Rick Ross Unpacks Stories From His Book, Talks Nicki Minaj, Port Of Miami 2 + More

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Rick Ross drops by to tell us all we need to know about his latest album, Port of Miami 2. The rapper also reacts to Nicki Minaj calling him out on the Joe Budden podcast.
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Rick Ross Unpacks Stories From His Book, Port Of Miami 2 More
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15 ago 2019






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DJ Phanatic Beats
DJ Phanatic Beats Hace 17 horas
Dope interview, Ross is always making these power moves🙏🏾💪🏾 He got some of my beats🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace un día
Rick Ross Is A Real Boss 😎💪💯
Dex Dexter
Dex Dexter Hace un día
CVK beats
CVK beats Hace 2 días
The intellect is too much
Willona Mcneill
Willona Mcneill Hace 2 días
I like him now
Cruz Dc
Cruz Dc Hace 2 días
Pig ass nigga 12 ass nigga u still a pig officer Ricky
Skhumbuzo Gcaba
Skhumbuzo Gcaba Hace 2 días
He a smart dude
weekend itch Al and Teresa
A lot of people don't like Ross I didn't either in the beginning but you got there admire this man skills when it comes to the money he got a plan and it's working for him a much love bro do you thang 💯
mandarkeyed Hace 6 días
Im not american .always wondered why dont they interview white people
Boss 🔥
Yoro Sanley
Yoro Sanley Hace 7 días
How come they never ask him about 50 Cent?
Tiffany B.
Tiffany B. Hace 12 días
Someone needs to come through and throw those dolls AWAY away!! I love the interview but I had to listen to it twice without watching the video, so I wouldn’t be distracted 😂.
Hill Life
Hill Life Hace 16 días
It’s not what he’s talking about in his music is what he is not talking about it what’s making him successful and rich meeting illuminati $ ! 🤦‍♂️😢
Jess Mcc
Jess Mcc Hace 19 días
Fake ass niggah
Wavy Rothstein
Wavy Rothstein Hace 20 días
This nigga so fake
Anthony Bradford
Anthony Bradford Hace 29 días
Anthony Bradford @ bandcamp.com Soundcloud.com Audiomack.com Spend some money Trump
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen Hace un mes
what made a boss is what i dont say wtf? clown
romaleshawn Hace un mes
Looking like Larry Holmes all flabby and sick. One right jab from 50 he's done
Natasha Carr
Natasha Carr Hace un mes
Just wanna say algebra is useful ,just our mind didnt let us see it deeper .. he said x=a .. anything is in the place of x and a .you know your ultimate goal ,but dont have all the answers now
Eric Knox
Eric Knox Hace un mes
10:25 mark he addresses T.I. beef...
the wiz
the wiz Hace un mes
Fake it till you make it smh
Kenny Mentzer
Kenny Mentzer Hace un mes
Y'all know hes a cop right? It's all fake come on black people
Legend of Nibbaheem
el taierrible
el taierrible Hace un mes
Cant take him seriously when he ex C.O
Patrick Richard
Patrick Richard Hace un mes
My big man
younes show Younes
younes show Younes Hace un mes
Talkin abt money getin money from there from there from here u are just fuckin poor black dudde comparing to real bosses lik mark bill and goldman ...
Daryl Seldon
Daryl Seldon Hace un mes
He's talking a bit too much about money laundering probably.
Paul Oneal
Paul Oneal Hace un mes
Big Movie coming Soon
Ntethelelo Syabonga
“My joke are funny and my raps are even better” - Ross is the king
SuperMangrove Hace un mes
Officer rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
westside_trybe 313
westside_trybe 313 Hace un mes
James M
James M Hace un mes
Somethings fishy with this guy and his story. A book is for details, not to read between the lines.
Big_0_817 Hace un mes
He acting like he's hard lol I'll slap that dude. 🤣🤣😂
Jason Borotra
Jason Borotra Hace un mes
It's kind of hard to take this guy seriously since he basically stole his name from a real life drug dealer, which he never was, and he was a corrections officer. It's cool to do what you have to do, but don't go rap about drug dealing if you were guarding prisoners lol.
Joseph Thornton
Joseph Thornton Hace un mes
Can’t believe that shot “Coming to America 2” In his House!!! Goat Shit..
Joseph Thornton
Joseph Thornton Hace un mes
Rick “ U talking to the king if zamunda” lol
Kendrick Lamar aka Gemini
Gloire muteta
Gloire muteta Hace un mes
I respect Rick Ross 💯
Russell Hicks
Russell Hicks Hace un mes
This fake a$4 security guard fronting. He stole the Real Rick Ross's name. He's a bully, just like the corrupt Corrections officer that he is. He should have big up'd the real dude. You jumped that little white Russian Vlad, but 50 (Curtis Fifty Cent Jackson), punk'd you, cause you are a biach!. You take the "L"
Sean Brugone
Sean Brugone Hace un mes
Dude been most definitely his way on interviews, he never says anything
Ashton Hammond
Ashton Hammond Hace un mes
Cyber Police
Cyber Police Hace un mes
Why is that correctional officer wearing that funny little hat?
Why would he bother reading a book about his own life? You all are special don't be late for work tomorrow.
Jacob Gunter
Jacob Gunter Hace un mes
he said "he was at the fore front of the southern rap movement" come on now lollololl
He was in the late era like the 2006 and on era
Jacob Gunter
Jacob Gunter Hace un mes
i just wanna know how he use to move weight for years and never got caught and then starting working as a prison guard,tbr that just dont make a whole lot of sense
Marti a Prell
Marti a Prell Hace un mes
Ayyyyyeeee all the way turnt for the boss! Ahaha thats myyyy main mannn! Get it!
Nathaniel Rodriguez
His book is really good I ain’t gonna lie
Janks Hace 2 meses
2:05 he calls yee "thiccer" and i been dead about this every time i see yee xDD
H mumm
H mumm Hace 2 meses
Blessings come when you been real ,hard and smart movement Ross you made it
Da Boss
Da Boss Hace 2 meses
This nigga Ross blessed (king of zamunda) lol
Prissy Curls
Prissy Curls Hace 2 meses
Meek said otherwise that Nicki had nothing to do with drake and his beef. So kiss an ass Ricky Boy.
LaToya Ray
LaToya Ray Hace 2 meses
When he said you do the smallest tours but it be the realest nggas there I FELT THAT💯
24thletter Hace 2 meses
Just want the record to show that Ross turned to the woman and asked “ What I look like “ and Envy couldn’t wait to answer. - Charlemagne😭😭😭
Wangila Rakula
Wangila Rakula Hace 2 meses
Some real shit from THE FUCKING BOSS you inspire man I feel you all the way from Kenya
Manny Woods
Manny Woods Hace 2 meses
Rick Ross always in somebody's business because he's a fuckin cop and why are we supporting his music knowing he is the police Rick Ross too old to have a idol do your thing and stay out of people's business birdman should have had his ass smoked last year
NKG NKG Hace 2 meses
Ross has always been my favorite!
Leo Yanez Jr.
Leo Yanez Jr. Hace 2 meses
Bad ass interview, this cats hat was bothering me though...look hella tight fitted
The Joker
The Joker Hace 2 meses
his book is pretty good. just got thru reading it
Masterli Wordflow
Masterli Wordflow Hace 2 meses
Who" as my gave" if" i gave to you" word" poweR" word up" AsuN" li
Jayjay_ 2xs
Jayjay_ 2xs Hace 2 meses
I love how when rozay talks, ye drags his words out and lowers his voice and put such intensity behind every word lololol.
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