Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

Marques Brownlee
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From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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11 ene 2019






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Dexter Estacion
Dexter Estacion Hace un hora
And now you can drink and drive
Jim Herbert Outdoors
Igor Hace 14 horas
А вы тоже зашли на видос только из за надписи Yandex на руле?
Николай Николаев
Айпад спиздят на 5 поездке
udom oda
udom oda Hace un día
ถ้าบอกว่าคนเราฉลาดขึ้น บอกตรงๆว่าเงียบเดีกว่า แต่ถ้าถามว่าคนเราโง่ลงทุกวัน ...เห็นด้วยนะ
Олег Долка
Олег Долка Hace un día
Яндекс? Сначала думал что у меня проблемы со зрение, но нет) translation: thought problems with my eyes, but no
WieJayASMR Hace un día
When ur Russian company doesn't do shit in Russia, but do some cool stuff in US...a bit unfair
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez Hace 2 días
Jah is that you?
Stefan Lucian Vladescu
yes! heeeeelll yeah! :)
StrictlyOZHipHop Hace 2 días
Can't wait bring it on!
Pietro Manenti
Pietro Manenti Hace 3 días
microRiZu Hace 4 días
tesla is better praise lord elon
xCripsy Hace 4 días
mohamed khalid GTSTARS
this very nice good idea
Paul Ward
Paul Ward Hace 5 días
If you get hit by a driver-less vehicle, and it's the driver-less vehicle that's at fault. Who do you go after? The manufacture, or the business that owns the vehicle.
The Sisko
The Sisko Hace 5 días
Gunna take 20 years to perfect the code and tech before it can happen. Has to be military standards coding or else people are gunna die.
s ga
s ga Hace 6 días
If I was the owner of a “driverless” car I wouldn’t have one in the first place.. there’s too many weirdos out there who causes mischief.
iFood-中華料理 Hace 6 días
Official Ziggy Channel
I liked this video because he never asked me to ;)
9.999.999 views Hace 6 días
im tripping,
Elijah Nu
Elijah Nu Hace 6 días
2.2k dislikes for all the taxi drivers out there
jan simonides
jan simonides Hace 4 días
TakeA ChillPill
TakeA ChillPill Hace 6 días
Thats gotta bring out the best mileage for a car.
Fume Hace 6 días
Cops in the future cant pull over self driving cars
Sami Lalaami
Sami Lalaami Hace 6 días
2.2 k Dislikes 😂Taxi Drivers
God's Child
God's Child Hace 6 días
this is dangerous and not good for taxi drivers or uber....etc they gonna lose their job and homeless population will grow and more problem.
Black Dynamite
Black Dynamite Hace 7 días
What about security measures to prevent Vehicles getting hacked?
АРТЁМ8000 Hace 7 días
Yandex is like a Russian google
Sana Hace 7 días
Did anyone notice the poor charger that is bending?
Sana Hace 7 días
At 2:10 I thought it was reversing wtf.
Brajesh Singh
Brajesh Singh Hace 7 días
Third bastard
Bene Detto
Bene Detto Hace 8 días
It you think about it, self driving vehicles will maybe carry more goods than people. I mean, without drivers and with low electricity costs home delivery will skyrocket. Most people won't even need to move to get stuff, stuff will go to them.
Green M
Green M Hace 8 días
Imagine a future of driverless cars being brute forced and taken over by remote hackers..
Leblanc LLC
Leblanc LLC Hace 7 días
pretty sure those companies can afford mcfee virus guard
Payton Chalstrom
Payton Chalstrom Hace 8 días
Silicon valley
SSVida Hace 9 días
I’d trust this system but put me in a Highlander etc so I can feel just a bit safer just in case lol
George Truth
George Truth Hace 9 días
F*** you , you are stealing job from taxi drivers!!! everything bad comes from RUSSIA
George Truth
George Truth Hace 9 días
Its Russian so it means i dont like it and i dont trust it!
my name is jeff
my name is jeff Hace 9 días
When your license is suspended.
