RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days. There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I'm at a loss for words. We wanted to let you know what happened and to celebrate her life. Diamond was always smiling and she will forever be in my heart and Nathan's heart.
Diamond is forever. 🐶💎
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11 jun 2019






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HoodedIsland 21
HoodedIsland 21 Hace 7 días
I can't even process this diamond was so cute and I'm literally crying 😢 in bed in the dark right now diamond isn't even my dog but I feel like she is ill never forget diamond
nicechatwyou Hace 13 días
such a beautiful fur child to have loved and she was so blessed to be loved by you RIP sweet princess
Ashley Mares
Ashley Mares Hace 15 días
So beautiful I’m so sorry for your loss my 3 year old son said awww look at her mommy an daddy they love her so cute
xander Gonzalez
xander Gonzalez Hace 19 días
Hella qay
Peppy Meppy
Peppy Meppy Hace 16 días
qay 🤔
Paola Loseto
Paola Loseto Hace 19 días
I feel your pain...you are in my prayers.
Mila Knapp
Mila Knapp Hace 20 días
My dog passed away to and I was hart broken😭😢
Mila Knapp
Mila Knapp Hace 20 días
Carley Dalton
Carley Dalton Hace 21 un día
I had a dog she sadly passed away from a brain tumor and I called her my sister because a month after I was born we got her
I had a lot of chickens growing up and losing them was hard but the pain never compared to when my family dog that had been with us since I was very young passed away at 16. He had a lot of health problems in the last couple years of his life and we were setting up an appointment to have a mobile vet come out and put him down cause he couldn't stand or walk on his own anymore but a few days before, the day after my birthday he passed away. It was horrible because I was the only one in the house at the time but instead of being there in his last moments I was at the dining room table eating and I hate myself so much for doing something so dumb while he passed alone. I was really numb about it for the first couple years but this year has been really hard and I've cried over him a lot and sometimes my new dogs will try and cheer me up but that makes me cry more. It's really hard losing any animal especially when they've been with you for so long and they hold a special place in your heart. I'm sorry about your dogs, I know the pain never goes away.
Diem Nguyen
Diem Nguyen Hace 27 días
Idk what it is but he sound so fake.
Sapphire Raven-Moon
Sapphire Raven-Moon Hace 28 días
Susan Doyle
Susan Doyle Hace 28 días
She will always be with you!!
Emma Tino
Emma Tino Hace 28 días
I had lost five dogs in the past two were old and three were puppies, your not alone Jeffree I know how it feels it is bad but never forget Diamond Jeffree, never ❤❤
Christy Holland
Christy Holland Hace 29 días
Sooo sorry honey prayers your way
Công Huy Lê
Công Huy Lê Hace un mes
Shine bright like a diamond
Darren Goddard
Darren Goddard Hace un mes
That thing in the white tracksuit top went from 'crying' to normal faster than a Premiership footballer goes from rolling about on the floor in agony to taking the free kick. I don't what is more indicative of how ridiculous some of these pointless social media people are. The fact that they are just fake, insincere and care only about exposure and will exploit any situation to do so. Or the fact that people pander to these freaks
ann marie smith
ann marie smith Hace un mes
i will keep u guys in our prayer we lost out family dog in ouc he is the best dog we ever hade he will be missed love u guys
Rene Mujica
Rene Mujica Hace un mes
Who cares
Blue Belle Brinson
Blue Belle Brinson Hace un mes
Poor little Diamond hopefully it wasn’t painful and she went calmly and peacefully
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch Hace un mes
diamond got to live her very best life with great love from her parents. she will always be watching over you guys and her fur family. RIP Diamond
Susan Crockett
Susan Crockett Hace un mes
I miss these kinds of videos
DarkChristmasLucario ZigZagPurpleSkunk
Man it's so sad she passed away in the final year of the 2010's n it's very amazing that she was born Beginnin of the 2010's in 2010 and she leave thro out the decade almost I think an life blees her soul she's never be for gotten Jeffree Start n Nathan never be forgotten no matter what alright);
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe Hace un mes
5 seconds in and I’m already crying. I’m sorry 😞
Marc Yang
Marc Yang Hace un mes
