Robert Irwin's Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips

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Robert Irwin, 15-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings some interesting animals to show Jimmy, including a sugar glider, peppered cockroaches, African serval kittens and a camel named Wednesday.
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Robert Irwin's Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips


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24 ene 2019






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Comentarios 5 018
Karina Cadovica-Saltupere
Cool cockroach but weird
Silvi Moonbeam
Silvi Moonbeam Hace 4 horas
Robert Irwin is so adorable!
Finn Mertens
Finn Mertens Hace 16 horas
Robert's so cute. I love him.
renroxhrd Hace 17 horas
Watched the one from 2 years ago,he's definitely hit puberty
CRISSY B Hace un día
Lmao I love how Robert gets Jimmy all worked up 😂😂 “We nearly had an animal loose in the studio” Love that young man and his positive energy!! “......By grabbing them right on the neck” I died 💀😂😂😂😂
chapman2001 Hace un día
This guy met a stingray yet I suppose not lol
Ethan Lim
Ethan Lim Hace un día
At 2:40 jimmy was like ahahahaaa
I'm your REAL dad.
I'm your REAL dad. Hace 2 días
Muslims call this.....getting to first base......😎
Ariana Merete
Ariana Merete Hace 2 días
I have two sugar gliders and they were hanging out with me while I was watching this video
All Mighty Brittney
All Mighty Brittney Hace 2 días
I know he is making his father so proud. 😇
Aiko Trancy
Aiko Trancy Hace 3 días
0:15 Jin of BTS had one
Namrata G.B.
Namrata G.B. Hace 3 días
I would love to develop this irwin energy 😂😂he is heck lot amazing
The crispy chip
The crispy chip Hace 3 días
Never knew that there was an animal called maverick and tommy...... I live under a rock
Martin Sujavicius
Martin Sujavicius Hace 4 días
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams Hace 4 días
One time, my friend let my hope his baby sugerglider, and it fell asleep in my hands.
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams Hace 4 días
allisson Arias
allisson Arias Hace 4 días
I was just watching a old video of him and his voice has change a butt loud
elizabeth chacon
elizabeth chacon Hace 4 días
those cockroaches in Panama we kill them 😆😆
thatlonleykid Hace 4 días
0:11 someone @ Jin💀💀💀
Glitter Hace 5 días
Picks up a cobra shouts in the cobras face "Aint she a beaut".........Cobra bites man in face.
Syrena Milani
Syrena Milani Hace 5 días
Love Robert , his love of animals , just like his dad... 💕🐺🐶🐱🐘🐔😱
sonam Choden
sonam Choden Hace 5 días
Not related..but I just remembered BTS Jin's sugar glider who died😥
callie kirkland
callie kirkland Hace 5 días
The cats were soooo cuttteeee😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
John Baugh
John Baugh Hace 5 días
Robert is fast! Lol it looks like keeping up with a sugar glider is no joke
Shakira van Loenhout
Wow that sugarglider is hyper
Super girl in here Haveing a boring life
“Ha ha ha ha hhaa “ I’m laughing 😆
Jeri Divina
Jeri Divina Hace 6 días
7:10 JK Rowling reveals that Jimmy Fallon and the Camel had an intense sexual relationship
MarshmellowPlush Hace 6 días
4:20 it’s just David Dobrik all over again
Aron levi fossett
Aron levi fossett Hace 7 días
Wedsday for hump day Lmao love that!!
Papa Zoolou
Papa Zoolou Hace 7 días
You’re my boy Blue!
Panninoman Hace 7 días
lol jimmy is like “why do I keep inviting this guy..”
Zam Zero
Zam Zero Hace 7 días
Wow his voice...just like his father.. Remind me of my childhood
Aleesha Rose
Aleesha Rose Hace 7 días
It’s crazy how I used to watch Steve irwin on animal planet growing up, now it’s his children
koolkittykat04 Hace 7 días
Of course they named the camel Wednesday! 😂
Necrosin 1984
Necrosin 1984 Hace 8 días
Its nice to see his son carry on his work!
