Ringo Starr’s Big Birthday Show!

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Happy 80th Birthday Ringo! The Big Birthday Show is a Starr-studded charity broadcast with featured performances by Ringo, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Ben Harper and Dave Grohl, Gary Clark Jr., Sheila E., Sheryl Crow & more, plus additional guest surprises! Show to benefit Black Lives Matter, The David Lynch Foundation, MusiCares & WaterAid through Ringo’s Lotus Foundation.

Ringo & Barbara Starkey founded The Lotus Foundation to fund, support, participate in and promote charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas. The Lotus Foundation will be dispersing all donations raised from The Big Birthday Show evenly between 4 organizations doing important, vital work around the world: Black Lives Matter Global Network, The David Lynch Foundation, MusiCares & WaterAid.

Please go to RingoStarr.com or text RINGO to 707070 to donate. (Texting U.S. only)

The producers would like to thank Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison & everyone at Apple Corps for their support.
Please read about the work of these organizations and consider donating toward their causes:

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7 jul 2020






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SuperBLACKANDY Hace 15 días
Formidable !!!
James Simmons
James Simmons Hace 15 días
I share the same birthday and age with Paul. I remember every phase of the music that your group brought to the world with great pleasure. Now here is a birthday celebration hosted and for Ringo. I applaud the effort and thank you. Except for one thing. It regards BLM. That idea originated some time ago when it became apparent that too many blacks were being killed by our police. Now it has changed. Plainly it is a leftist, neo communist organization which in no way resembles it's original purpose statement. I ask Ringo to get up to date with exactly what BLM is and rethink support. Ringo, do you really support communist insurrection in the world?
Claudine Lenoir
Claudine Lenoir Hace 18 días
Les "80 ans" comme ça, on les veut bien ! ;) Un bonjour de Belgique ^_^ Bon anniversaire, Ringo !
Hina Seaton
Hina Seaton Hace 18 días
My birthday is the same day
Proud American
Proud American Hace 18 días
soon as I seen blm I was out of here
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton Hace 19 días
The first everwas to achieve Endless Positivities, Guardianships, Prosperities & Eternal Empowerments, became the First Mother. What makes sense to you, that we come from an Eternal Mother Goddess or an Eternal Father God?
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton Hace 19 días
Peace, Love, Prosperity & Security, & Endless Enrichment & Empowerments too :)
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton Hace 19 días
Everyone Matters, All things Count, Anything Grows from the tiniest of Seedlings! We are Eternal Beings, Eternal Power Naturally Creates New Eternal Enlightened Power with Any Positivities. Which then Matures, indensifies & accumulates, Eternal Power can be stolen from our Eternal Core Being until we are sealed off from the Enablement to Steal it. Eternal Power forms anything & everything in adequate amounts, Eternal Power IS Magic. Our Eternal Core Being is made of Eternal Power, Everything Matters...
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton Hace 19 días
All lives Matter, if you won’t find Peace in that, I can’t help you. No one has the Right to initially hurt anyone else, Justice if anyone does hurt someone else or seeks to is necessary, required & enabling to Prosperity. The Unities, Resourcefulnesses & Networkings Together in Fair Trade is what we All need! When someone of a specific race Violates another, that does NOT mean that everyone of that type of Embodiment is for Violating everyone or anyone of another kind. But if or when one of any kind does Violate, off-FEND, or trap another, then Justice is Required to Enable another to become Prosperous of their own Choosing, Making & Unities...
Rummagin' Ray
Rummagin' Ray Hace 20 días
Gotta say the frequent Trump ads are a bit of a drag.
xavier domingo
xavier domingo Hace 20 días
very emotional but I thought there would be more streaming performances
hunmungosaurio Hace 21 un día
Happy birthay Ringo and you are a very wonderfull person, I love Beatles, Y love your music and ypu are a great person I love Beatles fron.Chile in time of Pandemia
Emily An
Emily An Hace 23 días
You and the rest of the Beatles are still the best band to ever have existed Ringo!
killer queen
killer queen Hace 23 días
Mike Long
Mike Long Hace 23 días
21 seconds in and supporting Black Lives Matter -- BS -- OK -- just this once cus Im 78 and grew up with the band
Doll Whitman
Doll Whitman Hace 23 días
And by the way, This Is A FanDamntastic Show!!!
Emily An
Emily An Hace 23 días
Turn me on dead man
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor Hace 23 días
What a great Birthday Gift Ringo has given the World. Thanks.
Ricashanty Hace 23 días
Thanks for making me a musician HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Paul Robert Clayton
Paul Robert Clayton Hace 24 días
Happy Ringo ! We love you ...
Oley Sassone
Oley Sassone Hace 24 días
I hope I look as good and more importantly, can keep rockin' at 80! Happy Birthday to one of the greatest!
Gregory Stone
Gregory Stone Hace 24 días
Why in the world would Ringo support Black Lives Matter? Has'nt anyone explained to him what that group really is?
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 24 días
