Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

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Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back from Steve Carell during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (edited; only includes essential parts).


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22 sep 2008







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MusicStylez Hace 4 horas
oh yeah oh yeah
joseph baldwin
joseph baldwin Hace 3 días
worst comedian
M R Hace 4 días
"Look at 'is little face!!" ... Sounds familiar ;)
Sab Sab
Sab Sab Hace 5 días
Was too many popups in your video
David T
David T Hace 6 días
this video needs more annotations.
Mark Faley
Mark Faley Hace 6 días
That was definitely Michael Scot 😂😂
Tec-9 holder
Tec-9 holder Hace 6 días
+1 to Carell
c carville
c carville Hace 6 días
WyBee Hace 6 días
1:59 *AHHHH*
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 7 días
Dwight just sitting behind Michael lol.
spartygrad89 Hace 8 días
7 popups, really?
Myat Htoo
Myat Htoo Hace 8 días
I made you what you are!!! SO so true
Stephanie Hanley
Stephanie Hanley Hace 9 días
When there were actually good comedies on tv
Bendercats1 Hace 9 días
Lmao Rainn Wilson begins Steve Carrel
Lestervai Cayetano
Lestervai Cayetano Hace 9 días
Dwight ready to attack from behind to protect Michael.
Caleb djk
Caleb djk Hace 10 días
Wow! This video is old!!!!!
uh wot
uh wot Hace 10 días
"The press called in a major upset which means they didn't want me to win" sounds like the 2016 us election. XP
Palash Bharati
Palash Bharati Hace 10 días
That Old Uppity Nigger
ive never seen such anger and contempt on a person's face in my life as was on steve's face
Mrs Sadie Adler
Mrs Sadie Adler Hace 10 días
I was waiting for him to turn into gru get annoyed an freeze ray him 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
I'mMeWhoAreYou Hace 11 días
we love rain wilson just cackling behind steve.
lukas holze4
lukas holze4 Hace 11 días
Gervais/carrell >kimmel/damon
Cosmo Hace 13 días
Ricky is absolutely Ruthless still
Big Sky Blue
Big Sky Blue Hace 13 días
Back when these two were funny. Now Steve is desperate for an Oscar, taking only melodramatic roles and Ricky has his head stuck up his own arse, thinking every banal thought he has is legendary genius.
XYHC Hace 14 días
But they got along so well in the show :(
XYHC Hace 14 días
0:30 did I just see Date Mike? He’s actually a different person??
abdullah al-hadhrami
abdullah al-hadhrami Hace 14 días
Now this was pure cringe
Creature Of the night
Creature Of the night Hace 13 días
abdullah al-hadhrami No because it was staged you idiot!
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Timothy Verheyn Jr. Hace 14 días
too many dialogue boxes
Reeta Singhal
Reeta Singhal Hace 14 días
look at steve's face is incredibles
Thomas Mattiello
Thomas Mattiello Hace 15 días
“I sat through Evan Almighty, give me my Emmy” 😂
Taylor Nunamaker
Taylor Nunamaker Hace 15 días
I think this was wrong, u could tell steve was pissed. that's why he had a straight face... I truly believe Steve deserves everything Hollywood can offer because he's just good and a wonderful person
JackCarregan Hace 16 días
One of the Best Bits, I’ve ever seen
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly Hace 16 días
You can see Steve holding on to dear life and trying not to crack. In the office bloopers, he cracks so much. I can't believe how he held it in.
How did nobody in the audience laugh at ‘I don’t think thats the Emmy I think that’s a shoddy remake’? I mean come on! I just went right over there heads!
d d
d d Hace 19 días
its funny because its true
Xedyr Hace 19 días
Anyone notice Rainn Wilson (Dwight) sitting directly behind Steve Carrell?
Taco Franchise
Taco Franchise Hace 19 días
fuck if only i could see what was happening other than looking at the 4 pixels on my screen
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Hace 21 un día
Laughing more at Steve not laughing xD
Frank Pace
Frank Pace Hace 21 un día
If I could send myself a message back in time to 2008, it would be "Don't go to graduate school and buy lots of Bitcoin until 2018" A few other things too, but mostly that
Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker Hace 21 un día
If you're really smart, you'd buy bitcoin AND school... always nice to have a backup plan.
Lil Chonch
Lil Chonch Hace 21 un día
they made a british version of the office thats cool
Lil Chonch
Lil Chonch Hace 21 un día
not watching it tho remakes are never as good as the original
numbat 007
numbat 007 Hace 22 días
the US version of " the office " should've had another name .
Malcolm DuBose
Malcolm DuBose Hace 23 días
Thank God for ESvid’s random AF recommendations. Can’t believe it took me 3 years to see this
Luke Oconnor
Luke Oconnor Hace 23 días
At 3:06 do u see Dwight behind mik?
Sharkie Gammer
Sharkie Gammer Hace 25 días
He’s not funny actually his a bit of a dick he did make Steve famous though
Something stupid
Something stupid Hace 25 días
Is that Rainn Wilson sitting behind Steve?
Lui _Lui498
Lui _Lui498 Hace 26 días
"I made you" I would've clocked Ricky if I were Michael Scott
Bruno Jimmy
Bruno Jimmy Hace 27 días
