Riot Games 's Chest 2020...LoL Daily Moments 825

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Riot Games Please!. Daily moments from streamers ep 825(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Tobias Fate, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, Faker, Scarra, Gripex...).
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20 ene 2020






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Isyankar Otaku
Isyankar Otaku Hace 4 días
how to change the hud in GAME ;?
J P Hace 8 días
0:03 My God, that happened to me. since the day I ended up opening like 7 chests just opening 1, nothing good touches me in them. :c
penboiyi Hace 9 días
The same thing happened to me. Traded one gem stone for a box, the box gave 4 boxes and an ultimate skin. I used all of my karma I guess
Philip Lee
Philip Lee Hace 10 días
Sanchovise made it to the outro let's gooo
iCorbat_文 Hace 10 días
11:02 Yasuo Players xD
NKO Hace 10 días
First is me
sebas l
sebas l Hace 10 días
Me ha pasado xd
Psh Klsn
Psh Klsn Hace 10 días
Track Name 8:40 min ?
Psh Klsn
Psh Klsn Hace 10 días
And how can i find the viedeo with the 2 Dancing guys
Yuzu Nikaidou
Yuzu Nikaidou Hace 10 días
I got a champion shard in a chest :c
Hue Nguyen Thi
Hue Nguyen Thi Hace 11 días
League of chest :))
jamil alabi
jamil alabi Hace 11 días
Que cara babaca matando afk que ridiculo
The Cyka Blin
The Cyka Blin Hace 13 días
Doktor Gudri
Doktor Gudri Hace 13 días
1:03 teemo is fun champ
GermanKittyPaws Hace 14 días
Yeah i opened 17 chests and got 12 chests out of the 17 chests and then out of those chest got quite a few more it was insane i was losing my mind
RR Celulares
RR Celulares Hace 14 días
Ja aconteceu comigo abrir um bau e vim outro 3x seguidas sdkdkdkd
Эксплоужен, Сэр
11:04 is that tyler?
hehm Hace 15 días
Does anyone know how to make this tracing teemo icon
Kokicha bg
Kokicha bg Hace 15 días
Ugh i hate teemo
Maik Dreijer
Maik Dreijer Hace 15 días
You know Sett's broken when even Hashinshin wins lmao
Yüce Lia
Yüce Lia Hace 15 días
03:15 Lol skin illegal?
Just John
Just John Hace 16 días
Is nobody gonna mention the midget in the chair? 5:00 or around there. Seriously though, he got something wrong or what because his voice fuckin caught my ass off guard.
Pocky._. Senpai
Pocky._. Senpai Hace 17 días
“Ima die” “Nooooo” “Wait no I’m fine” “Yaaaaaay”
Cust0mBuilder Hace 17 días
*Drooling over myself* - Zed is not even strong and takes serious skill, same with yasuo who has more mobility than Kassadin and can R+Q before knockup of R has ended. *continues drooling* - Sett isn't even broken, he only shields for 800hp and W only does half your HP in true dmg. Bronze players just don't know how to play around broken champions which Riot refuses to nerf due to popularity. ( said by 80% of community since they all "main zed and yasuo) - *drool reaching feet*
may ann san jose
may ann san jose Hace 18 días
better than getting champions
IDontDream Hace 18 días
Hi! Im new to the channel! Can I kall you Coco? I really love ur content so far and this is my 3rd video Keep up
Drain OW
Drain OW Hace 18 días
3 chests in a row straight emotes top that all dogshit
Duy Hoàng
Duy Hoàng Hace 20 días
7:55 dùng w hết mana không q được high light dành cho volibia óc chó teemo
Doug Tk
Doug Tk Hace 20 días
Well, in my chests I've got champions and ward skins
abc 123
abc 123 Hace 20 días
What's that girl's first friend category all about?
Thicc ol Billy
Thicc ol Billy Hace 21 un día
3:28 voyboy's yasuo is so bad yet he can still get a triple kill by right clicking
A Nobody
A Nobody Hace 21 un día
4:30 why is this man chewing into the mic xd
Peeny Wise
Peeny Wise Hace 22 días
Jankos frajer sprzedał swoją ojczyznę Śmierć wrogom ojczyzny
SmartThis Hace 23 días
6:03 joker moe
Alfredo Kvin
Alfredo Kvin Hace 24 días
That "Ahh.." at 4:01
Rikardos Gaming
Rikardos Gaming Hace 26 días
meanwhile I get a sion champ shard.
League of Gamer
League of Gamer Hace 28 días
wtf that chhest haha
Demos Galatakis
Demos Galatakis Hace 28 días
8:26 watched it twice because i got distracted from the vid on him map
Lel Hace 29 días
6:10 Google Maps rerouting
Animemus Hace 29 días
Meanwhile i got punky ward and OE XD
Papilla de niño
Papilla de niño Hace 29 días
It triggers me that she looks upset about getting free chests and keys wtf
Fay Hace 29 días
yassuo's mentality is actually disgusting.. i want a clean one? yikes
Devashan Naidoo
Devashan Naidoo Hace 29 días
Who's yasuo talking about 😂
DimiGamingHD Hace 29 días
fix your intro
The Seouliss Pichu
The Seouliss Pichu Hace 29 días
Got omega squad teemo as my first legendary from a chest. Didnt know whether to be happy or to burn my PC immediately
Drake Hace 29 días
why does pav sound like a pokemon
Calvin The Otter
Calvin The Otter Hace un mes
Vladimir is such a balanced champ
juan atencio
juan atencio Hace un mes
this happened to me earlier XD
Ruen Hace un mes
Whenever I open a chests I get emotes and some shit like a warwick champion shard
WhatSupp Hace un mes
she just nexted on vancouver amumu like it was nothing! i bet she rerolled it too! jfc i hate people. OMG SHE ACTUALLY REROLLED IT! I WROTE THIS BEFORE SEEING IT BUT I DIDN'T ACTUALLY THINK SHE WOULD! WHO IS SHE? I NEED TO FLAME HER!
Alesha Nevzor
Alesha Nevzor Hace un mes
That was CHESTALITY 💪😏
Harley Gimang
Harley Gimang Hace un mes
coconut i appreciate you so much every single day for this vids .
Sanel Muratovic
Sanel Muratovic Hace un mes
Song at 8:47 pls bcs my Shazam is just retarded
m a k o b y k o
m a k o b y k o Hace un mes
8:27 this is the best map cover ever made
Real Support
Real Support Hace un mes
9:45 Young Fogged right there xD
Kuba Petrolin
Kuba Petrolin Hace un mes
Cameron Mooneyhan
Cameron Mooneyhan Hace un mes
Hey I saw myself😂😂 that vlad was so brain dead and we had a singed mid XD
danick morin
danick morin Hace un mes
every play wheres there sett its boring they not even good hes just op af
PureDefender Hace un mes
Longest chest in chest streak I had was 8
rozokzkauflandu 007
4:10 ok, I respect him
NovaGN Hace un mes
10:39 YassuYikes
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