Rolling Stones - Tops (tattoo you)

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The great song 'Tops' from the Tattoo- You album,Rolling Stones.


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2 abr 2008






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Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley Hace 5 días
1:42 I love how Mick's "cause I...I'll" never really breaks off.
phenix749 Hace 17 días
what a shit
Freejek38 Hace 24 días
*11 cowboys in a casino brought me here*
Michael Cramer
Michael Cramer Hace un mes
Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL. Mick is the shit
WYSARD JΘE Hace un mes
Ugh. I hate it.
Rena Thomas
Rena Thomas Hace un mes
Every Man Is The Same, Come On...
Sherry Parker
Sherry Parker Hace un mes
this is an awesome album!!!
pablo vargas
pablo vargas Hace un mes
I take you to the tops
Adama Maghe
Adama Maghe Hace un mes
is that a jojo reeferencee
José Candal
José Candal Hace 2 meses
- Lead & Backing Vocals (including falsetto): Mick Jagger - Electric Guitars: Mick Taylor (lead) & Keith Richards - Drums: Charlie Watts - Bass: Bill Wyman - Piano: Nicky Hopkins
John LedHalen
John LedHalen Hace 2 meses
All the slow songs on what would be side two of the record are so great !
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda Hace 3 meses
Yeah every man is the same with the same bullshit story and empty promises.
NVT Hace 3 meses
I hope the jojofans raid this in a gently way cuz this song is so great Yep jojoraid probably in 2030
Za Boy of Poops
Za Boy of Poops Hace 3 meses
Ranglix97 Hace 3 meses
11 men walk into a bar
i am error
i am error Hace 3 meses
but the bar tender was already hired
Strawberry Tofu
Strawberry Tofu Hace 3 meses
This song reminds me of the time when I gambled $60 million and got shot by 11 cowboys with my friend the Italian executioner
philip scara
philip scara Hace 3 meses
Stones at their best😎
Tghh Hdds
Tghh Hdds Hace 4 meses
Gem. Keep this one alive
Pollichu G.
Pollichu G. Hace 4 meses
¿El cuerpo de jesús por media botella de vino? Que irónico...
Elisabete Lima
Elisabete Lima Hace 4 meses
Senhoras e senhores, a MELHOR BANDA DE TODOS OS TEMPOS!!!
jamo5468 Hace 4 meses
One of the Stones best along with Moonlight Mile!
DaFreedomTiger Hace 4 meses
makes me want shoot at an italian cowboy and cripple in a casino
Rosepetal Kittens
Rosepetal Kittens Hace 4 meses
colonel Angus
colonel Angus Hace 4 meses
Nice lyrics.!!
colonel Angus
colonel Angus Hace 4 meses
Great song.even greater album.!:)
Drex Cote
Drex Cote Hace 5 meses
Mick taylor
Aram Armaghanyan
Aram Armaghanyan Hace 5 meses
In my humble opinion this song deserves more recognition then Angie
H a y a t o
H a y a t o Hace 5 meses
Funny joke: a paraplegic, an Italian executioner and 11 cowboys enter in a casino...
Ahzek Ahriman
Ahzek Ahriman Hace 5 meses
Sounds like a story about killed president
H a y a t o
H a y a t o Hace 5 meses
Nostalgic song. When life was simple and the president was trying to obtain Jesus's corpse parts.
M T Hace 5 meses
i use furry yiff as my profile picture
Wow, this song is great! hey guys, come check this song out! *10 more people come out of my face on the back of my head*
Mark Astoforoff
Mark Astoforoff Hace 5 meses
One of the most under rated songs by the Stones, but when you have a catalog as great as theirs they are always going to have under rated classics.
Mr. Cock
Mr. Cock Hace 5 meses
Ok but how does Tattoo You work. Is it just a guy that can multiply into 11 parts. Or is it 11 fellas who lowkey share the same body and stand.
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Hace 5 meses
Its a shared stand. It allows the eleven men to phase into eachother, then reappearing. It basically allows the men to merge together
Gonchi Hace 5 meses
Kiss Vs Tatoo You
Jason Adam
Jason Adam Hace 6 meses
So 11 cowboys walks into a casino, and the bartender says "Im hired so you gonna die"
Steve Bismack
Steve Bismack Hace 3 meses
Thats y i carry dinamite
Ding dong chingchong
Well... Only 10 died but... Nice joke buddy
Heavenly Hace 6 meses
Me and the boys out here hunting an Italian and his crippled friend.
Hazel Tejada
Hazel Tejada Hace 7 meses
Who came here because of Nicholas Spark's book, The Choice? Because I am lol
material nutrição
material nutrição Hace 7 meses
lunatic fringes
lunatic fringes Hace 7 meses
holy shit I saw them at Red Rocks . this was the album that had come out. and they are so good. this is a prime example of the great sex music. which isn't mainstream. all suggestive. you don't need no acting school....
Sr.Plr12 Hace 7 meses
I would like to give this song *ELEVEN* likes
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