the two have the most puncheable faces. my closed hand would pay for have a date with their faces
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh Hace un mes
Dwight : Michael! You went alone without your assistant regional manager!!
Juliette Dawson
Juliette Dawson Hace un mes
this video makes me so happy... nothing else to say
Séverin Official
Séverin Official Hace un mes
Ricky is so hilarious !
Raul Torres
Raul Torres Hace un mes
If a bomb went off in this place the world would be a better place.
Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker Hace 21 un día
Since you say 'this' place and not 'that' place, we can assume you're talking about your own home?
Fusion Hace un mes
Is that a joke? Or is it for real?
jjay Hace un mes
I think Steve Carrel hates Ricky
SGpro 42:00
SGpro 42:00 Hace un mes
I thought it was kinda mean
midnightwill Hace un mes
Masterclass vs Masterclass
efcpl Hace un mes
Pure comedy genious. I wonder if the people around know that Carell was in to it.
dullnzr Hace un mes
Why is this 10 year old video showing up for n my feed?
Gupta General Stores
We deserve an emmy for sitting through the invention of lying or whatever it was called
Rakim Day
Rakim Day Hace un mes
2:00 wtf was some chick having an orgasm there?
Justin Schreiber
Justin Schreiber Hace un mes
He looked pissed
King Tran
King Tran Hace un mes
steve Carell must be one of the greatest actor ever. how could he kept that straight face?
Inlovewith Disney
Inlovewith Disney Hace un mes
Omg Rainn Wilson behind him laughing
Strizzz 14
Strizzz 14 Hace un mes
Love him
Hisham Basheer
Hisham Basheer Hace un mes
Pffff. Dundies > Emmies
Kevin Niland
Kevin Niland Hace un mes
These award shows are only worth watching when we have hosts like Ricky. Too bad people are easily offended.
Casualguy 939
Casualguy 939 Hace un mes
That would have been great if he ran up there and stole it back while Ricky was distracted while congratulating the new winner.
Mehul Shanwal
Mehul Shanwal Hace un mes
You can keep the Emmy, I've plenty of dundies.
Jerome P
Jerome P Hace un mes
Steve is an incredible actor. Not only did he not laugh, but I'm pretty sure he didn't move one muscle on his face throughout that entire skit.
join the fist
join the fist Hace un mes
code name noob
code name noob Hace un mes
I don't understand why everyone is so impressed that Steve Carell didn't laugh, Ricky Gervais just isn't funny 😐
Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker Hace 21 un día
He later told he did it on purpose and had a very hard time not laughing. So, yeah, Carell apparently did find him funny.
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2:47 Wow, I watched this video more than once and I know see that Dwight was behind Steve.
DanglingHammer Hace un mes
Is that Rainn behind him?
Tim Clarke
Tim Clarke Hace un mes
Sparsh Nagpal
Sparsh Nagpal Hace un mes
He should have handed him a dundies 😂
Monya Alnajadi
Monya Alnajadi Hace un mes
The master of keeping straight face 😂
think e'M
think e'M Hace un mes
how i love it! so funny...
Barry Macdonald
Barry Macdonald Hace un mes
whats up with 5 advertisements across the screen that you have to delete to even watch the video, fuck off
GalaxyGoop Hace un mes
Is that Ted Danson in the back at 2:17?
Kris Silver
Kris Silver Hace 2 meses
He should give Steve the Emmy back for staying in character the whole time :p
ArcadeReplay Hace 2 meses
Boy that's a bukkake of annotations on the video.
Dellyboy666 Hace 2 meses
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh Hace 2 meses
I don't know what's funnier, Ricky's act or Steve's face
Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 Hace 2 meses
“ I don’t think that’s the original Emmy ...it’s a shoddy remake “ haha
1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT
*_"B O O M. R O A S T E D"_*
ozzy rob
ozzy rob Hace 2 meses
Roxyy Hace 2 meses
David Brent vs Michael G.Scott
Tran Phuong Anh
Tran Phuong Anh Hace 2 meses
My God Ricky😂😂😂 Dont ever shave again😂😂 Ily still♥️
Leo Zolein
Leo Zolein Hace 2 meses
Steve Carrel everybody
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Hace 2 meses
sell it then
Gaby O
Gaby O Hace 2 meses
thehmc Hace 2 meses
Ahhh.. comedy. Back when it was primitive and comedians were silly enough to actually try to be funny. Not like today's wonderfully evolved deluge of vagina jokes and childhood trauma stories.
James West
James West Hace 2 meses
Precisely zero percent of the audience seemed to get the “shoddy remake” joke
Sam T
Sam T Hace 2 meses
I love how Ricky was the one trying to make jokes and everyone laughed 10 times harder and Steve Carrell not saying anything just sitting there 😂😂
TheHutch 11
TheHutch 11 Hace 2 meses
Why is this ten year old video getting recommended to me?
Joshua Zarzycki
Joshua Zarzycki Hace 2 meses
What if Dwight (who is sitting just behind Michael) would start to fight British Michael for the Emmy
surraj91 Hace 2 meses
This will never stop being funny
- Hace 2 meses
I’m going to tell everyone what you are!
Absolute Hace 2 meses
poor guy
Rigby Hace 2 meses
I can't believe Michael Scott won an Emmy
Rahul Komuravelly
Rahul Komuravelly Hace 2 meses
Give me it - that's what she said
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