CRH Hace 9 días
I really like that auto pilot graphic display better than the one Tesla has.
John T
John T Hace 7 días
It's too cheesy, like 3d graphics from the 90s.
The suicidal Indian
The suicidal Indian Hace 10 días
I end driverless car for my one hour communte
Anthony Z
Anthony Z Hace 10 días
I will never trust this kind of selfless driving technology. How many more people have to die before you understand that this kind of tech is not ready and too far away from prime time
Mike Llerena
Mike Llerena Hace 10 días
"Do you know why I pulled you over?" No sir am not even driving. "Exactly... Wait wtf?!"
Владаимир Владимирович Ньюман
Yandex is a Russian company
Micah Goodson
Micah Goodson Hace 10 días
This is Mark-ass brownlee
Izuka-chan Hace 10 días
In 20 years if this replaces all taxis... Fake taxi won't be a thing anymore?
Calypso 7
Calypso 7 Hace 10 días
Actual video starts at 2:08 Your welcome
HK Hace 10 días
ill never trust selfdriving cars
Иван Калякин
im still wondering why Yandex self-driving car uses google maps to drive....
Иван Калякин
yandex has their own service, but seems to be it sucks in navigation
Altaf Kalam
Altaf Kalam Hace 9 días
Why not? What else would they use?
bkit5 Hace 11 días
if a crazy physically destroys or puts a virus in the servers. Its game over. These companies better protect the cloud servers with their life.
Yooosee Hace 11 días
taxi drivers we're mad because uber drivers came along...imagine now.
RedLight GreenArrow
RedLight GreenArrow Hace 11 días
Is that an iPad Pro?
1sub equals 1sub for PEWDIEPIE
Oh hey its mark ass brownlee
itz Musawer
itz Musawer Hace 11 días
Did I saw John cena
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 Hace 11 días
I'd be scared of the car hitting a pedestrian. But this seems promising. I understand taxi drivers don't want to lose their job, but we as humans can learn anything. Don't be afraid of learning a new profession. Believe in yourself. I think the driver profession will probably shrink significantly but there will still be people who'll prefer and pay for a human driver. We'll just have to watch what happens. I wish for the best outcome.
RichardFer01 Hace 12 días
Totall recall's Johnny Cab (1990) is now reality...
Richard Szeidermann
Richard Szeidermann Hace 12 días
This is one of my recurring dreams. I'm in a car that drives itself and I feel more or less scared. And Usually It's my dads car.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Hace 12 días
proper orwellian shit right here
Arnau Izard
Arnau Izard Hace 12 días
Finally I can't get a ticket for speeding
Benj Hace 12 días
APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-
I would not feel safe
Ni7e Hace 13 días
Can't wait! And am so happy to live in this era where I'll be driven around, safely, cheaply! Awesome times to be alive.
tip pinas
tip pinas Hace 13 días
its better to learn how to drive a car just in case the self-driving car failed,
mike8055 Hace 13 días
I think full autonomy will take years still. I just don't think a mix of human and machine-driven cars go together. Humans can be aggressive and unpredictable.
DigitalXrisXros Hace 13 días
im really into that traffic in real time on screen 🖥 😍😎
alexander pettersson
alexander pettersson Hace 14 días
what hapen when the police try to stop tis drivless taxi?
David Delgado
David Delgado Hace 14 días
eddysaidtht Hace 14 días
It looks safe. I'd use it for sure.
JWalker Hace 14 días
I'll do it but not on the highway.
West London Rider
West London Rider Hace 14 días
I would of said no before I started using Uber (past experience with london taxis being professional drivers who are safe and competent) but since then have not felt safe using an uber so yeah actually I would trust a self driving car over a dodgy uber driver who cant drive
Mehrab Rashid
Mehrab Rashid Hace 14 días
i really want this car in my country
Ryooken Hace 15 días
lee edwards
lee edwards Hace 15 días
lets get them asap
Johnny Hace 15 días
so another word , 100 k people are going to be jobless
Miguel Urdaci
Miguel Urdaci Hace 11 días
Over 40% of US jobs were in agriculture in 1900 ... just saying
Muskrat Outdoors
Muskrat Outdoors Hace 15 días
Nope! Not for me! I'll walk, thank you.
