Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

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Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back from Steve Carell during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (edited; only includes essential parts).


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22 sep 2008







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PD Sketch
PD Sketch Hace 20 horas
.....is that Dwight behind him...
freckledfuck Hace un día
JohnnyDeppforlifee Hace 2 días
I find myself coming back to this at least once a month lol. Genius comedy
dan penn
dan penn Hace 3 días
love dwights reaction in the back
Popcorn Mix
Popcorn Mix Hace 3 días
Ricky: hello Me: omg he is so funny!
I’m drunk hehe
Wendy Muir
Wendy Muir Hace 4 días
The ability to do comedy is like a super power. Denied to the rest of us mere mortals.
JTundra Hace 9 días
Lmaooo steve looking into the camera
The Wolf of Justice and Truth
Michael is salty, you know what's going to happen next.. CONFERENCE ROOM EVERYONE!!!!!!!
PotatZo Hace 10 días
2:22 that little smirk on his face made me piss my pants holy shit
Boii Hace 12 días
Nobody gonna mention that Steve looks into the camera like he was in the office?
Franca Perotti
Franca Perotti Hace 13 días
Ricky Gervais is so not funny Steven carroll is hilarious though
Franca Perotti
Franca Perotti Hace 9 días
@Sion Paddy I never watched the us office and I didn't say I did.
Sion Paddy
Sion Paddy Hace 9 días
@Franca Perotti So if you thought Steve Carrell was funny in The US Office, it was actually Ricky Gervais you found funny
Franca Perotti
Franca Perotti Hace 9 días
@Sion Paddy and?
Sion Paddy
Sion Paddy Hace 9 días
Ricky gervais writes all of Steve Carrell's lines in the US Office
SAVVAGE Hace 14 días
Ricky Gervais(In his politest manner possible): "Look at his stupid face!"
HaasFormulaOneFan Hace 14 días
I thought Steve was going to yell "NO GOD! PLEASE NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO" I feel like hes Micheal Scott in real life
Tiernan Elder
Tiernan Elder Hace 15 días
that was pretty cringy not gonna lie
B Progressive
B Progressive Hace 15 días
Carrell looks abit like ellen i just realised
Nazim Ifran
Nazim Ifran Hace 17 días
Loll that colbert's face!
mi tv
mi tv Hace 18 días
God of Straight Face.
Calum Cooke
Calum Cooke Hace 18 días
Spot Stephen Merchant 0:47
drgonzo Hace 18 días
Steven Colbert - how low you've fallen...
Hubert Dreamer
Hubert Dreamer Hace 20 días
2:55 All i see is michael refuses to give away the dundie... 😂😂😂
Camille S.
Camille S. Hace 22 días
When he looks into the camera at 3:06, it kills me every time. its pure gold
Ben Tinoco
Ben Tinoco Hace 26 días
The youtube algorythim strikes again
Omega Plebbern
Omega Plebbern Hace 27 días
Whats with yt recommending all these old ass vids lol
TheTAD22 Hace 27 días
Steve is so much more funny
Jack Barns-Graham
Jack Barns-Graham Hace 28 días
ESvid recommendations playing up again
MontellJordanA Hace 28 días
Rainn Wilson sitting behind Steve acting exactly how Dwight would in that situation 😂
Fadhlurrahman Pandu
Fadhlurrahman Pandu Hace 28 días
Why it got recommended to me now?
s d
s d Hace 29 días
Dwight just sitting there , plotting Ricky’s demise
Lydia D C
Lydia D C Hace 29 días
I don't remember any single time where Steve Carell has not been funny
Kath Hace 29 días
2:47 and 3:07 steve looked at the camera giving off huge michael scott vibes 😂
cipher88101 Hace 29 días
"I'll tickly ya I don't care." LOL
Oscar Slootweg
Oscar Slootweg Hace 29 días
I know it was probably planned but I still find him a douchebag for disrespecting the other actor like that
James Dawson
James Dawson Hace 29 días
It was obviously planned as a skit.
Jonathan Hace 29 días
James Dawson
James Dawson Hace 29 días
It was planned.
Георгий Горбунов
If that wasnt an act, that would be extremely disgusting behavior from Ricky
Justin Stovell
Justin Stovell Hace 29 días
Shoddy remake was funny but untrue The Office US for life
Adam Fairclough
Adam Fairclough Hace 29 días
.... weird flex but ok.
Jonathan Linford
Jonathan Linford Hace un mes
Good to see Michael back together with Karen.
YuriOnEdge Hace 8 días
Where's Karen?
H G Hace un mes
poor pic quality
Thy 72eaper
Thy 72eaper Hace un mes
That was very cringy.
Rezaur Rahman Deepto
You realize this is an old video when there's a Digg link in the description.
santi desmonetizado
He´s like the tender-teddy bear version of David Bowie
Simarpreet Singh Sandhu
Dwight just sitting in the back enjoying the show
xedoutbigblob Hace un mes
This is just Steve Carell being Michael Scot for a couple minutes.
Matt Moore
Matt Moore Hace un mes
Only Steve Carell + Will Ferrell can pull off that straight face
DONOVAN XD Hace un mes
He attacc He protecc But most importantly... He takes his Emmy bacc
Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin Hace un mes
1:41 why did no one in the audience get the joke :|
B C S Hace un mes
Why haven’t Carrell And Gervais actually acted in a show together. I know that Ricky had a short cameo in The Office US but I really want Steve & Ricky to write and star in a show or film together.
John MacLane
John MacLane Hace un mes