VampWolf 23
VampWolf 23 Hace 8 días
Ree Novacaine
Ree Novacaine Hace 8 días
I wonder if there's an animal Robert is actually scared of?
Trixie Arandia
Trixie Arandia Hace 8 días
He was actually asked this in an interview with his sister, and he answered, "The elephant... in the room: climate change!" 🤣
Funny_ animal_lover 26
I just watched the on won when he was a kid now he is like 18!
Hace 9 días
Wednesday is really adorable
Min Yoongi's Gummy Smile
Seeing this sugar glider makes me miss watching Jin take care of Oedong :')
Jake Dineen
Jake Dineen Hace 9 días
His dad would have been so proud of him
Priscilla E
Priscilla E Hace 10 días
I can’t believe how much he looks and sounds like his dad! He is delightful to watch ❤️ so smart and hilarious! Jimmy is such a team player 😂 bravo!
Alex _Rose31
Alex _Rose31 Hace 10 días
Jimmy: Hi camel Camel: ‘kISsES’ Jimmys wife: HOW DARE YOU CHEAT
JMoneh Hace 10 días
This man is a living treasure
Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardery
His voice is sooo deap here
Daisy Aguilar
Daisy Aguilar Hace 11 días
Robert: "can you grab him?" Jimmy: "no"
Paisley M
Paisley M Hace 12 días
He should give you a Madagascar hissing cockroach
Gabriel Wacks
Gabriel Wacks Hace 12 días
I have never seen such uniformly positive comments on a ESvid video. And they’re all correct
Jane Omandam
Jane Omandam Hace 12 días
i like the first animal so cute..
Irina Whiting
Irina Whiting Hace 12 días
Woah! This was uploaded/published on my birthday! I can't be any more excited and honored about being an animal lover now! :-) :-P
Abrar Alqattan
Abrar Alqattan Hace 12 días
When I saw that sugar glider it reminded me of BTS Jin’s sugar gliders that passed away and I couldn’t help but start crying 💜😭
sapachino Hace 13 días
Fuck your cockroaches
Jessie Eve Long
Jessie Eve Long Hace 13 días
I absolutely hate it when the audience screams lmao
Neisha M
Neisha M Hace 13 días
such a nice young man ..wow
Sharon Eyre
Sharon Eyre Hace 13 días
Would someone please tell the audience to calm down and be quiet during these types of sessions?!..the animals are in an unnatural situation...give them a chance to feel less vunerable.
Udokanma Ogbonna
Udokanma Ogbonna Hace 14 días
JanCarol11 Hace 14 días
He was superquick with the sugar glider!
Kentos Cocos
Kentos Cocos Hace 14 días
A fully grown man,still freaked out when saw cockroach I think I knew my fear from this show
Nixie Hace 15 días
Wow, he is the spitting image of his father! So wonderful to see him carry on his parent's work.
Krishnakali Mukherjee
Krishnakali Mukherjee Hace 15 días
Nishchal chand rajwar
Nishchal chand rajwar Hace 16 días
Aadrita Sen
Aadrita Sen Hace 17 días
Reminds me of my friend's sugar gliders eonmuk and odeng. Eonmuk had passed away way back but odeng passed away recently 🙁🙁🙁 they were small beautiful creatures. Rip eonmuk and odeng
nilanjana ghosh dastidar
Jimmy is too damn fake 😒
बहकीएको नेपाली मन
He has grown so fast.
I love my kpop boys and only my kpop boys
i love animals n animal lovers bt dun love cockroaches plz TTTT
Shawn T
Shawn T Hace 18 días
puberty hit him like a freight train
Rajeev Kamalasanan
Rajeev Kamalasanan Hace 18 días
Just a father's copy!
Just Me!!!