with this sensational and memorable live! Congratulations Ringo, thank you and long live!
Lainer Martin
Lainer Martin Hace 24 días
Joe Walsh is a fantastic player, and I loved Sheryl Crowe's piece.
Scott Uher
Scott Uher Hace 24 días
Love you, Ringo!
james brady
james brady Hace 24 días
Black lives matter is an anti White hate fund ! Wake up Ringo!
shadow williams
shadow williams Hace 24 días
Ringo~come on man-you know that mask is bs.wheres the R&R rebellion against the evil empire that enslaves the masses?Everything has been reversed-turned upside down.HELLO?wtf? The enemy is STILL the enemy. Resist tyranny.demand solid evidence of support for what mainstream media implies.
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 24 días
Attention seekers.
Liam Parker
Liam Parker Hace 24 días
happy birthday
Sia Mese
Sia Mese Hace 24 días
Ringo, disappointed to see in the intro, "supporting Black Lives Matter". I am so SICK of hearing black lives matter, because I've known it my whole life. And, the BLM organization is essentially a Marxist group. Marxism never did anything positive for black people and it never will. The organization having the most positive effect on black lives is the Donald Trump administration. Let's all wake up to that fact and denounce the BLM organization for the bunch of losers and America haters they are.
Neil Dugmore
Neil Dugmore Hace 24 días
Joe Walsh know's the score.
A.W. Darcy
A.W. Darcy Hace 24 días
that was awesome. Happy Birthday Ringo!
Jim Ward
Jim Ward Hace 24 días
Turn me on dead man
allymayful Hace 24 días
What a finale!!!!! If only 4 of them could have been up there to celebrate Ringo's 80th. Well they are certainly all there in spirit, and our nostalgic memories.
josephine bendall
josephine bendall Hace 24 días
Creep! All will be revealed..........
Venita Banerjee
Venita Banerjee Hace 24 días
Super 80th birthday Ringo ...we are fortunate to see these days ....from the 60's to 2020 ....its been a roller coaster ride for us oldies .... God bless take care .....lots of love from India
allymayful Hace 24 días
This lovely surprise puts one big wide happy smile on my face - hey! Can't really express adequately the delight l feel. What a darling Ringo is to come up with such a creative gift for the world. PEACE AND LOVE to you Ringo, and to all the viewers sharing your milestone birthday.
Richard Puliti
Richard Puliti Hace 24 días
Super Ringo
Itsonly Me
Itsonly Me Hace 24 días
There was never another performer with less talent than this one!
John McQue
John McQue Hace 24 días
Thanks Ringo, love ya, your great still.
Michal Rajkowski
Michal Rajkowski Hace 24 días
Ringo looks really good. 🎉
G Jones
G Jones Hace 24 días
Attention seekers.
שחף ח
שחף ח Hace 24 días
Happy birthday 🎉🎉 unbelievable you turned 80 ,still energy of a 16 years old boy. Thank you so much for the unforgettable music♥️♥️♥️♥️👑
Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher Hace 24 días
funny how he says "She Luree" at 7:10. ;-)
CBrolley Hace 24 días
The last time I saw this many fossils was at a grade school field trip to the Natural History Museum.
Pao Olguin
Pao Olguin Hace 21 un día
Not even Maluma would say that.
Dan Stephensen
Dan Stephensen Hace 24 días
I must THANK YOU AGAIN with a H U G E H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y. Tessa Stephensen is my Daughter and was Gianni"s (sp?) friend in college at American College of Design. She frequented your flat in L. A. back in the day. YOU INSPIRED ME TO PLAY DRUMS. I would practice (morning and night) along with Beatles '64 and RUBBER SOUL. And I'm STILL GIGGING, like you are. Dan Stephensen in Mesa, AZ (Now 70) TESSA brought me your PIC!! Y O U A R E JUST GETTING STARTED, MY MUSICAL BROTHER. P E A C E AND L O V E ! ! ! ! ALWAYS.
V T Hace 24 días
You look and sound awesome for 80 must be a lot of meditation and good sense of humour, Paimarire
SJ SMITH Hace 24 días
One of the best! ❤️
Alfa Won
Alfa Won Hace 24 días
Happy Birthday Ringo ! My birthdays on the 7th July also !
Doll Whitman
Doll Whitman Hace 24 días
God I can't believe you are 80... Thanks for all the contributions of your life to the world!!!
Raine Carosin
Raine Carosin Hace 24 días
Thanks so much for this! Wow! The vertigo of Ringo on my mind in Stereo! Thanks a million! I'm so chuffed to know there is life during this crisis! It freaks me out, yeah, but, my nerves can't stand me telling myself that it's freaking me out, but it's making me feel better! Well, I'm taking up time, so lemme just thank Yous Again for making my day xxx HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO, FOR THE FIRST TIME FROM RAINE XXX
Doll Whitman
Doll Whitman Hace 24 días
Lord Have Mercy! Keep on keepin' on! You Rock!
ZAIRA BRAVO Hace 24 días
kerry lattimore
kerry lattimore Hace 24 días
Hare Krishna!
jwmoor Hace 24 días
Happy belated birthday Mr Ringo You ROCK
jwmoor Hace 24 días
Peace and love
Mike Kostanski
Mike Kostanski Hace 24 días
happy birthday Ringo starr peace of love rock on
Mike Kostanski
Mike Kostanski Hace 24 días
from the fan's of the beatles
Jean-François Rondeau
Happy Birthday, Richie ! ✌️
madinjun Hace 24 días
Woo hoo Sheila
williemays Hace 24 días
Sheryl Crow! Such a talent!
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones Hace 24 días
Best of them all is the immense STEVE LUKATHER FROM TOTO!!!
way of the meow
way of the meow Hace 24 días
Brit Twit. Blm is a racist communist group that hates you for being rich.
artdingo Hace 24 días
Sheryl Crow played EVERYTHING except for the trumpet. Was that her Dad on the horn?
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