirius Black Hace 3 meses
The awkwardness is too much, I died laughing at that alone
🆃aNN¡-Ⓖ Hace 4 meses
His talk was from the place of a guy who had already made it in this world from a successful 'youtuber' standpoint with his own celebrity status and his rise to fame being one half of a entertainment performing duo. His aura was that of a man who got the attention of the whole graduation ceremony when he took the mic from the holding position it was placed in and let his voice carry around the room on and off the stage. Kind of got the feeling too he would rather not be up on the podium and his remarks at the end were quite at odds of the high praise that students would expect to hear as in graduation cermonies such as this it usually centres on achievement and opportunities that arise when you worked up on your degree and hoped it would amount to a bigger cause afterwards. Think he went off on a different tangent at that point.
Maxi Hace 4 meses
the way he holds the mic and has been in the entertainment industry for so long baffles me and makes me wonder….
llamacado Hace 3 meses
Wym? What's wrong with it? If you feel he should have left it attached to the podium, it's because he's too tall and it would make it difficult to talk
Maxi Hace 3 meses
@llamacado it‘s sooo far away from his mouth, usually you almost touch it with your lips
Jonathan Dean
Jonathan Dean Hace 3 meses
He’s using proper technique for live speaking, less boom and less plosives.
Jonathan Dean
Jonathan Dean Hace 3 meses
You don’t want the mic right next to your mouth.
BM PK Hace 3 meses
lmao what is wrong with you, not only specifically the type of microphone they're using, as well as in the setting he is, that's literally the way you're supposed to hold the microphone he was actually extremely consistent with it too, so everything you said is from a place of literally nothing, trying to use it to make a weird statement... Not even subtle.
Kyle B
Kyle B Hace 4 meses
This could be a TED talk
DoomSiren Hace 4 meses
She almost said mediocre pod cast 😂😂
Happylyfee Hace 3 meses
I loved that
xCrossu3u Hace 3 meses
Why does nobody laugh 😭 do people lose a sense of humor when they go to college?!
ConvexSpys 8335
ConvexSpys 8335 Hace 3 meses
Geez Rhett is smart. Magna Cum Laude.
Gaige Hace 3 meses
Joseph Hardina
Joseph Hardina Hace 4 meses
How does this have no views??
Nola McCafferty
Nola McCafferty Hace 4 meses
yeah lol just got it recommended
donutto Hace 3 meses
Let me do some hand signs to summon the mythical beasts
KaterinaTalantliva Hace 3 meses
why was it so quiet?
RexStrife Hace 3 meses
wow magna cumlaude
Kathryn Lund
Kathryn Lund Hace 3 meses
Tough crowd
Kellie Lienne
Kellie Lienne Hace 3 meses
Nah, it's just that the microphone is very insensitive, it hardly even picks up the speaker if he is more than 2 feet away.
Zarah Bedford
Zarah Bedford Hace 3 meses
Yo this is the guy who danced with nct dream
Melanie Lampa
Melanie Lampa Hace 3 meses
he lowkey ate 😩
SirBosty Gaming
SirBosty Gaming Hace 4 meses
girl back left didn't want to play rhett's game lol
Grymgar Hace 4 meses
I feel like she was the valedictorian I also thought I saw her roll her eyes when he started and said that "adults don't know what they are doing" she is like "I AM AN ADULT AND KNOW WHAT I AM DOING" with her face. Its okay in 5 years or so she will start to get it.
Sean Springmeyer
Sean Springmeyer Hace 3 meses
She kept eyeing him up and down like real hard
Kit Rodriguez
Kit Rodriguez Hace 3 meses
Audio kinda low. That mic could be engineered better.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Hace 4 meses
Here before it blows up
Charlie Chinchilla
Charlie Chinchilla Hace 3 meses
who let rhett dress himaelf.
Tim Hace 3 meses
Huge bummer speech 😂
Holistic Jessa
Holistic Jessa Hace 3 meses
How did he get to talk to these poor kids… he sounds off his rocker
Badach Hace 3 meses
Cole Ruston
Cole Ruston Hace 3 meses
Quite a bad speech actually. Love them both, but this was all over the place and lacked direction/ purpose
Andrew Estrem
Andrew Estrem Hace 4 meses
DzekoVelez Hace 4 meses
rhett out here terrifying them instead of inspiring lmfao this speech was pretty bad
Alexis Spicer
Alexis Spicer Hace 4 meses
Yeah how dare he be realistic about the world. He should lie to them and tell them everything is gonna be great like everyone else
DzekoVelez Hace 4 meses
@Alexis Spicer i mean...it's what you're supposed to do at a commencement. you don't tell people at their GRADUATION that they just wasted 4 years of their life getting an engineering degree because it's going to be useless in a couple years due to AI. Stop sucking up to rhett, it was a horrible speech for the occasion.
Alexis Spicer
Alexis Spicer Hace 4 meses
@DzekoVelez literally isn't what he did. It's very clear you have very poor comprehension. He said that AI is a wild card, but that we'll always need human engineers. His point was to illustrate that even though everything might not go as planned, you can still be happy and successful and use your degree in so many different ways (like he did). You'd rather him say "Wow, you got a degree! Now everything is always gonna be great forever, and your life is perfect, and no complications will come up!". You're literally just mad because he didn't do what 95% of commencement speakers do and phone it in.
Just Cameron
Just Cameron Hace 3 meses
@Alexis Spicer You can't lie though, it was a mostly pessimistic speech. I'm sure anyone there with doubts of their future only had their doubts increased but hey, who knows.
KiDD ViDD Hace 2 meses
A speech about why not to be an engineer. By someone who chose not to be one. Lol