Just Me!!! Hace 18 días
I love that Australian squirrel 😍😍
gutspillage Hace 18 días
I CAN'T WATCH THIS THE COCKROACHES KILL ME I STOP THE VIDEO OMG. Boy is cute though, looks a lot like his dad.
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar Hace 19 días
Robert has such a wonderful presence and charisma on stage.
genevie lucious
genevie lucious Hace 19 días
This guy knows his animals he's fascinating to watch.
Anna Stein
Anna Stein Hace 19 días
What’s the name from the first animal
Skippy Bean
Skippy Bean Hace 19 días
Uploaded on my birthday!
Mariah Cruces
Mariah Cruces Hace 20 días
I love his accent lol
Emily Chapman
Emily Chapman Hace 20 días
Those cats tho 😍
T-ran Press-ton
T-ran Press-ton Hace 20 días
We need more people like Robert in America
Antney Fatts
Antney Fatts Hace 20 días
It's as if Steve gave birth to him. Spitting image
Fultz 1813
Fultz 1813 Hace 20 días
I wish I was Robert Irwin...
lindsey Mansveld
lindsey Mansveld Hace 21 un día
he looks so much older so cute
Mandy Powell
Mandy Powell Hace 21 un día
Anyone else think it’s kinda rude for the audience to scream when they bring out the animals? Like it makes me worry it scares the animals 😭 maybe the animals are used to it or idk but I feel like it should be relatively quiet out of respect
A_Wannabe WalkingMeme
A_Wannabe WalkingMeme Hace 21 un día
Dang this cool dude is 15 years old?! Unbelievable
Lima A
Lima A Hace 21 un día
Can they bring bts so I can see them with animals and Robert
Itshanhere Hace 22 días
Wow he's changed so much WOAH
Brooke Sundeen
Brooke Sundeen Hace 22 días
Whoa he's grown up a lot I want one of the kitties 😍😍
MizzKQ Hace 22 días
I feel like jimmy must not get any sleep when he knows the next day is animal day. 😂😂 And Robert, I hope you know that you and your sister make the world soooo proud!! Thank you for continuing your fathers legacy. We all miss him so much. You and Bindi are such beautiful people inside and out. Your mum and dad did such an amazing job in raising you two to be the amazing, compassionate, and kind adults you are today. I wish your family so much happiness and love in your lives.
Funkids GPP
Funkids GPP Hace 22 días
MajedTheGamer Hace 22 días
This is sad reminds me of his father
Lakshman Srivatsav
Lakshman Srivatsav Hace 23 días
Robert or Dave Salmoni?
K Peffercorn
K Peffercorn Hace 23 días
Camels are my fav animals Yas
Yurem Carballo
Yurem Carballo Hace 24 días
He was trying to slit jimmies neck 😂
GamingBoy 2007
GamingBoy 2007 Hace 24 días
His voice changed
Mandissa Bermudez
Mandissa Bermudez Hace 24 días
Eww cockroaches but cute baby camelw
Hollie Pattenden-Wynn
Hollie Pattenden-Wynn Hace 24 días
He’s so positive I do nothing but smile when watching Robert I just can’t cope
What a remarkable young man. Carrying on his fathers legacy. ❤️
Mickenzie Tucker
Mickenzie Tucker Hace 25 días
I HAVE A SUGAR GLIDER!!!!! HIS NAME IS VELCRO! they are so freaking cute. i love him so much. they are such sweet hearts.
Isabella Laurie
Isabella Laurie Hace 25 días
Wow Robert has changed
Phan Linh
Phan Linh Hace 25 días
2:20 Is that you, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee?
Juan Diniz
Juan Diniz Hace 25 días
God i can't stand Jimmy...he's such a Damn baby....a pu**y...dude chill out for two seconds...
Susan Joy
Susan Joy Hace 25 días
Jimmy is sooo cute ..lol!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
RachMorgan Hace 25 días
robert looks sooooo much like his dad
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