Rick & Morty Season 4 FIRST LOOK Breakdown! Rick All Alone? Theory & Speculation

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Rick and Morty has given us a FIRST LOOK at the long awaited fourth season ahead of Friday's anticipated Comic Con 2019 trailer! Why is Rick Sanchez adventuring alone, notably without Morty Sanchez, Beth, Summer and Jerry? What is the connection to the episode Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender? Why isn't this season here yet?! We're here to give you some answers to those questions!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Shane Verkest
Hosted by: Shane Verkest
Edited by: Shane Verkest
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

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16 jul 2019

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InCrI Aust
InCrI Aust Hace 2 días
Hulagan 808
Hulagan 808 Hace 3 días
So am I the only one that noticed the big ass knife with the weird green light on the blade, sticking out of the robots head ?
Raymond Clifford
Raymond Clifford Hace 26 días
Osmosis contact high from the “friendly” membraneous yellow plant growth? Yin/Yang balanced screenshots? That’s encouraging.
Raymond Clifford
Raymond Clifford Hace 26 días
Ethan Lilley
Ethan Lilley Hace 26 días
The vindicator cyborg is an alligator and the ones in the picture are crocodiles, so maybe there're his arch nemesises or something like that and when the vindicator cyborg died there was nobody to keep them in check so rick does it when it starts to inconvenience him
Xavier Lee
Xavier Lee Hace un mes
The small robot is morty
SL33PYMYST3RY ? Hace un mes
You know i don't think that Rick from the destroyed world is the true/main Rick as though he isn't smart enough to realise the wrongs of his solution
#444 racing #444
#444 racing #444 Hace un mes
He's stoned still looking for that sauce lol
TimTime10 Hace un mes
I don't know about Rick going on a solo adventure. He uses Morty as a cloak to hide from enimies and the only times he doesn't is when he is either accompanied by friends like Unity (he sen't Morty and summer home) or when he is going somewhere extremly safe (That place where he took Jerry). Sure the Intergalactic federation is gone but those aren't his only enimies.
Doctor Odin
Doctor Odin Hace un mes
It might have something to do with Robo birdperson
Anubha Joshi
Anubha Joshi Hace un mes
Its that one star wars memory from the 21st century!
Ty Davis
Ty Davis Hace un mes
Maybe rick is looking for Beth, the real one.
Tay Gaming
Tay Gaming Hace un mes
Pause at 0:54 da reason he looks happy cus he is inevitable
C G Hace un mes
Dude... in the first photo Rick is dead (or dying). Think Gladiator with Russel Crow...
User 3-12
User 3-12 Hace un mes
This is 2019, where leaving is considered an act of aggression. 3:19
obrecht72 Hace un mes
Let's get one thing clear. Rick doesn't get in over his head.
Joel Swilley
Joel Swilley Hace un mes
If you look all the way to the right or left you will no longer see the video.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Hace un mes
Omg. He was captured due to turning himself in. I bet it’s a dream sequence
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hace un mes
This fall is either gunna be severely disappointing or amazing. COD looks to make a comeback or at least bring in nostalgia, Rick and Morty is back, Raid may or may not happen in Area 51 then you mix it in with football, hockey and October baseball. Can't wait man can't wait
seththeman4 Hace un mes
The Fudge? Gator bot is not the only vindicator. he is just a member. the alligator aliens are prob a thing on their own
Drace90 Hace un mes
That first photo gives me No Man's Sky vibes.
Pegasi Love
Pegasi Love Hace un mes
Maybe there screenshots from the Random clips from the new season intro.
I Think Rick Did Left The Family And Went To That Planet But He Got Bored Being Alone And Built Himself That Robot And Then He Went To Another Planet But Was Ambushed By The Alligator Things Because Morty’s “Dumb Waves” Or Whatever Wasn’t Hiding Rick’s “Smart Waves”
Manny Guendulay
Manny Guendulay Hace un mes
Flora, not fauna.
Eternally Suffering
Lizard people are REAL
Protato tv
Protato tv Hace un mes
That first pic is definitely an endgame reference
Ramsy Wa
Ramsy Wa Hace un mes
backlasher99 Hace un mes
Rick killed the robot. See the knife?
kremindarkscream Hace un mes
It is a group of Dinosaurs not Alligators.
Josh waldron
Josh waldron Hace un mes
I think rick has no pants on and those plants are somehow pleasuring him
Michael Lastre
Michael Lastre Hace un mes
Can you please give the definitive date that you said they gave? Because last I heard it was just November 2019....
WAMBHSE Hace un mes
The second picture is probably the race of crocubot coming to get revenge for Rick killing crocubot.
Ege Temizkan
Ege Temizkan Hace un mes
First photo, I think Rick is goine somewhere where he knows he will die. As he accepts this fact he decides to leave everyone behind to go solo because thats the right thing to do. The relieved smile and actionlessness aligns with this since Rick is not dumb enough to fight a fight witch he cannot possibly win and/or witch could hurt other members of the family. So I guess this is one of the climatic episodes (maybe the last episode or second from last idk) in which we will think Rick had actually died, voluntarily, to save the others, with an icredibly selfless manner.
liu kang
liu kang Hace un mes
Rick and Morty about to take over the rest of 2019... I needed this
Vegan Who Eats Meat
*Rick Season 4*
Curious Fiend
Curious Fiend Hace un mes
That robot lying on the floor has a knife in its face. Lol