Finally the paranormal activity is not one blemish ohhh the vet uh edit Ioh sorry about that I sh edit yeah I knew this day would be precious just enjoy ur date pray for ty thank you for a chance I don’t feel like a bad sad dad I feel like this will be a heck of a good fishyput edit yeah I just keep that foot on the pedal oddly hear nobody here cares we Lost captain Brandon Childress a human being rip the cats the dang loss of so many Scottish Lyons the distant times nobody cares well I’m not going to say how could you finally I tell you aww air hugs remember the dang times this was not the worst ever I can’t believe I wanna be a fan of these little whispers don’t smell that way don’t smell me u dang it I don’t smell u I feel you don’t like know how refreshing to hear if they don’t care it’s always on but I really miss and I am grateful to which one!? This place is better u aren’t talking to me and nothing goes harder than a diamond. Oh ... diamonds there goes a plate there goes the neighborhood it will be a silent spring I understand these and those thanks for Scottish birthdates I will be grateful when I cannot believe in dad but look at That dang birth plan and be ok with oh well Mexico u can’t pester me if I oeste me no good times for a HOW COULD YUOOPUU UUSE THE RESTROOM are u Flagging HER? There is a nice place I don’t log I can’t not notice you keep the nice night but dang it I wish I couldn’t have had to ask nicely to uh well if she wanted to talk to me she couldn’t be sad I’m always down to talk it’s not a bad night sorry the glasses case the shadows don’t remember a rainbow pop sickle just the sound of when I was a baby I blew ginormous candles out but alas they was scandals and those scandles the daft punk I was not a legend
Arta Krastina
Arta Krastina Hace 2 meses
I now how it feels I lost 2dogs like you hi how are love your vid and your makeup
Leah Chanel
Leah Chanel Hace 2 meses
just lost my pom today, and I came back here to cry with Jeffree. Brought me a lot of comfort honestly. I completely understand his pain now. They’re not just dogs, they’re truly family. RIP to my Bacardi Bandit
Anna C. Lespérance
Anna C. Lespérance Hace 2 meses
2021 please do a palette called diamond as a memory of your dog 💕
Madia Mahmood
Madia Mahmood Hace 2 meses
Aww bless you both so beautiful
Carl Simpson
Carl Simpson Hace 2 meses
Jeffree i am so sorry
vanaikee Hace 2 meses
I feel you, when i was a baby i had a white furball named ZURI and that was when i lives with my aunt at that time and my aunt couldnt take care of her so she gave Zuri to my Uncles brother and not too long ago i realized ZURI has died way longer without me knowing:(
Pamela Phillips
Pamela Phillips Hace 2 meses
Jefffee holding Daddy during this video 💔💔💔RIP Diamond and Daddy 😪
Jocelyn Poku
Jocelyn Poku Hace 2 meses
Alissa Anteau
Alissa Anteau Hace 3 meses
i always thought she was the cutest
Alexa Nicolato
Alexa Nicolato Hace 3 meses
I just started watching this channel but Rip diamond and daddy 🤧🤧
Pleiades paranormal
Pleiades paranormal Hace 3 meses
Hi I'm a big fan I am a paranormal Investigator healer lightworker pleiadesparanormalinvestigator.com if u need any spiritual help please lmk I would love to collaborate thank u
Eeveefox2248 Hace 3 meses
i'm so sorry for your loss and I know how you feel 3 years ago my best friend died he was 14 years and4 months old
Kayla Chismar
Kayla Chismar Hace 3 meses
We will never forget her
McKenna Wagenman
McKenna Wagenman Hace 3 meses
Hi, everyone! Check out my petition to put more women of different body types in movies and television! @t​
jami arend
jami arend Hace 3 meses
Rlp to diamond I'm so sorry Jeffrey Starr I feel so badd for you I lost my dog on May 7th I feel so badd for you
Nora Castillo
Nora Castillo Hace 3 meses
This is the worst part of having pets.. That final goodbye 😟😔😥🙏
Muqaddas Fatima
Muqaddas Fatima Hace 3 meses
Olivia Dietz
Olivia Dietz Hace 3 meses
my dog got ran over i feel u
Dhruba Yengkhom 29
Dhruba Yengkhom 29 Hace 3 meses
Oh nu :(
Ramonita Rotger
Ramonita Rotger Hace 3 meses
Ia sorry about yourlose
Bizzare! Hace 3 meses
Shine Bright Like A Diamond 💎🐶
Beckett Pichon
Beckett Pichon Hace 3 meses
Do you have free I love your dog so much
Beckett Pichon
Beckett Pichon Hace 3 meses
Alexandria H
Alexandria H Hace 3 meses
I watched this while doing my makeup and my mascara is ruined losing my cat hurt more than losing people in my life 💔💔💔 the unconditional love pets give
bella's life 🦊
bella's life 🦊 Hace 4 meses
Rest in peace diamond we love you I hope you're okay🙏
MsGlitzi Hace 4 meses
A few yrs ago my mom and dad * I was not here :/ * they had no pets so one day they saw this man threating to kill this dog if no one took him , my mom being my mom she took him :D and he was like me big brother really . . . sadly at the age of 17 we had to say goodbye . . . I cant even . . . its just so hard , theres a huge hole in m chest and im trying to fill it up for about a month now but i cant its like theres no lid :( but he was my bff and i know that he loves me and my family and i will see him again , before he died i took a pic of us , he was so sick so old so idk weak but still managed to pull a smile :D
Ashley Stukes
Ashley Stukes Hace 4 meses
My heart goes out to you I can’t even imagine 😢
Artificial Data
Artificial Data Hace 4 meses
Completely understand I had a dog for 19 years that died 3 years ago... still hurts
Sharika vlogs Eswaran
I lost my dog but he past away in his sleep he was sick and old😭😔❤and I know it feels jeffree RIP diamond
Zyra Sodhi
Zyra Sodhi Hace 4 meses
She actually a beautiful diamond 💎 I love her sooo much and always will I have three puppers and had 4 my sweet angel who died was hit by a stranger on his leg a just got weaker and weaker miss him a lot......
