Rihanna - Lift Me Up (Live from the Oscars 2023)

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Rihanna performing "Lift Me Up" live from the 95th Oscars

► Stream / Download: "Lift Me Up": rihanna.lnk.to/liftmeup

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12 mar 2023






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Bekir Sönmez
Bekir Sönmez Hace un día
I’ve been a navy for years and I dont know but just watching her growing into super successful bussiness woman, one of the most remarkable artist ever and finally a mom from tiny little child when she first showed up brings tears my eyes.. She just raised a whole generation.. ❤
Daniela Castro
Daniela Castro Hace un día
Her live performance has incredibly matured, absolutely loved it, so rarely did she do her higher notes live
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Rhianna has been in the music industry for over a decade, and her music is timeless. I hope she remains healthy during her pregnancy and after. She deserves much happiness and it is nice to see her receive so much support. 👍 She is lucky, unlike some of us who have tried to have a child, and was horribly victimized again !
TimeBucks Hace un día
Perfect voice, perfect song, perfect performance!
Julia Bicca
Julia Bicca Hace 22 horas
Um verdadeira rainha! Que interpretação emocionante, digna de lágrimas. 👑
Natália Membrive
Natália Membrive Hace un día
Não tem como não reparar em como a voz dela amadureceu e ela consegue atingir notas maravilhosas. Essa mulher é TUDO pra mim ❤️
Jay Miles
Jay Miles Hace un día
Stunning performance. Her voice has definitely matured over the years. Like a bottle of fine wine.
Lucas Freeman
Lucas Freeman Hace un día
Edit: This comment is actually generated by
I was waiting for this song at the Super Bowl so glad we finally get to hear it
Julita Groblica
Julita Groblica Hace un día
This song gives me chills, especially when I think about Chadwick Boseman not being here with us 😭 What a performance, our girl Riri is a queen...❤️
Koiai Designs
Koiai Designs Hace un día
Knowing what she's been through and hearing the sincerity and genuinely rawness of this performance, moved my soul deeply 💕 she's magical ✨
Tuttie C
Tuttie C Hace un día
She’s totally singing from her heart. Nothing but love blessing for her and family❤😇🙏
King Bey
King Bey Hace un día
This sounds WAYYYYY BETTER than the recording. The backing vocals and harmonies. The orchestral production and her delivery ❤ You’re homeland is SO SO SOOO PROUD OF YOU ! 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧
Julio Arts
Julio Arts Hace un día
What a voice, What a performance. Credits to those with the instruments as well.
Cicera Adeliana P. da Silva
Emoção pura. Não só a letra da música, como o vocal da incrível Rihanna. Essa música me emociona desde a primeira vez que eu escutei.
ThuggyMacho Hace un día
I'm actually obsessed with this performance. She knows how to show emotion so well.
『 M A R A ∘ F I E R C E 』
Linda, maravilhosa ela e minha Diva Beyoncé. ❤️ ❤️
Ro Duarte
Ro Duarte Hace un día
Rihanna y Gaga han envejecido musicalmente muy bien!! Ambas se han ganado su lugar!! ❤
luciano melo
luciano melo Hace un día
it's always good to hear Rihanna with her angelic vocals
✨Suri✨ Hace un día
This song always gives me chills and I get emotional! Very few songs have ever made me feel this way! ✨❤️‍🔥