Tim Orrall
Tim Orrall Hace un mes
Please follow my boi Kingstriker69 instragram rapchat redhooder snapchat torall8
Tim Orrall
Tim Orrall Hace un mes
I hope
Micheal Chaput
Micheal Chaput Hace un mes
Pickle rick bitches
James Bond
James Bond Hace un mes
Yea you said it he probably left for that reason to be alone or just wants to think things through and wanted some space no Jerry 😑😒😔 just Rixlaxation
Micheal Chaput
Micheal Chaput Hace un mes
Listen guys stop analyzing the creators will change everything And I don’t want to wait another year for the Appisodes to start sheesh guys
Captain Cringe
Captain Cringe Hace un mes
Rick might be alone, because that is c137 Rick after he left.
John You Cant See Na
man... I just know Mr Poopy Butthole is going to say something depression at the end of the season, that makes us all feel bad for wasting out time doing stupid shit.
Respawn517 Hace un mes
That robot looks like a rock and Morty version of clank from racket and clank. The show has done references often so maybe it's a"racket and clank" meme
GAMER ADAM 99 Hace un mes
hey guys i just wanna say when rick got detoxed rick was a little more white in human form and when he and detoxed rick recombined together rick's human form got darker just a bit also detoxed white human rick was also very happy and not suicidal by that i mean he was in his flying car and had hit seat belt on normally he doesn't so rick in the first photo has to be something like that but also the creator of the show said that rick and morty learn a lesson or something close to that but also my idea for the episodes is that rick wanted to go to a peaceful world so he made a vr headset that basically gave him a new life to see how he was on his own
Steven Campagna
Steven Campagna Hace un mes
Knife in robots face...
Halloe 618
Halloe 618 Hace un mes
I wanna see more about birdperson. (Phoenix person)
Halloe 618
Halloe 618 Hace un mes
Rick is over 80 years old. He's been on countless adventures alone.
Dragonmaster 226
Dragonmaster 226 Hace un mes
Who else got a "300" vibe from that one picture
Kayden Kallu
Kayden Kallu Hace un mes
Looking for the real beth?
De Reimer
De Reimer Hace un mes
I was kinda worried when he started talking about the rock
ROFL Hace un mes
This is like the biggest waste of time creating, or for anyone watching.
ralph bellamy
ralph bellamy Hace un mes
Did anybody else notice the knife sticking out of the robot's face? I don't have any theories about it, but I feel like there's something there.
Eric Hagen
Eric Hagen Hace un mes
The dead robot has a knife in his face
digunder14 Hace un mes
to be fair, just says they are from season 4, not nessissarly from the first episode, they could be from any point in any of the episodes from the season
digunder14 Hace un mes
the vindicator you are reffering to constantly is named "Crockubot"
seth smith
seth smith Hace un mes
Is it a photo ? I think its an animation still.
BlamCO HD Hace un mes
My theory is that the robot on the second picture could be the remains of Crocubot and that the other robot cyborg alligators are cornering Rick because they realized he was responsible for Crocubot's death.
Ricardo Baeta
Ricardo Baeta Hace un mes
I wonder, that Rose's Rick walks to, could it spell something out ?
WolfeSmash Hace un mes
Maybe it has something to do with a snap but not a snap maybe a clap or something. Everybody dies
Leilani Baur
Leilani Baur Hace un mes
I think the field one looks like rick died and is at peace but then turns out it’s just some alien thing
Drago Munster
Drago Munster Hace un mes
Or it could be another universe? Maybe its evil mortys rick? The more u knw 😂😂😂
Too Zooted
Too Zooted Hace un mes
Why don't you look at the new pops that came out!
That Rasist fuck down the street
This seems like an episode where he gets pissed at the family leaves on vacation and then goes back can’t find the family and he has to look for clues
ENG. Thulfekar Kareem
Bitch first photo is clearly a parody of the movie "gladiator"
Joja Moon
Joja Moon Hace un mes
He's hallucinating, he's going towards his wife.
Reply to this comment with something weird 😂 now I wait
Carlos Marquez
Carlos Marquez Hace un mes
Maybe the 1st photo is Rick being lured through hypnotic music
Monty Manning morton
Rusovac Mladji
Rusovac Mladji Hace un mes
What if Rick and Morthy are going to area 51?!
Badwick Productions
Who do you think stabbed the robot in the head with the knife rick or the reptilian people? The knife's direction is facing towards the reptilian people?
Exhilirous Hace un mes
Man ricks family was held ransom in a specific dimension after he runs away but can only save them in that specific dimension. Or his family is permanently killed and I can see how the Rick type government gets involved. As they need to build more idea on them.
Don't read this creators but I guess Morty gets taken by evil Morty.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Hace un mes
They need to have a better redeeming episode for beth, otherwise she’s still not my favorite
Dog With Shades
Dog With Shades Hace un mes
He'll most likely be alone for the first episode or so, they've mislead us with every season
hittles 06
hittles 06 Hace un mes
Portle gun it's broken
Thejericko17 Hace un mes
The Vindicators were an organization. "Crocubot" was the name of the robot allegator/crocodile guy. These aliens seem to be following the same mold.
Chad J
Chad J Hace un mes
That’s some wild speculation !
jahrta Hace un mes
My first time watching your content and I legit thought you were trying to do Morty's voice during the first minute
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