Laura Geare
Laura Geare Hace 4 meses
I just lost my Pomeranian baby girl! My heart is broken! I love you and im in so much pain
LittleLovelyLuni Hace 4 meses
Diamond will never be forgotten.
Blanca Jameel
Blanca Jameel Hace 4 meses
I miss you with nate💔💔💔
jay c
jay c Hace 4 meses
zabistan Hace 4 meses
He’s just doing this for attention 🤭
Shana Murphy
Shana Murphy Hace 4 meses
jay c uhhhhh why u gotta be like that
Dawaanda Hace 5 meses
Aww sorry for the lost
jerome maldonado
jerome maldonado Hace 5 meses
Rip diamond you should totally make a pallette called diamond
Crystal Downs
Crystal Downs Hace 5 meses
So very sorry for your loss!😔
Elaine Ivy's art
Elaine Ivy's art Hace 5 meses
I guess diamonds with Gabe
Lonely Dog
Lonely Dog Hace 5 meses
RIP Diamond ❤️
Angela noneofyourconcern
2 out 3 in this vid are gone :(
Brooklyn Bumm
Brooklyn Bumm Hace 5 meses
Southstands303 Hace 5 meses
i dont even know this man but dogs are the best thing in the world 💚
Lottie Turner
Lottie Turner Hace 5 meses
im cryin
asbestos Hace 5 meses
aww rip diamond you should be next jeffree 😁
SprlngIocked !
SprlngIocked ! Hace 4 meses
This is too far, I know that Jeffree is a terrible person but you shouldn’t be telling Jeffree to kill himself because you are just as bad as him if that’s what you are implying.
Fina Bear
Fina Bear Hace 5 meses
rawr xD Agreed
rawr xD
rawr xD Hace 5 meses
This really isn't the place. Losing a dog is fucking horrific.
Jah'iomhar Boetoe
Jah'iomhar Boetoe Hace 5 meses
Don't worry I know how it feels because even I had lost my dog her name was bella but she was pregnant and she died with little baby puppies in her belly 😥💔🐶 rest in peace my baby
mochi wolf
mochi wolf Hace 5 meses
RIP Diamond Diamond is now 10 we love you Diamond
Xxrednight516 Hace 5 meses
Sorry but that was the fakest sadness I've ever seen .. tears??
rawr xD
rawr xD Hace 5 meses
@Xxrednight516 he has cried on his story, when i lost my dog i cried so much i literally had no tears left.
Xxrednight516 Hace 5 meses
@Ruby A of course owners cry that's what I'm saying!!! He had no damn tears and it was all clearly a skit lol
Xxrednight516 Hace 5 meses
@Ruby A I mean there were zero tears!!!
Ruby A
Ruby A Hace 5 meses
Bruh can you stfu? I’m 90% positive most owners cry over the death of their beloved pet. I don’t support Jeffery and everything he’s done but at least show some basic human decency?
nyob windy
nyob windy Hace 5 meses
Empire of Sweets
Empire of Sweets Hace 5 meses
I feel your pain I lost one of my dogs a year ago her name was penny she was a golden retriever and died from poisoning at 7 we dearly miss her and was a huge part of are family are other dog took really hard too she was depressed for weeks and kept sniffing around were we a buried her and just kept looking for her but I know how feels to loose someone you dearly love
Pamela Phillips
Pamela Phillips Hace 5 meses
What a sweet girl, so beutiful. Shine little diamond 💎❤💎
asa142010 Hace 5 meses
im so srry jeffriee i feel so bad.. :(
OnyxVera Hace 6 meses
Don’t care didn’t ask. 🤧
SprlngIocked !