Big chungus
Big chungus Hace 16 días
My dick fell off
Букон Нокуб
Букон Нокуб Hace 16 días
Яндекс вне России??
Tej Sehdev
Tej Sehdev Hace 16 días
your logic of foldable phone was completely wrong. you said its not here yet. Company's are more then ready to launch them.
Manish Heera
Manish Heera Hace 16 días
Can we call it : model based reflex agent(an agent that relies on its perceptual history and internal model of the external environment) ?
MarkoRollo Hace 17 días
i have a disability and due to something caused by that i cant drive and so use public transport or rely on others to drive me around. having something like this would be amazing for me. even one of those pod things would be great.
nicholas dean
nicholas dean Hace 17 días
It's better than all of the people driving around falling asleep or on drugs 2:10
Google User
Google User Hace 17 días
Fake taxi driver dislike
Tertiary Adjunct
Tertiary Adjunct Hace 18 días
Can you still have kids after all that radiation?
Lexusfan Forever
Lexusfan Forever Hace 16 días
muthukumar j
muthukumar j Hace 18 días
Not suitable for my city
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael Hace 19 días
Future is near, can't wait for this type of comport, in my country non taxi's have taxometers do you have to deal about price at the bigining of the trip, it's so annoying and most taxi's don't have gps so you might need to teach them a way
3fxz Hace 20 días
If you get pulled over in that what do you do XD
Arnold Petterson Herrera
yay for unemployment
3fxz Hace 20 días
It's rewind time!
Tre Hace 20 días
Яндекс, ты чего там делаешь? Иди домой, тут у нас автономный интернет!
Steve Hace 20 días
It won't happen in UK. It needs to be a lot more advanced. UK roads has so many turns, small roads, hills, bad drivers, people running across the road, etc.
Steve Hace 8 días
+B Babbich Agree
B Babbich
B Babbich Hace 8 días
+Steve Yea but European roads are much different than other parts of the world. Much older and not built around the automobile.
Steve Hace 8 días
+B Babbich Just to clarify. UK roads are not European. UK is not part of European roads.
B Babbich
B Babbich Hace 8 días
Yea I think europian streets will be a bummer when it comes to self-driving tech. Places like NY with a grid setup are far more likely to be first adopters.
Jukes Food
Jukes Food Hace 12 días
Yeah I'm guessing 30-50+ years before this tech is in widespread everyday use for most people.
Cytological Hace 20 días
if the cops pull you over, who gets a ticket?
STC Hace 21 un día
It had a driver, its just too short...
F. G-Lacoste
F. G-Lacoste Hace 22 días
It is very cool, but Las Vegal has the best weather conditions. Now the fun is to make it possible in Canada or Alaska... In any ways I trust a machine more than I can trust most human because we know how the machnine works and what it has been trained for. Humans can often be stupid and irrationally imprudent.
Tom 1234
Tom 1234 Hace 22 días
Cop: Sir, please step out of the vehicle AI: I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.
Green M
Green M Hace 8 días
You actually made me laugh
Dexxon Gaming
Dexxon Gaming Hace 10 días
Hahah more likes.
Qwerty Qwertovich
Qwerty Qwertovich Hace 12 días
need so much more likes
whoop Hace 20 días
Strategic Thinker
Strategic Thinker Hace 22 días
"I hope you enjoyed the ride!"
ThingWillEvery Hace 22 días
Ye, in future, the taxi job will might say bye bye, no more need to pay drivers, it s not ok.
Андрей Денисов
WHAT?! Yandex is russian company. Wtf? Testing autopilot taxi at Vegas.
Annora Hace 22 días
That is one expensive roof rack ;)
M. V. H.
M. V. H. Hace 22 días
The people was happy because it drove perfectly :-)
wow sad
wow sad Hace 22 días
Well now you can drink while "driving"
GrimAsEver Hace 23 días
And this is why we need Andrew Yang for president
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