Do something Dwight !!!!
Shawna Graham
Shawna Graham Hace un mes
Love them two together I love his laugh!
The Modern Bachelor
Was that seriously just acting? That was incredible...
Corey Mullis
Corey Mullis Hace un mes
Steve's wife is cracking up! Lol
art sky
art sky Hace un mes
Axel Hace un mes
I don't know how Steve managed to keep a straight face 😂😂
DiddyMaccX Hace un mes
big jj at 1:31
ManUtdForever Hace un mes
The best part is Nancy Carell (Steve's wife) absolutely cracking up with laughter next to him!
Sm3xyM3xican Hace un mes
1:41 look at jon cackling
Angus Clark
Angus Clark Hace un mes
He was nominated for the same amount of pixels that where in this video
Caylin YAY
Caylin YAY Hace un mes
That poker face though
Lincoln Jacdonmi
Lincoln Jacdonmi Hace un mes
Gimme what I want!!
Miles L.
Miles L. Hace un mes
The sad thing is, Steve Carell did not get ONE emmy for his role as Michael Scott.
Ruch Kodi
Ruch Kodi Hace un mes
Ricky gervais is like my grandfather trying to make a joke
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh Hace un mes
They should add this to best of Michael’s temper tantrums.
BeastlyProductions Hace 2 meses
Poor Steve 😂
Damian Hace 2 meses
You don't know if Steve was pissed, ashamed, anxious, embarrassed, or acting. And that's the beauty of it.
Damian Hace 29 días
@James Dawson I know.
James Dawson
James Dawson Hace 29 días
No, it was obviously acting.
robloxmaniac Hace 2 meses
my stomach hasn't hurt from laughing in ages, class.
The Gentle Reptile
The Gentle Reptile Hace 2 meses
Boo Ricky Gervais forfeited his award by not being there. Steve Carrell is way better anyway. Plus Gervais acted like a jerk in this. He didn't deserve the award. Carrell did. He should have kept it.
Giannn Hace un mes
Or because youre dumb asf cant understand its rehearsed
Dropkick. Dipstick.
Dropkick. Dipstick. Hace 2 meses
Even though it was planned it's still funny
Steve Nichol
Steve Nichol Hace 2 meses
A pair of absolute geniuses, both Ricky and Steve, fantastic talent between both of them, I enjoy and laugh at everything these two do, fantastic.
a pz
a pz Hace 2 meses
Dwight just laughing in the backround is everything
Frank Pedersen
Frank Pedersen Hace 2 meses
They are the best of pals! Only best of pals can pull something like this off on live television!!
Alejandro Basaldúa
Alejandro Basaldúa Hace 2 meses
This man can play poker.
Niall Rutherford
Niall Rutherford Hace 2 meses
Battle of the Office
Xx maTrix
Xx maTrix Hace 2 meses
Just had a pewdiepie ad for gfuel before this wtf
GeneralCane Hace 2 meses
That awkward moment when Steve deserves an Emmy for his performance at the Emmys.
MoochPlays Hace 2 meses
Why do they keep calling Michael Scott "Steve Carell"?
LordOfWaffles32 Hace 2 meses
Who else thought the award was going to Steve?
Andy Strachan
Andy Strachan Hace 2 meses
Great work by Gervais and Carell. That's a brilliant skit.
Vish Rai
Vish Rai Hace 2 meses
That was literally Michael Scott
Kylekanzler Hace 2 meses
steve carrel was thinking "dont..."
Conrad Garcia
Conrad Garcia Hace 2 meses
Awesome. Steve is one of the hardest to break. He should team up with Julia Dreyfus, the easiest one. I wonder who''s the hardest.
YouTube Customer Support
Never gets old, stil funny to watch.
D G Hace 2 meses
Oh, look, it's a dolphin 🐬
Dennis Regeta
Dennis Regeta Hace 2 meses
American office is waaaay better than British office lmao
Dennis Regeta
Dennis Regeta Hace 29 días
James Dawson but the American office did it better
James Dawson
James Dawson Hace 29 días
Without the British there wouldn’t be an American.
GDOG Hace 2 meses
He actually gave him a gun, you can’t top that for an opening scene
Kyle Lush
Kyle Lush Hace 2 meses
Holy shit Steve STILL looks at the camera, like an instinct from The Office. That's amazing.
BenjaminNormal Hace 2 meses
Jesus, Steve had me convinced at first. Absolutely brilliant
WOrThY FOe Hace 2 meses
assistant to the regional manager behind michael
bikebudha01 Hace 2 meses
props to correl for keeping a straght face...
Chpz 117
Chpz 117 Hace 2 meses
Damn it Dwight youre supposed to be the Asst. TO THE Regional manager. Dont just laughh do something
Man's not Bot
Man's not Bot Hace 2 meses
The 'shoddy remake' joke sailed clearly over the audience's heads.
Alex Overton
Alex Overton Hace 2 meses
I love how Nancy is just cracking up next to him.
Marc McElderry
Marc McElderry Hace 2 meses
David Brent at his best!
Nibber McNibberson
Nibber McNibberson Hace 2 meses
You changed your profile picture.
Wayne Church
Wayne Church Hace 2 meses
I can't stand Gervais. I have never liked him, nor his "comedy". This bit makes me detest him.
Diogo Esteves
Diogo Esteves Hace 2 meses
David Manning
David Manning Hace 2 meses
Ricky geravis is that annoying kid who wont go away
Elle Lipa
Elle Lipa Hace 3 meses
Takes a disciplined actor not to laugh during a live skit. Well done, Steve.
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen Hace 3 meses
It took me like 5 minutes to understand the shoddy remake joke
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen Hace 3 meses
The quality is lower than my grade point average
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