SprlngIocked ! Hace 4 meses
Why are you here then?
Ruby A
Ruby A Hace 5 meses
Bruh can you stfu? I’m 90% positive most owners cry over the death of their beloved pet. I don’t support Jeffery and everything he’s done but at least show some basic human decency?
Thats the only thing is that they can become your companions for life but they will never always be there :((((
Truth time With Tamzen
Terrible acting Over actor. Can't believe people watch this shit!?? Wow
Ruby A
Ruby A Hace 5 meses
Bruh can you stfu? I’m 90% positive most owners cry over the death of their beloved pet. I don’t support Jeffery and everything he’s done but at least show some basic human decency? Keep in mind that this video was a year ago.
Bellefeuille Siren
Bellefeuille Siren Hace 6 meses
Rip Diamond , I lost my Pomeranian named "Baby" back in 2017
Minecraft sHtuff
Minecraft sHtuff Hace 6 meses
not even two minutes in and I was already crying 😭
karen o'connor
karen o'connor Hace 6 meses
This video breaks my heart 😢😭. There's no doubt about it Jeffree loves his dogs. Diamond had a lovely life god bless x
ARI AGA Hace 6 meses
Folks who have a fast paced lifestyle shouldn’t have dogs. Dogs are pack animals and they do feel abandoned when their alpha is gone - on vacation, on business it doesn’t matter. If you truly want dogs and love them, take them everywhere with you!! For 14 years my husband and I didn’t take a single vacation without our two huge pups! We had to drive everywhere we went in order to take them with us so that severely limited our options, but it was worth every second! I’d rather go camping in northern Cali with my pups than fly to the most beautiful and luxurious vacation spot without them! I even got out of the hospital against doctor’s orders when my husband told me my girl wasn’t doing well. Took her to the vet the next day and thank god I did! She had ovarian cancer- 4 lb tumor- but after surgery and chemo, we bought her another 5 years! Your dogs give you unconditional love and every ounce of their heart and soul! If you’re not prepared to do the same, then don’t get one. Just enjoy your friends’ dogs! Can’t imagine going on vacation with my dog sick at home! Even if the problems were chronic! Wth!!
Shell belly
Shell belly Hace 6 meses
Or sucks to lose a pet... but jeffree that's the fakes crying I've ever heard🙄
Questioning My Sanity
I lost my dog sandy she died when I was 6... Im 9 now I still can't apprehend it.
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez Hace 6 meses
It’s okay
Riley Bennett
Riley Bennett Hace 6 meses
I’m so sorry
Cooper Girls
Cooper Girls Hace 6 meses
I feel so bad and I now you can do this we are in this together and Dimond was a well loved pet
so sorry for your loss
Chanel’s Channel
Chanel’s Channel Hace 6 meses
I’m sorry sorry for your loss. I had 8 chihuahuas and lost three . They were all rescues . I’m so sorry. May Diamond Rest In Peace mama.
David oraakS
David oraakS Hace 6 meses
R.I.P Diamond ... We love yoy, Diamond!!❤❤
Gay Frogs
Gay Frogs Hace 6 meses
I bet you euthanized this dog just for the sympathy and clout
rawr xD
rawr xD Hace 5 meses
Diamond has been with Jeffree since the myspace days, Jeffree loved his dog, he's done some fucked up shit but at least show some human decency?
Fun Roblox playz
Fun Roblox playz Hace 6 meses
Michelle Hace 6 meses
I completely understand I took care of my grandmother chihuahua she was old she was so sweet to everyone when she passed away from cancer I cried she died after my grandmother died after a stroke at the age of 75 years old I still miss them and Linda her name is beautiful in Spanish and she got killed by a jerk that ran over her neck she was death she couldnt hear but if one hits the cars horn harder she would hear it a little bit but no the jerk of a animal killer of a man had to ran over her and I understand how it is to lose a pet I lost more then one dog and more then one cat and more them one hamster my first pet my sister was left with her she killed her
Melina Rojas
Melina Rojas Hace 6 meses
Awe diamond is now at rainbow bridge youll see her again❤💔
bunsasmr Hace 6 meses
The 20k people who disliked this is heartless
meestafreeski Hace 6 meses
why are there twenty thousand dislikes I hate people sometimes
Giu M
Giu M Hace 6 meses
Gãbriella Kelly
Gãbriella Kelly Hace 6 meses
Sorry For Your Lose I feel you but Like
Hoor Ahmad
Hoor Ahmad Hace 6 meses
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