Ribeye / New York Strip / Chuck Beef On The Cowboy Wok & Grilled Onions | Discada

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We went to Mexico, and we decided to take my beloved cowboy wok to do a discada. We took some ribeye's we had in the fridge, as well as some new york strip and chuck. I will admit, using wood fire for the heat source is something I need more time getting the handle of, but it was a fun experience since it felt as if we were more out in nature than back home. Enjoy!

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27 feb 2018






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EDCOP66 Hace 5 meses
You just taught me so much about cooking with my disco cooker! I’ve never cooked on an open fire with it. It came with a short ring with legs to crib up over a small fire. I just never thought about building a small fire like that in a pit. Thank you so much for the great ideas keep up the work with the videos! You do a good job you should use your voice more. 👍 The first video that I watched of yours was cooking in a disk and you talked more often. Don’t be shy you’re a great cook!!!
PAPA Texas
PAPA Texas Hace 6 meses
Good job!
ColtDeltaElite10mm Hace 6 meses
New York steak is awesome, but chuck steak sucks. Use a better quality cut of beef next time and you'll enjoy your discada even more.
Strong's Adventures
Strong's Adventures Hace 8 meses
I bet it was fun cooking on an open fire with the Disco for the first time. I might have to give this a shot at some point. Thanks for sharing.
PAPA Texas
PAPA Texas Hace 6 meses
What's up buddy Billy!
nmelkhunter1 Hace un año
Good looking groceries. I bet the steaks were muy sabroso!
Kiestpark Dallas
Kiestpark Dallas Hace un año
Make more disco videos 👍🏼
cillaloves2fish Hace un año
I like ur diisco... Just noticed the legs fold down, that's awesome. I was gifted one too, looks pretty much like urs but no legs and my handles are made with horseshoes! Ur very lucky to have grandma's homemade tortillas! What part of the desert do u live in? I'm also in the desert... I'm a city dweller in Phx AZ area. Love heading to the mountains, nice to get away from the heat sometimes.
YEB MAGANA Hace un año
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